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Tekken 5

Tekken 2: Fight as Angel:
Press X or Circle while selecting Devil.

Tekken 2: Fight as Alex:
Press X or Circle while selecting Roger.

Tekken 3: Fight as Anna Williams:
Press Start while selecting Nina Williams.

Tekken 3: Fight as Panda:
Press X or Circle while selecting Kuma.

Tekken 3: Fight as Mukojin's Wife:
Press X or Circle while selecting Mukojin.

Tekken 3: Fight as Tiger:
Press Start while selecting Eddy Gordo.

Tekken 3: Fight as High School Jin:
Press Start while selecting Jin Kazama.

Tekken 3: Fight as High School Xiaoyu:
Press Start while selecting Ling Xiaoyu .

Tekken 3: Fight as Young Marshall Law:
Press Start while selecting Forest Law.

Theater Mode:
Theater Mode is unlocked up after you complete story mode once with any character. At that time, you are able to listen to the stage soundtracks, view the movies of the character used to complete story mode, and the attract movies (Arcade Intro, PlayStation2 Intro, and E3/TGS trailers). As you complete story mode with each character, the movies will become available in Theater Mode. Getting all movies requires you the complete story mode with both Kuma and Panda, as well as Christie and Eddy (although Eddy's ending is identical).
Kris P.

Anna Williams:
Complete story mode with one character and Nina Williams.

Asuka (school girl version):
After playing as Asuka at least fifty times, highlight her at the character selection screen then press Triangle.

Baek Doo San:
Successfully complete story, battle, or time attack mode three times with different characters.

Bruce Irvin:
Complete story, battle, or time attack mode four times with different characters.

Devil Jin:
You can unlock Devil Jin by either completing the Devil Within mini-game or playing a number of games in arcade mode, vs. mode or story mode. About 200 games in arcade mode seems to unlock him after you have unlocked all the other characters.
Kris P and StncMa.

Alternately, use Jin in time attack mode and post the fastest time.

Go to versus mode and make sure that player one wins approximately 87 battles in a row using any character. After that you should see the question mark in the middle of the screen has unlocked Devil Jin. Note: Unlock everyone first before unlocking Devil Jin.
Jason King.

Alternately, complete story mode with fifteen or twenty characters.
Vineclash and NickyMan2101.

Eddy Gordo:
Eddy is an extra outfit you buy for Christie for 500,000G.
Kris P.

Complete story, battle, or time attack mode seven times with different characters.

Complete story, battle, or time attack mode nine times with different characters.
tcida cfurei idlbiremd lcdl, ean.

Complete story, battle, or time attack mode six times with different characters.

Ling (school girl version):
Win fifty times in versus mode. Highlight Ling, then press RP at the character selection screen.

Complete story, battle, or time attack mode eight times with different characters.

Mokujin (female version):
Highlight Mokujin at the character selection screen, then press X.

Mokujin's wood sound:
Highlight Mokujin at the character selection screen. Select him and hold Down. Release Down when the "Fight" screen appears. Each time your opponent lands a successful hit on Mokujin, you will hear a wooden sound.

Highlight Kuma at the character selection screen, then press X.

Roger Jr.:
Complete story, battle, or time attack mode one time.

Wang Jinrei:
Complete story, battle, or time attack mode five times with different characters.

Star Blade arcade game:
Successfully complete arcade mode with all fighters.

Alternately, in the fourth level of the Devil Within mini-game, there is a door covered with rocks that is across a big hole. You cannot reach it by jumping. When the devil's bar is full (the red one). press L1 + Triangle to transform into Devil Jin. Then, stand looking towards the door and press L1 + Square to shot a beam. That beam will destroy the rocks and a path of floating steps will appear. Go through the door and you will find a little space ship rotating in front of you. Touch it to unlock the Star Blade arcade game without winning arcade mode with all characters.
Diego Elias.

Configure arcade games:
Hold Select at the "Press Start" screen for an Arcade History game. An accurate representation of the game's DIP switches will appear, allowing you to customize the game as done on the actual arcade machine.

Random character selection:
Complete story, battle, or time attack mode nine times with different characters to unlock the "Random" option at the character selection screen.

In team battle mode, select the number of characters to be used, then press L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 + Start + Select at the character selection screen. A "?" will appear instead of the character portraits.

Final Stage 2:
Play 200 arcade mode matches.

Devil Within mini-game bonuses:
Successfully complete the Devil Within mini-game to unlock 1,000,000 G, the Cathedral stage, Devil Jin as a character, Devil Within mini-game stage selection, Final Stage 1, and Final Stage 2.

Devil Within mini-game in Devil mode:
Complete the Devil Within mini-game under the medium difficulty setting with all the Evil Symbols collected. Then, hold L2 + Select + R3 when selecting an option at the Devil mini-game stage selection screen.

Exit mini-games:
To exit out of the of Tekken mini-games 1, 2, or 3, press Start + Select. You can do this at any point where you cannot go back; even at the character selection screen.

Select victory pose:
Press X, Circle, Square, or Triangle during the replay that appears after a round.

Hint: Alternate replays:
As soon as you defeat your opponent in the final round, the replay video appears. When the replay of the final round is being shown, press X + Circle, Triangle, or Square. After the replay of the final round, your character will perform a finishing move. Depending on what buttons you pressed during the replay, you can see any of your characters perform any desired finishing move.
saad iqbal.

Hint: Alternate costumes:
To get a character's costume that they are pictured in, when you are selecting them press Triangle instead of X.

Hint: Unlocking all characters:
Keep completing story mode with different characters until everybody except Devil Jin is unlocked. There are no hidden "off screen" characters.
Kris P.

Hint: Anna: Look under skirt:
Choose practice mode and select any character as player one. Select Anna as the practice dummy. She can be in any costume, Note: To unlock Anna, complete her story in story mode. You may choose any stage. Knock her down with a special attack. Her back should be facing you while she is down on the ground. Then, move behind her.

Hint: Anna: Succubus appearance:
Use costume 1 (Square). Set head to witch's hat, face to party mask, upper body to fashion bra, lower body to tail, color 1 to default, color 2 to black, color 3 to default.

Hint: Anna: Stripper appearance:
Use costume 2 (X). Set the head to short hair, and colors 1, 2, and 3 to black.

Hint: Anna: Mrs. Witch From Gamepro magazine appearance:
Use costume 1 (Square). Set the head to witch's hat, and colors 1, 2, and 3 to black.

Hint: Asuka: Easy story mode completion:
Asuka does not have to fight Devil Jin. This makes completing story mode much easier. Also, when fighting Jinpachi, use her Up + Circle move. This will cause him to fall down. As soon as he gets back up, use it again. He will fall back down. Repeat this until you win.

Hint: Asuka: Kagome From Inuyasha appearance:
Use costume 2 (Square for Asuka). Set face to "No Bandana", upper body to "Bow", color 1 to default, color 2 to green, and color 3 to default.

Hint: Bryan Fury steals Yoshimitsu's energy:
If Yoshimitsu uses the Soul Siphon attack on Bryan Fury, Yoshimitsu will lose his energy to Bryan because Bryan is a Cyborg with no life of his own.

Hint: Christie: Fairy appearance:
Set the upper body to butterfly wings, and colors 1, 2, and 3 to blue.

Hint: Feng Wei: Defeating Jinpachi:
As soon as the final match begins, press Up/Right + Circle to knock Jinpachi down. When he is down, hold Down and keep pressing Circle to do a Perfect. This occurs because Jinpachi is too slow to get up before you do another kick on his body.
Lucas Estrela.

Hint: Feng Wei: Krillin appearance:
Take Feng Wei's costume, either LP or RP. For "Head", give him "Monk". Set color 1 to white, and colors 2 and 3 to red.
Steven Sizemore.

Hint: Hworang: Ritual:
In Practice mode, choose Hworang and anyone as the dummy. When the match begins, hold Right + Circle. He will do a kick. Release Circle but keep Right held. You can also hold any other direction.
Mike Mankin.

Hint: Jack 5: Duke Nukem appearance:
Go to custom mode and press Triangle on Jack 5. Change his shirt red, pants blue, and give him the shades. He will look a lot like Duke Nukem.

Hint: Jin: Easy Jinpachi dodge:
To make this easier, set RP and LP in the "L1" slot. When Jinpachi does the blast, press Away + L1. Jin will do Force Block. The blast will go through Jin, but not do any damage.
Ethan Morning.

Hint: Jin: Devil Within moves:

5x Punch Combo: Press Square(5).
Demon's Paw: Press Break into a run and Square.
Spinning Flare Kick: Press Break into a run and X.
PK Launcher: Press Square, X.
PPK Grounder: Press Square(2) X.
4X Kick Combo: Press X(4).
Jumping Uppercut: Press Square + Circle.
Double Lifting Kick: Press X + Circle.
Air Chop: Press Circle(2), Square.
Throw: Press Square + X.
Kazama Fury With Uppercut: Press L1 + Square.
Double Roundhouse: Press L1 + Kick.
Change to Devil Jin: Press L1 + Triangle.

Hint: Jin: Metrosexual appearance:
Use costume 1 (Square). Set head to metrosexual hairstyle, face to orange sunglasses, color 1 to plum, color 2 to plum, and color 3 to plum.

Hint: Jin: Angel appearance:
Use costume 1 (Square). Set head to halo, upper body to wings, color 1 to default, color 2 to default, and color 3 to default.

Hint: Jinpachi Mishima: Movies:
Fight your way through story mode until you finally reach Jinpachi. Lose to him and let the time counter go to zero. The game will show a movie of him after that.
Quintin White.

Complete story mode with Lei Wulong and defeat Jinpachi. After that, do not skip the side movie and Jinpachi will tell Lei about himself and how he ended and how he was in the King of Iron Fist Tournament 5.

Hint: Julia: Look under skirt:
Choose practice mode. Select Hwaorang as player one and Julia as the practice dummy in her Indian clothes (press Triangle). As Hwoarang, use a special attack to knock down Julia. Julia may be facing belly up or down. When she is down, move behind her to see under her skirt.

Choose any character as player one, then press X on Julia. Make sure you are in practice mode. Next, knock her down with any move. Then, move behind her to see her white underwear.

Hint: Kazuya: Easy Jinpachi dodge:
When Jinpachi does the blast, press Forward. Kazuya will step far to the side. Be careful; if you do it too long, Kazuya will step into it and take maximum damage.
Ethan Morning.

Hint: Kazuya: Vegeta appearance:
Take Kazuya's costume, either LP or RP. For "Head", give him "Windswept Hair", and set colors 1 and 3 to white, and color 2 to blue.
Steven Sizemore.

Hint: Kuma: Winnie the Pooh appearance:
Take Kuma's costume, either LP or RP. For "Lower Body", give him "Honey Jar". Set color 1 to yellow.
Steven Sizemore.

Hint: Kyu: Rank faster:
Defeat any opponent five times.
abdullah tarver.

Hint: Law: Easy win:
Press Triangle(2), then use the Blind Elbow combo (press Triangle(4)) three or four times.

As soon as the match starts, hold Up/Right and repeatedly press Circle.
salman farooqui.

Hint: Law: Defeating Jinpachi:
Keep pressing Square to punch and Triangle(2). Then, press Triangle(2) again.


Hint: Lee: Easy win:
Use Lee's Acid Storm three times (Right, X(4), Circle).

Hint: Lei: Defeating Jinpachi:
Crouch and keep pressing X. When Jinpachi is sending out fireballs, duck by using Tiger Fang (press Down/Left, Square, Triangle).

Hint: Ling: Hidden victory pose:
Win a match with Ling in her schoolgirl costume. Immediately hold Triangle + Square when the replay starts.

Hint: Marduk: Defeating Jinpachi:
Keep pressing Circle while crouching or standing.

Hint: Mokujin: Alternate fighting sounds:
Hold Down before a match while playing as Mokujin. When hit, you will hear the sound of a wood block being struck.

Hint: Nina: Catwoman appearance:
Use costume 1 (Square). Set the head to cat mask, lower body to whip, and Colors 1, 2, and 3 to black.

Hint: Nina: Army girl appearance:
Use costume 1 (Square). Set the lower body to submachine gun, color 1 to green, color 2 to black, and color 3 to black.

Hint: Paul: Ken appearance:
Customize Paul with long hair or ponytail, and for the gloves buy yellow or red ones.

Hint: Paul: Vampire slayer appearance:
Set the head to long hair, upper body to crossbow, lower body to keyring, and colors 1, 2, and 3 to your choice.

Hint: Raven: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Donatello appearance:
Use costume 1 (Square). Set the upper body to giant scroll, color 1 to purple, color 2 to green, and color 3 to purple.

Hint: Raven: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Raphael appearance:
Use costume 1 (Square). Set lower body to Jutte, color 1 to red, color 2 to green, and color 3 to red.

Hint: Raven: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Leonardo appearance:
Use costume 2 (X). Set lower body to Double Ninjato, color 1 to green, color 2 to blue, and color 3 to blue.

Hint: Raven: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Michaelangelo appearance:
Use costume 2 (X). Set color 1 to green, color 2 to orange, color 3 to orange.

Hint: Steve: Combo:
Press Square + Triangle + Circle + X to charge up. Hold Forward, then press Square + Triangle. Continue to hold Forward and do ten hit combo #2 by holding Forward and pressing Triangle then Square quickly. Then, press Square(2), Triangle, Square(2), Triangle, Square, tap Away, then press Triangle. Make sure your opponent hits a wall, pause for a moment, then press Square, Triangle, Square, Triangle. This combo does 15 hits and 209 damage. This combo alone will KO your opponent because the entire life bar is only around 145 damage points. Note: The full combo can only be done in practice mode as there is not enough time to finish the combo after your opponent is KO'ed in normal fights (the replay starts before the combo can be finished).

Hint: Wang: Wizard appearance:
Use costume 1 (Square). Set upper body to cane, colors 1, 2, and 3 to your favorite element: (default for light, black for darkness, red for fire, blue for water, yellow for thunder, purple for psychic, and green for grass)

Hint: Xaioyu: Chun-Li appearance:
You can customize Xaioyu to look almost like Chun-Li. To do this, go to "Character Customize", choose Xaioyu's pink costume (press Left Punch or Right Punch ). For the head, choose "Chinese Chignon". For Color 1, choose "Black". For Color 2, choose "Blue". For Color 3, choose "Black". She should now resemble Chun-Li from the Street Fighter series.

Hint: Xiaoyu: Diao Chan appearance:
Use costume 2 (X). Set the head to Chinese Chignon, upper body to spindle, color to white, and colors 2 and 3 to pink.

Hint: Yoshimitsu: Defeating the Boss:
Put RP RK on R2 at the controller configuration screen. Then, put RP LP on R1. When you fight, press Forward + Triangle. If he has spun around, press R2 to smash his head on the ground. This will take a lot of health from him. When he shoots his blast, press R1 then jump quickly. Sometimes he will do them twice. Another way to inflict damage when he does the blast, press Up/Forward + R1. Yoshimitsu will do a helicopter move and slash him.
Ethan Morning.

Hint: Power-up:
Press Circle + Triangle + Square + X to do a power up with any character.
gerald dodson.

Hint: Poolside stage: Make bikini babe scream:
On the poolside stage, battle near some of the bikini babes. They will scream and try to run away.

Hint: Easy money:
You can earn money in arcade mode. If you play higher ranked CPU opponents, you will be rewarded with a higher amount of G after defeating the opponent. The money earned per fight in arcade mode ranges from 800G to about 4000G. In arcade mode, you will also encounter random roulettes which will multiply your winnings.
Kris P.

The fastest way to get some money in the bank at first is to unlock the endings for all characters by completing story mode with everybody. This gives you 100,000G per character for the first time through only.
Kris P.

You can also collect money while playing Devil Within mini-game and are rewarded an extra 100,000 G upon completing the quest.
Kris P.

Hint: Getting expensive items for free:
You can get a number of the high priced items for free when you play the Devil Within mini-game a second time after you have already completed the quest. Various expensive items will be scattered around throughout the game.
Kris P.

Hint: Gaining ranks quickly:
In order to gain ranks quickly you must play opponents of the same rank as you are. When defeating CPU opponents of the same rank as your character, it usually only requires three to five wins to get a promotion. After your fight has ended in arcade mode, you can select one of three opponents with the D-pad. You cannot always select an opponent with the same rank, but do so when one is available. You will have your character rank maxed out quickly.
Kris P.

When playing in arcade mode, if you chose to fight someone with a higher rank than yours you should get a rank faster than fighting someone with the same rank.

Hint: Tekken Roulette indicator:
Although Tekken Roulette occurs randomly, you can still tell which matches will end with it. During the match, look at the top left corner of the screen. If you see a red light pulsing right to left where "Stage xx" is shown, the match will end with Tekken Roulette.
Tukama Stanley.

Hint: Hidden story mode interludes:
Do not always be quick to defeat the story mode interlude opponents. In some cases when you lose, you can see a different movie as part of the story.
Kris P.

Hint: Easy wins:
To defeat CPU opponents easily, jump forward then kick them in the head while you are still in the air.
abdullah tarver.

Hint: Easy Tekken Lord:
With Heihachi, simply start each round with Down + LP, then RP. The second one will almost always go through, and if timed correctly, you can run up to your opponent and repeat. With Jin and Devil Jin, simply press Down + LP at the correct moment and it will almost always go through. Wait for the opponent to run at you, and time it correctly when pressing Down + RP again. With Jack-5, simply do Back + RP, and time it as you would Jin's/Devil Jin's. With Mokujin, set it to one round, and wait for one of the correct characters to come up. Bryan takes a little more time, but whenever you do the LP, RP, RK combo, the RK will always go through. With Bruce, simply do Up + Toward + LK + RK to counter, and he will connect almost every time. With Raven, do Toward + LP + RP, and when you hit them, press Down + LP + RP to charge up, then run at them and press Toward + LP + RP again, then repeat. Once past Warlord ranking, Raven will take some precise timing.
Steven Sizemore.

Hint: Pac-Man reference:
Choose the space stage in any mode. After the announcer says "Fight", you can see Pac-Man moving to the left behind the characters in 8-bit form.

Hint: Tekken 3 reference:
On the first and second stages of the Devil Within mini-game, you will hear Jin's stage music from Tekken 3 in the background.

When you complete Story mode with Roger Jr., you will see an intermission sequence where he meets his dad. When Roger Jr. goes through the door, look at the television to see Ling Xiayou's intermission sequence from Tekken 3.
michael mikkelsen.

Hint: Michael Jackson reference:
The Antares track on the Jukebox begins with an almost identical part of Michael Jackson's song "Thriller", more specially an instrumental to the part where the voice in Thriller says "Darkness falls across the land, The Midnight hour is close at hand, etc.
Nick Doup.

Glitch: Trapped:
When you play Tekken in Tekken History, sometimes you cannot get out and will have to restart.
Ethan Morning.

Glitch: Life to Boss:
When you do Soul Siphon on the Boss in story mode it will give him your life.
Ethan Morning.

Glitch: Missing scream:
On the Poolside stage, if you battle near some of the bikini babes they will scream and try to run away. However if they do this at the very end of the battle, during the replay they will just stand there.

Glitch: Repairing ground:
When you knock someone to the ground in an arena where the ground breaks, if you knock them down in a different place, the location where you originally knocked them down will be fixed.

Glitch: Fake weapon:
If you play a match with Mokujin behaving like Yoshimitsu, it will look as if it has Yoshimitsu's Blade. However, it is not. It is actually a mid-sized thick branch pretending it is Yoshimitsu's Blade.

Glitch: Topless bikini babe:
Enter Vs. Battle or Practice mode. If you choose Practice mode, make sure your training dummy is set to "Stand". Choose for your avatar and your opponent characters that stand still and take small sidesteps. Asuka is recommended. Characters such as Christie, who is constantly moving, or Nina, who takes giant sidesteps, will interfere. Select the Poolside stage. You will begin the stage standing on the center medallion. Lee is sitting at the head of the pool, with a group of bikini babes. Counterclockwise from him is another group, with a butler standing off to the side. This is the group you want to be next to. Sidestep to where you are facing this group, then scoot your opponent (walk into him or her) until your their back is almost against the pool wall. Now that you are close, you will see a bikini babe lying face down on a pillow, topless. Characters and backgrounds of the 3D environments will disappear when you get too close. Your goal is to position your avatar close enough to this topless bikini babe so that her friend and the pillow disappear. It is a process of scooting your opponent to the precise position, then sidestepping until both babes and the pillow disappear, then sidestepping in the other direction so that only the topless babe reappears. Once you succeed, you will see bikini babe bare-breasted, kicking back and forth in a very provocative motion. Note: There is another topless bikini babe on a pillow next to Lee, but this will not work with her as she is too far from the edge of the pool.

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