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Monster Hunter

Levels 6 through 10 star missions:
Successfully complete all offline missions then go in the house behind the chief and talk to the woman inside.

Hint: Easy money:
Once you get the money to buy a BBQ Spit, buy it, then go to the Quest Level 1 missions and do Mission 1. Get ten pieces of Raw Meat. Cook eight pieces of Well Done Meat, then take the other two pieces to the Deliver Box. As soon as you complete the mission and return to your village, go to the woman at the fruit stands. You can sell her Well Done Steak for $48 each.

Go on the fishing level 1 mission. Get ten worms out of the supply box and fish in the fishing hole near the base camp. When you run out of bait, get the rest of the worms and go to the fishing hole in Zone 11. Use the rest of the bait there. You can sometimes get more than $1,000.

On any quest you can get Special Mushrooms. Collect as many as you can and you will get bonus money at the end of the quest for them. They can be found by searching where Mosswine sniff.

An easy way to get money is to buy 10 Felvine from the merchandise seller in the village then go out on a hunt where "Zone 7" is available. Speak to the old man in Zone 7. He will say "What a nice prize you have there". Choose "Yes" and he will take a unit of Felvine and give you a Special Mushroom in return. Sometimes you can get rid of all your units of Felvine, while other times he only takes a few units of it. Special Mushrooms can sell for 60Z each at the end of each mission. All this must be done in the "Forest and Hills" sector.
Patrick Love-Vani.

This trick requires a good weapon, such as the Redwing, and moderate armor with good fire resistance. Kill the Yian Kut-Ku about five to seven times. You should accumulate about 12,000Z quickly.
Kevin Martinez.

Get the Poison Battle Axe. To do this, go from an Iron Sword to Hunters Dagger to Poison Axe then to Poison Battle Axe. Do a mission where you must kill a Yian Kut-Ku. There is a possibility where you can kill it in less than five minutes. For more money, do a mission where you must capture the Yian Kut-Ku. You can probably capture it faster than you can kill it.

Hint: Item duplication:
This trick requires two players. First, have player one take an item such as an Immunizer, Mega Juice, Mega Nutriment, Max Potion, Sm Bone Husk, etc., (all Rare 3 and under). Player two must have an empty inventory. Start a quest that is very easy to finish, such as "It's Party Time". When the quest begins, have player one give all the items to player two. When player one has no more items, have him abandon the quest. Player two should finish the quest. By abandoning the quest, player one will keep their items, and by finishing the quest, player two still have the items received. Do this a few times and you will be able to get easy money by selling the items.
Anzu and Jejunia.

Hint: Recover health on a mission:
If you are out of potions and low on health while on a mission, just find the hut that you start at and press X by the bed. Your character will sleep and recover health.

Hint: Prepare for monster attacks:
Try to be prepared to lure a monster to its death. Set traps in multiple places around your village. When a monster is spotted, lure it towards traps. As the monster goes past, have a teammate shoot the traps. They will blow up, injuring or killing the monsters.

Hint: Cephalos or Cephadrome hunting:
When hunting Cephalos or Cephadrome, make sure to have Sonic Bombs. Time your throw correctly, so that the bomb explodes on top of the monster. Since they are in the sand, they will be thrown out and momentarily stunned, giving you time to hit it. Also, Small Barrel-Bombs work as well, but they must explode just when the monster is under them. Another thing that works is hitting them with a great sword.
Nicholas Brown.

Hint: Rathalos hunting:
Rathalos usually charges more than the Rathian. When it flies, watch out for fireballs or it flying down to poison you with its claws. When it turns fast it is usually going to charge. When it turns slowly, it probably means that it is going to spit a fireball.

Hint: Rathian hunting:
Rathian usually charges a lot. It does not spit fireballs as much as the Rathalos. When it turns fast, it usually charges. When it turns slowly, it usually spits a fireball. Watch out for the triple fireball attack. It usually spits in random directions, mainly middle, right, and left. It will swing its tail under it when flies shortly off the ground. This will poison you for a moderate amount of time.

Hint: Getting a Sand Shark out of the ground:
If you have a Dung Bomb you can use it to get a Sand Shark out of the ground. Throw it like a Sonic Bomb and make sure that it goes over the Sand Shark.

Hint: Stealing a Rathalos egg:
Use the following trick to complete Level 2: Steal Rathalos Egg easily. If you find the Rathalos nest (Area 5), kill the Velociprey there and grab an egg. Run back outside with the egg. Do not jump off the front of the platform you are on, as it will break the egg from the drop. Go left and you will land on a platform further down, which is safe to jump to the floor from. You will be in a place where the Rathalos appears frequently. Get out into Area 3 as fast as possible. Do not let your stamina bar go down all the way, as you will have a rest and drop the egg. While in Area 3, stop. If you go right across Area 2 the Velociprey will attack and you will drop the egg. That is the shortest way, but if you go left into the forest, there are only cats which will only fight back, and not attack, and pigs which act almost the same way. After going through all the forest regions, you will reach Area 1, which only contains herbivores. Then, go back to base. When you go up to the items box, press X to put the egg in. The mission is now complete with no danger of dropping the egg.
Dexter Master.

Hint: Getting good weapons:
Get two small monster bones from the monsters. This can be done in the first level, but if you want to get the sword immediately after the level do not spend $50 before the first level. Then, go to the weapon crafter and have him create the bone sword. It is slow but is incredibly strong.

Buy an Iron Hammer Upgrade it to Iron Hammer +3. Get eight Medium Monster Bones, nine Small Monster Bones, one Large Monster Bone, and one Monster Fluid 4. Upgrade to Bone Axe. 5. Upgrade it to Bone Axe +6. Upgrade it to Bone Broadaxe. This weapon has an attack of 831. Note: All of these weapons together cost $23,310.
jake unterborn.

Hint: Worms for fishing:
Go to section 11 in the first and second star question. Go to the white round flat rock and press X. You will keep getting worms for awhile.
Colt LeRoy.

Hint: Defeating the Yian Kut Ku:
If you are an Archer, lure the Kut Ku into area 7. Kill the Velociprey and climb onto the ledge. It cannot hit you, but you can kill it easily. This works best with Crag shots. If it runs away just lure it back in.
Aaron Finch.

Note: This trick is for Gunners only. To defeat the Kut Ku, take 99 normal level 2 bullets go to Zone 7. Kill all the Volociprey and wait for the Kut-Ku if it isnt already there. When it appears, paintball it. Look around to find a ledge. Go to it and climb up. Go so that you are facing with your back turned to the wall. The Kut Ku should follow but will not able to get to you if you remain there. Keep shooting it in the head and eventually it should die.
trgs glgpghdg.

If you are a Blademaster and wish to defeat the Kut Ku, use the following trick. First, set a Pitfall trap anywhere you feel the Kut Ku will fall in. Then put a few large barrel-bombs around it. When the Kut Ku falls in it, run up and put a small barrel-bomb beside a large bomb. This should create a chain reaction and hit the other large barrel bomb. It may not look as if you really hurt it, but it did do damage. For the rest, just keep avoiding all its attacks and run in every time it "howls" and start beating on it. Very useful items to have include five Flash Bombs, five Sonic Bombs, two or three large barrel bombs, one or two small barrel bombs, one Pitfall trap, and ten Potions (or any type of healing device).

Hint: Dino swords:
Start off with the Hunter's Knife. Upgrade it to Hunter's Knife Plus. Then instead of upgrading to Hunter's Dagger, upgrade Serpent's Bite. You will then get a chance to upgrade to Velociprey, Genprey or Loprey weapons later in the game. You will need lots of scales, claws, or fangs to get these weapons. However they are very strong. Additionally, the Genprey sword has a stun effect and the Loprey sword gives a poisoning effect.
Dexter Master.

Hint: Kut Ku Scales:
In the very first level (quest level 1 and 2), in the second area go to the entrance. You will see some small rocks. There are Kut Ku Scales here.

Kut Ku Scales can be found in area one during level one and two star missions. Go down the hill. Near the edge of the water in one of the corners are some piles of dung. Search them. Every other time you will get a Kut Ku Scale, which can be sold for a high price.

Kut Ku Scales can also be found in Zone 5, in the Wyvern nest. Around the entrance coming from zone 6, there is a pile of dung. Search it and you can find Kut Ku Scales. Another location in Zone 5 is in the middle of the zone. There are Kut Ku Scales there, and also Unknown Skulls, which sell for about 200Z.

You can find Kut Ku Scales in Areas 1, 9, 5. There are two in Area 1. You can find them by the water in the dung. When you first enter Area 2, there will be rocks by the cliff. Search the first rock. You will either get a Paintberry or a Kut Ku Scale. In Area 5, search in the dung and on the ground almost anywhere. Go in the biggest clearing in Area 9 and search in the bushes to get either a Kut Ku Scale, a Special Mushroom, or both.

Hint: Vespoid parts:
Vespoids are the little bugs that are annoying to kill. Most of the time they will explode when they die, leaving no pieces to carve. To get easy Vespoid and Hornetaur (beetle) pieces, get a Hunter's Knife and upgrade it to a Hydra Bite so that it adds poison. With that weapon, when you hit the Vespoids you will poison them and they will most likely drop to the ground, leaving behind a carcass to carve from.

Hint: Light Crystal:
The only way to get a Light Crystal is to carve it off the body of the Gypceros. This can only happen in the mission "Slay The Gypceros", which is a level 4 mission. You may not get the Light Crystal the first time you defeat it. Keep trying if you own A Vile Serpent Blade as it is the key part of upgrading it to a Great Serpent Blade.

Hint: Poison Axe or Poison Battleaxe:
The Poison Axe is a good weapon for any battle. It can be used to kill the Rathalos, Rathian, Yian Kut-Ku, Gypceros, Cephadrome, Velocidrome, Gendrome, Iodrome, and Basarios. Go from the Iron Sword Upgrade to the choice of the Either Serpent Bite or Hunters Dagger. Choose the Hunters Dagger and keep upgrading until you reach the choice of Twin Dagger or Poison Axe. You will need Poison Sacs and Ioprey Stuff to make it.

Hint: Special Mushrooms:
Select a mission where you can go to Area 7. Get behind the big tree and search. Almost every time you will get a Special Mushroom. Note: You can also buy Felvine and trade it with the old man in Area 7.

Hint: Faster dizzy recovery:
Use this trick when getting flashed by the Gypceros. If you get flashed, rotate the Left Analog-stick very fast. You should see the stars begin disappearing a lot faster.

Hint: Wyvern hunting:
When hunting a new type of Wyvern the first time (for example, Rathalos or Monoblos), do not go out there with the intention to kill it. Always use the first time to learn its movement habits, attacks, and possible weakness or vulnerabilities that you can use to your advantage. After you learn how it thinks you will be ready to hunt it. Always take Flash Bombs and as many potions as possible to be prepared.

When fighting a Wyvern in an area with other monsters in it, just dodge Wyvern and try to trick it into hitting other monsters. When you get the chance, hit the other monsters. When the other monsters are dead, start to fight the Wyvern. Quick weapons are better for other monsters. Doing the Wyvern missions are useful for stocking up on money.

Hint: Monster attacks and weaknesses:
The basic attack for all Wyverns is the head first charge. It always best to avoid them when possible. If you have no time to move, then block. When they trip over at the end of the charge, they are open to a good slash.

Fire ball barrage from the air: Flies straight up, then starts firing in your general direction.
Poison Claw: Flies up, then comes down at you claws first and slashes three times. Always block this, as it cannot be dodged.
Weakness: Flash Bombs
Triple Fire Balls: On the ground, fires three fire balls one after another in random directions.
Poison Tail: Poises itself for takeoff but instead kind of jumps and does a flip then bashes you with its tail. This happens very fast. You must see it early or you will get smashed.
Weakness: When doing the Triple Fire Balls, it leaves itself open. If you are already close, you can hack away at its chest area. This Wyvern does not charge as much as the Ratholos. It makes slashing at it mildly safer. It is also vulnerable to Flash Bombs.
Plyseioth (Water Wyvern)
Hydro Stream: Fires a high jet of water which does a great deal of damage. It stays in water most of the time. Plenty of frogs are needed to catch it when it disappears off map. and max out your Sonic Bombs.
Side Swipe: Massive hip thrust throws you very far and does lots of damage.
Weakness: During and after it fires the Hydro Stream, it is open for a good slash. Take this opportunity, as it is on of the few you get. Also, when you fish it out of the the water it lays on the ground twitching for awhile. This is the perfect chance to have a go at it. It is very large, so you can stand underneath it and slash at its legs. This is dangerous, because when it figures out what you are doing it smashes you. This Wyvern is not affected by Flash Bombs.
Hard Skin: Makes it difficult to get a clean shot. The sword will just bounce off.
Charge: When it charges it does not trip over; it skids to a stop.
Giant Tail Sweeps: Sweeps its tail up to where its head is.
Poison Fart: Sends out a giant poison gas cloud that surrounds its close area.
Weakness: Very slow charge is relatively easy to avoid. Bombs seem to do more damage to it than other Wyverns.
This Wyvern uses the most annoying attacks from the other Wyverns, which are Non-Trip Charge, Hip Thrust, and Full Body Tail Swing. Its own moves are:
Flick Horn: Uses its one giant horn to flick you high into the air.
Under Ground Charge: Burrows under the ground, then bursts out beneath you, doing lots of damage and throwing you far away from the action.
Super Charge: After hides, it super charges and gets way faster. You will know it is Super Charged when three big red dots appear on its head.
Weakness: It is tall enough to stand under and hack away at its weak legs. The rest of the body is armored like the Barrios. Its charge and horn toss are easily blocked. leaving it open for a good hack. It is vulnerable to Flash Bombs. When near a ledge area, get it to charge at you when near the ledge. Its horn will become jammed and leave it open for attack.

Hint: Town of Hunters:
Complete all offline quests.

Hint: Item combinations:

Ancient Potion: Kelbi Horn + Immunizer
Antidote: Antidote Herb + Blue Mushroom
Antidote Flute: Flute + Antiseptic Stone
Antidote S: Antidote Herb + Huskberry
Antiseptic Stone: Earth Crystal + Bitterbug
Armor Flute: Mega Armorskin + Med Monster Bone
Armor S: Huskberry + Armor Seed
Armorskin: Catalyst + Armor Seed
Arrowana Bait: Cricket + Bugbopper
Bomb Material: Sap Plant + Stone
Catalyst: Honey + Bitterbug
Clust S level 1: Huskberry + Bomberry
Clust S level 2: Sm Bone Husk + Wyvern Claw
Clust S level 3: Lg Bone Husk + Scatterfish
Crag S level 1: Huskberry + Burst Arrowana
Crag S level 2: Sm Bone Husk + Burst Arrowana
Crag S level 3: Lg Bone Husk + Bomb Arrowana
Demon Drug: Catalyst + Power Seed
Demon Flute: Mega Demondrug + Med Monster Bone
Demon S: Huskberry + Power Seed
Disk S: Huskberry + Diskstone
Dragon S: Lg Bone Husk + Dragon Seed
Drugged Meat: Raw Meat + Sleep Herb
Dung Bomb: Bomb Material + Dung
Dung S: Dung + Huskberry
Flashbomb: Bomb Material + Flashbug
Goldfish Bait: Fire Fly + Snakebee Larva
Gunpowder: Fire Herb + Nitroshroom
Healt Flute: Flute + Lifepowder
Herbal Medicine: Cactus Flower + Bitterbug
Lg. Barrel Bomb: Gunpowder + Lg. Barrel
Lifecrystals: Godbug + Wyvern Fang
Lifepowder: Lifecrystals + Wyvern Claw
Max Potion: Mega Nutrients + Dragon Toadstool
Mega Armor Skin: Armorskin + Pale Extract
Mega Demon Drug: Demondrug + Khezu Extract
Mega Juice: Power Extract + Well-Done Steak
Mega Nutrients: Nutrients + Honey
Mega Potion: Potion + Honey
Net: Spiderweb + Ivy
Normal S level 2: Huskberry + Needleberry
Normal S level 3: Huskberry + Rumblefish
Nutrients: Blue Mushroom + Godbug
Paint S: Paintberry + Huskberry
Paintball: Sap Plant + Paintberry
Pellet S level 1: Huskberry + Scatternut
Pellet S level 2: Huskberry + Wyvern Fang
Pellet S level 3: Sm Bone Husk + Wyvern Fang
Pierce S level 1: Huskberry + Velociprey Fang
Pierce S level 2: Huskberry + Pin Tuna
Pierce S level 3: Sm Bone Husk + Pin Tuna
Pitfall Trap: Net + Trap Tool
Poison S level 1: Toadstool + Huskberry
Poison S level 2: Sm Bone Husk + Loprey Fang
Poisoned Meat: Raw Meat + Toadstool
Potion: Herb + Blue Mushroom
Power Juice: Catalyst + Rare Steak
Recov S level 1: Herb + Huskberry
Recov S level 2: Potion + Huskberry
Sleep S level 1: Huskberry + Sleep Herb
Sleep S level 2: Sm Husk Bone + Sleepyfish
Sm. Barrel Bomb: Fire Herb + Small Barrel
Smoke Bomb: Bomb Material + Ivy
Sonic Bomb: Gunpowder + Screamer
Stun S level 1: Stunshroom + Huskberry
Stun S level 2: Sm Bone Husk + Genprey Fang
Tainted Meat: Raw Meat+ Stunshroom
Tuna Bait: Worm + Vembug

Hint: Armor Skills:
When you buy a full set of armor that are all of the same type or made of the same materials, you will receive skills.
Mike Milano.

Leather: No Skills
Chain: No Skills
Hunter's: No Skills
Velociprey: Knock Out Negated
Genprey: Stun Negated
Ioprey Armor: Poison Negated
Rathian: Provocation, Health +20
Battle: Sharpness Restoration +25%
Battle (gun): Reloud Spead +1
Monoblos: Attack up (large), Stun Negated, Hunger x1.5
Bone: Provocation, anti-thief, hunger halved
Gypceros: Wide Area Anitdote, Health +10
Rathalos: Provocation, Attack up (large), Dragon Resistance -10
Hi - Metal+ Armor: Stealth, Health +30, Hunger x1.5
Diablo+: Attack up (small), Anti-wind, Hunger x1.5
Gravios+: Anti-heat, Health +20, Hunger x1.5
Auroros (Borealis): High-Speed Damage Recovery, Farsight(Auto-map),
Sharpness Restoration +50%
Genesis (Glyph): High-Speed Damage Recovery, Farsight, Reloading Speed +2
Vespoid+: Sleep Negated, Stun Duration Halved, Poison Duration Halved
Hornet+: Poison Negated, Stun Negated
Khezu+: Anti-heat, Wide Area Recovery, KO Duration Doubled
Plesioth+: Hunger Halved, Anti-heat, KO Duration Doubled
Dragon: Attack up (small), Anti-wind, High-Speed Damage Recovery
Guild Knight (Maiden's): Gatherer, Divine Toolsaver, Good Luck
Shinobi (sun/moon): Hunger Negated, Poison Negated, Stealth
Hi - Metal: Health +10
Khezu: High-Speed Damage Recovery
Plesioth: Hunger Halved
Vespoid: Sleep Negated
Diablo: Anti-wind
Hornet: Poison Negated
Gravios: Health +10
Steal+: Item Combination Success +20%
Steal: Item Combination Success +10%
Kut Ku: Attack Up (small)
Kut Ku+: Attcuk Up (small), Knock Out Porbability Halved
Rathalos+: Attack Up (large), High-Speed Damage Recovery, Provocation
Rathian+: Provocation, Health +30, Defense +10
Cephalos: Anti-heat
Lobster: Anti-cold
Lobster+: Anti-cold, Faint Halved
Moswine: Hunger x1.5

Hint: Movies in gallery:
Complete the following Five Star or Urgent quests in offline mode to unlock the corresponding gallery movie:

Diablos Ecology movie: The Runaway Diablos
Gravios Ecology movie: Terror Of The Gravios
Hall Of Heros movie: Horn Of The Monoblos
Khezu Ecology movie: Best The Shadow In The Cave
Plesioth Ecology movie: Aater Wyvern In The Desert
Rathian Ecology movie: Slay The Rathian

Hint: Bonus Urgent quests:
The following bonus Urgent quests can only be unlocked in offline mode by creating one of the indicated pieces of armor or completing a quest. You do not need to make the entire set or wear it.

Terror Of The Gravios quest: Create a Cephalos armor piece.
Handle With Care quest: Complete the Terror Of The Gravios quest.
The Runaway Diablos quest: Create a Monoblos armor piece.
The Shadow In The Cave quest: Creat a Vespoid armor piece.
A Troublesome Pair quest: Complete all quests and secret quests.

Glitch: Become a "ghost":
At the "Beginning Quest" screen open the disc tray and wait approximately twenty five seconds. Close it and when the quest starts your character will be invisible to all players and Wyverns. Lesser beasts such as Velociprey, Bullfango, etc. can still see you. As a "ghost" you can read the other player(s) conversations. They can not see what you type while in this state. You cannot take any supply items nor kill any Wyverns. You can still kill all of the lesser beasts (non-Wyverns). You also can still carve the monsters, including Wyverns. As a bonus, if you are able to complete a quest while a "ghost" before all other players, you will become invincible. You cannot leave the quest even if you finish before all other players. All non-ghost players must finish the quest before you can leave. As far as rewards go, you can finish the quest before everyone else but if the non-ghost players lose the quest you will get nothing regardless if you finish it or not.

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