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MS Saga: A New Dawn

Note: This game is also titled Gundam True Odyssey: Shitsu Warate G no Densetsu.

Hint: Selecting party members:
Learn what each person excels at and equip them accordingly. For example, Tristan is good at melee. Give him good melee weapons and MS. Fritz is good a ranged attacks. Give him good ranged weapons and MS.

Hint: Moon Arc:
Make sure you check the Moon Arc when you gain new card keys to find new MS and weapons. Note: Not all card keys will unlock doors.

Hint: Defeating Big Zam:
Get all your characters to level 21 or 22. Upgrade all you can before you start the fight. Your front lines should consist of the Tristan (Gundam), Hal (Gelgoog Special), and Tremmie (Keampher). The shotgun should be equipped to the Keampher because of the speed of the MS. Have the Xamel Cannon equipped to the Guncannon MS and keep your Gyan Guncannon and whatever mech Gavenger is using in the back lines to charge. When you see the Big Zam about to use his boost attack, switch whichever character has the lowest energy to the ones with the highest. Use Gavenger's Chaff Field. This will block every attack from the Big Zam except his earthquake attack. However, remember the Chaff Field only lasts for a single turn and the Big Zam uses boost attacks for three or four turns in a row. Keep Gavenger's energy up. He only needs to use Chaff Field for the first two attacks because the third is usually earthquake (unless he uses the full charge technique). Then, Chaff Field the first two and ignore the last two attacks. While Gavenger has the Chaff Field up use your other character's boost attacks. Try to stick to melee attacks and do not use the Guncannon's Mega Fire. Use the Xamel Cannon, because like the shotgun it reduces target armor by 30% and you cannot use it with Megafire. You are not going to win this fight by sheer force. Have Tristan use the Heal All technique and you should have a few repair units in your items screen. Do not be afraid to use them. Also use Offense Hack to keep him from using his big attack. Note: If he uses his big attack without you using the Chaff Field, at least one of your characters will die.
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Use Beam Field instead of Chaff Field when fighting the Big Zam. The Big Zam uses beam weapons, so this will negate them. Use Beam Field when you see that he is about to use a boost attack (BST). Make sure you unequip any beam weapons and use shell or melee weapons because he is immune to beams. Have your good melee people on the field because they do the most damage and the Big Zam will not counter the attacks. Note: Hal will leave the party after this fight because he is Valdi Zarth. You will lose both Major Rezner and Gavenger. However you will gain Bazooli the pilot of the Big Zam later, but he will have Gavengers MS. Major Rezner comes back later but you must defeat her first.

Hint: Defeating the Xamel:
To defeat the Xamel, destroy the guards first. Use Chaff Field with Fritz when he is about to boost attack (BST). This will negate any damage from his cannon or missiles. When he is not attacking, use charge with Fritz to regain EN. Use the other two party members to attack him after armor downing him.

Hint: Saving money:
In each town you are given the option of repairing and resting or just resting. Always choose rest instead of both repairing and resting, because you can use techniques to repair your MS and it is cheaper. After you receive the Gaw and are allowed to fly where desired, travel to Marie's House because you can rest there for free.
Honored Shinobi.

Hint: Double Booster:
Over the course of the game you will receive many En Cap(S) or energy capsule smalls. You may be tempted to spend them every time you get ten. Instead, save all of them and when you get to Diggins Rock you should have at least 40 and can make a Double Booster. The Double Booster is one of the best parts. It boosts all of your mobile suits stats, including starting EN. To help you get 40. fight the Zakus at the beginning of the game periodically. This will help if you want to make a second double booster.
Honored Shinobi.

Hint: Africa: Good training and money:
When you receive the Gaw there is an island on the northwest side of Africa (shaped like South Carolina). The enemies may be difficult, but you can gain lots of experience may receive a Large Heat Shotel (an extremely powerful sword) from the Zaku Shotel 2s. This is the only place to fight Gold Commands and Zaku Shotel 2s.
Honored Shinobi.

Hint: Australia: Mobile Suit Coliseum:
The Mobile Suit Coliseum is located in Australia. It is a very good place to test the power of your units. If you win, each league gives you a good part or weapon as a reward. When outside the main office where the shops are located, run to the very back then run towards the screen. There is a secret room in the back of the coliseum filled with good items. If you manage to unlock the secret fight, it is the Organizer standing in between the two desks. He will pilot Burning Gundam and can only be hurt by melee attacks. He is difficult, but if defeated he will give you the Burning Gundam.
Honored Shinobi.

Hint: Japan: Secret dungeon:
The main island of Japan has a forest that has a secret dungeon. Run through the forest until you reach the cave. The Red Diamonds are as follows.

3 Black Guncannons
2 Black Guncannons and 1 Black Gundam
3 Black Full Armor Gundams
3 Black Rick Dias
2 Black Rick Dias and 1 Black Hyaku Shiki
3 Black Gundam MK-2
1 Black Zeta Gundam
1 Black ZZ Gundam

At the end of this dungeon, you will get some very powerful equipment such as the Nu Gundam Rifle and Nu Gundam Sabre.
Honored Shinobi.

Hint: South America: Powerful Mobile Suits:
On the southern half of South America, there is a lone mountain named Mt. Trial. If you are able to defeat the Red Diamonds here you will receive some very powerful Mobile Suits. All but two of the Red Diamonds are previous Bosses. Some are much more powerful than before. These fights are some of the most difficult, especially without Beam Field. The exceptional rewards are Gundam Heavyarms, Altron Gundam, and Gundam Deathscythe Hell.
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