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MTX: Mototrax

All bonuses:
Enter 2468G0A7 as a password from the options menu.
aelhreand Tommy Gunn.

Super speed:
Enter JIH345 as a password from the options menu. The only way to disable this code is to reset the game; make sure to save your progress before doing so. Also, this code will cause your bike's handling to decrease considerably at higher speeds, and you will be more prone to bottoming out when landing. Be careful if you plan on using it during your career.

All tracks:
Enter BA7H as a password from the options menu.

Maximum air:
Enter BFB0020 as a password from the options menu.

Left Field gear:
Enter 12345 as a password from the options menu.

Sobe gear:
Enter 50B3 as a password from the options menu.

Butterfinger gear:
Enter B77393 as a password from the options menu.

Sky camera:
Enter HIC as a password from the options menu.

Nokia trickbot:
Enter HA79000 as a password from the options menu. Alternately, successfully complete the entire Freestyle career.
B E.

Officer Dick:
Enter BADG3 as a password from the options menu. Alternately, successfully complete all the Freestyle competitions.

Speed Demon:
Enter 773H999 as a password from the options menu. Alternately, successfully complete the entire MX career.
B E.

Slipknot Maggot:
To race as a Slipknot Maggot on a customized Slipknot motorcycle, enter 86657457 (the word slipknot backwards, numerical as on a telephone keypad) as a password from the options menu. Alternately, successfully complete Master Supercross.
Dustin Engstrom, russell kelly, and RR Disciple.

Slipknot FMV sequence:
Enter 23F7IC5 as a password from the options menu.
Dustin Engstrom, russell kelly, and RR Disciple.

All FMV sequences:
Enter 23F7ICS as a password from the options menu.

Hint: Performing donuts:
While not moving, hold Square and Left or Right and press the gas (X). To make faster rotations, hold the clutch (L2) immediately before you perform this.
Nick Alamia.

Hint: Wheelie:
Hold Left Analog-stick Away and click the Right Analog-stick to do a wheelie, and eventually beat the record for the level that you are on.

Hint: Recommended bike:
The best bike is the first one you get, because you will get offers for bike upgrades that increase its stats. However if you choose to switch bike companies, the upgrades are lost. Stay with the first bike and by the end you will get an awesome bike. You can accept all other offers though.
Chris Fraser.

Glitch: Everglades: Jump over 600 feet:
From your starting point on the dock, back up slightly and look to your left. Ride over to the set of jumps that are at the other end of the barges. Once in the area, ride over the jumps to your left until you reach the jump that is directly left of a palm tree. Past this jump are two landing slopes; one that is directly in front of the jump next to the palm tree, and one that is behind it and to the left. Ride over to the second slope and face the right hand corner/side area of it. Continuously ride into this area, trying to push your way through it. With some speed and the proper placement, you should be able to ride through the corner of the slope and ''fall'' through the ground, eventually re-spawning back onto the dock where you started. During this ''fall'', you will also be able to string together as many tricks as you wish for an insanely huge multiplier without the fear of crashing; when you re-spawn back onto the dock, the game still acts as if you are in the air, Note: Be careful with the gas and brake/reverse, as the game also acts as though you are on the ground as well. When you are done with your multiplier, speed off into the level as usual. If done correctly, when your jump distance meter appears it should read more than six hundred feet. Note: Repeated use of this glitch to increase your multipliers may cause the game to crash. Make sure to save your place immediately after you have achieved your new jump distance. As with any glitch, use it at your own risk.

Glitch: Everglades: Fly:
At the beginning of the level, go completely straight off the dock. You will go between a small house-type building and a palm tree. Keep going straight and make a small right turn. You will see a white trailer. In the back of the trailer is a small propane tank. Next to it are two barrels. There is a barrel to the right of the propane, and a second one in front of that. Face your bike towards the propane, then slowly go towards the first barrel. Align your bike's tire towards the first barrel until you cannot go anymore without falling back. Hold the gas and you will eventually fly in a different direction.
David Heine.

Glitch: Rock Quarry: Jump over 900 feet:
Enable the "Super speed" code. Play at the free ride area "Rock Quarry" When you start, do a 180 and go down the big ledge towards the container jump. Clear it, then hold it pinned. As you approach the excavator, jump and keep holding it pinned. Jump it as close to the wall as possible. When you are airborne, whip it to the right (towards the wall) and hold it. You should fly over the wall and into a glitch where everything turns white. You will fall for a while, then respawn on the ground with the game stating that you have jumped up to 1,000 feet (usually in the 900 feet range).
5th Pinned.

Glitch: The Compound: Jump up to 2,000 feet:
Do not enable any cheat codes before you attempt this glitch. Play at "The Compound" in the Free Ride category. When you start, take a small left turn and go towards a light colored paved road. Ride straight down this road and you will pass a black tour bus. After you pass the bus you will be on a dirt road and then see a red house-shaped object marked "199". Immediately after you go past this object, take a hard right turn. You will be on a different road. Continue down this road and you will be on a lighter colored road and see a ramp that marked "MTX Mototrax". Just after you pass the ramp take a hard right turn and go straight down another road. You will see another ramp marked "MTX Mototrax". Jump off this jump. It will lead you to a different road. After you have traveled down the road you will see another ramp that reads "MTX Mototrax". Go directly down the center of the ramp using full boost and traveling at least 60 mph. Just after you leave the ramp continue holding the gas and press Left Analog-stick Right so that your bike is level. You will go through the side of a huge rock and the screen will turn blue. After you "fall through the sky" you will respawn at the beginning of the level. That game will state that you jumped somewhere near 2,000 feet.
Brad O.

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