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Turok: Dinosaur Hunter

Cheat codes:
Enter the following codes in the "Enter Cheat" screen. Resume game play, then pause. Enter the cheat menu and set each enabled code as desired. All cheats entered can be saved after reaching a save point.
Information in this section was contributed by Jammermf.

The Big Cheat
Enter NTHGTHDGDCRTDTRK as a code. This will enable invincibility, all weapons, unlimited ammo, infinite lives, full map, big head, level skip, and warps (Long Hunter, Mantis, T-Rex, Campaigner).
All weapons
Enter CMGTSMMGGTS as a code.
Unlimited ammo
Enter BLLTSRRFRND as a code.
Disco mode
Enter SNFFRR as a code. Colors will flash and the animals and people will dance.
Enter THBST as a code. Allows enemies to be viewed, scaled, and rotated in 3D.
Infinite lives
Enter FRTHSTHTTRLSCK as a code.
Pen and ink mode
Enter DLKTDR as a code. Graphics will be in black and white line art, similar to a sketchbook.
Robin's cheat
Enter RBNSMTH as a code. Enables credits, big heads, all weapons, unlimited ammunition, and invincibility.
Greg mode
Enter GRGCHN as a code. Enables all the features of Robin's cheat except invincibility.
Dana's cheat
Enter DNCHN as a code. All enemies will be smaller.
Display credits
Enter FDTHMGS as a code.
Spirit mode
Enter THSSLKSCL as a code. Enables invincibility with slow-moving enemies.
Show enemies
Enter NSTHMNDNT as a code. Enemies will appear as red arrows on the map.
Purdy colors
Enter LLTHCLRSFTHRNB as a code. The game environment will appear in rainbow colors after the next cut-scene or using a teleport-portal.
Quack mode
Enter CLLTHTNMTN as a code. The graphics and game animations will be degraded.
Fly mode
Enter LKMBRD as a code. Then, press R or L to move up or down.
Gary's cheat
Enter GRHRNR as a code.
All keys
Enter THSCKSTFTHSHSCK as a code.
Full map
Enter CHTRSNRPRSPR as a code.
Amy Jam
Enter GLTBNK as a code.
Rhia Jam
Enter FJHJJ as a code.
Advance to Campaigner
Enter LKNGDNTHTLNCLTH as a code.
Enter RLMNDNTCHT as a code.
Advance to Level 1
Enter TSKTSKTSK as a code.
Advance to Level 2
Enter CHTLKDG as a code.
Advance to Level 3
Enter HNSHM as a code.
Advance to Level 4
Enter THRTCRD as a code.
Advance to Level 5
Enter GHTTBSHMD as a code.
Advance to Level 6
Enter HCNLTHRSLF as a code.
Advance to Level 7
Enter STHSNCSSR as a code.
Advance to Level 8
Enter THTDSTSCK as a code.
Advance to Longhunter
Enter BSSNMBRN as a code.
Advance to Mantis
Enter CRPCRL as a code.
Advance to T-Rex
Enter JRSSCHT as a code.

Secret moves:
The following moves are not listed in the game's manual.
Information in this section was contributed by Elliot Bowers.

Side dash
Quickly tap Strafe Left or Strafe Right twice, and Turok will do a quick hop and a slide to the left or the right.
Air jump
Run or drop off of a ledge. The instant Turok begins to fall, press Jump. Note: If falling onto water, repeatedly press Jump to skip across the surface of the water.
Fully powered arrows
Instead of rapidly firing one arrow after another, always count to two before releasing the trigger button. This way, the arrows will fly straighter and further.

Hint: Jumping Turok:
Enable the "Fly mode" code during game play. Return to the menu and select the "Restart Game" option. Press R at the screen that features Turok pulling his bow to make him jump. The longer R is held, the higher he will go. As soon as the button is released, he will fall to the ground. Hold L at this screen to see the bottom of Turok.
Information in this section was contributed by flareboy86.

Hint: Force enemies to fight:
Get a dinosaur and a human, or a two animals that are not of the same species. Bring them together and run around them. Jump over them a few times and they will begin to fight.
Information in this section was contributed by The Code Master.

Hint: Fight two Hummers:
Defeat the Long Hunter, but do not take the key. Instead, warp to level 1 and intentionally die. Do not press Start, and watch the ending sequence. You should go back to the Long Hunter and a Hummer will return. Then, warp back to level 1 and intentionally die again. Do not press Start. Eventually, you will return to the Long Hunter with the first Hummer waiting for you, then a second one will appear at the same time. For a real chalange, enable the "Disco mode" code.
Information in this section was contributed by ismp.

Hint: Strange ending:
Warp to Campaigner, get a weapon that will hurt the Campaigner, then enable the "Fly mode" code. Fly up until the screen turns black (about 30 seconds). You should return back up in the air with zero life. Then, fly down to the area and kill him. You will notice that he is acting a little slow.
Information in this section was contributed by ismp.

Hint: Turbo Bosses:
Enable the "Disco mode" code for fast Bosses.
Information in this section was contributed by ismp.

Hint: Better knife:
You can kill things faster with your knife if you cut them as far back as possible. This works better if done in the back. It is possible to kill raptors under the normal difficulty setting with three slices.
Information in this section was contributed by ismp.

Hint: Level 1: Chronosceptor piece, key, and exit:
Turn right at the checkpoint. Proceed to the end of the path, then turn at that opening for the Chronosceptor piece. If you follow the path back to the checkpoint, this may be easier. Go the same way as before, but go straight until you see a double opening. Go through both of them and take the left turn to find the key. When you leave, turn right and the exit will be located there.
Information in this section was contributed by Mark Hatcher.

Glitch: Fly in the title screen:
Enable the "Fly mode" code during game play. Then restart the game using the menu. When you are at the title screen and Turok shoots his bow, press R to go up or L to go down into the floor.
Information in this section was contributed by Eric Bouchard.

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