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NASCAR: Dirt To Daytona

Master code:
Press R1, R2, R1, Left, Right, R1, Down(2) at the title screen with the "Career", "Fast Action", and "Load Data" options. All unlockables will now be available.

Alternately, press R1(2), Up, Down, R2(2), Left, Right at the title screen.
Master Gamer.

Press Up, Down, Left, Right, R1, Left(2) at the title screen to get $10,000 in career mode.
micah b.

Richard Petty:
Win all the challenges to unlock Richard Petty.

Bonus options:
The following bonuses can be unlocked during game play by doing well and getting points.

AI Vengeance (425 points): AI cars retaliate when hit.
Front Wheel Drive (525 points): Car has front wheel drive.
Hardcore Physics (625 points): Hardcore realism.
Horn Ball (725 points): Press Up to shoot a paintball.
Horn Mortar (825 points): Press Up to shoot an explosive mortar.
Insane Racecar (925 points): Press Up to jump.
Mini Cars (1025 points): Smaller cars.
Monster Cars (1125 points): High suspension.
Oh Dear (1225 points): One car on track replaced by monstrous-sized crew member.
Super Draft (1325 points): Faster draft speed.

Hint: Pit crashing:
Go into the pits at the end of pit lane. You can crash into cars, which shows on the tack.

Hint: Daytona: Easy spinouts:
Use Tony Stewart's car and try to qualify in the middle of the pack. At the green flag at the start of the race, take off and cut up on the track slowly. The drivers will usually try to spin each other out.

Hint: Homestead: Drive to infield:
Note: This trick requires the Insane Racer cheat. Go to where you see can RVs. There is an invisible wall. Use Insane Racer to jump and get on the infield. Do not fall into the lakes or you will be returned to the track. To exit, go the same way used to enter.

Hint: Kenyon Raceway: Leave track:
After you pass the start/finish line, instead of turning drive straight for the upper right part of the wall. You then should be able to drive past the parked cars and trailers, and exit the other side back out on the race track.

Hint: Mankato Raceway: Drive to infield:
Select the modified cars and go to Mankato raceway. Go into the pits and there will be an opening in the wall. Go into the opening and you should be in the infield.

When you chose a series, chose "Modified Cars". Drive to the backstretch all the way. When you see the concrete, stop in front of it and turn around. Forward, you will see two regular walls. Drive between them and stay on the accelerator. You should be in a different part of the infield.

Select "Modified Cars", choose any car you desire and go into the Mankato (night) track. Once you start, make sure that you do not pick race or qualify (for example, Happy Hour). Once you get onto the track, immediately turn around and drive at full force the wrong way, hugging the wall or being very close to the wall. Make sure that you are going over 90 mph. When you some distance, threr will a wedge shaped gap in the wall. Drive straight into it. You might have to fight it for awhile then you will pop in. You can also do this easier in multi-player mode by having a friend nudge you in. Once you are in, you are able to drive virtually everywhere, except through walls. Note: You cannot go out without restarting. Also, your car might go slow once you restart. If this happens, you must quit and do it over again.
Dan W. and Josh F..

Hint: Gain places easily:
To gain a lot of places at the start of a race, turn backwards and keep crashing. The more damage you do to the other cars, and the more critical the damage, the more likely you will gain places.

Hint: Big crashes:
Go to the Modifies and choose a car and track. At any time, go backwards and hit the field of cars. If you hit them correctly, directly on the front tires, you will see the front tires of the other cars go flying into the air. This works with all the other classes but modifies work the best.

Unlock the "Horn Ball" cheat, then go backwards, preferably at Talladega. Immediately before you reach the pack of cars, shoot a horn ball. The ball will go through the first car and will hit the pack of cars behind it, causing a massive pileup.

At the Cup series, go to Talledega with the stability control turned off. Start the race and allow a car to your left to spin you out on the backstretch. Wait until you are at least at 180mph to do this. When you are completely backwards, hit the brakes and your car should start lifting off the ground. This may require more than one attempt.

Glitch: Clear Lake: Enter the infield:
Go to single race mode, then go to the modifieds. Select Clear Lake. When you go to practice, go to pit road and you will see a big trailer then concrete blocks. Hit it then hold the gas down until you get in the infield.
josh weeks.

Glitch: Kenyon Raceway: Invisible car:
Go to the inside of the raceway and slow down. Go to one of the openings that are clear then go to the right. You will be invisible and can ride into the pits.

Glitch: Kenyon Raceway: Enter the infield:
Select dirt, then Keyon Raceway. In the first corner after you pass the fire truck, there will be a place where concrete slabs are going backwards. You will be able to drive through the last one on the left. You can drive through anything in the infield. Note: You have to go out the same place you entered.

Glitch: Fly to the top of the game:
Note: This trick requires the "Horn Mortar" cheat. During practice, place the front end of your car up against the outside wall and repeatedly shoot mortars. Your car will eventually fly up in the air and do lots of twirls. Pause game play and you should see the entire track. This will take several attempts. Note: This works best at Bristol and Talladega.

Glitch: Pop a wheelie:
You need will need insane race car for this trick. First, put the car in reverse. Just when you put it in gear, hit the gas. Your car will wheelie for a moment. This also gives you a lot of speed. Note: If done during a race, the replay will come out badly. For example, if done midway into the race, in the replay it will go straight into the wall.
Michael P.

Glitch: No debirs:
When you wreck someone there is no debris on the track.
Austin J.

Glitch: CPU drives human controlled car:
Go into the "Unlockables" menu and turn "Horn Mortar" on. Select multi-player mode and choose any cars and track. Turn damage and breakdowns off. Go into practice and use controller two to damage the wheels and blow the engine by using the horn mortar. Do this near the entry of pit road. Player two must spend a good amount of time in the pits for repairs for this glitch to work. Then, use player one to push player two into the pits for repairs. Once player two is in the pits, player one needs to use the horn mortar to blast player two past the pit out line and onto the track. When the pit repair time is done, the car should drive itself and act like a CPU car and you will have no control over it. The car will keep driving around the track when estimated fuel is at 0 laps, but will drive a lot slower.

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