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Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves

Toonami Plane:
Pause game play while flying Sly's original plane, then press R1(2), Right, Down(2), Right. A sound will confirm correct code entry.

Restart codes:
The following "Restart at…" codes only have an effect when entered during the Episode or Chapter which the code restarts to.

Restart at Day 1, Episode 1:
Pause game play, then press Left, R2, Right, L1, R2, L1.

Restart at Day 1, Episode 2:
Pause game play, then press Right, L2, Left, Up, Right, Down.

Restart at Day 1, Episode 3:
Pause game play, then press R2, R1, L1, Left, L1, Down.

Restart at Day 1, Episode 4:
Pause game play, then press Left, Right, L1, R2, Right, R2.

Restart at Day 1, Episode 5:
Pause game play, then press Left, R2, Right, Up, L1, R2.

Restart at Day 2, Episode 1:
Pause game play, then press Down, L2, Up, Left, R2, L2.

Restart at Day 2, Episode 2:
Pause game play, then press Down, Up, R1, Up, R2, L2.

Restart at Day 2, Episode 3:
Pause game play, then press L2, R1, R2, L2, L1, Up.

Restart at Day 2, Episode 4:
Pause game play, then press L1, Left, L2, Left, Up, L1.

Restart at Day 2, Episode 5:
Pause game play, then press R2, R1, L1, R1, R2, R1.
Josh Sibert.

Restart at Laptop Retrieval:
Pause game play, then press L2, Left, R1, L2, L1, Down.

Restart at Op Moon Crash:
Pause game play, then press L2, Up, Left, L1, L2, L1.

Restart at Op Reverse Double-Cross:
Pause game play, then press Right, Left, Up, Left, R2, Left.

Restart at Op Tar-Be-Gone:
Pause game play, then press Down, L2, R1, L2, R1, Right.

Restart at Op Turbo Dominant Eagle:
Pause game play, then press Down, Right, Left, L2, R1, Right.

Restart at Op Wedding Crasher:
Pause game play, then press L2, R2, Right, Down, L1, R2.

Restart current chapter:
Pause game play, then press Left, L2, L1, L2, R2, Right.
Alerio Bruce.

Faster game play:
Pause game play, then press Right, Up, R1, Right, Up, Down.
Andrew Heins.

Pause game play, then press L2, Down, R1, Up, Left, Down.
Please submit any information regarding this code.

Pause game play, then press L1, Right, R2, Up, Right, Left.
Please submit any information regarding this code.

Pause game play, then press R1, L2, Down, R2, Right, Up.
Please submit any information regarding this code.

Pause game play, then press Right, Down, L2, Right, R2, Down.
Please submit any information regarding this code.

Pause game play, then press Right, R2, Up, Right, Up, Down.
Please submit any information regarding this code.

Pause game play, then press Left, Up, Left, Up, L1, L2.
Please submit any information regarding this code.

Pause game play, then press L1, R2, L1, Down, L1, Down.
Please submit any information regarding this code.

Dimirti's Greasy Sweet Remix music video:
Get a 100% game completion.

Hint: Defeating bears:
Choose Murray and go to a bear. Keep punching and eventually the bear will be defeated. Note: This is a little easier if you use the "Fists Of Flame" attack.
Ray Cannon Jr.

Hint: Defeating the hopping vampires:
When fighting with the Panda King against the hopping vampires and you are on the roof with Sly, jump on to the safe that Sly is trying to open. You will still need to jump when the explosions go off if they are near you.

Hint: Defeating the Black Baron:
This fight starts with an air fight. First, shoot his ship down. When you get to the fist fight, wait until he throws a big uppercut. Hit him while he is stunned. When he gets to two thirds of his health, he will send out guards to defeat you. If you got hurt, look for health icons that they drop. When you continue the fight against the Baron, he will have a second attack. When he growls and gets angry, he will jump on the wing of the plane. Jump to avoid this attack. When he gets to one third of his health, he will send out more guards. When you defeat them and the fight continues, the guards will still be coming. Use the guard that sprays oil and ignites the oil against the Baron. Lure him to the oil and keep him there until he is set on fire.
Reuben Reyes.

Hint: Defeating Don Octavio:
To defeat Don Octavio, wait for Sly's signal to lure Octavio to the tar pit. Get close to the tar pit and wait until he gets stuck in the tar, then punch him rapidly. Don has three attacks. He rams you, punches you, and when half his health is depleted, he sends a sonic boom toward you. When his health is half depleted, you will have to run to another tar pit. Hold R1 to sprint and follow Sly to the next pit. Run away or sidestep when he tries to charge at you, and back away when he punches you. To dodge the sonic boom, jump over it or back away from it.
Reuben Reyes.

When facing Octavio, it starts in a canal fight. Shoot out his engine and dodge the mines that he throws. When you get to the actual fighting, when you punch Octavio he will look as if he is going to fall over. Dodge it because he is trying to kick you. When he bellyflops, make sure you either jump or avoid it by running away. After he is down to one third of his life, the tar will run out and you must find another pit. Run away from him when he chases you to the next pit. He will start singing notes of death. You must avoid them. Then, just keep punching him and dodging his attacks and he will eventually die.
Josh Sibert.

Hint: Defeating Dr. M:
First you will play as Carmelita. Remembering from the beginning of the game, Sly has been captured by the first monster that he has confronted. Keep shooting the monster until you kill him. You may have to fight several foes, and will have to move from place to place. You will then have to use the Guru to control the sharks, etc. then Dmitri. You will have to chase the cane underwater until you confront Dr. M. The controls are practically straightforward: Triangle to go up, Square to go left, Circle to go right, and X to go down. You will first use these controls to dodge the claws from crabs when swimming after the cane. When you come to Dr. M face to face, he will launch diskettes after you. When they go off, they will shoot off a ring of red light depending on their angle. Even though Dr. M is surrounded by a long, temporary red shell, it will not shield him from bullets. It prevents him from breathing underwater, so you can shoot at him. In some cases you will get close to the creature that he is controlling. The shield will go off for some inexplicable reason. Shoot Dr. M in order to prevent the monster to putting you in its mouth. If that happens, he will take a medium portion of your health away. Keep doing this until you defeat him. You will not get the cane back from him, but you will complete your job. Then you will have to use Penelope's RC car to break the control towers so that Sly can take down the guns. When you play as Sly, try not using the throttle as much because your aim will not be accurate, and he will fall far behind. Instead, let the missile launchers target on you, then dodge. You will see that the green square beside the guns are free from their force field. Shoot the square to disable its function. Do this for all fourteen of them. You will then have to fight twenty flying bats. Again they have force fields like the fourteen guns that you have disabled. Note: Your machine guns will not have any effect on them, however the cannon launcher that Bentley installed on the plane will. When you lock on their target, shoot a cannon at them. It will disable their force field for a short period of time. Then, shoot them with your machine gun. Do this for all twenty of them. Then, Dr. M will come out of the ocean with his mechanical flying fish and will become airborne. He will be behind the fish. As before, keep shooting him. Note: This battle is similar to Dirt's but some extra things have been added. The diskettes will launch missiles at you. You do not have to shoot them, as the missiles will not be locked on you. Then he will release green bars of light. Note: These are dangerous, but you can get to him by going through them. As long as you do not touch them, you can shoot him. Keep doing this until you get your cane back. Then, you will enter the vault. You must have that power up that slows time to a crawl. If you do not, you will not be able to reach to certain places that are mandatory. With it, you will jump farther, dodge objects precisely, and your performance will be better. Once you have made it through, you will play as Murray who will have to defeat some enemies, then Dr. M. Note: You will play Bentley for this. Murray will just fight Dr. M. You will have to put some plate behind Dr. M so that he can be electrocuted. There will be elephants after you. Use your grapple cam to kill them. Once you have completed this task, you will play as Sly during the final battle. First, Dr. M will start flying. Hook onto him and will go to the ground. This is your chance to hit him to reduce his health. He will become airborne, but a vehicle will appear. Go under it, because he will use his laser to aim it at the car until it explodes. If you are not under it, he will use it and will follow you. Note: Though the battles will become difficult as time progresses, the tasks are explanatory. When Dr. M's health is almost empty, he will start insulting you until Carmelita arrives. Note: Your gun will not have any effect on Dr. M. However, hitting him will. Hit him a few times to defeat him and complete the game.
Jay Friesen.

Hint: Defeating General Tsao (Laptop Retreival):
To defeat General Tsao on the treetops, wait until he super jumps across the forest to try to hit you. When he does that, super jump at him then double jump to change direction and hit him. Continue to do this until you go to the forest. When the fight begins inside the forest, it will be basic. Wait until he is done attacking, then hit him. When he flies off, sprint to where he is and hit him again. Once in awhile, he will duck down and rapidly spin. When he ducks, jump away from him. When he is done with that attack, keep hitting him. He will gain black magic powers at two thirds of his health, but if you keep hitting him repeatedly, he will not have time to use many of them.
Reuben Reyes.

In the second half of the fight with General Tsao when you both are on the ground, jump into the trees when he comes at you with the spinning blade. He will cut down the trees to get to you. Jump from tree to tree until he is finished, then attack him.

To defeat General Tsao in the second part, make sure you have the Jump Attack and Knockout Dive. Use Knockout Dive on him. When he is on the floor, press Triangle and Square to do a one hit K.O.
tony khoury.

Hint: Defeating Giant Carmelita (Carmelita of Dark Earth):
To defeat Giant Carmelita, climb your way up to the mask hooks from her feet. Be careful, as her henchmen will be trying to shoot you down. When you get to the hooks on her forehead, hit them with your cane.
Reuben Reyes.

Get Bentley and use the Size Destabilizer. When she gets small, hit her until she dies.
Mark Painter.

Go to the first level and play as Bentley. Sit somewhere where there are no guards and deploy your GrappleCam. Grapple to where the big clock is located. You have to stay there for a while, but eventually Carmelita will walk by, "patrolling the streets". Once you see her, keep shooting or throwing bombs at places (while still in GrappleCam) to lead her back to where Bentley is sitting. Do not throw the bombs at her, because it will not do anything. Once you get her there, exit the GrappleCam and throw a Shrinking Bomb at her. When she is fully shrunk, hit her a few times or throw a bomb at her and she will die. After she dies, she will grow back to normal size. You can switch the characters and she will still be there, but not if you quit the game. Note: To do this, you will most likely have to have completed the main game or at least have the GrappleCam.
Sunni Lyons.

Hint: Hazard Room: Easy coins:
During the pick-pocket one, just pickpocket them then kill them. You will restart and have the coins.
Josh Sibert.

Hint: Rumble Down Under : Breaking bottle:
After buying the grapple-cam, return to the "Rumble Down Under" level. Get the grapple-cam onto the roof and grapple down, which will get you into the safehouse. Then, use the turret gun to shoot once at the table in the middle with the blueprints on it. You will hear a sound that sounds like a beer bottle breaking.

Hint: Easy coins:
To gain easy coins, repeatedly replay the mission in which Murray must fight off Mugshot's henchmen. Defeat approximately 289 to 300 of them to get about 1,000 coins.
Chris Nimmons.

Hint: Health and abilities regenerate:
If you are low on health or your abilities meter is low or empty, go into the safe house and exit. When you come back out, both meters will be full. This works with all characters out of Mission mode.
Ray M. W. 4.

Hint: Firing guns in Hackathon:
While in Hackathon, use the Right Analog-stick to fire guns.
Wil Johnson.

Hint: Ramming in two player mode:
When you are in two player mode doing the biplane match, get the shield power up and press L1 just before you are about to hit them. If done correctly, you will ram the other plane out of the sky and you will be fine. Note: The shield power up does not last long; do not try to do it from a distance.

Hint: Playing Dreamtime Murray:
After you complete World 1 (Opera Of Fear) select "Continue Episode". You will then be able to play "Dreamtime Murray".
Ethan L..

Hint: Venice costume in Binocucom chat:
After you get your Venice costume, before you start a job for Sly change into the costume. Start the job and he will still be wearing it during the Binocucom chat.

Hint: Bonus movies:
To unlock all of the bonus movies, complete the game, then complete each set of bonus challenges for each level. Some movies you can unlock are:

1. "Goodbye My Sweet" Part 1
2. "Goodbye My Sweet" Part 2
3. The Evolution of Sly

Hint: Funny kills:
When you have the Grapple-Cam, play as Bentley and throw it directly in a guard's path. Usually, the guard will knock himself out.
Josh Sibert.

When caught near a guard while playing as Bentley, use the Grapple-Cam and lure the guard near you to die. Note: This usually happens to in boat/raft type tasks.

If you use Bentley's Grapple Cam, you can have guards attack each other. First, set the Grapple Cam where guards cannot reach it. Next, press Circle to make guards approach. Let the guards see you, then repeatedly press Circle and the guards will attack each other. Continue this until only one guard remains.

Hint: Sly Cooper And The Thievius Raccoonus reference:
In the second art decryption lock, the picture is from Raleigh's place in Sly Cooper And The Thievius Raccoonus.
Josh Sibert.

Hint: Sly 2: Band Of Thieves references:
Almost all the art decryption locks feature pictures from Sly 2: Band Of Thieves. For example, the first art decryption lock is from Prague, in the fourth and fifth levels of Sly 2. The third one is from Jean Bison's cabin in level 7 of Sly 2. The fourth lock is of Rajan's palace in the third level of Sly 2.
Josh Sibert.

In Australia, during the slide show where Bentley first mentions the Mask of Dark Earth, he says it is a bunch of mumbo-jumbo. However, he then says that the gang has encountered unexplainable things before. At this point, there will be a slide showing a scene from Sly 2, where Bentley was using the "Bad Mojo Collector" in Prague.
Jason Cryer.

During the Police HQ job, before you take the key from Carmelita's office, stand on the desk and look at it through the Binocucom. You will see Sly Cooper video game strategy guides. One is titled "How to Play?". The other is titled "Sly Cooper V 2".

Hint: Speed Racer reference:
When you complete the game and the final intermission sequence plays, Bentley will say "Murray is trying to get into the pro racing circuit." When Murray steps out of the car, he gets in a stance and the car will spin along with him just like in the opening scene of the 1960's cartoon show Speed Racer.

Hint: Star Wars reference:
On the introduction sequence for Rumble Down Under, it will have the Guru on Murray's back. Murray is wearing a green sleeveless shirt while they are walking through the rain forest. This is a reference to Star Wars Episode 5, where Yoda is riding on Luke's back during training.

Glitch: "A Cold Alliance" mission: Floating junk:
If you have completed the "A Cold Alliance" mission, go back to it. Go to where the treasure temple was and you will see a piece of floating junk there.

Glitch: "Beauty And The Beast" mission:
Lure Carmelita to the square as usual, then shoot Mugshot until he is at about half health or less. Then, get Carmilita to the castle and get onto one of the catapults. You can jump up and down, but you cannot move anywhere. Once Mugshot catches up with you, shoot at him until his health is gone. You will see the intermission sequence as usual, but when it gets to the part with Carmelita, you can see that she is still jumping up and down on the catapult.

Glitch: "Dead Men Tell No Tales" level: Bentley's slow fall:
Become Bentley. Get on top of the safe house. Jump onto the catapult. Once you fly up, hold Triangle. Half way through the fall you will begin to fall slowly.

Glitch: "Flight Of Fancy" mission: Break into castle:
Go to the Black Baron's castle. You can use the grapple-cam to enter the front windows of the castle. In the mission when you are Sly, and you "persuade" Dimitri to tell you where the Aces Flight Line Up Roster is located. You must climb the castle. When Sly reaches the top, Bentley comes to the castle. When Sly leaves, you can use your grapple-cam to enter the front windows. When you do so, the Black Baron will say, "Halt! Who goes there? Who are you?" The job will fail. When you start over, shoot it inside the windows. The Black Baron will not be there. When you enter the Baron's roster, shoot the grapple-cam towards the big steel door. The grapple-cam will go through the door and enter blackness.

Glitch: "Get A Job" mission: Normal Sly in General Tsao's Hall:
In Episode 4 in the "Get A Job" mission, while in your disguise, switch the button you have for your photographer disguise to a different disguise. You will now be in the normal Sly costume and General Tsao will have no clue that you really are Sly.
Josh Sibert.

Glitch: "Into The Depths" mission: Walking Bently:
In the job where Bently hacks the giant computer, let him die. When Bently returns to life he will be standing and not be in a wheelchair.

Glitch: Break into safehouse:
Bentley's grapple-cam can be used to break into your safehouse. Simply go directly through the walls in the following levels as described.

Opera Of Fear: When you leave the safehouse, shoot up to the roof. Keep tapping X until you see the windows. Keep shooting into the right-side window. You will spawn inside of the safehouse.
Rumble Down Under: There is no way to enter the door with the grapple-cam. Shoot onto the roof. There is no way through the windows, but when you are on the actual roof of the safe house, shoot down. Your cam should spawn inside of the safe house.
Flight Of Fancy: Leave your safe house and aim towards the blue windows. Keep tapping X until you enter the safehouse.
Flight Of Fancy: After you have bought the Grapple Cam go to Flight Of Fancy and be Bentley. Using the Grapple Cam, aim and shoot the grapple at a window on the safehouse. If you aim carefully and shoot, the Grapple Cam will be inside the safe house. Note: This also works with the Baron's castle.
A Cold Alliance: Shoot through the side window on the side of the safehouse and enter it.
Dead Men Tell No Tales: the grapple-cam can only go through only one out of the four windows; that is the far right one. This window has a red carpet draped over it. Shoot inside of it. This safe house is huge and is considered as the largest safehouse in the game.

Glitch: Float in mid-air:
After you have completed the first episode, go there as Sly. Go to where you first fought Octavio (where the opera stage used to be). You will see blue sparkles if you look up. Jump up and land on them. You will now be floating in air on an invisible wire.

Glitch: Floating cheese:
When you have finished "Flight Of Fancy", go back to it with the Grapple Cam. Go to the castle as the Grapple Cam. Go through the widow and break the table with the cheese on it. The cheese should be floating in the air.
Ben Denison.

Glitch: Wrong character affected:
When you go into menu mode to pick an episode, choose the "Cold Alliance" option, then go to "Jobs & Challenges" and then to the "Fire King". Once you get to the point of being Bently, set a bomb next to the other characters. Set it off and they will fall somewhere. Hit them again with the bombs and they will faint and you will start over. The game acts like you were that character. If you hurt the GURU only once with Bently, when you play as him half of his health will be gone. Also, if you hit the other characters on the "very fragile ice", they will not fall into it. However if you try, you will fall and sink.

Glitch: Panda King acts like guard:
After you have completed the A Cold Alliance level, go back into the jobs and challenges. Select the King Of Fire job. Get to the part where you fight the Panda King in the flashback from the first game. Put on your photographer disguise. Then, walk up to the Panda king while dodging the fire blasts he shoots at you. Get all the way up so that you are next to him. He should ask you for a password like a guard. Give it to him and he will just stand there unless you leave the circle he is in or take off the disguise. If he attacks you and does not ask for a password, change into Sly and run to the bottom. Then, become a photographer again. Walk all the way up to him as a photographer, or you can just die and try again. Note: You must complete the "Get A Job" level in A Cold Alliance in order to obtain the photographer disguise.

Glitch: Kill Carmelita:
Go to a level where you can see Carmelita walking around (for example, A Cold Alliance or An Opera Of Fear). Select Bentley. When you see Carmelita, select one of the bombs that turn her tiny and hit her or put a bomb on her. She will fall on the floor and die. If you go far away she will respawn.
matias suarez.

Glitch: Drown Don Octavio:
In Episode 1, when Don Octavio is ruining the water wheel with tar, stand on the roof above him then jump down on him. Try to aim at the top of his hat. Eventually he will be pushed in to the water, saying the usual "Is that someone following me?", etc. His voice will fade away and be replaced by a bubbling sound. The game will react as if Sly drowned and start again from the last checkpoint. Note: It is difficult to make this happen.
Sigbjørn Forland.

Glitch: Guards stay on fire:
Go to the Hazard Room and do Murray's training. You must have the Fist Of Flame to do this trick. When you get to the part where you do the Juggle Throw, use the Fist Of Flame on the small guards. It will say that you failed. Restart and when the guards appear they will be on fire.
Anthony Jacob.

Glitch: Walking on ice:
During the first part of the "A Cold Alliance" level, where you have to get everyone up to the Panda King, while playing as Guru gain control over one of the guards. Use the guard to hop onto the ice. He will slow down and you can run around on the ice while on the guard. Note: Do not run into a wall or hop off the guard while on the ice.

Strategy: Bosses: by Josh Sibert
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