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Yu-Gi-Oh! Capsule Monster Coliseum

Completion bonus:
Complete the game to randomly receive three of the following cards: Blocker, Dungeon Worm, Fortress Whale, Giltia the Dark Knight, Javelin Beetle, Red Eyes Black Dragon, Rigras Leever, Sanga of Thunder, or Super War Lion.

Hint: Defeating Joey:
The first fight in the game is with Joey. He uses fire-based monsters. Use water-based monsters to battle with. Place your token near the bottom corner where the hills slopes down. Place your monsters surrounding your token to protect it. Make sure you summon all your monsters before you move their positions. Once you and Joey summon all the monsters. The field will flood some of the arena, giving the water-based monster a field power up. Allow Joey's troops to get close to the water so that you can maintain the power bonus. After a few more turns, the field will flood even more. If Joey's monsters were near the water, the location where they were at is probably flooded, causing them to get weaker while you maintain your increased power. Keep hammering away at his monsters for victory.
Jason Voorhees.

To defeat Joey get or buy water and other monsters that can go on land, because thewater goes up and down.
Jason Voorhees.

Hint: Defeating Mako:
In order to do this you must have completed the game once and acquire Pegasus's Parrot Dragon. Also, you must go first. When setting your Parrot Dragon out, go to Mako's side and line its attack up with the Happy Lover and Fiend Kraken. Then, follow a straight line back to your summoning area. If done correctly you should be able to take out both monsters before he summons them.
Shane Major.

Hint: Defeating Shadi:
In order to do this, you need The Dark Magician Girl and Kaminarikazou. If set up in the northeast corner, you must set your DMG in the second to top row on the far left side and the Kaminarikazou in the location directly above it. If set up in the southwest corner, the DMG needs to be set in the second to bottom row on the right side and the Kaminarikazou in the location directly bellow it. If done correctly and if you go first, you should be able to take out his symbol in a few turns. Note: This works very well if you have a Thunder symbol.
Shane Major.

Hint: Defeating Tristan:
To defeat Tristan, get or buy fire , wood , and thunder.
Jason Voorhees.

Hint: Exodia's Head:
To get Exodia's Head, first get all four limbs of Exodia. Put them in your Capsule Deck. Go to Granpa's shop and you should see a special screen. You can now buy Exodia's Head.
Shane Major.

Hint: Exodia the Forbidden One:
Have the Left Arm, Right Arm, Left Leg and Right Leg of the Forbidden One in your Capsule Deck when you visit the shop.

Hint: Harpie Lady Sisters:
You must have three Harpie Ladies in order to fuse the Harpie Lady Sisters monster. Because only two Harpie Ladies are available for capture on Mai Valentine's Valley of Howling Winds board (and never in the shop), you must play through the game twice to get all three.
Jason Voorhees.

Hint: Magician Of Black Chaos:
To get the Magician Of Black Chaos, you must have a Dark Magician. The easy way to make him evolve is get him to level 3. Then, stop using him. When you reach area 5 and face Kaiba, you should use the Dark Magician. Have him almost to level 4 like 15 exp. to go. Know when he summons the Blue Eyes White Dragon and find a monster to weaken it so you can use your Dark Magician. When he kills the Blue Eyes, he will be level 4. Make sure nobody can kill him. You must wait until the field turns from light to dark. Then when you are on the dark ship, go to Your Dark Magician. He should have evolve. Select it to get a Magician Of Black Chaos.
Jason Voorhees.

Hint: Two Headed King Rex:
When you defeat Rex Rapter in area two, you can now choose the "unbeatable" monster.
Liam Ghramm.

Hint: Special monsters:
Some monsters are only unlocked in Grandpa's store if you have met specific criteria. For example, the Sinister Serpent is only available for purchase once you have obtained 50 Water-type monsters.
Jason Voorhees.

Hint: More experience points for monsters:
To get more experience for a monster, have that monster destroy your opponent's symbol. They will get anywhere between 50 to 100 experience points.

Hint: Start each round with all your monsters:
Usually when a monster or capsule is destroyed, you cannot use it during the next round. However, if you start the next round and bring up the menu with "End Turn", "Unit List", etc. and go to "Surrender" and select "Try Again", you will restart the level with all your monsters available for use.

Hint: Map advantages:
Certain map attributes can cause physical damage to your monsters, such as lakes of lava and crackling electrical arcs. Only monsters with the same attributes as these dangerous spaces can pass through unharmed.
Jason Voorhees.

Hint: Duplicate monsters:
This trick requires two controllers. First, create a new profile (P2) in campaign mode. Save P2 before you do any battles. Then, exit to the main screen. Select versus mode. Load your main profile (P1) and P2. Go to the Entrance Hall and go to P1's Manage Monster. Go to "Build Unit". Put the monster you want to duplicate or level up into your Capsule Stock. Press Circle(3) and select your battlefield. Before you start the battle, have P1 ante the monster you just put in your Capsule Stock. Start the battle and on P1's first turn, surrender. Then, go back to the Entrance Hall and save P2, but do not save P1. Then, return to title screen. As long as you do not save P1, both profiles will now have the monster. You can repeat this process until one of your profiles has as many of the monster as desired. In about ten minutes, you will get three of the same monsters into one profile, which is useful if you want to get three Harpies or three Blue Eyes White Dragons to fuse together. Also, versus mode is great place to do the fusions, because there is no threat of an enemy attack. Use the next tip to level up your monsters for fusions.
Garrett Crawford.

Get the monster you want to level up into P2, as described above. Then, start the campaign. Use the desired monster to take out all but one of your opponent's monsters. Then, use the desired monster to take out your opponent's symbol. By doing this, you can take a level 1 monster to level 4 to 5 by the end of the first area. Against Joey alone, by taking out three of his monsters and his symbol you can get 160 experience points and what is given for the battle experience.
Garrett Crawford.

Hint: Easy monsters:
This trick requires two memory cards and controllers. Get some monsters up a few levels and multiple monsters. Remember to save the game. Then, start a new game with a different name and save it on memory card two. Next, go to versus mode and play against memory card two. Choose to ante monster cards and only let one player win. This is a very quick way to receive three Harpie Ladies or Blue Eyes Whide Dragons.
Phillip Helland.

Hint: Area 1:
DeJuan Wallace.

Joey: Uses four Fire types. Use Water types. Board: Light: 15.
Tristan: Uses two Wood and two Thunder types. Use Fire and Earth types. Board: Dark 14.
Duke: Uses three Dark and two Thunder types. Use Light and Earth types. Board: Light: 20.
Tea: Uses three Light, one Water, and two Wood types. Use Wind, Fire and Thunder types. Board: Dark: 26.
Grandpa: Uses three Wood and two Light types. Use Fire and Light types. Board: Dark: 22.

Hint: Area 2:
DeJuan Wallace.

Mako: Uses Earth, Water and Light types. Use Dark, Thunder and Wind types. Board: Light: 36.
Rex: Uses two Thunder, two Dark and two Earth types. Use Earth, Light and Dark types. Board: Light: 20, Dark: 20.
Mai: Uses four Wind and three Fire types. Use Wood and Water types. Board: Dark: 20, Wind: 15.
Weevle: Uses Wood, one Water and one Thunder types. Use Fire, Wind and Earth types. Board: Dark: 30.
Mokuba: Uses four Thunder and two Wind types. Use Earth and Wood types. Board: Dark: 25.

Hint: Area 3:
DeJuan Wallace.

Marik: Uses four Dark, two Water, one Thunder type. Use Light, Wind, and Earth types. Board: The square you land on the elemental symbol is the boost for that square.
Bandit Keith: Uses four Dark and three Thunder types, Use Light and Earth types. Board: Dark: 60.
Pegasus: Uses two Wood, two Light, one Water, and one Earth type. Use Fire, Thunder, Wind, and Dark types. Board: Light: 60.
Bakura: Uses three Dark, one Wood, one Earth, and one Wind type. Use Light, Fire, Dark, and Wood types. Board: Dark: 26, Wind: 20.
Odion: Uses five Earth, one Light, and one Fire type. Use Dark, Thunder, and Water types. Board: Light: 50, Fire: 20, Earth: 20, Wind: 30.

Hint: Area 4:
DeJuan Wallace.

Dark Bakura: Uses four Dark and three Thunder types. Use Light and Earth types. Board: Dark: 50.
Seto: Uses four Light, two Earth, and one Fire type. Use Thunder, Dark, Water types. Board: Light: 50,Dark: 60, Wind: 20.
Shadi: Uses two Wind, one Fire, one Light, one Earth type. Use Wood, Water, Thunder, and Dark type, Board: Light: 50, Wind: 20.
Ishizu: Uses two Dark, two Wind, one Earth, and one Wood type. Use Light, Wood, Dark, and Fire type. Board: Light: 56 Wind: 50.
Dark Marik: Uses three Wind, two Fire, one Thunder, and one Dark type. Use Wood, Water, Earth, Light types. Board: Dark: 70.

Hint: King Coliseum:
DeJuan Wallace.

Pegasus: Uses two Thunder, three Light, two Water and one wood type. Use Earth, Thunder, Wind, and Fire types. Board: Light: 55, Dark: 25, Water: 15, Wind:35.
Ishizu: Uses five Light, three Wind types. Use Thunder and Wood types. Board: Light: 40, Wind: 30.
Marik: Uses four Fire, two Earth, and one Wind type, Use Water, Dark, and Wood types. Board: Light: 55, Water: 40. Note: You can and should use fire types, the board will become a Fire zone and give Marik's fire types a huge boost and other types will take field damage.
Shadi: Uses four Dark, two Thunder, and one Fire type. Use Light, Earth, and Water types. Board: Will start at Dark 60, but one of the Great Dragons breath will turn it to different elements.
Seto: Uses two Water, three Light, one Earth, one Wind, and two Fire types. Use whatever you like. Points are unlimited, but remember AP is not. Choose a few monsters that give you a nice amount of AP when you summon them. Board: Light: 80, Wind: 30, and also Water. However, when the clouds cover the sky the board becomes Dark: 80. This is the board to evolve certain monsters. When you complete the game, keep playing to get different monsters.

Hint: Enemy list:
Jason Voorhees.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Bandit Keith
Part 4
Yami Marik
Yami Bakura
Part 5
Yami Marik

Hint: Fusions:

Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon = 3x Blue Eyes White Dragons (level 2)
Cyber Saurus = Blast Juggler (level 5) + Two-Headed King Rex (level 4)
Darkfire Dragon = Firegrass + Petit Dragon (level 5)
Flame Swordsman = Flame Manipulator + Masaki the Legendary Swordsman (level 4)
Flying Penguin = Penguin Soldier + Penguin Knight level 2
Gate Guardian = Sanga + Suijin + Kazejin (level 3)
Harpie Lady Sisters = 3x Harpie Ladies (level 3)
Kaminari Attack = Ocubeam + Mega Thundeball (level 5)
Kwagar Hercules = Hercules Beetle + Kuwagata Alpha (level 3)
Metal Dragon = Lesser Dragon (level 3) + Steel Ogre Grotto #1 (level 3)
Metal Zoa = Zoa (level 2) + Steel Scorpion (level 3)
Millennium Golem = Destroyer Golem + The Statue of Easter Island (level 5)
Rabid Horseman = Battle Ox + Mystic Horseman (level 3)
Summoned Lord Exodia = R. and L. Arms + R and L legs + Exodia The Forbidden One (all level 2)
Thousand Dragon = Time Wizard (level 3) + Baby Dragon (level 5)
Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon = 2x Thunder Dragons (level 4)

Hint: Evolutions:

Dark Witch: Place a level 4 LaMoon in a square that has 50 Light.
Electric Snake: Get Electric Lizard to level 6.
Fireyarou: Get Flame Manipulator to level 3.
Great Moth: Place a level 3 Larvae Moth in a square that has 30 Wood.
High Tide Gyojin: Place a level 6 Root Water in a square that has 50 Water.
Hunter Spider: Get Kumootoku to level 4.
Hysoube: Place a level 6 Psychic Kappa in a square that has 50 Water.
Larvae Moth: Place a level 3 Petit Moth in a square that has 30 Wood.
Magician of Black Caos: Place a level 4 Dark Magician in a Square with 40 Dark.
Magicians Valkyrie: Place a level 4 LaMoon in a square with 50 light.
Manga Ryu-Ran: Get Ryu-Ran to level 2.
Mon-Larvas: Get Larvas up to level 4.
Penguin Knight: Place a level 3 Penguin Soldier in a square that has 40 Water.
Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth: Place a level 3 Great Moth in a square that has 40 Wood.
Red-Eyes Black Metal Dragon: Place a level 4 Red-Eyes Black Dragon in a square with 60 Dark.
Rock Spirit: Place a level 5 Haniwa in a square that has 40 Earth.
Ryu-Kishin Powered: Get Ryu-Kishin up to level 5.
Shining FriendShip: Get Petit Angel up to level 5.
Stone Ghost: Place a level 5 Haniwa in a square that has 40 Earth.
Trent: Get Ancient Tree of Enlightenment to level 3.
Tripwire Beast: Get Electric Lizard to level 6.

Hint: Symbol effects:
If you start a new game with a attribute you have not tried, use the following information to learn how your symbol will affect your monsters. The symbol affects three attributes: same, ally, and weaker opponent. Same is monsters of the same attribute. Ally is monsters of the attribute that is weak against the attribute your attribute is strong against and strong against the attribute your attribute is weak against. For example, Dark's ally is Thunder. Weak opponent is the attribute that your attribute is strong against. The abbeviations are DF= defense, AT= Attack, and PP= Power Points.
Shane Major.

Attribute Same AllyWeak opponent
Fire+AT+AT -AT, -DF
Dark+AT+DF -PP
Earth+PP+AT -AT,-DF
Water+DF+DF -DF
Light+DF+DF -PP
Wood+AT, +DF+AT -DF
Thunder+AT+AT -PP
Wind+DF+DF -DF

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