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Tenchu 3: Wrath Of Heaven

All characters:
Press L1, R2, L2, R1, Right, Left, L3, R3 at the title screen. Note: In the Japanese version, press L1, R2, L2, R1, Left, Right, L3, R3 at the title screen.
rdue euyta bmwcbadsand Mike Smead.

All story mode missions:
Press L1, R1, L2, R2, Right, Square, L3, R3 at the mission selection screen in story mode. Note: In the Japanese version, press L1, R1, L2, R2, Left, Square, L3, R3 at the mission selection screen in story mode.
Mike Smead and Jose2305.

All multi-player mode missions:
Press L1, R1, L2, R2, Right, Square, L3, R3 at the mission selection screen in multi-player mode. Note: In the Japanese version, press L1, R1, L2, R2, Left, Square, L3, R3 at the mission selection screen in mult-player mode.

All mission layouts:
Press R3, L3, R2, L2, R1, L1 at the mission selection screen. Note: In the Japanese version, press L3, R3, L2, R2, L1, R1 at the mission selection screen.
Mike Smead.

Toggle special abilities:
Press Start to pause game play, then hold L1 + L2 and press Up(2), Down(2). Release L1 + L2 and press Square(2), R1, R2.

Control enemies:
Press Start on controller one to pause game play in story mode, then press L1, R3, R1, L3, Right, Square, Up, Square, L2, Left, Square, Down, R2 on controller two. The game will automatically resume to confirm correct code entry. Have player one walk towards an enemy or innocent. When close enough, player two should be able to control him/her. Note: Enabling this code may glitch the game. This code gives player two complete access to every enemy at once. When the code is enabled when near an enemy with the "?" on radar (meaning they do not know you are there), you will be able to use simple basic controls with controller two, using the D-pad. Press Left or Right to rotate all enemies on the map. They rotate similar to a character in a Resident Evil game. Press R1 to make all enemies duck. Press X to make them all jump. All enemies can also double jump. Press Forward to will make all enemies on the level move forward. They cannot attack if the code is enabled in the "?" state. Doing the code when an enemy is in the "!" state will allow player two to access all enemies in attack state. All enemies on the level will be able to do the same thing as "?" state enemies, but will be able to attack with Square, and will be be able to move backwards with the D-pad. Enemies do not hurt other enemies; only you. You can now also block attacks with all enemies. Repeat the code to disable its effect. The best use of this code is for stealth killing everybody, as when the code is enabled, enemies do not have an active AI and will no longer react to you on sight, even if you hit them. You can also force enemies off ledges and cliff sides.
Marc Snelgrove and Raijin Madgod.

You can toggle enemy's attack mode by pressing L3 on controller two.

Note: This will also cause enemies to not attack you if you approach them.
pieter moonen.

Bonus Rikimaru stage:
Press L1, Up, R1, Down, L2, Right, R2, Left at the title screen. Note: In the Japanese version, press L1, Down, R1, Up, L2, Left, R2, Right at the title screen. The cheat will unlock Rikimaru's secret mission "Through the Portal".
Mike Smead.

Hidden level:
Press Up, Down, Right, Left, X(3) at the title screen to unlock the level used in the game's demo.

Recover health:
Press Start to pause game play and press Up, Down, Right, Left, Square(3). Note: In the Japanese version, press Start to pause game play and press Left, Right, Up, Down, Square(3).
Mike Smead.

Note: Using the "Recover health" code will also cure poison and the effect of the Yogi Blades.
pieter moonen.

Unlock all items:
Hold R1 + L1 and press Up, Square(2), Left, Square(2), Down, Square(2), Right, Square(2) at the item selection screen . Note: In the Japanese version, hold R1 + L1 and press Down, Square(2), Right, Square(2), Up, Square(2), Left, Square(2) at the item selection screen.
Mike Smead.

Increase items:
Hold R2 + L2 and press Square(3), Up, Left, Down, Right at the item selection screen Note: In the Japanese version, hold R2 + L2 and press Square(3), Right, Down, Left, Up at the item selection screen.
Mike Smead.

Unlimited item capacity:
Hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 and press Square(3), Up, Left, Down, Right, Square, Up, Right, Down, Left at the item selection screen. Although you can only still carry six different items, you can have an unlimited amount of those specific items.

Display score and time:
Press Start to pause game play, then press Right(2), Left(2) on controller two. Note: In the Japanese version, press Start to pause game play, then press Left(2), Right(2) on controller two.

Increase score:
Press Start to pause game play, then hold L1 + R1 and press Right(2), Left(2) on controller two to add 100 points to your score. Note: in the Japanese version, Press Start to pause game play, then hold L1 + R1 and press Left(2), Right(2).

B-side dialogue:
Hold L1 + R2 and press Down, Square, Up, Square, Right, Square, Left, Square at the opening screen with the Tenchu logo. Select "Options", then "Audio", then "Language" to access the "B-Side" option to play the game with joke and outtake-style dialogue.

Alternately, complete layout 1 with a Grand Master rank.

Alternate Rikimaru:
Hold L1 + R1 and press Left(2), Right(2), Up(4) at the main menu.

Play as Chibot in multi-player mode:
Successfully complete level 6 as Rikimaru or Ayame.

Play as Hamada in multi-player mode:
Successfully complete level 2 as Rikimaru or level 3 as Ayame.

Play as Jinnai in multi-player mode:
Successfully complete level 6 as Tesshu.

Play as Jonin Blue in multi-player mode:
Successfully complete level 4 as Rikimaru or level 8 as Ayame.

Play as Jonin Red in multi-player mode:
Successfully complete level 3 as Rikimaru or level 8 as Ayame.

Play as Kagura in multi-player mode:
Successfully complete level 8 as Rikimaru or level 9 as Ayame.

Play as Kenpo Bouzu in multi-player mode:
Successfully complete level 8 as Rikimaru or level 9 with Ayame.

Play as Kunoichi in multi-player mode:
Successfully complete level 9 as Rikimaru or Ayame.

Play as Mr. D Ceo in multi-player mode:
Successfully complete the Through The Portal bonus level as Rikimaru.

Play as Nasu in multi-player mode:
Successfully complete level 1 as Rikimaru or level 2 as Ayame.

Play as Ninja Dog in multi-player mode:
Get a "Grandmaster" rank in all of Ayame's levels.

Play as Onikage in multi-player mode:
Successfully complete level 5 as Rikimaru or level 6 as Ayame.

Play as Semimaru in multi-player mode:
Get a "Grandmaster" rank in all of Rikimaru's levels.

Play as Taijima in multi-player mode:
Successfully complete level 1 as Rikimaru or Ayame.

Play as Tatsumaru in multi-player mode:
Successfully complete level 10 as Rikimaru or Ayame.

Play as Tesshu in multi-player mode:
Successfully complete the game as Rikimaru or Ayame.

In-game reset:
Press R1 + R2 + L1 + L2 + Start + Select during game play.

Hint: Alternate ending sequence:
Get a "Grand Master" rank on all levels with Rikimaru and defeat Tenrai. You will be treated to a new ending, and will have to fight Tenrai a third time before he completely dies.

Hint: Secret attacks:
To perform a secret attack with the various characters, spin the Left Analog-stick and tap Square. Note: This may require a few attempts.

When using Tesshu, press X + Circle. You will see red smoke around his arms. When you now punch somebody, they will catch on fire. This will only work for a short time, but you repeat it again. Note: This works for only Tesshu, unless you go to the versus mode and use different people, except for Rikimaru and Ayame.

Hint: Easy stealth kills:
This trick works better on high roof levels such as Rikimaru's first mission. If you have trouble anticipating when to perform a stealth kill, use a Poison Rice. Throw it in front of the guard and slice him before he eats it. Then, retrieve your rice and repeat the attack. You must be on a roof or cliff to do this best.

Run or walk up against an enemy's side or back and press Square (default) to stealth kill him. You can also stealth kill him in front, but you have to do this very quickly, before he notices you. Note: All stealth kills must be executed before the enemy notices you. Also, you can see different animations for each character depending on which side of the stealth kill is in view. Each character has a different stealth kill.

Hint: Double stealth kills:
Go to co-op mode, choose your player, and sneak up on an enemy using stealth. Both of players must be near the enemy when one of them presses Square to perform a double stealth kill.
Berunaldo2002 and Mikiway.

Hint: Easy kills:
Wrath Of Heaven is the best attack in the game, but it will drop you down to one life point within mere seconds of its attempt. Pause game play in mid-attack and enable the "Recover health" code. By doing this, if your opponent swings his sword at you in mid attack, you will not die. Also, if you do not have any smoke bombs, just knock an enemy down and immediately perform Wrath Of Heaven. If timed correctly, it will hit him just as he stands.

Have the blow dart equipped and sneak up near an enemy. Aim the blow dart at the opponents head and fire. If you hit them in the head, it will be an instant kill. This is helpful when encountering the ogre in level 3.

Hint: Invincibility:
Enable the "Unlock all items" and the "Unlimited item capacity" code. Get between 50 to 100 Chameleon Cloaks and/or 50 to 100 Invisibility Cloaks. Note: The Invisibility Cloaks will not let you use any item except for the same item; the Chameleon Cloaks will.

Hint: Throwing things around a corner:
There are a few items that you can throw around a corner; Grenades, Poisoned Rice, Smoke Bombs, and Caltrops. Put your back to the wall using R1, move to the very end of the wall, and tap Triangle on the item you wish to throw around the corner. Your character will then take out the item and throw it. If it is a Smoke Bomb, the character will cough and you can move in for a stealth kill.
Kevin Heesch.

Hint: Suicide attack:
When you unlock Jonin Blue, press X + Square to pull out two bombs. You can run into an enemy and it will take all his life away once it explodes.

If you try to "Forge Death" near a enemy, you will stealth kill him and yourself in the process.
Pietro Morelli.

Hint: Killing innocents without losing Kanji:
Play a stage with a beehive. Note: The first stage has two of them. Lure enemies and innocents near a beehive with either a poison rice or a magazine (Tesshu). Then, hit the beehive with either a shuriken or a throwing needle and watch the bees take care of them. You will not lose any Kanji when the bee's kill an innocent, nor will you gain any as a stealth kill. This helps take care of groups of enemies, as the bees attack multiple targets at once. You can re-hit the hive to have them finish the job. Note: If you are too close to the hive or are the only one in the vicinity, the bees will attack you.

Take a few low-damage range weapon with you, such as throwing stars, or pick up bows and arrows from the guards, and bring along some poison rice. Generally two arrows or stars will be just enough to bring an innocent person's health down to the point where the rice can finish the job. However, sometimes these two stars or arrows will just be enough to kill them; you will have to experiment with the damage they do at different ranges. However, you have to throw the rice last, as they only eat a poison rice ball once.

Hint: Fireworks of death:
When playing as Rikimaru or Ayame take the Fireworks item with you, and if desired, the Chameleon Spell to make this easier. Place the Fireworks close to your enemy. If he or she is unaware of your presence, he or she will die instantly. If you are spotted, you can lay the Fireworks and wait until the enemy is close enough. This will cause serious damage.

Hint: Wrath Of Heaven technique:
To get the Wrath Of Heaven technique, you must get ten stealth kills on the last level. This is easier if you enable the "Unlock all items" code, then use the "Increase items" code. The items that are best to get are smoke bombs, the invisibility item, and the item that makes you look like an enemy.

Note: Press X + Circle to perform the move.

Hint: Restore heath using ninja rebirth items:
This trick will only work if you have ninja rebirth items and the Wrath Of Heaven attack . Use the Wrath Of Heaven. It does not matter if you hit or miss. When you have one heath point remaining, kill yourself by using the Forge Death move. You will return at full heath.

Hint: Falling:
When you are falling long distances, hold R1. When you land, you will not fall over and have to wait for your character to get back up. This is useful when you are trying to jump on an enemy and miss.

Use the following trick in order to hide easier or stop a fall off a roof or ledge. If you are near a ledge, crouch down and roll backwards. As you roll backwards, press Left Analog-stick Up. If done correctly, you should grab the ledge instead of just falling. This is a good way to quickly hide from enemies on rooftops or adjacent ledges.

Hint: Repel enemies:
When playing as Tessu, you can actually repel enemies that are chasing you. If an enemy is chasing you, simply move out of sight and get into stealth mode up against the wall. Use your barnyard animal call and the enemy will think that you were just an animal and simply walk away and return to green mode.

Hint: New items:
Get a rank of Grand Master on a level to unlock new items. The item is different for every level.

Hint: Easier Boss fights:
Before you enter a level, bring about five or six Sticky Bombs with you. Save them until the Boss fight. Once you fight him, back up and use the Sticky Bombs. It should only take a few. This is the easy way to defeat Bosses, as the Sticky Bombs take off a lot of life and are unblockable.

Use a Blow Gun Dart to stun the Boss (or a Smokebomb if you are out). Then, use a Fire Dart while the Boss is stunned. If you have enough, the Boss will die before reaching you. This works well on Tenrai. Note: Save your items for only the fights that are difficult.

Hint: Defeating Demon Ninjas:
When in a fight with two or more Demon Ninja, be very careful. If you are busy fighting one, the other can perform a stealth kill on you. Be sure to watch all Demon Ninja.

Hint: Defeating Kagura:
If you have the Wrath Of Heaven, use it on the big partner first instead of running around and trying to hit her, because he will come after you. Dispose of him with the Wrath Of Heaven and he will fall with one shot. You will then have all the time to carefully kill Kagura.
Chrisenchand Katwaroo.

Hint: Defeating Tenrai:
Use the following trick to kill Tenrai's second form in less than fifteen seconds. This requires one Binding spell, two Fire spells, and the Wrath Of Heaven ability. As soon as you regain control of Ayame, cast the Binding spell. Stay in the circle, and wait until Tenrai gets "bound" when he runs up to the edge. Cast a Fire spell to knock him back. Repeat this step with the remaining Fire spell. When he returns and gets bound again, use the Wrath Of Heaven to defeat him.
Salena B.

The following is a much easier way to kill Tenrai's second and third form on the last level. As soon as the intermission sequence ends and Rikimaru can focus through his right eye, perform Wrath Of Heaven just before Tenrai runs towards you. Do the same thing again for the third form. If done correctly, there is no need to bother with the Bind or Fire spell.

Hint: Guard cats:
Cats are invincible. You cannot even stealth kill them. Their only purpose is alerting every guard in the area. Stay away from them if you can.

Hint: Fortress Of Evil B: More items:
Use the following trick to get more items in co-op mission 6 (Fortress Of Evil B). When you start, have someone kill Tajima (the man with the gun) first. Do not touch Nasu yet. When you have killed Tajima, have both you and your partner gang up on Nasu. Do not slash him. When he starts bowing down and says "Please don't kill me", he will then say "I'll give you this" and places an item on the ground, After this, have yourself or your partner do a double jump directly over him. He will say "Sucker" and start spinning around. Have the person who did not jump run up and get the item before he stops spinning. Keep doing this as many times as desired. Also, instead of doing a double jump, you or your partner can just throw a star at him and he will take a few steps back. Then, the person who did not throw the star can run up and get the item.

Hint: Rescue Counsel Sekiya: Defeating Boss:
At the end of the level, after you blow up the rock you have to defeat Kagura. Pay no attention to her and instead attack the huge wolf. If you ever get seriously injured you can jump up on the outer wall, since the part you start fighting in is sunken. Nether of the enemies can hurt you here. You can heal freely and use items such as shooting the blow gun or throw shuriken. They cannot block these. Use them to wear the enemies down.

Hint: Rikimaru's Temple level: Defeating Boss:
When fighting the Boss on the Temple level, do not attack the big red enemy. Instead, attack the teleporting lady. You can only get the red enemy down to no less then 100 HP until he is automatically revived. However, she is weak. Kill her and the red enemy will be killed anyway and you will fight Tatsumaru instead.

Hint: Rikimaru: Double K.O.:
Select versus in multi-player mode and have both players choose Rikimaru. You must have the Wrath Of Heaven skill. Stand in front of each other and use Wrath Of Heaven simultaneously.
pieter moonen.

Hint: Tesshu: Avoiding detection:
Once you have his animal mimic, every time someone discovers a dead body, use the technique. They will think it was just a animal.

Hint: Praying Ninjas:
While playing as Ayame, perform a stealth kill on an enemy while he or she is on a slope. After she kills them, they will seem to be "bowing" down to you.

Hint: Tenrai has two deaths:
In mission 10, Tenrai Fortress-B, when you defeat Tenrai for the last time a FMV sequence will start. Tenrai will have two deaths, depending which choice you made in Rikimaru's cemetery mission and Ayame's Amagai castle mission. Tenrai will be cut in half and he will disintegrate.
luis rafael dela cruz.

Glitch: Funny death:
As Rikimaru, do a slope stealth kill and make sure your target lands so that they will bow down to you. Then, go to back of him and look where the blood is spurting from.
A guy.

Glitch: Painful death:
As Rikimaru, sneak up on someone and try to stealth kill them from the front. After the intermission, look where the blood is spurting out from. Note: It looks better with male enemies.

Glitch: See through walls:
In Echigoya's castle as Rikimaru or Ayame, find the vertical beam in the middle of the wall just outside of the room with the tree. Jump directly into the beam to cross through. The game does not load the wall textures, and you can now see all the way through, run around, etc.

In the level where you go after the merchant, a similar event will happen if you use the grappling hook at the back door of the main house, if you are close enough to the door to allow it to load the next sub-level when you jump up. You then end up falling, and as long as you do not pull up (drop down instead), the wall/floor/ground textures will not load. You can go quite a distance into the house without them loading.

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