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Inuyasha: The Secret Of The Cursed Mask

New game plus:
Successfully complete the game and save your game data when prompted. Start a new game and play until reaching Kaede's village. After you meet Kagome, find the mysterious talking cat (located on the west side of the village slightly beyond Kaede's house near the man standing next to the tree). After you talk to the cat, you will have all of your stats from your previous saved game. Note: The cat may actually decrease a character's level, if it was very high at the end of the previous game.
Arne Mahlberg, and ALPC1232.

Hint: Reaching the Spider Demon:
Get to the uppermost left side of the Temple and collect the key. Then, stand in the doorway looking down the hall. Go down it half way. Look at the bottom of the screen to see what resembles a door. Stand near it. The old temple key will open the door. Go inside and talk to the cat to save the game. Then, go battle the Spider Demon.

Hint: Get pass the room where your lunch is:
Go to the changing screen and press X. You should get somebody to talk, but not Kagome.

Hint: Get inside the castle in Castle Town:
Go to the entrance of the castle that two human villagers are guarding. Talk to them and they will say that you are not allowed, but the villagers are because they came to pay their taxes. After you talk to them, step away from the entrance of the castle. You will see a women dressed in white and blue/green somewhere near. You will also see a left path and a right path. Take the left path until you see a man in green. Then slightly in between two long rows of stores, there will be a man in a red shirt. Talk to him and he will say things like "The King has changed". After that, go to the area where you can take a rest (like a hotel). Directly outside the resting area you will see a little boy named Jiro. Talk to him and he will give you a pinwheel that you are supposed to give to his sister that is inside the castle. Go back to the castle and the guards will let you enter.

Hint: Koga's Lair:
To reach Koga's lair, go down, right, right, down, down, right.
Ocean lingo.

Hint: Saving before the Spider Demon:
You can save the game if you talk to the cat at the Temple before you fight the Spider Demon. The cat is located at the bottom of the stairs that are past the door. You must use a key found in the Temple.
Matthew Angney.

Hint : Saving in the mansion:
You can save the game at the cat in the mansion you enter on your way to the Castle Town. To get to the cat, leave the initial room, go down the hallway from the group of demons, then go left until you see a room. Enter the room, then go to the door to the left.
Matthew Angney.

Hint: Saving in the castle:
You can save in the castle by talking to the cat. The cat can be found in between the stairs that lead up, and the stairs that go down on the first floor you enter in the castle.
Matthew Angney.

Hint: Defeating Kagura:
Start with all characters at full health. Begin with Kagome using Cheer on Inuyasha and have him use Backlash Wave. Then, use a Kururugi/Shippo co-op attack. Have Kagome heal using Bandage very often and Inuyasha use Backlash Wave and Wind Scar as often as possible. If you have it, use Wind Scar Barrage, although you do not learn it until level 16.

Hint: Defeating Kanna:
Wait for her to turn and say either "Give me your soul" or "Listen to my voice", then attack her. If you attack her when she says "You can have it back", your attack will be deflected back to you.

Hint: Defeating Naraku:
Naraku will take form of a spider when you first see him in the cave where you meet Kohaku and the two flying bat demons. Kagura will help you for one demon to become free she says when the door opens. Naraku will send a Miasma and you cannot get through it. However, Kagura will use "Dance Of Blade" and defeat the puppet. Then, Naraku will take Kagome's Shard and absorb it into his spider body and change form. The key to winning is to use Inuyasha's "Wind Scar", and whoever your character's Shikigami Powers and Sango becasuse they are the strongest.

When you face Naraku for the last time he has 10,000 life points. However, if check it will show up as "????". Use your character to heal everyone and you should be fine.
Randy Strang.

Hint: Shippoo: Battle strategy:
Shippoo makes a great offensive player. His Fox-Fire attack works very well and he cannot get hit by some attacks. In some situations, like in Co-op mode, Shippoo can even make somewhat of an "attacking decoy"; when it takes damage for a stronger character, it can do a powerful Fox-Fire attack to brighten things up a bit. This is good with InuYasha-Shippoo teams.

Hint: Shikigami Disk:
On Asagiri Island, after you get blown up by the Flame Demon, you will be on the beach with the person who you have the strongest relationship with. After you see Kagura and utsugi, go to the beach where they came from. There will be two items there. One is the Shikigami Disk, which raises your attack and defesne +20.
Don Crain.

Hint: Kagome takes a bath with Kaname:
Go to Rindoh Village after you get the Magatama Fruit. You will the next day off. Choose Kagome to hang out, then they talk about taking a bath. You will see a shot of Kagome in a cold lake.

Hint: Michiru watches Kagome take bath:
When you first arrive in Rindoh Village, you will get a day off. Pick Kagome. She then tells the main character (boy) not to peek, and then he gets stressed.

Hint: Sango takes a bath:
After you get the Miatamo fruit and get "Blueskycalmity" from Kakuju, choose to rest. Select Sango and she will say that she is doing laundry. Go to the river to see her in the water.

Hint: Sesshomaru ending:
When you get interval scenes, sometimes it will say, "Would you like to spend the night?". Respond "No" and you will not get an interval scene. If you say "No" to all of the optional interval scenes you should only spend one scene with each of the five main characters. When you switch places with Utsugi and you go to Naraku's castle, the game gives you the option to find the others or tell Sesshomaru about Rin. Choose "Tell Sesshomaru about Rin". Then, do all of the random events with Sesshomaru. Random events are when question marks appear on the map screen (instead of exclamation points). The first is in "The Field of Ignorance", the second time around go to "Road to Kasasagi", and the last time go to "Forest to Tsuzumi". In all of these places, if you wander around, you should find Sesshomaru and trigger an event scene. After you do all of this, Sesshomaru's picture should appear when you save your game. At the end of the game you will get the Sesshomaru ending. Note: You may have to do this twice. The first time to unlock or enable it and the second time to actually get it.

Hint: Co-op attacks:
Their are some co-op attacks with Miroku that use the Wind Tunnel. They do not work on the Boss characters. The co-ops are Miroku with Kagome the second co-op, Inuyasha the second co-op, Sango second, Kaname the third, and Michiru the third co-op. Miroku and Shippo's second co-op attack everybody. The main character and the person whose relationship is strongest with them, the strongest attack co-op is the third one. For example, if Kaname's relationship was strongest with Inuyasha's, then their third co-op attack will be the strongest, no matter if it is two girls or two boys or a girl and a boy.
K. Tipsy.

Hint: Village Festival:
Tell Inuyasha to "drum softer", Kagome to "put your back into it'', Shippo to ''be more lively'', Miroku to ''drum harder'', and Sango to ''move your body''.
K. Tipsy and ALPC1232.

Hint: Swamp:
To find Koga in the swamp, when you enter it, go up, left, the second passage left, left, down.
K. Tipsy.

Hint: Breaking the barrier:
When you get to the parts in the games where Naraku, Kagura, or Utsugi are defeated, always use BlueSkyCalamity (even if someone comes there to help you break the barrier).
K. Tipsy.

Hint: Mystery field events:
To unlock the first three intervals, give the man a Sky Blue Seed and Mystery Soil, Silver Seed and Whale Tail, and Crimson Seed and Blossom Branch.
K. Tipsy.

To unlock mystery field events for your bonus, you must raise your seeds well. You can then harvest their fruit. When the time arrives, you will receive fruit items from the field guardian. By using the special fruits you can trigger secret events.

Hint: Rainbow seed:
If you have a very strong relationship with Inuyasha, then your character (girl) can get a Rainbow Seed from Myoga. Go to the field in Kaed's village when you think you destroyed Naraku. Say "Yes" for him to suck your blood and you will get a Rainbow Seed.

Hint: Kururugi boy or girl falls in love:
If you do all intervals with one character of the opposite gender, your character will fall in love with them. For example:

Kururugi boy: Kagome, Sango
Kururugi girl: Inuyasha, Miroku (and perhaps Shippo)

For example, in Inuyasha the show, Miroku loves Sango and Kagome loves Inuyasha. After doing a lot of intervals with someone that person loves, he or she will react and say something. For example, Inuyasha loves Kagome and Kagome loves Inuyasha; if you do a lot of days off with Inuyasha, Kagome will react and say something before the others pair up.

Glitch: Freeze game:
Do not flee from battle unless absolutely necessary. If you are fleeing from battle more than you are actually fighting, your game may eventually freeze, or it will flash the leading character and tag along character repeatedly on a black screen, frozen in the last position they were in before they were attacked. You may also loose all visuals. You will still hear you characters movements and/or actions, but will not see anything but a black screen. If you intend to flee often, make sure to save your progress frequently. The only way to exit this is to restart te PlayStation2.

Glitch: Wrong dialogue:
If you play as the male character, sometimes the others will refer to you as "she" and "her".
Don Crain.

When you start the game as either Kururugi boy or girl, when the three reach the Bone-Eaters well and Inuyasha states that the well is where they throw dead demons, Kagome will refer to you as "them" when she tells Inuyasha not to scare you.

When the four are talking to Kaede and Kagome speaks, she refers to herself to falling straight to the bottom instead of you, indicated that it was either the wrong dialogue or the wrong character to say it.

When you meet Shippo after your character mistakes Kagome and Kagome (Shippo) for twins, Kagome says something different than it reads in her subtitles. Her voice will say "What is she supposed to think, with you looking like that". Her subtitle box reads "What is one supposed to think, with you looking like that".

Glitch: Skate on ground:
Run and repeatedly tap Walk to make it seem that the characters are skating on the ground.
William Getts.

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