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James Bond 007: NightFire

Drive a Shelby Cobra:
Begin game play on the Enemies Vanquished level. Press Start to pause game play, then hold L1 and press Circle(2), Square(2), Triangle, then release L1. You will be taken to a level where you race a Phoenix car through the Enemies Vanquished course. You will be driving the Shelby Cobra from the Paris Prelude level No one can shoot, but you can force your opponent into the path of other cars in the other lane to gain a lot of ground on him. When you reach the rendezvous point, you will be told who won.
ryan donahue.

Alternately, while racing on the Enemies Vanquished level, press Start to pause game play, then hold L1 and press Right(2), Left(2), Up, then release L1.

Drive an SUV:
While racing on the Enemies Vanquished level, press Start to pause game play, then hold L1 and press Square, Circle, Triangle, Square, Triangle, then release L1.

Frantic racing:
While racing on the Paris Prelude, Enemies Vanquished, Island Infiltration, or Deep Descent level, press Start to pause game play, then hold L1 and press Square, Triangle, Circle, Square, Triangle, Circle, then release L1.

Berserk racing:
While racing on the Paris Prelude, Enemies Vanquished, Island Infiltration, or Deep Descent level, press Start to pause game play, then hold L1 and press Square, Triangle(2), Square, Triangle, Circle, then release L1. You will now have unlimited missiles.

Trails during racing:
While racing on the Paris Prelude, Enemies Vanquished, Island Infiltration, or Deep Descent level, press Start to pause game play, then hold L1 and press Square, Circle(2), Square, then release L1.

Double armor during racing:
While racing on the Paris Prelude, Enemies Vanquished, Island Infiltration, or Deep Descent level, press Start to pause game play, then hold L1 and press Square, Triangle, Circle, Square(2), then release L1.

Triple armor during racing:
While racing on the Paris Prelude, Enemies Vanquished, Island Infiltration, or Deep Descent level, press Start to pause game play, then hold L1 and press Square, Triangle, Circle, Square(3), then release L1.

Quadruple armor during racing:
While racing on the Paris Prelude, Enemies Vanquished, Island Infiltration, or Deep Descent level, press Start to pause game play, then hold L1 and press Square, Triangle, Circle, Square(4), then release L1.

Super bullets during racing:
While racing on the Paris Prelude, Enemies Vanquished, Island Infiltration, or Deep Descent level, press Start to pause game play, then hold L1 and press Circle(4), then release L1. Note: This can also be done when you are flying the plane with Alura.

Cheat mode:
For the following codes, select the "Codenames" option at the main menu. Select your character, then enter one of the following codes at the "Secret Unlocks" screen. Save your Codename after entering the code. Then, exit your Codename and begin game play.

Level select:
Enter PASSPORT at the "Secret Unlocks" screen.
Jhonte Sanders.

Alpine Escape level:
Enter POWDER at the "Secret Unlocks" screen.

Chain Reaction level:
Enter MELTDOWN at the "Secret Unlocks" screen.

Countdown level:
Enter BLASTOFF at the "Secret Unlocks" screen.
bcmb, d, pw tilb.

Deep Descent level:
Enter AQUA at the "Secret Unlocks" screen.

Double Cross level:
Enter BONSAI at the "Secret Unlocks" screen.

Enemies Vanquished level:
Enter TRACTION at the "Secret Unlocks" screen.

Equinox level:
Enter VACUUM at the "Secret Unlocks" screen.

Island Infiltration level:
Enter PARADISE at the "Secret Unlocks" screen.

Night Shift level:
Enter HIGHRISE at the "Secret Unlocks" screen.

Phoenix Fire level:
Enter FLAME at the "Secret Unlocks" screen.

All gadget upgrades:
Enter Q LAB at the "Secret Unlocks" screen.
Jec1298 and Elaini Maeder.

Bigger clip for sniper rifle:
Enter MAGAZINE at the "Secret Unlocks" screen.

Camera upgrade:
Enter SHUTTER at the "Secret Unlocks" screen. This code upgrades your mini-camara so that it can zoom in farther and highlight enemies.
Elaini Maeder.

Decrypter upgrade:
Enter SESAME at the "Secret Unlocks" screen. This code upgrades your Decryptor so it can hack faster.
Elaini Maeder.

P2K upgrade:
Enter P2000 at the "Secret Unlocks" screen.

Golden P2K:
Enter AU P2K at the "Secret Unlocks" screen. This code gives you a golden P2K instead of a PP7.
Elaini Maeder, jdob84 and Darrell Remillard.

Golden PP7:
Enter AU PP7 at the "Secret Unlocks" screen. This code ipgrades your PP7 into a gold version that is twice as powerful.
Elaini Maeder.

Grapple upgrade:
Enter LIFTOFF at the "Secret Unlocks" screen. This code makes your grappling hook last longer.
Elaini Maeder.

Laser upgrade:
Enter PHOTON at the "Secret Unlocks" screen. This code upgrades your laser so that it is more powerful and cuts faster.
Elaini Maeder.

Stunner upgrade:
Enter ZAP at the "Secret Unlocks" screen. This cod upgrades your Stunner so that it can shoot farther.
Elaini Maeder.

Tranquilizer dart upgrade:
Enter SLEEPY at the "Secret Unlocks" screen. Your tranquilizer darts will be upgraded so that enemies will stay down longer.
Elaini Maeder.

Vanquish car missile upgrade:
Enter LAUNCH at the "Secret Unlocks" screen.

All multi-player options:
Enter GAMEROOM at the "Secret Unlocks" screen. This code unlocks all multi-player extras except for the characters.
Elaini Maeder.

Multi-player mode Assassination option:
Enter TARGET at the "Secret Unlocks" screen.

Multi-player mode Demolition option:
Enter TNT at the "Secret Unlocks" screen. This code unlocks the team-based scenario "Demolition:, where the MI6 team has to destroy the Phoenix teams' satellite.
Elaini Maeder.

Multi-player mode Explosive Scenery option:
Enter BOOM at the "Secret Unlocks" screen. This is an Enviro-mod that makes it so that explosive barrels appear throughout the arena.
Elaini Maeder.

Multi-player mode GoldenEye Strike option:
Enter ORBIT at the "Secret Unlocks" screen. This code unlocks the scenario "GoldenEye Strike", where the two halves of the GoldenEye key must be brought together in order to score a point.
Elaini Maeder.

Multi-player mode Protection option:
Enter GUARDIAN at the "Secret Unlocks" screen. This code unlocks the team-based scenario "Protection", where the MI6 team has to defend their satellite and keep the Phoenix team from destroying it.
Elaini Maeder.

Multi-player mode Assassination option:
Enter SCOPE at the "Secret Unlocks" screen. This code unlocks unlocks the scenario "Assassination", where one player is set as the target and another player is set as the assassin. The assassin must kill the target to get a point, and all of the other players must prevent the target from getting killed.
Elaini Maeder.

Multi-player mode Team King Of The Hill option:
Enter TEAMWORK at the "Secret Unlocks" screen. This code unlocks the scenario "Team King of the Hill".
Elaini Maeder.

Multi-player mode Uplink option:
Enter TRANSMIT at the "Secret Unlocks" screen. This code unlocks the scenario "Uplink", where one team must activate three different satellites in order to gain a point.
Elaini Maeder.

Multi-player mode all characters and bots:
Enter PARTY at the "Secret Unlocks" screen.
Elaini Maeder and auron31.

Multi-player mode Baron Samedi:
Enter VOODOO at the "Secret Unlocks" screen.

Multi-player Bond Spacesuit:
Enter ZERO G at the "Secret Unlocks" screen.

Multi-player mode Bond Tuxedo:
Enter BLACKTIE at the "Secret Unlocks" screen.

Multi-player mode Christmas Jones:
Enter NUCLEAR at the "Secret Unlocks" screen.

Multi-player mode Drake:
Enter NUMBER 1 at the "Secret Unlocks" screen. Note: There is a space in the code.

Multi-player mode Elektra King:
Enter SLICK at the "Secret Unlocks" screen.

Multi-player mode Goldfinger:
Enter MIDAS at the "Secret Unlocks" screen.

Multi-player mode Jaws:
Enter DENTAL at the "Secret Unlocks" screen.

Multi-player mode Max Zorin:
Enter BLIMP at the "Secret Unlocks" screen.

Multi-player mode Mayday:
Enter BADGIRL at the "Secret Unlocks" screen.

Multi-player mode Nick Nack:
Enter BITESIZE at the "Secret Unlocks" screen.

Multi-player mode Oddjob:
Enter BOWLER at the "Secret Unlocks" screen.

Note: When Oddjob is unlocked, switch weapons to get his hat as an available weapon. It is the classic hat throw from Goldfinger and is a 1 hit kill move. The hat will regenerate in about five seconds.

Oddjob's hat is heatseeking, and when thrown at a motionless opponent it will find and kill them. However this only works if they are not moving. When your friend is using a Sentinel and you want to take him out from a distance, just use your hat.

Multi-player mode Pussy Galore:
Enter CIRCUS at the "Secret Unlocks" screen.

Multi-player mode Renard:
Enter HEADCASE at the "Secret Unlocks" screen.

Multi-player mode Scaramanga:
Enter ASSASSIN at the "Secret Unlocks" screen.

Multi-player mode Wai Lin:
Enter MARTIAL at the "Secret Unlocks" screen.

Multi-player mode Xenia Onatopp:
Enter JANUS at the "Secret Unlocks" screen.

Alpine Escape level rewards:
Successfully complete the level to unlock the Military Snowmobile card, Assassination and Grapple multi-player mode, and Max Zorin in multi-player mode.

Chain Reaction level rewards:
Successfully complete the level to unlock the Rook card and Wai Lin in multi-player mode.

Countdown level rewards:
Successfully complete the level to unlock the Drake card and Explosive Scenery multi-player mode.

Deep Descent level rewards:
Successfully complete the level to unlock the Vanquish Submarine card and Nick Nack in multi-player mode.

Double Cross level rewards:
Successfully complete the level to unlock the Mayhew card, Uplink multi-player mode, Sniper Rifle upgrade, and Xenia Onatopp in multi-player mode.

Enemies Vanquished level rewards:
Successfully complete the level to unlock the Vanquish Car card, Scaramanga and May Day in multi-player mode, and Camera upgrade.

Equinox level rewards:
Successfully complete the level to unlock the James Bond card, GoldenEye Strike multi-player mode, Sniper Rifle upgrade, and Bond Space Suit in multi-player mode.

Successfully complete the level with a gold medal and all 007 bonus icons to unlock unlimited ammunition for the PP7.

Island Infiltration level rewards:
Successfully complete the level to unlock the Ultralight card and Protection multi-player mode.

Night Shift level rewards:
Successfully complete the level to unlock the Kiko card, Team King Of The Hill multi-player mode, and Pistol upgrade.

Paris Prelude level rewards:
Successfully complete the level to unlock the Dominque card, Jaws and Renard in multi-player mode, and Missile upgrade.

Phoenix Fire level rewards:
Successfully complete the level to unlock the Alura card, Demolition multi-player mode, and Pistol upgrade.

The Exchange level rewards:
Successfully complete the level to unlock the Zoe Nightshade card, Oddjob and Baron Samedi in multi-player mode, and Pistol upgrade.

Ending sequence:
After completing the game, do not press any buttons. An ending sequence will start playing. It will play the credits, the ending sequence, and a bonus sequence about how the game was made will begin.

Hint: Alpine Escape: Killing guards:
An easy way to kill the guards that are on the snowmobiles, is to shoot them off, so that the snowmobile is all that remains.

Hint: Alpine Escape: 007 icons:
Aaron DeRoo.

The first 007 icon can be found after you get the snowmobile started, there is a little shack. Blow up the gas cans and you will drive through it.
The second 007 icon can be found when you are face to face with a snowmobile. Blow it up before it passes you. An icon will appear in your path.
To get the third 007 icon, when you get to the gate with the guards, kill the two on top with rocket launchers.

Hint: Alpine Escape: Bond moves:

Shoot the barrels at the first building quickly.
Shoot the barrels at the next building.
Shoot the grate before you go through the tunnel.
Kill the snowmobile driver just after the grate before he gets past you.
When the wooden gate is closing, hit the men with the rocket launchers. They are on top the gate -- be quick so you are not stopped at the gate.

Hint: Chain Reaction: Ronin:
After you get out of the first warehouse and get to the second sniper room with the hangar, climb the ropes until you reach the balcony before the door. Look up and grapple the pipe. When you see a rope pointing towards the hangar, press Jump near it. You will slide in the hangar and land on a ledge, Grab the Crossbow and jump on the building below. Stand on the vent and laser the latch. Fall in and get the Ronin. Go out the push door.

To find a Phoenix Ronin and a 007 icon, go to the last big tank. Grapple to the roof and jump on the engine. Laser the door and jump in to find a Ronin and a 007 icon.

Hint: Chain Reaction: Secret areas:
Get to the section with snipers after you watch the intermission sequence with Rook. Kill all the snipers. Climb over to the crane and activate it. Circle it until you see a ledge on the building in front of you. Jump on it and walk to the end. Jump on the ladder and climb up. Walk up the pipe and press Action. Go across and jump in the window to get a bonus and armor piercing sniper rounds. There is also one if you jump on the balcony and use your grapple.

In the room with the hangar and with the robotic forklift, kill all the snipers. Jump on the back of the forklift and get your grapple out. When it rides by the hangar, point towards the old balcony and grapple when the hook turns green. Jump on the ledge below for armor piercing rounds.

Instead of killing the snipers and jumping on a robotic forklift, just walk until you see the grapple point you would use if you were on the forklift. Jump up, and the recticle should turn green. When it turns green, immediately press Fire. The recticle will turn white, but you will attach to it regardless and eliminate the need for you to wait for that robot.

When you are in the hangar, there should be a group of boxes in one of the corners. Stand on the bottom box and back all the way into the other boxes. You should see the grapple symbol in the corner of your screen. Look straight up and you should see the hook with the green around it. Use your grapple to zoom up there. When you get above the height of the balcony, move forward and you should land on it. Unfortunately, all that there is on the balcony is some armor.

Hint: Chain Reaction: Easier completion:
When you enter the hangar after leaving TR-1, jump on the boxes and grapple up to the catwalk overhead. Drop on to the generator in the middle and use your laser to cut the lock on the vent. Go in, pick up the Ronin, and complete TR-2. In the sniper arena, when you are dealing with the snipers in the windows, duck behind the forklift and deploy the Ronin. Take control and put a line of fire down across the bottom of the windows. Pick up the Ronin when finished and go to the laser in TR-3. Facing the door you have to cut, put the Ronin on the path to your right. It will assist you in the last part by taking out some hidden enemies.

Hint: Countdown: Defeating ninjas:
Instead of running from ninjas when you are in the bunkers, throw remote mines or trip mines in front of your door.

Hint: Countdown: Defeating Rook:
Use any of these four weapons to kill him faster: AIMS-20 Grenade Launcher, Delta Mag Repeater 3000, Remote Mines, or Trip Bombs (place explosives in the hallway before you encounter him).

Hint: Countdown: Destroying mines:
Instead of shooting mines, throw a remote mine near them. Then, detonate it at a safe distance.

Hint: Countdown: Enter armory:
When you get into car door #16, instead of going to the door before that (door #17), you should see lockers with armor in one. Go up the stairs in the room and decrypt both keypads. Get AIMS 20, trip bombs, and ammunition.

Hint: Deep Descent: Ship identification:
When you are going into the hole in the sunken ship, look slightly to the left to it. You will see "MALPRAVE IND." and the Malprave trademark. Malprave was the front for the cloning facilities.

When M radios, telling you to find an alternate route, the ship you enter is quite familiar. It has the "Malprave" logo on the side of it. "Malprave" was the evil industry that Bond fought in James Bond 007: Agent Under Fire.

Hint: Double Cross: Freeing the first hostage:
After getting inside the building, go straight to where you saw one of the girls appear. Kill the man that is holding her so that he cannot shoot the girl. Kill all of the guards and the Geisha girl will be safe.

Hint: Double Cross: Freeing the second hostage:
Get into the second building. Kill some guards, then go to the kitchen area. Shoot the guard that is holding the hostage so he cannot shoot her. Kill the men to save the Geisha girls. Note: Make sure you also destroy the computer that he asked you to destroy.

Hint: Double Cross: Defeating ninja:
When you encounter the ninja at the end of the level, make sure you have a Winter Tactical Sniper and get away from him. Keep a safe distance, then aim and shoot him in the head. More than one shot may be required.

Kill the man with the sniper rifle and save at least three shots. When you get to the ninja, you can kill him with one sniper bullet to the head or chest.
Dr. Cheat.

Use a winter tactical sniper and shoot him in the head. However, if you cannot get a safe distance take out a shotgun out and shoot him about five times. If you do not want a lot of damage, set it on auto (not pump).

Hint: Double Cross: Dancing servant:
After you retrieve the code key from the dragon, go to where the next servant you are going to save is located. Before going in, throw a stun grenade and look away after it goes off. Go into the room and kill two of the blind thugs. The one threatening the servant will not be blind -- take him out first. After killing all three thugs, the men from upstairs will start shooting. When that happens, the servant you save will start moving up and down dancing. Note: This might require a few attempts.

Hint: Double Cross: Easy points:
After you go down in the bunker with Mayhew, turn to the left. You should see a grate above the bed. Open it and climb up the ladder. Go around the rocks and make the man surrender. Then, punch him for more points.

Hint: Double Cross: Hidden weapon:
In the courtyard after the bunker, there is a small pagoda with a gong in it. Swim under the water. You can enter from underneath. Climb up the ladder. There is a winter tactical sniper lying on the box just in front of you. The pagoda interior can also be viewed from the security camera monitor/computer inside the bunker.

Hint: Enemies Vanquished: No gadgets in SUV:
When you acquire the SUV in the level, you will not be able to use any of your driving gadgets.
Michael Gaetano.

Hint: Enemies Vanquished: Cause car crash:
You can win the race by causing the other car to crash. Forcing it into a head-on collision with traffic works well.
Chris Parker.

Hint: Enemies Vanquished: 007 icons:

The first 007 icon can be found off to the left side after driving past the first cop car.
The second 007 icon can be found after jumping from the stairway.
The third 007 icon is in the air when you jump from the snow hill, to the ice path.
The forth 007 icon is on the left side of the ice when the path separates into two.
The last 007 icon is somewhere on the big patch of ice when you are trying to dispatch the guards and helicopters.

Hint: Equinox : Defeating Drake:
After destroying all the couplings on the missiles, a large explosion will appear where drake is located, and a hole will appear there. Look behind you. Look around until you see him. He has a darker tint than all the other henchmen. Shoot him two times to complete the game. Note: He fires homing missiles at you. Dodge them and kill him.

When you must face Drake at the end, instead of shooting him with the beams, avoid his rockets and do an overcharge. Make sure the aim is right on. If you hit him, it will kill him in one shot.
Aaron Evans.

Hint: Island Infiltration: Bond Move:
Go straight until the turn at bridge where you have to download the code to get across. Keep going straight until you see the bushes. Go through those bushes for armor and a Bond Move.

When you start the mission, back up and you will run into a Bond Move.

Hint: Island Infiltration: 007 icons:
Pauline Mair.

The first 007 icon can be found when you start the level in the SUV. Turn round and go back as far as you can to pick it up.
The second 007 icon can be found when you download the access code. Go to the side of the helipad and you will pick it up.
The third 007 bonus can be found when you see the third island Sentinel. Go to the right and you will pick it up.
The fourth 007 bonus can be found when you get into the ultralight plane and destroy the bridge. You will come across one or two Sentinels, then Alura will fly straight into the fourth 007 icon.

Hint: Island Infiltration: Do not set off alarm:
When going into the first complex to upload from the satellite, slow down and do not hit the board blocking the entrance. It will start to open. Go in drive carefully around the cars. If you hit one, the alarm will go off. Get the helicopter in range and shoot it down with a missile. The alarm will now sound. Take out the gun turret on top of the "garage", then take out the cars and upload the information.

Hint: Island Infiltration: Easy sub destruction:
In the last part of the level while in the SAM gun when the sub appears, equip the main gun and shoot the black missile launcher that comes out of the sub. If hit correctly, you will destroy the sub with one hit.

Hint: Night Shift: Opening caged and locked doors:
To open a cage door, press Action. To open a locked door with a keypad on it, use your Decrypter. Point it towards the keypad and hold R1 to unlock it.

Hint: Night Shift: Getting rid of guards:
Even though you cannot kill the guards, you can punch them and they will disappear.

You can kill the guards by punching them, and you will not fail the mission. You cannot shoot the guards with your gun, but you can use the tranquilizer gun to knock them out. You can then punch them while they are on the ground. You can also sneak up from behind and punch them in the back of the head.

At the beginning of the level, M says "Q branch has provided you with tranquilizer darts. Please use them". Do not use them. The only time you need the darts is when you are on the lobby floor, when two guards are walking around. To kill the guards and get rid of them for good, simply change your weapon until you have your fists. Punch the guards and they will never come back (until you restart the level).

Hint Night Shift: Bond move:
When you go in the room where Mayhew's computer is located, look for the Scorpion. It should be next to the desk. Then, go to the roof. Kill all the guards, then shoot the helicopter with the Scorpion. Shoot until it explodes or until you get the Bond Move.

Hint: Paris Prelude: 007 icons:

The first 007 icon can be found immediately after you use the Q-Smoke. It will be to the left when you are driving.
The second 007 icon is located after the truck blocks the path. Go up the stairs and it will be to your left.
The third 007 icon will be in the air when you jump the little stairway.
The last 007 icon can be found after you use your Q-Boost to get across the bridge.

Hint: Paris Prelude: Bond comment:
When you see the Snow Guard sitting facing away from you on the fountain, shoot him in the head with the Covert Sniper. He will fall backwards and crack the ice. Walk up to him. As he sinks in, Bond will say, "I give that dive a 3".

Hint: Paris Prelude: Bond Move:
Shoot the enemy's car tire to unlock a Bond Move.

Hint: Phoenix Fire: Grenade launcher:
After Bond shoots out the elevator window, stop. Do not go in the building. Instead, look where Bond broke the window. Jump out onto the ledge on the building. Look up and shoot your grappling hook at the small black vent. When you land, you should be on top of the elevator. Open up the white flashing vent. Go through the tunnel and open up the vent you landed on and drop in. Look around for the grenade launcher and open the door. You can shoot the guard or make him surrender for more points.

Hint: Phoenix Fire: Getting past the first Ronin:
After coming down the spiral staircase, eliminate the guards and turn right. Around the corner, there is a Ronin and a guard. Take out the grenades and peek around the corner. As soon as you see the corner of the Ronin, throw two grenades. Wait until they detonate. The Ronin will be destroyed.

Hint: Phoenix Fire: Shotgun:
After coming down the spiral staircase to the ground floor, go underneath them. You will find a shotgun, armor, and a satchel charge.

Hint: The Exchange: Finding Kiko:
Kiko is in the party where all the guest are at with the two windows. Go up to her and Bond will talk to her.

Hint: The Exchange: Flirt with Kiko:
While you are in the castle, approach Kiko at the party. Take out your camera. Zoom in on various spots and she will say "Enjoying the view?" Stop using the camera and Bond will say "Quite". Then, zoom in on her again in different spots and take pictures of her. She will then say "I'm afraid we haven't been properly introduced". Then, Bond will say "What about improperly?"

Hint: The Exchange: Getting inside the party:
When you get into the castle walls, kill the two guards. Then, go left into the next room. Kill all of the guards in that room and follow the path. In the next room, go up to the top right stairway and kill the men. Follow the path, then turn right, immediately after you pass the tower wall. Follow the path and it should lead you directly to the stairs that allow you enter the party.

First, kill the two men that you see. Then, go to where the man is by the plant. Kill him. Then, go to the spotlight courtyard. Shoot the two men that are up there. Once you shoot them, the spotlights will turn on. Do not let them see you or the alarm will turn on. go Forward, then turn right. You will see an opening. Go through it, kill the man there, then go left and right to the door.

Hint: The Exchange: Alternate route into castle:
Head toward the castle doors. Before there you will you see a set of stairs. Go down. Walk along the castle's outer ledge. As you continue along, watch your step. Continue to three windows. Be careful as two guards patrol inside where you are. After that, use your grapple to get to the back way in.

There are three ways to sneak into the castle. The first is to follow the road forward and kill everyone. Open the door at the end of the road. The second is to keep following the road until you see a broken part of fence. Go to it and you will see a ledge. Go on the ledge. Keep following the ledge and grapple, handrail, and ledge climb to go in the broken wall. Go up the steps and through the door. Note: Do not get caught by guards. The third way is to stay on the road until you see a truck. Jump on the hood of the truck and into the back. Keep your head low, do not shoot, and stay in the truck.

At the beginning of the level, hitch the truck ride. When the truck stops the second time, get out of it. Go back and you will see two railings. Go in between them and do not go off the cliff. Continue until you see a crack on the right side, which will also be the end. Go to the door, then up the stairs. There should be two doors. Go to the first door that you see. Shoot the man, then go down the stairs. They will say "I hear something, hit the lights". Try not to go through the lights. Go to the left opening and shoot the man. Go to the opening on the left, and you should see the door to the party.
Cool Mike.

At the start of the level, go down the stairs as you silence your P2K. Take out the guard at the bottom of the stairs by shooting him in the head then return up the stairs. At the top, turn left and jump on to the ledge. A truck will appear. After you hear a series of clicks as the truck rolls backwards, jump into the truck and crouch. After awhile, the driver will say something and the screen will fade. If it does not, jump out, shoot the two guards in front of the truck, get in front of the gate, and press Action.
Thomas Lu.

Hint: The Exchange: Avoid large battle:
When done watching the intermission sequence at the secret meeting, instead of jumping down and shooting at several guards, turn left and open the window. You can then jump out and get on the roof. You will see two guards on the roof and two more guarding a door below. Take out the ones on the roof quickly, since they are very accurate shooters. Then, take out the ones that are down below. Next, walk around on the roof to find the zipline icon. Jump and you will slide to the roof the guards were on, and you can pick up their guns. This is also a Bond Move. Note: Remember to go back and get the case.

At the start, go down the stairs. There will be a guard. Shoot him in the head and get his gun. Go back upstairs, take out the sniper rifle, and snipe all the guards that you can see.

When you are about to enter the gondola port at the end of the mission, look to the right and down to find a metal walkway. Drop down and run up the steps into the gondola next to you. By doing this, you will avoid the guards in the gondola port. Get a pistol and shoot out all the windows, then take out your Sentinel and start shooting the helicopter. After one shot at the helicopter, shoot a rocket back at the station. This will kill most of the guards.

Hint: The Exchange: Disable search lights without setting off alarm:
When you get to the room with the searchlight circuit breakers, kill the two guards inside and the guard outside. Then, go to the breaker and press Action to open the door. Use your wristwatch laser on the green wire. If you cut the red wire, then an alarm will go off and a lot of guards will appear.

Hint: The Exchange: Getting past window:
Take the alternate route around the castle. When you reach the part where you have to walk by the window with the guards, stand next to the first window and silence your PP7. Aim and shoot one of the guards. The guards will run off, but not set off the alarm. You can now walk by the windows without being seen. However, when you get to the castle entrance there will be two guards waiting for you.
kyle lejsek.

Hint: The Exchange: Destroying the helicopter:
Using the Guided Missile Launcher, shoot the helicopter near the propeller.

Hint: The Exchange: Opening locked door and safe:
To open the locked door at the end, press Action on the side of the door. Then, use your laser on your watch to get in. After that, use your laser again to open the safe. The glowing purple sides on the safe are where you need to shoot.

Hint: The Exchange: Getting the briefcase:
After you spy on the secret meeting, there will be two or three guards where the meeting was held. Shoot them and another guard will come in. Kill all of the guards and jump off the balcony. When you land, you will not get hurt. Collect all of the ammunition here, then go to the door on the left. There will be two guards in front of a door. Kill the guards and go through the door. There will be two more guards on the stairway you will walk into. Kill those guards and go to the metal door. Open the electric box and use your laser to destroy the microchip. Before you go into the door, switch your gadget to the Stunner, then go into the room and stun both of the guards inside the door. Then, switch back to your laser and use it on the hinges of the metal safe. Take the briefcase and Sentinel.

Hint: The Exchange: Henchmen:
When you go into the party, look at the men when you enter. It appears as if you will punch him. There is no symbol telling you not to punch him, but do not punch. Look at people dressed up for the party. They have the "Do Not Punch" symbol. The people that do not have the symbol are henchmen that you will be fighting later.

Hint: The Exchange: Hostage:
Quietly go up to the first man down the stairs. You will automatically take his gun and he will act as a hostage. If you run away while his hands are up, he will take out a PP7.

Hint: The Exchange: Diver:
When you get to the part where two henchmen are talking, kill them and go up the stairs to the left. You should see a man with his back to you. standing in front of a pond. Shoot him in the back of the head and he will fall in. Bond will say "I'd give that dive a three actually".

Hint: The Exchange: Secret area:
When you start, jump on the ledge and walk until you get on a snowy cliff. Go down by the busted crate to get armor and a bonus. Go through the hole in the rocks and grapple the hook above.

Hint: The Exchange: Free ride:
When you start, jump on the ledge and look on the path until you see a truck. jump In the back of the truck and ride until you see someone talking. You will also get a Bond Move for this.

Hint: The Exchange: K-80:
Kill the first enemy you find and get his gun. Sometimes, it is a fully-auto K-80.
Steve Blackshaw.

Hint: The Exchange: Winter Tactical Sniper:
Go down the stairs. There will be a guard here. Make him surrender, stun him, and punch him out to get more points and a Winter Tactical Sniper.
Shaan Arora.

Hint: The Exchange: Extra bullets:
When you start the level you will be in a castle. Go down the stairs and put your gun to the snow guard's back. He will surrender. Get his gun and walk to the arch to your left and turn around/ He will begin shooting at you. Kill him and pick up the bullets.

Hint: The Exchange: Grappling hook:
When a sign appears on the top right hand corner signing a grappling hook, prepare your cell phone and fire at a green area.
Kerr Davidson.

Hint: The Exchange: Bond move:
Snipe the man in the tower and by the gates. As the truck is driving up to the castle, jump in by jumping on the front and then into the back. Kneel down and the truck will drive you into the castle grounds.

When you are heading up to the castle in the truck, do not shoot anything and make sure you are crouching at the very bottom of the truck. As soon as the truck driver says "I have twenty cases of wine for Mr. Drake" and you receive the Bond move, stand up straight, climb on to the crates of wine and jump out of the truck. Without shooting the two guards, run back down the slope away from the truck. You should have the Bond move and you can now collect all the other 007 Icons and Bond moves.
Joshua Street.

Hint: The Exchange: 007 Icons:
Aaron DeRoo.

The first 007 Icon is found when you go out the building at the start. Kill the guard and go backwards along the path. You will come to an end by a guard and the icon.
The second 007 Icon is found in the wine cellar, behind some barrels
The third 007 Icon is found after the tower by the snipers. Go up the tower and to the left.
The fourth 007 Icon is fund by the door you enter to meet Dominque. Keep going straight to a stairway. The icon is by a fireplace
The fifth 007 Icon is in the room where you meet Dominque. It is to the left of the door that you go out.
The sixth 007 Icon is found after you spy on the meeting and go out the window. Go as far back as you can.
The seventh 007 Icon is near the cable car. Go down the railing and follow the path. There will be a little building at the end, Go inside and get the icon.
The eighth 007 Icon can be found near where you start. When you start, look your right and jump up on the ledge. Then, go left and follow the snowy path to find a box with body armor and a 007 bonus near it.

Hint: Multi-player: Double pistols:
Choose multi-player mode and for weapons select Phoenix weapons. You will start with a pistol. Find another and you can use two pistols. Note: You must also be a Phoenix character.

Hint: Multi-player: Spare weapon:
While you are in a mini vehicle, press Alternate Fire for a second weapon. The helicopter has homing missiles and the tank has a grenade launcher.

Hint: Multi-player: GoldenEye Strike: Keep enemies from getting points:
When in multi-player mode in Phoenix Base, if you are getting hit by the beam, jump into the water. You will die automatically, but the other team will not get a point.
Michael Johnson.

Hint: Multi-player: Skyrail: Sniping location:
Go to any of the giant rocks and circle it until you start to climb and crouch.

Go on top of one of the houses. Go on the roof and onto the wire for the trolley. Walk on it until you get to one of the corners and go into it. You are now in a sniping location where if you do not want to be hit, you can duck.

Go inside either of the two buildings. Climb all the way up to the rooftop area. One building should have a large circle that you can jump through in order to get on a roof. From there you can snipe your enemies, but you may need to move from side to side in case enemies are near. Ducking there probably will not help you. If you are on the building on the other end of the map, go onto the roof top from either side. There are ways you can go up by the trolley and the other stairs. If you are going through the way by the trolley, run across the rooftop and go to where the two guns should be. Jump over that barricade to get onto the actual roof. Once there you can move up and duck for a perfect sniping position.

When you start, get on to the roof of the small ski lodge at the bottom of the hill. If you do not want to run down and get shot, just use the trolley and once there, get onto the roof. Look around and you should see a black briefcase near one of the doors. The briefcase will only appear if the weapons are set to automatics. Grab it, then jump over the ledge and onto the roof facing the hill you just came down. Press Circle and you will take out the case. Make sure you are facing the hill and press Fire to deploy it. A Phoenix Ronin should come out of the briefcase, and set itself up facing the hill and most of the game area. It will now shoot anything that moves except yourself. You can either find a quiet place to hide and let it do all the killing, or shoot some people yourself. When the Ronin kills someone, it will go onto your score as if you killed it. You can also control the Ronin by pressing Circle again and then pressing Fire. It will put you in control of it, and you can move it using the Analog-sticks. Make sure you have friendly fire off when using the Ronin, or it will shoot your allies. Note: The Ronin will self-destruct if shot too many times by enigmas or if it runs out of ammunition.

When playing with your friend in multi-player mode, set the game weapons to snipers and the game type to "Protection" or "Team Arena" at the Skyrail level. When the game starts, have you and your friend get some power-ups like snipers and others quickly before you encounter any enigmas. Then, both of you should run up to the trolley boarding area in whichever base you are at. Get on the tram with your friend and just ride the trolley around the map while shooting enemies. They usually cannot shoot you up there, and do not even see you. If you get bored, jump off the trolley near the big rock with the gun on it. Climb up the rock to the gun and press X to use it. It will fire big rocket-like projectiles from an unlimited supply.

Go to either the church's or the lodge's open roof. Jump onto the closed roof and walk on top of the tram cable. Walk to the first turn of the line then walk on the metal bar to the pit and crouch. This is a good hiding spot for sniping or using the Sentinel. Note: Remaining there for a while sometimes gives more accuracy points.
SaRaH army Barah.

Hint: Multi-player: Skyrail: Ride the trams:
Go to the church. Go up the way to the roof. You will see a room that has a red light. Go into it and wait for a moment. You will see a tram. Walk into it and it will start to move. The tram will take you to the lodge's tram area. If you stay on it, the tram will take you back up to the church. Note: When you are on the tram you can shoot any gun. Be careful if you shoot a rocket, as sometimes you will kill yourself.

Hint: Multi-player: Skyrail: Smoking trolley:
Set the weapons on random and look around until you find some smoke grenades. If you cannot find any, restart until you get some. Then, go to the trolley and wait for it to arrive. Get in and duck, in case some enemies down on the ground start firing, and get either to the front or to the back. the front is the end which is closest to the direction to which the trolley is moving. If you selected the front, look down at the floor then throw a smoke grenade. If you selected the back, throw them to the front and it might roll back. When it starts smoking, stand up and look out the back of the trolley. There should be a trail of smoke coming from behind it. Note: Try doing this when a cart arrives and get out before it leaves to trick your opponents.

Hint: Multi-player: Skyrail: Moving lasers:
Get into one of the trolleys and place a trip bomb on one of the walls. Make sure that the laser is pointing out of the trolley. When the trolley moves past one of the buildings, a laser will also go by. Note: When you place the trip bomb, jump out of the trolley so that it does not blow up in your face.
Liam O' Brien.

Hint: Multi-player: Skyrail: Gondola surprises:
In the Skyrail level, place remote mines on the gondolas. This can give you the jump on your friends. Do not do this when only playing against AI opponents, as they rarely ever go to the gondolas, and they never get in them. Also, place a laser tripbomb in the gondolas. This will make your friends mad.

Hint: Multi-player: Easy kills:
Turn fixed guns on in multi-player mode, then put the weapon set to Phoenix Weapon, or anything that has a remote mines. Next, put a bomb on a fixed gun. When the second person uses it, detonate it.
Harold Uhrich.

Hint: Multi-player: Tripbombs and Remote Mines restriction:
You can only lay up to five Tripbombs and Remote Mines in multi-player mode. If you lay more, they will begin to disappear in the order that you laid them.

Hint: Multi-player: Destroying missiles:
When someone or a bot shoots a Sentinel at you, you can destroy it from a distance if you are quick enough. You can use any weapon desired.
Joe Palka.

Hint: Avoid getting blinded from stun grenades:
When someone throws a stun grenade in front of you, turn away from it and you will not be blinded.

Hint: Recalling the Phoenix Ronin:
When the Ronin is activated, you can press Action any time in front of the Ronin to close it up, then you can pick it up again. Note: It will be as if you had just picked it up for the first time.

Hint: Surrendering enemies:
If an enemy does not see you, point your gun at the back of their head. To get double the points, once they turn around with their hands in air, knock them out with a punch. If you look on your score board at the start menu, you should have one surrender and one subdue for the same person. Note: Some people will never surrender.

Hint: Sniping:
When you are low on sniper ammunition and people are not shooting at you, take out your sniper rifle. Zoom in on a non-moving target's head. Make sure to get as near to the target's head as possible. Then, switch to a handgun or another weapon that can be silenced. Silence the weapon, then shoot. Do not the move the cross-hairs when changing weapons. Then, target the next victim and repeat the process.

Hint: Bulletproof glass:
Glass that cannot be broken by bullets can be broken by grenades, satchel charges, etc.

Hint: General tips:
Use the scope on the sniper rifle to survey unfamiliar environments. Use your environment to your advantage. For example, a group of soldiers near a gas drum can be eradicated with one well placed shot. Search all areas thoroughly for well-kept information or hidden supplies. Try activating anything that looks like a knob, switch, or secret passageway; anything that may be opened, turned on/off, destroyed, etc. Shoot out overhead lights to remain hidden in the shadows. Do not forget to use your gadgets; they are vital to your success. When you see an enemy in the distance, stay out of sight, take your time, and drop him with a headshot. If you sneak up on an enemy from behind, put your gun to his back and he will surrender. Look for glowing objects; they provide clues as to what action you should perform. Do not try to barrel through groups of enemies. Instead, take cover and pick them off one at a time. Listen to M's advice. She will not mislead you. If you kill civilians, your mission is over. Reload whenever you have a chance. Even if you have half a clip remaining if your health is low, take the time to backtrack and search for body armor. When you require stealth, attach the silencer to your Wolfram PP7. Keep a eye out for snipers in high places. When outgunned, a flash grenade and hurried flight is better than an all-out fire fight. Use your laser watch to break into locks and hatches

Hint: Lighter:
Take out your micro-camera and press R1. A flame will appear.

Hint: Real weapon names::
Most weapons in the game resemble and are based on real-life weapons except for some, like the Samurai laser gun. The following is a list of some real weapon identifications:
Aaron A. Mick and Sean Conerry.

Wolfram PP7: Walther PPK
Wolfram P2K: Walther P99
Kowloon Type 40: Glock 40 Select-Fire
Kowloon Type 80: Glock 80 Select-Fire Full Auto
Raptor Magnum .357: IMI Desert Eagle .357 Magnum w/ laser sight
Raptor Magnum .50: IMI Desert Eagle .50 AE
Sniper Rifles
Tactical Sniper (Large, green sniper): Artic Warfare Magnum (aka AWP)
Covert Sniper (Silenced or Unsilenced): Styer Scout
Frinensi Auto 12 Shotgun: Franchi SPAZ-12 AutoShotgun
Automatic Weapons
SG5 Commando (both versions): Sig 552 Commando
Storm M32: Sturm-Ruger MP-9
Deutsche MK9: Heckler & Kockh 9mm MP5-k SD
Automatic Sniper Rifle (big black aussault rifle with scope on it): Sig 550 Commando AutoSniper
Rocket Launchers
Sentinal Guided Missle Launcher: M136 Anti-Tank Rocket Launcher
Scorpion: Stinger Heat-Seeking Missile Launcher

Glitch: Frozen Bond:
Stand outside the MI6 base on the Skyrail level. Go to your default weapon (your hands) and punch the air. It will appear as if Bond's hands are frozen. Note: This will not work if you are in the shade or near any lights.

Glitch: No stun grenade damage:
When close to a fixed gun, can get on the gun and stun grenades will not affect you.

Glitch: No gun in multi-player mode:
Go to the Enviro-Mods and change the mini-vehicles to random and the weapon set to Phoenix weapons. Begin the game. As soon as you find a rifle, sniper, AIMS-20, etc. find a helicopter and get behind it. Press X, then turn around. It looks like you are holding a rifle, but it is not there.

Glitch: Black Golden P2K:
After you enable the "Golden P2K" code, look at your teammate in multi-player mode that is holding it. Its color will be black.

Glitch: Dual K-40s:
Pick up a K-40 in Multi-player mode, then search for another one and pick it up. Make sure you are holding the first K-40 and your fire mode is on burst. If not, you will only receive ammo for it when you pick up the second one. When you get the second K-40, sometimes it will automatically change to a Dual k-40. If not you must scroll your weapons to see if the dual K-40s are there. Note: This Only works in Multi-player mode. It will not work with the K-80.
Reza Bagherzadeh.

Glitch: Multi-player Phoenix Base: Leave level boundary:
You can go outside of the level by running into almost every first level corner. Continuously run into the corner until you are running in place. Then, have player two run backwards into you until you go through. You will pop out into the outside of the level. The screen will be black except for the base, which is in the middle. You can still shoot. However, there is no way out. You must restart to exit.
Shane W.

Glitch: Multi-player Skyrail: Leave level boundary:
At the Skyrail level in multi-player mode, choose a weapon set with the Sentinel: Explosives 1, Normal, or State Of The Art. Go to the building at the highest point of the level. Find a Sentinel and equip it. Go to the top of the stairs and face your back to the circular window. Jump down at the center of the floor, facing down at the floor without firing it. Your character should be halfway underground but can still see the building. If you crouch, you will fall out of the level. You can walk around here. There is one way to get out for a moment by grappling onto the grapple hook by the rail. You will pick up the body armor, but then fall back out of the level. To exit, use your Sentinel on Guided then shoot straight up.

Glitch: Multi-player Snow Blind: Shoot rockets through windows:
In either of the areas which you go into after coming out of the wine cellars (the area with the frozen fountain or the area with three sets of stairs), look up. Ywill see some windows. Equip a Sentinel. Shoot a guided rocket, and guide it into the window. It will pass through the window and either explode or come out the other side. One window lets you shoot rockets into the area with the helipad, while you are safe by the entrance of the wine cellar. This trick should help you win multi-player games. This also works with grenades , heat-seekers and samurai overcharges, though these are less accurate.

Glitch: Laser targeted gun emplacement:
Get a trip bomb and place it on the front of the gun emplacement. Note: It might explode.

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