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Ratchet And Clank

Cheat mode:
Defeat Drek to complete the game, then execute one of the following combos quickly as Ratchet during game play in your next session to unlock the corresponding cheat option at the "Goodies" menu when the game is paused.

Temporary invincibility whenever health is full:
Quickly press Comet-Strike(4), Flip Back, Full Second Crouch, Flip Back, Full Second Crouch, Comet-Strike(4). You will gain about thirty seconds of invincibility whenever a Nanotech is collected.

Mirrored levels:
Quickly press Flip Left(4), 3-Hit Wrench Combo, Hyper Strike, Flip Right(2), Double Jump, Flip Right(2), Double Jump, Full Second Crouch. In the PAL version of the game, quickly press Flip Left(4), Multi-Strike, Hyper-Strike, Flip Right(4), Double Jump, Crouch.

Big head mode for Clank:
Quickly press Flip Back, Hyper-Strike, Comet-Strike, Double Jump, Hyper-Strike, Flip Left, Flip Right, Full Second Crouch.
drnamy iatirig refhmt.

Big head mode for enemies:
Quickly press Stretch Jump, Flip Back(3), Stretch Jump, Flip Back(3), Stretch Jump, Flip Back(3), Full Second Crouch.

Big head mode for NPCs:
Quickly press Flip Left, Flip Right, Flip Back(3), Comet-Strike, Double Jump, Comet-Strike, Hyper-Strike.

Big head mode for Ratchet:
Quickly press Flip Back(3), Full Second Crouch, Stretch Jump, Full Second Glide.

Trippy contrails:
Quickly press Wall Jump(10), Double Jump, Hyper-Strike. You will see an effect behind you during rail slides.

Captain Qwark commercial:
Wait until the credits end when you complete the game to view a commercial featuring Captain Qwark.

Making Of FMV sequence:
Successfully complete the game with all ten Golden Weapons collected.

Commercials goodies option:
Successfully complete the game with all ten Golden Weapons collected.

Sketchbook goodies option:
Complete fifteen Skill Point challenges.

Epilogue FMV sequence:
Complete all thirty Skill Point challenges.

Challenge mode:
Complete the game after defeating Ultimate Executive Supreme Chairman Drek.

Hint: Hovering:
While at any planet, tap R1(2) to start hovering. You will be able to hover around the rooms without landing. You can land by pressing X.

Get the Thruster Pack and go into hover mode. Then, enter the options menu and change your Thruster Pack to your Heli Pack. When you exit the menu screen, you will hover without your Thruster Pack. Note: When you press X you will stop hovering.

Hint: Wrench first person crosshairs:
When in first person mode (L1), swing your wrench using Square, then press R1 to turn on its crosshairs.
neil vedros.

Hint: Gold Morph-O-Ray:
Once you have the Gold Morph-O-Ray, use it to change any enemy into a giant chicken. It will distract the other enemies and they will attack it. The chicken will then blow up, causing damage to the other enemies near by.

Hint: Jet fighting:
When you are flying your jet fighter at the Jowai Resort, Pokitaru, or when facing Captain Quark, you can fire your Mega Guns and Missiles at the same time. A faster way is to hold R1 + Square.

Hint: Persuader:
To get the Persuader, go to Jowai Resort. Go to the Island Sewers and get to the end of them. Talk to the inventor and he will ask you for some Raratanium. Then, go to planet Orxan and explore as Ratchet with the O2 mask. Go to the left and go up the ledge. At the end of that road, a person with a broken drill will ask for help. Have Ratchet fix it and you will get the Raratanium. Return to the Jowai Resort and go to the inventor to get the Persuader. The Persuader will give you a discount (about 25%) at the Gadgetron weapon store.

Hint: Swingshot:
Whenever you are swinging on the yellow Swingshot holders, you do not have to let go. You can be still, spin, or by yourself some time.

Hint: Walloper shield:
When you get the Walloper, you can use it as a shield against some projectile weapons. As soon as a shot is coming towards you, press Circle with the Walloper and it just dissipates. Unfortunately it does not work against Bosses,some of the big enemies, and flame throwers.
Timothy McCarty.

Hint: Easy skill points:
Go to Kalebo 3. Go to the overboard person and enter. Go through the level until you see a Boost Plate and a Rocket. From about four feet back, turn left. You will see another part of the race track. Land on it, hit the ramp, and do a trick. After you land it, the "Wrong way" message will appear. You will be transported behind the place you fell of at. Keep repeating this until you have 4,500 or more points. Then, quit and you will have a skill point.
housecat 1620.

In the Planet Hoven level, there are two skill points. When you get out of your ship, move a slight distance from your ship and take out your Suck Cannon. Metal frogs should appear from the ground. Keep sucking them in and hurling them out. You will get a lot of Bolts and earn a skill point. The second one is obtained after earning the Raritanium. Go out of the place and shoot as many helicopters as you can with your Devastator Gun. You will automatically earn another skill point.

While traveling through the Gemlik Base, Oltanis Orbit, you will notice eight ships parked on different roofs. Equip the Visibomb gun and shoot all eight ships. When this has been done, you will have earned a skill point.
Matt Someone.

After buying the Devastator, go back to planet Kerwan and shoot the fake Captain Qwark to earn a skill point.
b kingfisher.

Go to the logging site and take out your Blaster. Go all the way to the right until you cannot go any further. Then, use the Blaster to take out flying ships. Shoot as many as possible until you earn a skill point.

Hint: Twisty McMarks skill point:
The Twisty McMarks skill point can be difficult to obtain. You must use all four trick buttons (R2, R1, L2, and L1) in one trick before touching the ground, and you must stick the landing. The best place to do this is the largest jump, which is the ramp that comes just after a speed pad and goes over a small edge in front of a boost ring. Hit the boost and fly off the ramp. You must go very high for this to work. You only need one revolution per flip. As soon as Ratchet finishes one kind of flip, do another, and do all four flips. If done correctly, Ratchet will land the Twisty McMarks and you get the skill point.
Danny Kriner.

Hint: Easy Bolts:
After receiving the metal detector, go back to previous planets and search for hidden Bolts. Not only does the metal detector help you find more, but the planets' items also respawn after you leave it.

Do the hoverboard races repeatedly. You can get 1000 to 2000 Bolts for each race.

Note: This trick requires a controller with an auto-fire feature. In Kerwen, there is a little tunnel by the Gadgetron Vendor that all the cars fly into. Each car is worth four whole Bolts. Fly down into the tunnel (there is a golden bolt here). Maneuver yourself in line with an oncoming set of cars, hold L1 and adjust your view. Then, set Square to auto-fire and keep it held. Allow the game to idle in this state for several hours and you will have enough to buy some golden weapons or perhaps a RYNO.
Peter Braun.

Go to any planet with a Monster Deployer. Then, get the Suck Cannon out and start sucking all of the monsters up. You can get a lot of Bolts this way. You go back into the planet to get more Bolts or if you accidentally destroyed the Deployer.

This trick requires the Taunter Gun, the ability to race a Hoverboard, the Bolt Magnet, and the Hologuise. Go to Blackwater City and enter the race with the Hologuise on, so you can walk the track without racing. Run down the track until you find the platform with a wall of boxes on it far above your head. Take out the Taunter Gun and walk just below the platform, out of sight. The "blobs" should be in front of you. Hold Circle and the gun should break the boxes that are out of sight and continue to drop Bolts. Keep the button pressed -- the boxes immediately respawn after they are out of sight. You can get an unlimited number of Bolts if you allow the game to idle in this state.

After picking up the Codebot in Drek's Fleet (Veldin Orbit), return tothe Robot Planet (Quartu). Use the Codebot to open the secret area by the robot arena, then transform into Giant Clank. Fight your way through a round in the robot arena. Then, instead of transforming back, walk off the edge of the walkway. When you regenerate as Giant Clank, you will be invulnerable. Walk back into the arena, and repeat as this as many times as desired.
Jeff Kochosky.

On the Hoverboard race at the Gadgetron Site (Kalebo III), just after the big block of metal boxes before the big jump into a fork, jump to the left. You should land on a platform near the beginning. Jump over the water onto the platform. You must land on the platform or this trick will not. Make a sharp right turn into the water. You should end up at the end of the first turn, before the platform you jumped off. Repeat this for an unlimited score. You will get 1000 Bolts for every new record.

The best way to get tons of bolts is to go to planet Quartu, especially after you have already completed this level. Go to the machine that turns you into Giant Clank. When you are Giant Clank, go into the arena. You will end up fighting the mechs and the planes again, like in the mission. This can be easily done by standing at the entrance and continuously shooting your rockets at your enemies. After you have destroyed them all, walk to the back of the arena and even more Bolts will fly to you. After you have gotten everything, leave the arena and jump off the cliff. It will start the fight again and you will have all the Bolts you had before. You will receive about 1,500 to 2,000 Bolts per fight. Note: It is helpful if you have the Bolt Grabber.

To get more Bolts, hit the light poles. Only certain ones will give you extra Bolts.

You must have the Hologuise to do this trick. Go to Black Water City in Rilgar and use the Hologuise. Enter the race as a robot. You will be able to walk on the ground instead of race. You no longer need the Hologuise. Go to the big jump with all the boxes on top of the platform. Stand under it and take out the Taunter. Stand under the platform. You will know when you are under because the Bolts will start flying down. Keep your button held. You will get about 1,850 to 2,000 Bolts per minute.
Tim Ehlers.

In any city that has space ships flying around, use your blaster to shoot the ships. If you hit a ship, you will receive 3 to 5 Bolts. Hit as many ships as you can to keep getting more Bolts. Note: If you do this, some sound effects such as the swishing sound when you swing your wrench may not work for a few seconds. To fix this problem, kill an enemy and the sounds should return to normal. If not, repeat it a few times.

Go to Planet Batalia and get out either the Teisa Claw or Suck Canon. Destroy all the Bots and use the Taunter by the door that you use the Trespasser. There is a large number of crates that reappear when you leave or load.

Use the following trick to get unlimited Bolts and a Gold Bolt. On planet Kerwan, when you reach the platform were the vendor is located, turn right and stand on the taxi that goes to Al's Robo Shack. Do a Stretch Jump (facing the vendor), then drop down. To get unlimited Bolts, crouch down and keep firing your wrench at the cars. Each car is worth 4 Bolts.

At the start of a planet near your ship, kill nearby enemies and get the Bolts. Then, kill yourself and the enemies will reappear. Repeat this as many times as desired.

At Out Post 11, to get the Bolt behind the fence, use the Bomb Glove on the rock.

Use your Suck Cannon when you defeat an enemy and get them all.

Go to any planet except the one with the Hoverboard challenge. Then, go to the planet with the Hoverboard challenge. If you have already completed it and have obtained the board upgrade (for tricks), there should not be a high score or time. Complete it with a score of ten and a very long time. Then, play it again and get a score of ten and a slightly shorter time. Each time, get the same trick score and a better time. When your time is unbeatable, then get higher trick scores. When both your trick score and time are unbeatable, leave the planet, then return and start again. Each time you beat your score, you will get 1000 Bolts.

This trick requires a hoverboard and the Platinum Zoomerator. Enter the Hoverboard race in Blackwater City. Win the race with 10 points. Keep winning the race, making sure you have 10 more points than the last time you won the race. You will gain 1,000 Bolts each time. If you find it too difficult to get the correct amount of points, leave the planet and return to reset your high score to zero.

Go to the hoverboard race on Planet Rilgar and enter it. Do one trick and finish the race. It does not matter what place you are in. You should end up with 1,000 more Bolts than before. Repeat this as many times as desired, only getting 10 more points each time.
Sebastian Smitherman.

Have the Hologuise and Taunter. Go to Planet Rilger. Turn into a robot and walk to the jump with a lot of boxes. Go underneath of it. Use the Taunterm hold Circle, and wait.
Luke Harrison.

On Planet Kerwan, before you get on the flying train turn left. Go behind the crates and there will be a wall of money boxes at the back of the room.

On Planet Kerwan (the level where you get the heli-pack upgrade) go to the tunnel. Enter first person mode and hit cars with your wrench. After over ten minutes you can buy the R.Y.N.O.

Go to Black Water city. Go to the hoverboard races. Use the Hologuise from the Gadgetron site. Enter the race and you should be able to walk. Walk forward to the platform with a lot of crates. Use the Tauter and you should be able to get bolts easily by holding Circle.
Ramiro Cervantes.

Hint: Gold Bolts:
When you first begin the Tobruk Crater, Novalis level, go to your right and travel through the waterway. Stop when you reach the room with Hornet Robots. To your left are two walls with a narrow space between each other. Wall jump up them to find the first Gold Bolt.

Behind your ship in the Tobruk Crater, Novalis level and past the pond is an entrance to a cave. Enter the cave. When you reach the large room with three circular pools, past the first underwater tunnel, go to the very left of the ground at the two green mushrooms. In front of them is the blocked entrance to the Gold Bolt. Note: You will need the Devastator, Visibomb Gun, or R.Y.N.O. to destroy the boulder blocking the entrance.

When you reach to the bridge with the holes in the Tobruk Crater, Novalis level, go under it to the left. You will see a long tunnel. Go through it and eventually you will see an opening to a large cave with a Gold Bolt and lots of ammunition and regular Bolts.

When you first start out in Metropolis Kerwan, go behind where you are on the edge of the ledge. You will need the Heli-Pack or Thruster-Pack to hover down into this secret tunnel. You should notice ships are flying through the tunnel in the building. You will find a Gold Bolt there.

When you are at the top of the tallest tower in the fitness course in Metropolis Kerwan and just stopped wall jumping, go forward until at the edge. Look slightly left and down. You will see a part in a building where you can hover to. Do so, and you will find a Gold Bolt.

When you come off the escalator at the train station in Metropolis Kerwan, look to the right. You should see a low stack of suitcases. Use your Heli-Pack to get over there. You will see a few separate one stack suitcases. Use those or the boxes behind the stack with the Gold Bolt to reach it.

At Outpost X11 Arida, when you are at the place where you find the trespasser, look down over the edge. You should see a slow-spinning piece of land. You will find a Gold Bolt there.

Go to Skid's agent at Outpost X11 Arida until you are face-to-face with him. Then, turn southwest and have the camera facing the exact direction as you are. In front of you behind some items, there is a magnetic pathway that leads to ammo, regular Bolts, and a Gold Bolt. Note: You must have the Magneboots in order to get up the pathway.

Immediately when you are at the place where you just jumped off the ledge on the ground leading to Skid's agent at Outpost X11 Arida, just before you cross the mud leading to him, turn 90 degrees to the right. You should see a land area where it does not connect to any other land area (like an island). Go over there. You will find a big truck to your left, with a Gold Bolt in the back.

Just past Skid at Outpost X11 Arida, there is a Gold Bolt behind a metal-fenced wall that is indestructible to even the R.Y.N.O. There is a boulder blocking another entrance. This one is destructible. Keep traveling forward, to the right past two bridges and you will reach a dead end. From there, face the direction where the Gold Bolt is located. The boulder should be there. Destroy it, and the Gold Bolt is yours. Note: You must use the R.Y.N.O., Devastator, or the Visibomb Gun to destroy the boulder.

At Blarg Station Nebula G34, after you have played as Clank and have completed the level, you can play Clank's part as Ratchet. Go to the place where Clank first had to use his Heli-Chopper. Look to the right. You should see a ledge. Use your Heli-Pack or Thruster-Pack to get over there to find a Gold Bolt. Note: This must be done as Ratchet.

At Blarg Station Nebula G34, when you enter a large room where two weirdo's have just jumped off two separate ledges, use your Heli-Pack or Thruster-Pack to get onto the ledge on the right. Keep running forward until you see an opening to a cave. Inside, you will find ammunition, regular Bolts, and a Gold Bolt.

At Logging Site Eudora, after you get off your ship, keep moving forward to the right and jump of the ledge. You will be at an area where there are four Cutter Robots. Look up to your right, and you should see the Gold Bolt.

At Quark's HQ Umbris, at the area where you just swing-zipped for the first time in the level, look to the right. You will see a large round building. To the right of that is a circular weight-triggered key with two others around the building. Step on all of them to get lots of regular Bolts, and a Gold Bolt.

At Quark's HQ Umbris, when you just come off of the ladder to the pools where you have to use your Hydrodisplacer, go to the second pool. Go up the stairs, and to the right, jump off. You should find a Gold Bolt.

At Blackwater City Rilgar, when you just get off the elevator to the laser fence area, wait until you have completed it. When you are finally done, go onto the sewer lid. When it is in the air, turn in the opposite direction of the tank. You will see the tops of the security fences. Go onto them to get to the Gold Bolt.

At Blackwater City Rilgar, get to the part when racing against the flowing water in the long, large, tunnel, and are just about to go onto the narrow stairway. Instead of taking that route, look down into the overflowing pool to the right. Take that tunnel to get a Gold Bolt. Note: You need the Hydro-Pack and O2 Mask to reach it.

At Kogor Refinery Orxon, return with the O2 mask and play Clank's part in the laboratories. Notice that it is locked. Go to the part where it shows a turret blowing up two aircraft. Take that entire route (through the bomb field, through the maze, across the bridge over lava, and past the part where you need ten robots to unlock the door showing you the turret blowing up two aircraft). After all of this, the wall-fenced gate will be unlocked. Travel through the laboratories until you see a room to the left with a lava-mouthed pit. Go up the stairs and go to the ledge. You will see another ledge with some frogs in the background. Go over there and keep traveling ahead until you reach a floor with yellow lava and steam coming from underneath. On that floor, to the left ahead slightly, you will see two narrow walls. Wall jump up them to find a Gold Bolt.

When your at the bomb field at Kogor Refinery Orxon playing as Ratchet, you will see a sideways mouthed pit. Use your Visibomb Gun to destroy that wall and other walls throughout it until you reach the last one. When you are done, go to the other end to get plenty of ammunition, regular Bolts, and the Gold Bolt.

At Fort Krontos Batalia, when you first begin, keep going ahead until you reach the building where you have to use your Trespasser to unlock the door. You can wall jump up the two walls to find a Gold Bolt.

At Fort Krontos Batalia, when you reach the end of the first long bridge where you have to screw in a giant bolt, look to your right. You will see three different elevated land areas. Look past that and you will see a ledge, which leads to a Gold Bolt.

Go to Planet Batalia to where the first batch of one eyed robots are located. Look to your left and you will see a place where you use your Tresspasser. Wall jump up the gap. You will find a Gold Bolt.
nicola morgan.

In Gorda City, after you have used your Grind Boots on the short bit, look up to see a Swingshot Beacon. Use your Swingshot and you will find a Gold Bolt.
nicola morgan.

To get the Gold Bolt on the last level (behind the blue force field), equip the Taunter and use it on the bouncing alien. He will activate the button on the other side.
Barry Rathbone.

Go down the dock to where you met the islander. Continue down the dock. After destroying all the fish, face the waterfalls and go into the water. Swim around to the back of the island. Face the island and from the back you will see a wall. Go to the far right side of the wall where it touches the rocks. Swim through the rocks and you will appear in a little cavern inside the island. Go up the steps. At the top, power slam the large bolt. Cross the bridge, defeat all the fish, and at the top of the waterfalls is the Gold Bolt.
Candy Sefchik.

On Planet Veldin, just after when you are at the place with water and rocks, go to the next area. There should be a little stand to the right. Hop up on it and look to the right. You should see a platform. Jump to it and grind the rail. In the room is a Gold Bolt.

On Planet Hoven, after leaving the ship, get past the Gadgetron vendor and fight the metal dogs and also the fire throwing robots. After they are all gone, stand near the trees that are on the right-hand side. Go behind them and pass a building on the right. Around that corner are about fifty metal dogs. After they are all gone you will find a gadget which looks like oxygen tanks going up and down. Stand behind it so that you are sandwiched with the wall then bounce up. Bounce to the wall first. The Gold Bolt is up there.

On Planet Quarto, get to the area where you become Giant Clank. Have that area on your right, and the arena on your left. In front of you is where the Gold Bolt awaits. Stand facing the key area wearing the thruster pack and carrying the Tesla Claw after completing the level. It looks like a trespasser socket. Stand there, face it and the door will open. There are also lots of boxes in the room.

After getting the Bolt behind the electric fence on the last level, continue until you reach a section where there is a circle of water. In front of you is a railed off section above. You cannot jump up to it. To the left of that area is another section of dogs and fire throwing robots. Get rid of them before you do anything else. There is also a swingshot and some life in this area. Watch for the big pit of lather in the middle. On the right hand side of the ledge is a platform. Stand on or near it and look down to the right. You will see a ledge. Fly down to it. When you are there you will see a grind rail section. Get on it, and it takes you to the Gold Bolt.

At Gadgetron Site, Kalebo 3 ,go to the grind area. Look for triggers that are circular-shaped and partially green. Hit them and go to the area that had a blue fenced forcefield. It should now be open. Grind there to get a Gold Bolt. Note: You must hit all the triggers to get it.

At Jowai Resort, you will need the propelled backpack for fast underwater swimming and the O2 mask. Go down dock to first little island. Jump into the water and swim underwater around the back side of island. You will see a tunnel on the left. Go in and swim to a little cove with stairs. Go upstairs and use thruster pack to slam the big bolt. Cross the bridge and fight your way to the Gold Bolt.

On Planet Gaspar there is a Gold Bolt behind the place where you land. You cannot get it from here because the ledge it is on is too high to reach. However if you go to the end of the level to the exact place where you get the pilot's helmet and look off the ledgem you will see a opening to a cave in the lava. It may look like an island at first, but it is not. Fly down and defeat the enemies in there. Go up the elevator at the end and the Gold Bolt will be there, along with some ammunition.
maria craye.

Use the following steps to get the Gemlik Oltanis Orbit Gold Bolt. Go to the room where the green goo rises and you must jump across platforms to get to the other side. On the platform that does not go under the goo, look to your left. There is a little tunnel with a Gold Bolt inside.

On the planet Novalis, go to the pond behind the ship. Kill all the enemies and swim through all the tunnels until you reach the area where there are three pools. Go towards the bolt sticking up out of the ground that opens the door. Look to your left (when facing the door). There should be a wall of rock. Use your Bomb Glove and bomb it. The wall should explode, revealing a cave with Gold Bolts and lots of ordinary bolts. Note: Enemies may lurk inside.

Hint: Easy weapon level ups:
This trick requires the Shield Charger and whatever weapon you want to level up. Go to Koros and go to the first big robot you see with the Shield Charger on. Fire at it with the selected weapon until it dies. Then, die and repeat the process until it is leveled up. You can do this with any weapon.

Hint: Defeating groups of enemies:
When you have to kill a group of one health enemies, use the Pyrocitor then just hold Circle and spin.

Hint: Defeating Alien Queen:
In the N34 level with the alien experiments, go to the path of Blargs, Swarmers (killer toads) and Snappers (killer bugs). When you get to the green room, the Alien Queen will appear. Use the Glove Of Doom. When the Swarmers appear, get the Suck Cannon. Use the Bomb Glove on the snappers. If you are out of ammunition, use the Omni Wrench. When killed, go to the open door. Whack the Swarmers and buy the Grind Boots.
Jordan S..

Hint: Defeating Chainblade:
Use one hit of the Heavy Bouncer and it will kill him if he is on the ground. This will also kill the B2 Brawler in one hit.
ian dittmar.

Hint: Defeating Chairman Drek:
Find the location where there are a lot of ships and flying people with guns. Earlier, you drained a water pool. In the big plateau where those enemies are located, is a tunnel leading to the left. Follow it until you find a Hydro-Displacer filler. Fill it up, then go through the tunnel and find a thing that makes Clank huge. Destroy everything in sight and fight Chairman Drek. When you hurt him enough, an intermission sequence will start. You will be small again. When this happens, follow him to fight him Use the Tesla Claw, Blaster, and Devestator. After you hurt him enough, he will blow up the little islands you fight on. When he does this, equip the Swingshot and swing to the next island. After about two or three islands, you will be on the Planet Buster Gun. Drek will push a button that detonates it. Go to the middle and do the Rocket Slam thing to stop it. Note: There are rails on the outside of the Planet Buster. Grind them and pull out your Blaster for cheap beatings.

Make sure you have a R.Y.N.O. when you fight Drek. After getting shrunk by Drek, Swingshot to the platform. Drek's attacks will differ between Missiles, Shockwaves, Big Mines, Gadgebots, and Flying Sticks. With these next three rounds, use your R.Y.N.O. on Drek. With a few sets of R.Y.N.O. ammunition, you will go to the next round. At the Plantbuster round, stay in the middle and blast Drek, jumping over Shockwaves. Power Slam the button and do not stop firing.

Use the following trick to defeat Drek without the R.Y.N.O. After you hit Drek a few with giant Clank, follow Drek onto the island. Hit him with the Devastator untill he goes to the second island. Follow Drek to the next island and hit him some more with the Devastator. You may want to throw some mines out in case he also throws mines. After he goes to the last island, hit him with the devastator Untill you have no more ammunition. However, make sure you hit the abort button for the laser (drek will hit the laser a couple times). Make sure your Telsa Claw is full. When he shoots out robots and missiles, get out your Telsa Claw. Try to hit Drek in the middle with the Telsa Claw. Doing this will make his life go down more, and faster. When Drek shoots out robots and mines, you can grind around the blue line around the arena to catch up to him and get away from the robots. Do not waste time fighting the things that Drek shoots out, because you will die easier.
Andrew Haines.

When fighting Drek for the last time in the laser arena yse the following steps. Note: You must have purchased the Gagetron Tesla Claw. When Drek initiates the countdown, run to the center and power slam the de-activation switch. Next, chase him as fast as you can, firing either your Blaster or Devastator. If he fires missiles, dodge them by running in small zigzags. If he spawns little one hit enemies, jump over them (while firing). The fire waves will take care of them later. If he drops mines, equip the Tesla Claw and continue to fire. When you have removed approximately one block of life, he will drop three or four fire rings. Jump these while firing short bursts of Blaster fire. Continue this strategy until he reactivates the timer. Then, just like before, de-activate it. Repeat the previous steps until small green teeth-like things start falling all around. Avoid these, as they will explode upon contact. At this point, go all out with the Tesla Claw chasing Drek wherever he goes. When his life is at zero, watch the intermission sequence and power slam the final switch. Then, watch the ending sequence.

When you are fighting Drek, the main weapons to use are your Blaster Gun, Devastators, Drone Glove, and maybe the Glove Of Doom. When you start, just use your Blaster Gun to shoot him at a close distance. Make sure to jump whenever he throws the Wave Bomb. It will not take long for him to move on to the next platform. Next, you will be close to out of Blaster Gun ammunition, so use the Devastators. Remember to jump over the waves here as well. During the final platform, you first need to deactivate the laser. When you do this, Drek will charge at you. Use your Thrusters to shoot backwards. Thrust all the way to the outer rim. You will notice that the outer rim is actually a grind rail. When you get to this, he will not attack. Take this opportunity to attack him with any Devastators or Blaster ammunition. He will drift off and begin to fire mines and small drones. At this point you are still on the grind rail. Use your Drone Glove just in case one of the Drek Drones tries to attack. Once he starts to fire the Wave Bomb, start moving to the center of the platform. Once you are there, equipment boxes will begin to appear. Gather new equipment while still defending yourself and jumping over any Wave Bombs. If you get nervous or are low on energy, make a run for the outside rim. It is difficult for them to attack you here. Drek cannot even get his rockets on you. Once you are fully equipped again, you can go in for another attack. Once Drek's energy starts to fall past a certain point, he will go for the detonator again. Watch for this. Once he has about two or three bars remaining, he will start to fire Blasts at you. Theses are difficult to dodge at times. Try using the thrusters to get away from them. Once you weaken him further after this, he will begin to shoot out little mine-like green weapons. These are not very harmful if you use the Drone Glove.

Note: You will need about 14,000 Bolts in case you die. If you do not have this amount of Bolts, step on the little warper across from the Gadgetron Vender and go to different worlds to get them. Also, put your Devastator in your Quick Select. The Giant Clank part of the battle is easy. Just punch him frequently and use the Charged Power Ball by pressing Triangle. When you return as Ratchet, use the Swingshot to follow Drek. When you get there, immediately take out your Devastator and repeatedly shoot Drek. The only time that you should slow down on your shooting is when he starts to shoot missiles at the ground. When he moves to the next platform, you will most likely be low on Devastator ammunition. Take out the PDA that you obtained from "Steve" and buy more ammunition for the Devastator. Repeat this until you get to the platform with the Deplanetizer. At this point, stop the Deplanetizer from shooting, and when Drek tries to hurt you by chasing after you, rocket away from him by running and pressing the R1 + Square until you reach the outer rim, at which point you will see a blue railing. Jump on it and you will grind away from Drek and not get hurt. Then, repeat until Drek sends out the giant Gadgebots. Take out your Pyrocitor and kill them by spinning in a circle if they surround you. Continue to use the same tactic to take out Drek. When he starts using his laser (when he has two or three sections of health remaining), run back and forth so that you will not get hit. Do not use the Devastator when this happens, as more than likely you will get hit. By using this tactic, you should be able to defeat Drek.
Daniel DeLongchamp.

Hint: Defeating the Snaglebeast:
While the Snaglebeast is doing the "sonic wave", get close enough so that your blaster shows the green circle. Jump the orange things, and when he stops, fire your blaster until he stars to hit the ground to cause that wave. Run out of its range and repeat steps until he dies. If you run out of ammunition, use same trick but with the Glove Of Doom.
eric marcus.

Dodge the Snagglebeast's shockwaves and fire lasers. Shoot him with the Blaster until a red shield appears around him. He cannot be hurt while this shield is up. He will now follow you when you run. Run across a bridge. The Snagglebeast will follow. When he steps on the bridge, it will break and he will fall into the lava. Note: You can continue to use the same bridge, even if it is already broken. You only have to do this about three times and the Snagglebeast will be defeated.
Gersh Lundberg.

Hint: Completing the Qwaktastic Challenge:
Equip the V2 Quack-O-Ray and run around in circles with Circle. Put the shielded charger on if needed. When you get 50 and 100, pull out your most powerful weapon (V5 Decimator) and kill the Bosses.
Shane Bollard.

Hint: Magnet Ratchet:
When you knock an enemy of a cliff of some sort, their bolts will return to you.

Hint: Magnetic Wrench:
Note: This also works with the Vacuum Gun. Perform a Comet Strike at far away Bolts. If the wrench passes near them, it will attract the Bolts to you. This is especially useful around water or Bolts that are across chasms.

Hint: Gold Weapon store:
After completing the game, go to Planet Novalis. There will be a warp pad next to the Gadgetron Vendor. Enter it to access the Gold Weapon store.

Hint: Gold weapons:
When you have at least four gold and 20,000 normal Bolts, go to Gemlik base. Go to the flight hanger where a large tower is located. Enter it, and wall jump to a platform that takes you to the top. You will find some gold weapons. The blaster is a good first choice. You can return at any time in the game.

Go to the Gemlik Base. Fight your way to get the purple jet. Note: You will have to defeat Captain Qwark to get it. Go to the "outlook" and make sure the gap is filled. Wall jump to the elevator platform. Hit the button. You will go to the top of the "outlook". Once there, you will see gold weapons before you would normally get them by defeating Supreme Executive Chairman Drek. The prices are:

Suck Cannon: 4 gold Bolts and 10,000 regular Bolts
Glove Of Doom: 4 gold Bolts and 10,000 regular Bolts
Blaster: 4 gold Bolts and 20,000 regular Bolts
Pyrocitor: 4 gold Bolts and 30,000 regular Bolts
Bomb Glove: 4 gold Bolts and 20,000 regular Bolts

After you defeat Drek the first time, you will get a message that asks if you want to timewarp to just before you defeated Drek or if you want to start a new game with all of your weapons, Bolts, Gold Bolts and some of your gadgets. Choose to start a new game. When you get to Novalis, at the very beginning of the level there will be a warp pad. Step on it and it will warp you to the Gold Weapons room. This is an easier way to get to the Gold Weapons.

Use the following trick to get Gold Weapons before defeating Drek. Go to the planet where you fought Qwark. Then, go to the place were you ended up at after you defeated him. You find a new ship. You should see a tall tower on another platform. Go directly in front of the entrance of the tower and jump from wall to wall until you reach an elevator. Take the elevator up to the top, where there is a Gold Weapons store. Note: Only a few Gold Weapons are for sale, such as the Bomb Glove, Pyrociter, and the Blaster.
Travis Iversen.

Hint: Gold weapon prices:
There are ten Gold weapons available for purchase in the game. They are much more powerful than their regular counterparts. All of these weapons also require four Gold Bolts to purchase.
Ace of Osea.

Suck Cannon: 10,000 Bolts
Decoy Glove: 10,000 Bolts
Blaster: 20,000 Bolts
Glove of Doom: 10,000 Bolts
Morph-o-Ray: 20,000 Bolts
Mine Glove: 10,000 Bolts
Pyrocitor: 30,000 Bolts
Devastor: 60,000 Bolts
Bomb Glove: 20,000 Bolts
Tesla Claw: 60,000 Bolts

Hint: Weapons:

Blaster: Metropolis, 2,500 bolts
Bomb glove: Available at start of game.
Decoy glove: Jowai Resort, 7,500 bolts
Devastator: Fort Krontos, 10,000 bolts
Drone Device: Bomb factory, 7,500 bolts
Glove of doom: Logging Site, 7,500 bolts
Mine Glove: Blackwater City, 7,500 bolts
Morph-o-rayGorda City Ruins, hidden in the level somewhere
Pyrocitor: appears in Tobruck crater. Price:2,500 bolts
R.Y.N.O.: Blackwater city (in the downtown area) 150,000 bolts
Suck Cannon: Logging Site, hidden in the level somewhere
Taunter: Blarg Station, 2,500 bolts
Tesla Claw: Gorda City Ruins, 40,000 bolts
Visibomb gun: Kogor Refinery, 15,000 bolts
Walloper: Blarg Depot, 7,500 bolts

Hint: Gadgets:

02 Mask: Jowai Resort, Hidden somewhere in the level
Gadgetron PDA: Gorda City Ruins, 1,000 bolts
Grindboots: Blarg Station, 2,000 bolts
Heli-Pack: Metropolis, 1,000 bolts
Hologuise: Gadgetron site, hidden somewhere in the level
Hydrodisplacer: Blarg station, Outside of the airlock
Hydro-pack: Planet Hoven, 2,000 bolts
Magneboots: Kogor refinery, hidden somewhere in the level
Metal Detector: Fort Krontos, hidden somewhere in the level
Pilots Helmet: Blarg depot, hidden somewhere in the level
Sonic Summoner: Outpost x11, hidden somewher in the level
Swingshot: Metroplis, 1,000 bolts
Thruster-pack: Jowai Resort, 2,000 bolts
Trespasser: Outpost x11, at the end of the swingshot area

Hint: Items:

Bolt Grabber: Robot Plant, hidden somewhere in the level
Codebot: Dreks fleet:, hidden somewhere in the level
Hoverboard: Outpost x11, Skid gives it to you after you kill all of the sand sharks
Map-o-matic: Gadgetron Site, hidden somewhere in the level
Persuader: Jowai Resort, hidden somewhere in the level
Premium Nanotech: Kogor Refinery, 4,000 bolts
Raritanium: Bomb factory, hidden somewhere in the level
Ultra Nanotech: Kogor Refinery, 30,000 bolts
Zoomerator: Blackwater city, win the Hoverboard race

Hint: Skill Points:

Take Aim: Destroy a fighter or bomber.
Swing it: Traverse final six Swingshot targets in factory without touching the ground.
Transported: Destroy three flying transports.
Strike a Pose: Stand between the legs of the "Al's Roboshack" statue.
Blimpy: Take out a blimp, any blimp.
Qwarktastic: Destroy the robotic Qwark using the Devestator.
Any Ten: Blow up ten vehicles.
Blarg Station, Nebula G34
Girl Trouble: Defeat the alien queen using only the wrench.
Tricky: Do a Twisty McMarx in a hoverboard race.
Cluck, Cluck: Turn a tank into a chicken.
Speedy: Beat the hoverboard challenge in 1:35 or less.
Jumper: Get through the grindrail without losing a hitpoint.
Accuracy Counts: Destroy a small fighter with the turret.
Eat Lead: Destroy all tanks using a Sandmouse.
Destroyed: Blow up all the Blarg destroyers.
Gunner: Take down five ships with the turret.
Sniper: Shoot Screamer through the sniper hole.
Hey, Over here!: Lure any enemy into a forcefield.
Alien Invasion: Shoot down three Blarg saucers with Visibombs.
Buried Treasure: Find and destroy all crates in the ocean.
Pest Control: Kill all Anklebiters in forested section.
Whirly birds: Destroy five helicopters with any weapon other than the turret.
Gemlik Base, Oltanis Orbit
Sitting Ducks: Destroy all eight cargo ships in the base.
Shattered Glass: Blast all of the streetlights in the city.
Blast 'Em!: Destroy three marauding Blarg ships.
Kalebo III
Heavy Traffic: Traverse the long grindrail without hitting any mines or cars.
Magician: Attain a tricks score of 4,500 or more in the hoverboard challenge.
Drek's Fleet, Veldin Orbit
Sneaky: Kill all enemies in Hologuise traversal.
Careful Cruise: Complete water traversal without losing any hitpoints.
Going Commando: Kill ten elite guards using only the wrench.

Hint: Run, stop, jump:
While you are running forward with a backpack, hold R2 to come to a halt. While still holding R2, press X. This is much fast than walking.

Hint: Hit mines without losing health:
When you are on the grind rails, you can hit the mines with your ratchet and will not lose any health.

Hint: Avoid mutant fish:
On Pokitaru, when the resort owner is driving the boats go to the very edge of the second boat. If done correctly, the fish will stay in the water.

Hint: Walk through lasers:
On Hoven, when you go behind your ship to find an item, you do not have to deactivate the lasers. You can just walk through them.

Hint: Hoverboard shortcut:
At Kalebo 3, in the hoverboard races, you will see three rings near the finish line. Go through all three to unlock a useful shortcut. You will recognize them because they beep like the Tripads from Umbris. If you grind the rail, you can see the track below you.
Jordan S.

At the hoverboarding in Kelebo 3, when you reach the first big ramp over the water, make sure you have a full boost meter. Hold Square when you jump off of the ramp then jump onto the platform at the right-hand side. Then, pass through all the rings without falling off of the platform. At the end of the platform there is a small ramp with a tunnel at the other side. Keep Square held and jump off of the ramp and into the tunnel. It will take you to the big ramp just after the stack of big metal blue boxes. Note: If you fall off the platform in the tunnel or by the rings, you will be teleported just after the ramp you jumped off on the normal part of the track.

At Kerwan/Gadgetron site, on the first big jump over the water in the hoverboard racing, have a full boost meter and hold Square. Then, jump to the little platform at the right of the track and pass through all three rings without falling off the platform. At the end of the platform there is a small ramp and a tunnel that has opened. Jump into the tunnel and it will take you to the big ramp just after the big stack of metal blue boxes. Note: If you fall off any of the small platforms you will be teleported just after the big jump that you jumped off on the original part of the track.

Hint: Quick Hoverboard race start:
Use the following trick to start faster at the Hoverboard race at Blackwater City. Zoom in on the woman in the purple dress and enter the Hoverboard race. Immediately perform a Scratcher and start moving. You should be at the same pace as the other riders. Note: When you do this, you probably will be slower with the other racers.
alex the video game master.

Hint: Hidden items:
Once in the ice level, find your way to the large fortress. Stand directly in front of the fortress door and turn to the right. Walk straight ahead and search the large bushes. You should find a large cave, in which you can find all kinds of things.

Hint: Restore health:
Get in the ship and fly to another planet to get full health.
john caparatta.

Hint: Box breaking:
When you find a big stack or group of boxes, pull out the Taunter and press Circle. Many, if not all, of the boxes will break. This is much faster than breaking one or two boxes with one swing of the OmniWrench.
Matt Someone.

Hint: Hold six Shield Chargers:
To hold six Shield Chargers, use one and while it is still on, buy another.

Hint: Easy battles in Blackwater City:
When at a place with the blob monsters and a door with the enemies that shoot green gas behind it, open the door. The blobs and other enemies will fight each other. You only have to fight the one that survived.
jacob garg.

Hint: Large chested woman in Blackwater City:
Go to the Blackwater City racing girl and flip to the left and right repeatedly. Her chest will expand up to three times.
the king.

Hint: Easy path on Planet Veldin:
When on Planet Veldin (where you face Dreg), at the beginning when you arrive use your Devestator and Visibomb Guns in first person mode. Aim one of your guns at the flying people in the air, the tanks, or the flying machines to make a clear path to go through.
the a maN.

Hint: Easy battle arena:
When you are big Clank, you can go into a battle arena. If you jump off the side before the battle arena, you can fight in it without losing life.
Thomas Stuczynski.

Hint: Matrix-style effect:
When you are playing at Captain Qwark's fitness course, go to the second island. Go to the end of the first wall where the platforms start. Jump forward and you will hover in mid-air. Press Left or Right and you will glide in that direction.

Hint: Look like an invader from another planet:
This trick requires the O2 Mask, Thruster Pack, Devastater/R.Y.N.O./Suck Cannon, and Magnetic Boots. Put them all together and you look like your invading the planet. Note: Only use one weapon (the Devestator looks the best). Use hover mode (R1, R1) to move.
steven turner.

Hint: "Help! I'm stuck in this box!" message:
When you are at any Gadgetron vendor, wait a very long time. The green words at the top will read "Help! I'm stuck in this box!".

Hint: Easy Bolts (demo version):
When you are in Metropolis, immediately before you jump onto the train, turn around and go behind the suitcases. There will be a lot of boxes (2,000 Bolts). When you are done collecting the Bolts, go back to the train and jump off. You will die, but will return to the beginning of the train. This can be repeated as many times as desired.

Glitch: Explore Hoverboard race track:
In Blackwater City, approach the person that submits you into the Hoverboard race while using the Hologuise. Press Triangle to enter the race with the Hologuise on. You will be able to explore the racetrack on foot, without other competitors instead of racing through the track on a Hoverboard.

Note: While doing this, you can go to the jump with the platform in the air with a lot of boxes. Take out your Taunter and press Circle to break the boxes on top of that platform and bring the Bolts down to you. If you press Circle, you can get an unlimited number of bolts.

Glitch: Go under Blackwater City's water:
Take the taxi when the Hologuise is on. Then, walk of the side towards the lady for the races. You will fall off the side and under the water. Note: You must be wearing the Hologuise when you walk off the side.

Glitch: Drifting Glove Bomb in German Dreks spaceship:
Go to the mini spaceship. Note: You may first have to complete the lock. When done, go inside and throw a Glove Bomb into it (Ratchet toy). When you take off, you will see the Glove Bomb drifting away in space.
Aaron Wilmoth.

Glitch: Leave level boundary at Kogor Refiniery Orxon:
At Kogor Refinery Orxon, after lowering the platform at the beginning that takes you up to the ledge where you can go to the mine field (the place where you saw the turret destroy the two robots as Clank), and the laboratories, go into the lab. Follow the path until you reach the part with the small platform that rises and falls with a hissing noise. Look to you right to see a large stack of boxes. Destroy all but one. Then, do a wall jump on the black wall. You should wall jump to a purple pipe that you can do another wall jump on. If done correctly, you should jump through the black wall onto a small gray platform outside of the level. You can walk through various places in the wall behind you, and end up in some strange places, including halfway through the floor.

Glitch: Go under Pokitaru City's water:
This trick requires the O2 Mask. Fly to Pokitaru City, then go underwater and swim near where the sand is all white (close to where you start). Try to swim down into it, even though you cannot, then swim back up. You should fall underwater and go through the white sand. You will stay there for about thirty seconds before dying.

Glitch: Swim through lab:
The O2 Mask is required for this trick. It may also take awhile without the Hydro Pack Clank. Go to the planet with the resort. Swim around the entire island on the outer edges. When you see a part of the island with a waterfall, look to the left and dive. You will see hills in the water. Swim down close to it and dive into it. You cannot get directly up to it, but use the place where you can get the closest. You should go through the ground. Stay at the level you are at and do not go above water. Also, do not try to swim further than where you supposed to go because you will eventually start an endless fall. Keep swimming below the ground until you see your ship above the water. Keep going and you will see big pumps in the water that are located near your ship. Keep swimming towards them and you will see the lab you go into during that level. You should see one of the blob monsters walking back and forth. Swim down towards it and you will start seeing patterns from the wall inside the lab. Keep swimming towards it and you eventually fall through the roof and drop into the lab. Note: If lab is full of water it will eventually disappear.
Brandon Collins.

Glitch: Unlimited health for giant Clank:
Defeat the helicopters and mechs for the scientist. Then, transform into giant Clank and jump off the edge.
Misty Allison.

Glitch: Floating Blarg:
If you have a Golden Morph-O-Ray and are on the ice planet, find a helicopter with a Blarg in it. Use the Morph-O-Ray. Instead of turning into a chicken and falling, it will freeze in mid-air and stay there.

Glitch: Floating Sandsharks:
Go to the right of your ship and make it all the way to the first elevator that takes you to the part where you use your Swingshot. Get on the elevator and wait for some Sandsharks to hop aboard and try to bite you. Note: you may want to jump to resist attacks. Once the sharks are on the elevator, jump into the air, which will trigger the elevator to go up. The Sandsharks will come to the top with you, but will go underground when you walk off. After walking off, stay close to the elevator and you will see Sandsharks floating in the air. If you shoot them with the blaster, the bolts will appear from the ground.

Glitch: Float in mid-air:
The Map-O-Matic is required for this trick. Go to Metropolis and find the secret area. Stretch jump at the edge and hover over there. If done correctly you will float in mid-air.

Glitch: Swing without Swingshot:
If you are on a yellow Swingshot Holder, press Start, go to "Weapons", select any weapon, then press Triangle once to return to the main start menu. Before you get off the start menu, hold Circle. Keep Circle held and press Triangle. You will now be swinging without a Swingshot. After you jump off the yellow Swingshot holder, your weapon will appear. This can be useful if you must go onto a Swingshot Holder only to find monsters at the other side.

Glitch: Nothing in turret:
On Planet Batalia, go to the turret and defeat the ships. Then, go around to the back of the turret to find some steps. Go up the steps and jump in the turret. Center the camera and look around. There is nothing inside for you to fire from.

Glitch: Inverted controls:
Enable the "Levels are mirrored" cheat. Use the Spiderbot Glove and the horizontal controls for it will be inverted.
Jordan Kiser.

Glitch: Robot statue:
On the Metroilis Infobot, the statue on top of Al's Roboshack is silver. However, when you actually see it the statue is yellow.
Paul Poulton.

Glitch: Blue robot lights:
At the start of the game in the robot factory, all the robots lights except Clank's are blue. Also, in the Infobot for the Hologuise the scientist gives you, the robots lights are blue, even though they are normaly green, but they are still active.
the king.

Glitch: Submersible weapon:
Fly to Kelibo 111 and shoot your Visbomb into the water. This will enable you to fly around under the water, using the Visbomb.
Kylie Bollard.

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