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MX Unleashed

Cheat mode:
To enter the following codes, choose the "Options" selection at the main menu. Then, press L1 or R1 to cycle from the "Game Settings" option until the "Cheats" option appears. Then, press Down until the desired cheat option appears. Press Circle to display a keyboard that is used to enter the code to unlock that cheat option.

Career completion:
Enter CLAPPEDOUT as a code to unlock the "Character Completion" option at the "Cheats" screen. All bonuses in the game will now be unlocked.

All machines:
Enter MINIGAMES as a code.

50cc class:
Enter SQUIRRELDOG as a code.
Rob C.

500cc class:
Enter BIGDOGS as a code.

All Freestyle tracks:
Enter BUSTBIG as a code.

All National tracks:
Enter ECONATION as a code.

All Supercross tracks:
Enter STUPERCROSS as a code.

Bowling mini-game:
Enter WRECKINGBALL as a code. Alternately, play the Ocotillo Wells track in freestyle mode. Get to the purple stunt competition marker then look for the nearby row of power lines. Follow the power-lines to the west to reach the bowling lane.

Pro Physics:
Enter SWAPPIN as a code for the "Pro Physics" option at the "Cheats" screen.

Expert opponents:
Enter OBTGOFAST as a code.

Bowling mini-game:
Play the Ocotillo Wells track in freestyle mode. Get to the purple stunt competition marker then look for the nearby row of power lines. Follow the power-lines to the west to reach the bowling lane.

Football mini-game:
Enable the "Bowling mini-game" code, then go to Smoke Ridge in freestyle mode. Go to the purple "S" and go north. You will see a mini football game.
Pete Rodriguez.

Giant egg:
Enable the "Bowling mini-game" code. Go to Montauk Plains in freestyle mode. Go to the run beam and head north. You will see a giant egg.
Pete Rodriguez.

Go to Morenci Mines. Head to the Run 1 circle, then stand in it. Go almost northwest from there and you will find a group of eyeballs.

Reset vehicle:
To reset you vehicle (dirt bike, monster truck, trophy truck, etc.), press L1 + R1 during game play in freestyle mode. If you try to do this with the biplane or helicopter, you must be flying slow and close to or on the ground. If you have your propellers broken off, you can also do it there regardless of the speed. If you flip your trophy truck or monster truck, you can do this to get up faster without waiting for the game to do it for you.

Hint: Bailing:
Enter the options screen and set the "Throw-Away" trick to be used. Save the game in the options screen and you will be able to bail whenever that trick is used during game play.
wetuchi, aigcur hudfaofgtrg demwun.

Hint: Bunny Hop:
When riding on flat land, Press Up/Left or Up/Right + Square while going in a circle.
Alan Farmer.

Hint: No Hander:
You can do a No Hander stunt off a small jump and land while still doing the trick.

Hint: Uncontrollable flips:
Do a No Hander Lander when you are riding away with no hands. You will do a nose wheelie while his hands are still off. Then, endo and the bike will flip around uncontrollably.
r m.

Hint: Wheelie in monster truck:
Reverse then gun it, or hold the clutch and the gas. Let go of clutch keep holding the gas.

Hint: Pointing at the sky:
Do a Back Flip + Taunt and you should be spinning while pointing at the sky.

Hint: Belly flop:
Do a Hart Attack and make your players face look at the ground, then crash.

Hint: Easy Double Backflip:
When you are about to hit a jump, press Down, Up(2), Down very quickly.
Corey Brown.

Hint: Mega Backflip:
Do a backflip and add a move onto it. If you are able to, add another move onto that. This will get you a lot of points.

Hint: 360:
Do a Backflip (Up + Down), then do a flatliner (Triangle + Right).
Corey Brown.

Hint: Super jump:
At any level, go far in one direction and you will see huge mountains. Go over them and you will see flat land. Keep going and you will hear a loud noise. Note: If desired, you can do a stoppie when you hear the noise. In a moment, you will be shot in the air.
Robert Granat.

Hint: Crashing for points:
When doing a high and/or long jump, get as many points as you can. Then, quickly straighten out and land on your front wheel. Note: This can be very difficult.

Hint: Knock off your opponents:
This trick works on any SX or MX track. When your opponent squares up on the turn, move your bike into the path that they are taking so they hit the side of the bike. This is a difficult maneuver. Note: Pro physics must be unlocked and turned on for this to work.

This trick can be also be done without "Pro physics" enabled. Cut people off at the correct moment and hit the clutch while you are turning. Depending on the timing, either the other riders will fall, or you will fall yourself.
Ryan Stoddard.

Hint: Montauk Plains: Beach balls:
Go to the orange run beam. From there, go east. There you will see three beach balls.

Go to the area where you start with the biplane. Go forward look to the left. You will see three giant beach balls sitting in a ditch.

Hint: Montauk Plains: End of the world sign:
Go to the run beam and go north. You may find a sign that reads "World Ends 500 ft'' just as you approach the mountains. If you go over them, you will be sent flying if you go all the way.

Hint: Sierra Vista: Get thrown by a machine:
You can get flung by a big machine picking up dirt and dropping it on a pile. Near the tall dirt mountain, towards the bottom is a machine picking up dirt. When the scooping part comes down, ride into it. You will crash, but stay in. The scooper will pick you up and fling you very far.

Hint: Easy points:
When you do the longer tricks, Catwalk, etc., end them with "No Handers". This cuts the harder trick off sooner and gives you more points. Note: This works best with Catwalk.

Use a couple No Handers in a row. This will get you many points. This works especially well when you add another trick to it.

Do a Backflip (Up, Down) with a Lazyboy (Circle + Down) to get a lot of points.

Use the following trick to get easy points for two backflips. Hit a big jump and do a backflip. Keep holding the Left Analog-stick Away until the bottom of the screen says that you did two backflips. You should not be finished with the second one (only about one quarter of the way through), then push Forward until you are on the correct landing position and land. You should get points for two backflips.

Hint: Simple stoppie:
Find a long, but not too steep hill. Do a stoppie (press X + Up). Make sure that you do not push it too hard at the start of it. Once you get going down the hill in a stoppie, push it hard and your back tire should be just above the ground. You should do a stoppie all the way down and should not crash.

Hint: Moves:

Can Can: Press Circle + Left.
Lazy Boy: Press Circle + Down.
Taunt: Press Circle + Up.
Catwalk: Press Circle + Right.
KOD: Press R1 + Circle + Up.
Superman: Press R1 + Circle + Down.
Stalelin: Press R1 + Circle + Right.
Saranwrap: Press R1 + Circle + Left.
Nac Nac: Press Triangle + Left.
Flatliner: Press Triangle + Right.
Pendulum: Press Triangle + Down.
No Hander: Press Triangle + Up.
Tsunami: Press R1 + Triangle + Up.
Cordova: Press R1 + Triangle + Right.
Shaolin: Press R1 + Triangle + Left.
Seatgrab Indian Air: Press R1 + Triangle + Down.
Backflip: Press Up + Down.
Wheelie: Press L1 + Down.
Stoppie: Press Square + Up.
Barhop: Press Triangle + Circle + Left.
Hart Attack: Press Triangle + Circle + Up.
Supercan: Press Triangle + Circle + Right.
Indian Air: Press Triangle + Circle + Down.
Super Can Indian Air: Press Triangle + Circle + R1 + Left.
Deadbody: Press Triangle + Circle + R1 + Up.
Stripper: Press Triangle + Circle + R1 + Right.
Rigor Mortis: Press Triangle + Circle + R1 + Down.

Glitch: Montauk Plains: Stretched rider and bike:
This must be done in freestyle two player mode. Go to Montauk Plains, get a 50cc bike, and get the biplane for one of your machines. Your plane should start at a long flat stretch of land near a little shack. Have the person on the 50cc go to the end of the stretch and start going back towards the plane. At the same time, the person in the plane should take off and stay close to the ground. When the person on the 50cc sees the plane have them go to the left of the plane to the tip of the wing. If done correctly then the person on the 50cc should stretch.
stu turner.

Glitch: Morenci Mines: Launch the monster truck in the air:
Go to the Morenci Mines freestyle track with the monster truck and find the helicopter landing pad. Drive over to the blue trailer nearby. Do a wheelie in the monster truck so that both front wheels end up on the rooftop of the trailer evenly. Stay up there for a few seconds and keep pressing Back and Forward. The monster truck will shoot incredibly high into the sky.

Glitch: Morenci Mines: Get on train:
In Morenci Mines, crash into the train and get your bike stuck on it. When you reset your bike, you will end up on the train.

Glitch: Smoke Ridge: Go through tower:
Enable the "All machines" code. Fly the helicopter over the top of the tallest tower with the pipes. Slowly lower yourself down. If done correctly, you should pass through the entire tower. Do not go too far down or you will crash.
Nathen Medlock.

Glitch: Ghost riding a plane:
This trick works well on Smoke Ridge or any other freestyle places that have a long road or that are very flat. When you are starting freestyle, go to Smoke Ridge and select the biplane as one of your machines. When you start, switch machines to the biplane and start to take off, However, press Up so that the plane does not actually take off. When it tops its non-airborne speed, switch vehicles to the dirtbike. The plane should keep traveling at the speed and direction you left it at. When it hits the mountain to the boundary, it will drive up it somewhat and start flying around in half circles until it hits the boundary.
matt D.

Glitch: Invisible:
Go to Freestyle Two Player mode with two controllers. Select two trophy trucks and start the game. Take controller two and get a trophy truck. Then, take controller one and go to helmet view (Select), go to the pause screen and switch to bike two. Return to normal view and switch to bike one you should be invisible.

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