Final Fantasy 8

Balamb Garden - War between Garden and SeeD Academy…

1x Mega-Potion, 1x Mega Phoenix, 1x Remedy, 1x Tent, 1x Gyshal Greens, 1x X-Potion, 1x Elixir, 1x MiniMog Card, 1x Quistis' Card, 1x Seifer's Card.

Cure - draw point near the fountain
Esuna - draw point near the shelves found in the Library.
Blizzard - draw point found in Balamb's Training Center
Full-life - draw in the underground MD system of Balamb Garden.

Dormitory - room
Training Center
MD System - Near Tower before Boss Fight


B-Garden [during this section only]
Bomb: Fire, [Fira], {Firaga}, {Meltdown}
Glaccid Eye: Blizzard*, Scan, Cure*, {Drain}
Red Bat: Thunder*, Scan, [Drain]
Caterchipillar: Thunder*, Cure*, [Slow], {Stop}
Grat: Silence, Sleep, [Blind], [Confuse]
Bite Bug: Fire*, Scan
T-Rexaur: Fire*, Thunder*, {Quake}
Granaldo: Silence, Confuse, Shell, {Pain}
Gerendel: Fire*, Blizzard*, {Double}

MD System:
Buel: Fire*, Thunder*, Blizzard*
Blobra: Blind, Silence, Shell, {Reflect} =weak against Fire=
Oilboyle: Esuna, Blind, Cure*, Confuse
Blood Soul: Silence, [Confuse], [Blind], Float

You will now be at the entrance of the Balamb Garden. Note that the music has changed too... That is rather a chaotic music! Pretty dangerous! Make sure that you have use the Junction Exchange. Now make sure that you have Blizzarga junctioned to your character's Elem-Atk-J. Also has ST-Atk-J such 100x Blind or 100x Sleep to it. If you don't have GF Siren or Carbuncle, I could only say good luck.

Now the Garden cadets are fighting the SeeD cadets, what could cause the dispute between the two. Why? Because the Master NORG is pretty upset over this... [Galbadia has reported that the Garden is responsible for the assassination program and Balamb HQ does not know about this..]

At the Central Gate, note that draw points have been recovered. Next you will find a Garden Faculty... Talk to it and you will be given the following options:

I guess... for now.
I don't get it...
--> leads to a FIGHT

B-Garden Central Gate

1x Grat, 1x Caterchipillar

Draw List:
Grat: Silence, Blind, Sleep, Confuse Caterchipillar: Thundara*, Cura*, Slow, [Stop]

4 AP.

"NORG is the true ruler of Garden!"

Kill off the Grat and draw Curaga to keep your party at full health.

You need to find Headmaster Cid [remember that the missiles are still heading here?] and he is hidden somewhere... Now head for the Central Gate, you will find injured SeeD cadet, talk to him and you will get a Mega Potion. You will find Raijin and Fujin at the Lobby (well, they are part of the discipline committee..), they are experiencing manpower problems…

Now it is time for fight!

I would head for the eastern area (which is more tougher). Head for the Library..

B-Garden Library Walkway

1x Grat

Draw List:
Grat: Silence, Blind, Sleep, Confuse

2 AP

"Face the wrath of this monster!"

Stock up some Blind Spells if you do not have it.

Enter the Library. If Zell is in the party, he will once again meet the ponytail girl... She will get the Mega Phoenix automatically... If not, better talk to her! Exit and head for the Training Center. You will find two Garden cadets and a Garden Faculty... Follow them. Well, they are against a helpless girl and 2 children....

Help them <<< Be a hero! okay?
Ignore it

B-Garden Training Center

1x T-Rexaur

Draw List:
T-Rexaur: Fira*, Thundara*, {Quake}

10 AP

"Those opposed to NORG must die!:

At a level of 30+, the HP of the T-Rexaur is about 18400! Make sure you could have Blizzard* Elem-Atk-J combo. If you have ST Atk-J, this battle should not pose a problem. Just make sure that you have Sleep or Blind so that you could summon GF Shiva to finish it off. (it is possible to kill it, not necessary to use Doom.

It was a bit tiring huh? Talk to the female SeeD cadet and she will give you a Remedy. Head to the Parking Lot.

B-Garden Parking Lot

1x Grendel Level 30 HP: 7250

Draw List:
Grendel: Fira*, Blizzara*, Double

6 AP

"This Garden belongs to NORG!"

Cast Blind or use Blind ST-Atk-J combo on it. Make sure you have Thunder* Elem-Def-J combo for all characters. Seize the opportunity to stock up Double. Summon GFs! Weak against Earth/Wind/ Blizzard.

Head north a bit and you will find two SeeD cadets. Talk to them and you will get a Tent. Anyway, you will find a false image of Cid Kramer. The technology of the Garden is really too advanced...

B-Garden Dormitory

1x Caterchipillar

Draw List:
Thunder*, Cure*, [Slow], {Stop}

2 AP

"You siding with the headmaster?"

Just seize the opportunity to heal your wounds for the previous two fights. There is one more tough fight..

Well, you may wished to head to the Dormitory and use the Save Point. It has been a long time, since you have been to the Dormitory, right? Use a Tent to recover. Head for the Cafeteria...

B-Garden Cafeteria

1x Bomb

Draw List:
Fire, [Fira], {Firaga}, {Meltdown}

1 AP

"Stall them."

Don't use attacks unnecessarily... use Blizzard* for effective killing [unless you use Blizzard* to Elem-Atk-J]

Head for the counter. Burp... but unfortunately that the hotdogs are already sold off ^_^; Talk to one of the cadets and you will get a Gysahl Greens. [don't use it now... stock for later use.]. Head for the Quad. Remove Blizzard Elem-Atk-J Combo.

You will find a Garden Faculty, talk to him:

I'm with the header master's faction -> he will blow his whistle..
I'm with the Garden Master's faction

B-Garden Quad

1x Bomb, 1x Glaccid Eye

Draw List:
Bomb: Fire, [Fira], {Firaga}, {Meltdown} Glaccid Eye: Blizzard*, Scan, Cure*

3 AP

"Now Attack."

Draw Fire magic from Bomb to kill Glaccid Eye and Draw Blizzard from Glaccid Eye to kill Bomb.

Head for the stage and eventually three SeeD cadets will jump down from the stage. Talk to the cadet in the middle and he will give your a X-Potion. Now for the last area... the Infirmary. At the walkway, you will see two Garden cadets along with a Garden Faculty are against the SeeD cadets. Well, perhaps they believe Cid was in there... You will be given the following options:

Help them <- picking this leads to a fight.
Let them handle it

B-Garden Infirmary

1x Granaldo

Silence, Confuse, Shell, [Pain] Level 32 HP: 2164.

5 AP

"More SeeD's here?"

Quite easy. Cast Aero on it to inflict heavy damage. Junction Sleep/Blind to ST-Atk-J works fine...

Next you find Dr. Kadowaki and she will lead you to the Infirmary. Talk to Kadowaki and you will get an Elixir! Now the fights around Balamb Garden has been resolved but you still can't find Xu... Head for the Lobby. You will find Xu heading for the elevator. Follow her. At the 2F, head north and you will find Xu there, all by herself. There is a short sequence where Squall will explain about the incoming missiles. Now head back to the elevator and you will be able to head to the 3rd floor for the first time. Head north and you will find Cid there. Talk to him and he will give Squall a key. To save your game, talk to Cid. Now you need to set up the MD system [a protection barrier against missiles]. Head for the elevator and examine the controls on the right. And a blackout... You will a CGI sequence.

Examine the controls first and then examine the hatch, that is directly under Squall's feet and climb down. As you are going down the ladder, be careful as the elevator will start to operate again! Now examine the hatch in front of Squall. Now head to the room on the left and examine the huge tap. Now you will be asked to tap Square repeatedly for 10 seconds. If you have failed, don't worry as your party members will approach to help Squall. After you have succeeded, climb down the ladder situated in the upper region. In the next area, walk down the stairs. You will find a Draw Point [Full-life] near the pillar. Next head upwards and you will have a sequence as your members are not sure where to go. The following options will then appear:

We have no choice, let's go
I'll go and check it out <--
Someone else go check it out.

You will be able to control Squall, attempt to climb the ladder [Press X]. Up to a certain point, Squall will force the ladder to reach the control room that's at the north. Now examine the controls on the right. The ground will eventually shake. It's time to go down... Examine the ladder, choose the option that says "Climb down again" OBSERVE carefully, you find a door with a blinking green orb. Examine it and you will be able to climb down the ladder. In the next area, you find a handle near the Save Point.

Have Squall pushed the handle and the metal gate will eventually open. Now save your game, it's Boss time as you cross the bridge.

Boss 14 - 2x Oilboyle
: 24
HP: 4626
Description: This creature lives underground. Its slimy body is full of oil. Attacks by splitting oil.
Attacks: Oil, (suck), Blast
Facts: Weak against Firee. Water has no effect.
Draw: Esuna, Blind, Cure*, Confuse
AP gained: 20
Win: 10x Wizard Stone
Mug: 1x Fuel (each)
Squall's Level: 33

   [||||||||||||||||| < HP > |||||||||||||||||]
         [||||||||| STR   DEF |||||||||]
           [||||||| INT   SPI |||||||||||]
                  [ DEX   EVA |]

Strategy: These guys are quite offensive in their attacks. They does about 200+ HP damage with their Oil against one ally. The sucking technique also packs a punch. The Blast deals a heavy amount of damage to one character [about 200 HP damage]. Oil sometimes causes Slow status on the infected character. The Boss are weak against Fire. Junctioned 100x Fira/Firaga to Elem-Atk-J will lead the Boss to its death... Summon GF Ifrit to finish it out. Make sure of the Cure* which can draw from the Boss.

Now enter the area, and down the ladder. This followed by another CGI sequence... The missiles are approaching... Now head left and you will be in front of a gigantic pillar, Now head up to the controls, examining the right side (there is a key there) and examine the control. You will have a short sequence. Suddenly the ground shakes, and electricity started to surround the pillar. The pillar will raises, causing Squall and his company to reach the 3rd floor where the Headmaster's office is. Next you will have another awesome CGI..

Talk to Cid and choose any option when given. Exit from the area. Now take the elevator and go to the door on the north of the classroom. You will then received another CGI feast!... there is a special CGI if Rinoa is in your party...

Exit and head back to the elevator. Xu will come to tell you that headmaster is looking for you. Well, what's the problem? Yeah it was that they did not how to stop Balamb Garden! Now press the controls and you will have another CGI feast!

Squall will now be resting at his bed. If Rinoa is in your party, she will come and wake up Squall, saying that she want to visit Balamb Garden's Cafeteria. If Zell is in your party, you will find him waiting for his order. Just head for the lobby. A Garden Faculty will come to you and tell you to head for the basement [it's URGENT!]. Head for the elevator, check your junctions too. As you walk down the stairs, you will be joined by your party members. There, you will see Cid being pushed by a rude Garden Faculty. Cid will leave and head back the elevator [he seems upset..]. Now head left. Next the ground will shakes and a sequence of a huge monster [NORG...] revealed from that huge "egg". Hmm... why is the master of Balamb Garden, not a human? He was pretty upset as the assassination program is not being permitted from Balamb Garden [which means the Galbadia Garden side has acted on their own..] and this put Balamb Garden into hot soup. Edea now wants to destroy the Gardens...

You will have a short conversation event and will eventually have to fight NORG. (Well, Squall has offended him... ^_^;)

Boss 15 - NORG
: 27
HP: 12,200

: 27
HP: 2,000

Left Orb
: 27
HP: 2,865

Right Orb
: 27
HP: 2,865

NORG Pod - A defensive shelter that protects Master NORG. The shelter must be destroyed in order to attack who is inside
Left Orb - NORG's support with auto-recover functions. Uses magic attacks.
Right Orb - NORG's support with auto-recover functions. Uses status changing attacks.
NORG - Master of Balamb Garden. Opposes Headmaster Cid and trying to control Balamb Garden.

NORG Pod: n/a
Left Orb: Thunder*, Fire*, Blizzard*, Bio, Water, Aero
Right Orb: Sleep, Silence, Blind, Confuse
Nogue: Water, Shell, Blizzard*, Pyscho Blast

NORG Pod: Strong against Thunder, Weak against Poison
Side Orbs: Fire/Ice/Thunder/Poison/Wind/Water/Holy has no effect on it
Nogue: Weak against Wind. Poison has no effect.

NORG Pod: Cure*
Side Orbs: Thunder*, Life
Nogue:Shell, Protect, Esuna, Leviathan

AP gained: 20

Left Orb: Mag Up
Right Orb: Str Up
NORG Pod: n/a
NORG: Circlet

Win: 8x Wizard Stone

Squall's LV: 33


     |||||||||||||||| < HP > ||||||||||||||||
                 || STR   DEF ||||||||||||||||
                ||| INT   SPI ||||||||||||||||
           |||||||| DEX   EVA |

Side Orbs [Left and Right]

    ||||||||||||||||| < HP > ||||||||||||||||
           |||||||| STR    DEF ||||||||||||||
           |||||||| INT    SPI ||||||||||||||
            ||||||| DEX    EVA |


  ||||||||||||||||||| < HP > ||||||||||||||||||
         |||||||||| STR    DEF |
       |||||||||||| INT    SPI ||||
                ||| DEX    EVA ||

Strategy: About the Orbs, This battle is rather tough if you did not have the complete set of GFs. The Side Orbs can does a lot of mischief to your party. They will change from Blue --> Yellow --> Red. Once they reached the Red stage, they will cast powerful spells such as Blizzara. You change them back to blue, by attacking them. Strong attacks will cause the orbs to change back to blue directly. Siren works well on the three orbs. Note that it is impossible to destroy the orbs.

Before you could fight NORG, you must destroy NORG's Pod. Once you have destroyed that, you will be able to draw Leviathan from NORG [it will be taking a long time if you have forgot to draw it..]. NORG is pretty weak against Wind elemental. Use GF monsters to inflict more damage. [as they are on area-based attacks.] GF Siren does damage to all parts of the Boss. There is a risky way of reflect the Boss' magic. Make use of GF Carbuncle to reflect those pesky spells back onto the Boss. Note once you are in the Reflect status, you can't use magic to heal yourselves as the magic will bounce onto the Boss too. Make full use of Potions, Hi-Potions and Phoenix Downs to restore lost HP. Use Limit Breaks when needed. Note that you can't reflect advance spells such as Aero from the two side orbs. Refer to the Magic Section for more details [that's found in Part II]

Now the threat has been removed... After the battle, check the "egg" and you will find a hidden draw point [Bio] from it. Head back to the elevator and head for the Dormitory to save your game.

Next head for the Infirmary and talk to Dr. Kadowaki and choose the 2nd option. Now talk to Cid and you will given brief information with five options below:

Cid's Words...
Option What it tells about...
I want to make a reportSquall's report on his mission...
The real meaning of SeeDFor those whom "lie" during the torture...
About Sorceress EdeaA dark secret... Edea is Cid's wife!
About Master NORGHow Balamb Garden is established and where NORG is from...
About what to do nexthmm...

Others before heading for Lobby
If you head for the Training Center, you will find a man selling items there at the wooden planks. His appearance is also random, just like the people in Balamb.

Man in Garden \_________________________________________________________
Name of Item        Functions                                 Cost (gil)
Potion              Restores HP by 200                         100
Hi-Potion           Restores HP by 1000                        500
Phoenix Down        Revives KO Status                          500
Antidote            Cure Poison                                100
EyeDrops            Cure Darkness                              100
Soft                Cure Petrify                               100
Echo Screen         Cure Silence                               100
Holy Water          Cure Zombie, Curse                         100
Remedy              Cure abnormal status                      1000
Tent                Fully restores abnormal status and HP     1000
                    to all.               
Fuel                Fuel for rental car                       3000
Normal Ammo         Ammo that attacks one opponent              20
Shotgun Ammo        Ammo that attack all opponent               40
G-Potion            Restores 200 HP to GF                      200
G-Returner          Revives GF from KO                         500

After done with your "visit", head for the Lobby and you will meet Xu. She will tell you that a ship has docked at Balamb Garden. So head up to second floor and head to the door with a blinking red light. Now you will find a huge ship docked near Garden. Next you will have a sequence and they are actually the White SeeD, but they also known as the Sorceress' SeeDs. They have no intention to fight Squall and his company. Next Cid will come in and have a short talk. Exit and you will have another sequence with your friends on the walkway. Now head for the Library. Enter the studying area, where you find the desks. There you will meet the girl whom you have previously saved at the Training Center [it was that young lady whom have peeped into the Infirmary at the beginning of the game. BTW, her name was Ellone!]. Now you will have another short sequence between the two. [it was about Laguna's appearance in Squall's dreams..] Next Ellone will exit and Squall is being left alone in the library. (he can't accept the fact*) Now Ellone will now leave along with White SeeD, followed by a short CGI...

Now Squall will be back at the Dormitory, lying on his bed thinking... There you will find a little boy standing outside a building under the huge downpour. (who is he? Give a hint... the person has the same hair color as the present character.) If Rinoa is in your party, she will come to Squall and pick any option. Now exit the Dormitory. Now you will hear Cid's speech through the announcement system. Then the screen will start switching back to Cid, who has trouble in the controls. (well, they haven't learn on how to operate the controls ^_^;)

*The Fact (Spoilers!)
Appearance of Laguna in Squall's dream is actually Elone's doing...

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