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Madden NFL 08

Extra teams:
In the Fantasy Challenge mode, defeat the NFC Hall of Fame, AFC Hall of Fame, Dummies, Glaciers, Deceivers, and Tridents teams. Once defeated, they will be unlocked in Play Now mode.
Mega Man 5.

Hint: Always have first pick in draft:
Start a franchise with the trade deadline off. Sim or play the season to Week 17. Find out which team has the worst record. Trade your first draft pick for their first pick and they will always accept. Note: You can also do this with second through seventh draft picks as well.
gndeif ah, imn, gRazer190.

Hint: Fantasy Challenge mode:
Make sure you have all the desired players from that league on your team before the last game (championship). You will not be able to get the players if you win the championship because you will move on to the next league.
Bret Habura.

Hint: Fantasy Challenge mode: Unlocking bonus teams:
To unlock NFC Hall of Fame, AFC Hall of Fame, Dummies, Glaciers, Deceivers, and Tridents, you must defeat them in Fantasy Challenge mode. They will be under the last league, called the Supreme League. Once they are beaten you will be able to play with them in Play Now mode. The easiest way to beat the Supreme teams is to change the difficulty to Rookie or Pro. Another way to unlock the Hall Of Fame teams is to buy their Madden cards, which appear randomly when you buy cards for 100 tokens.
Erick Robertson.

Hint: Fantasy Challenge: Recommended players:
In Fantasy Challenge mode, two very good and cheap players are Mike Alstott (FB) and Antrell Rolle (CB). Rolle has great catching. It is almost a guaranteed interception in every game that he plays. You should get the cheapest players at every position then save it. Go to "Rosters" under "Features" at the main menu and increase your players to a 99 overall. Doing this will make your team cheap and outstanding. Also, no one will be able to negotiate your players away.
Tyler Stoll.

Hint: Franchise mode: Recommended players:
When playing in Franchise mode, visit the Free Agent screen. Sign a free agent names Jordan Beck. He is a middle linebacker 71 overall. Change his position to defensive end and he will be 90 overall. The same thing works for a lot of the other linebackers when changed to defensive end. Also, you can change Ladainian Tomlinson's position to linebacker. Do this, then trade for him. He will have an F trade rating and his team will accept almost any player in a trade. When signed release him then resign him to save cap room. Then, change his position back to running back. He will be 99 again. This can be done for lots of other players.

In Franchise mode, take any quarterback in the league (Peyton Manning is the highest overall). When you go to the roster and select them, and go to edit the player. Change his position to a WR. He will have a 30 overall (if you selected Manning), and you can trade any pick or player for him.
Ben Fuller.

Go to the "Trade" screen in "Roster Management". Go to your favorite team then trade for very young players in every position. Edit them to the best stats and go to Franchise for a very good team.

Hint: Superstar mode: Start your Superstar with 99 in ratings:
Go into the Superstar Hall Of Fame and select a player based on which position you would like to play through, appearance, etc. At this point you are not selecting them, but you know which player to alter. Go into Roster mode, then to the players' team and begin alteration. You can change all the characteristics that let you highlight them as usual. Once you have changed the appearance, etc. go to ratings and adjust them as desired. Go back into Superstar mode and the player you modified will be at the top (if you made them with perfect ratings).
cory peters.

Go to the rosters. Look for a player that is a rookie at your position. Alter that player as desired (appearance, build, etc.), then change the ratings to suit your taste. If needed, trade that player to your favorite team. When leaving rosters the game will save. Then, start Superstar mode and choose "Rookie from 07 class". Be aware that this player's ratings will apply to other game modes. Select your player and continue.

Hint: Superstar mode: Get drafted by anyone:
When getting drafted you will be asked if you want to be drafted by your favorite team. At the menu screen at the start of the game, select no favorite team. You will then get drafted by whomever.

Hint: Superstar mode: Playbooks:
In Superstar mode, when you practice, you will be learning your team's default playbook with default audibles and not the one you desired on your profile. For example, if your Superstar HB's team is the Dallas Cowboys, but your desired offensive playbook is the New England Patriots, you will be stuck with your team's playbook. The main problem with this is when you are a defender learning in a 4-3 team when you are more comfortable with the 3-4 (or vice versa). Kickers and punters are mostly unaffected because they only have to punt and kick field goals, and those do not change in any playbook.
Rocky Mak.

Glitch: Rams announcement:
Play as the St. Louis Rams in Play Now or Franchise mode. Al Michaels will sometimes get it wrong and say that the team is from San Diego. However he never gets it wrong for the Chargers.
Rocky Mak.

Glitch: Super-sized Thurman Thomas:
Thurman Thomas was a true AFC Legend for the Bills, but in the AFC Hall of Fame team, he was listed over 6'2" and over 300 pounds with a 76 on his back, which is much taller and far heavier than what he is (5'10" at 206 pounds). There are many AFC and NFC Hall-of Famers that have their heights, weights, and shirt numbers incorrectly displayed, but you cannot do anything about them. Any teams and players unlockable in Fantasy Challenge mode cannot be edited.
Rocky Mak.

Glitch: Madden cover emails:
In Superstar mode, the email from Year 2 onwards is all about the Madden cover during the off-season. It does not matter how good or bad your career is; the email from the agent (no matter who) always states that "You didn't get the cover". However before your fourth season starts, you will receive the same letter despite the fact that Dexter emailed you and expressed how excited he is to see you made it onto the cover. He will also make a painting, signifying that you have made it there.
Rocky Mak.

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