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The Legend Of Zelda: Majora's Mask cheats: Glitches…

See in dark through map:
The following trick can be done if you have a map in a dark area. Simply look through the onscreen map in the bottom left of the screen to see objects in the area that you are in that are not visible in the main part of the screen.

No bomb damage:
Place a bomb directly behind you and put out your shield. The bomb will not hurt you.
Information in this section was contributed by BELTONLISA.

Sticky bomb:
Go to Ikana Graveyard, after defeating Skull Keeta. Go to the place where there are rocks on the wall. Toss a bomb at the two lower ones and it will stick to the wall and it will blow up the rocks.
Information in this section was contributed by biggorn Blade.

Ride Epona in Clock Town:
Call and ride Epona to the west entrance of Clock Town. Wait for the countdown to another day -- for example, if you are in the First Day, go there at 5:00 a.m. Run towards the entrance even though you cannot go in. When the second day starts, you will appear in Clock Town with Epona.
Information in this section was contributed by Desmond Choy.

Bring Epona to Milk Road or the Swamp to one of the owls. Go back as far as you can then target the owl and save your game. You should be on Epona. Use one of the C buttons to equip your Ocarina, play the Song Of Soaring, then click go to Clock Town. You should be on Epona in Clock Town. Note: Do not go inside any buildings or you will lose Epona.

First make sure both files have Epona's Song saved on them. Then, start a file, go out the gate, and call Epona. Next, go to any owl statue that you can get Epona to. Save on the owl statue while still on Epona. Quickly go to the other file and start. If done correctly, when the "Dawn Of The First Day" message appears, you will be riding Epona in Clock Town. Note: Once you leave the town with the horse, you cannot go back in unless you do this trick again.
Information in this section was contributed by flowtation3.

Goron, Deku, or Zora riding Epona in Clock Town:
Save a file at the Clock Town statue in the form you want to ride as. Open the other game file and get on Epona. Ride to the Milk Road statue and save the game from your horse. Open the file saved in Clock Town and you should be riding Epona at the statue. If you dismount, you will only be able to get back on as Link. If you ride out of Clock Town, Epona will get stuck in one location and not be able to move.
Information in this section was contributed by The Muffin Man.

Earlier field entry by guard in Clock Town:
When you are a Deku Scrub at the beginning of the game, go to East Clock Town. Hold the targeting button (do not target the guard) and start running backwards. If done correctly. the guard should slide to the opposite side from where you were walking and will go into the field earlier than usual.
Information in this section was contributed by Scott McDuffey.

Invisible Epona:
Go to any of the entrances to Clock Town and line up Epona parallel to the ledge. Mount her from the ledge. Link will place his hands on nothing above Epona, sit on the air above her, then fall down.
Information in this section was contributed by Anarchypoo525559.

Use C-buttons while on Epona:
Go a location where you can ride Epona and there is a owl statue (such as at Milk Road or Southern Swamp). While on Epona, ride up to the owl. Line yourself up with the owl statue and press B. Be just far enough away from it to see the green glow, and save the game. Restart the game from the save. If you are not on Epona try again. If you are on Epona when the game restarts, you can use the C-Buttons. Note: When you play Epona's song, you should get on Epona. Go over to the statue, get off, get back on, and then save. You have a better chance of this glitch happening.
Information in this section was contributed by IceSage.

Control Epona without being on her:
After able to use weapons on Epona, become Goron Link and move. You will control Epona without being on her.
Information in this section was contributed by Marci Walker.

Still on Epona:
At night, ten minutes before it turns to dawn, jump on Epona. Just before it turns to dawn, jump off Epona. The intermission of the changing days will appear. However, when you return to the game you will still be sitting on top of Epona.
Information in this section was contributed by M2BG.

Teleporting Epona:
Go to Milk Road and call Epona on your Ocarina. When Epona arrives, use the Song Of Soaring and warp to Southern Swamp. Call Epona again. As soon as you see Epona running towards you, warp back to Milk Road. Epona will automatically be there, as if she never left.
Information in this section was contributed by Nikhil Sen-Gupta.

Get Epona stuck:
As soon as you get Epona, leave Clock Town from the south gate. Mount Epona and run towards the mountains. Then, turn around towards Milk Road. Build up speed and aim for the divider. If done correctly, Epona should jump on to the divider and become "stuck". To get her down, leave the area then play Epona's Song and she will come running.

Sniffing Link:
Once you get the Mask Of Scents, go to Clock Town and speak to a guard while wearing it. Immediately after you speak with him, take off the mask. Link will be sniffing.
Information in this section was contributed by Carl Crowley.

Flying Link:
When you are just about to enter the Great Bay Temple by climbing on the large turtle's shell, you can hookshot onto any part of the tree closer to you, as long as the red dot is on it. Aim for the top of the tree right before where the deku nuts are growing on it and hookshot to this part. The intermission sequence will start. If done correctly, Link will appear to be floating in the air and will not touch the ground until the turtle is far into the background. It is also possible to make him land on the shell, then float up into the air.
Information in this section was contributed by Jedy567.

Spastic Link:
Romani's Mask is required for this trick. Go to the Milk Bar on the first or second night. The fat ZORA will ask you to do a sound check. Talk to him in this order: Zora, Deku Scrub, Goron, Link. You will get the Circus Leader's Mask. After you get it, you will run around spastically.
Information in this section was contributed by BCrules36.

Screaming Link:
Go to the top of the Stock Pot Inn, near the bell. Either take three bombs and place them near the bell or use a powder keg directly next to the bell. Before it explodes, get far away. No matter where you are, Link will scream and fall down.
Information in this section was contributed by Zing207.

Big nose on Deku Link:
To see Deku Link's nose from the C-Up view, take out the Deku Pipes, then quickly put them away and pull out the pictograph box, or switch to the C-Up view. You will now see Link's big nose.
Information in this section was contributed by Robert Soucy.

Escape Clock Town as a Deku:
Go to the East Gate. Approach the guard while keeping as close to the Milk Bar as possible. Hold Z to face away from the guard. Hold Analog-stick Back to walk backwards. If you get the correct angle, he will go back at full speed. You will then squeeze in between the guard and the Milk Bar. You are now free, but there will be no background music and no enemies to fight.
Information in this section was contributed by Incupps.

Shiny face Link:
Get the Couple's Mask (from the Kafei/Anju quest) and go back in time. Look at Link's face. He looks like he has a blank face.
Information in this section was contributed by Rob Johnson.

Big Link:
Do the Kafei and Anju side mission up until Sakon's Hideout. Set a mask (except for the Keaton Mask) on a C button and wear it. When the controls switch to Kafei, press Start and switch the mask your wearing with the Giant's Mask. If done correctly, when the controls switch back to Link, he should put on the Giant's Mask and become very big. Note: The game will freeze when this is done.
Information in this section was contributed by fosslisa.

Less painful transformation:
Put on a transformation mask (Deku Mask, Goron Mask, Zora Mask, Giant's Mask, Fierce Deity's Mask), then put on another one. Link's expression will show no signs of pain.
Information in this section was contributed by Kyle Haight.

Invisible sword:
In Clock Town, there are mailboxes you can deposit mail into. Try to deposit the Great Fairy's Sword and the game will not let you. However, after you start walking around after that and try to use that sword, it will be invisible but still work like your regular sword. The only way to see it, is when Link swings the sword -- it will look like he is swinging a white line. It will stay this way until you leave the area or put the sword away. This trick will also work with other weapons, such as the bow (the string will be invisible), and the hookshot (will not have a hook or chain).
Information in this section was contributed by EvilMetalSonic, morrisoninva, and Tyler Estes.

Glitched sword:
Do the "Use C-buttons while on Epona" glitch. Change to a different form (such as Zora) and move her around without Link until the day changes. When it does, the form of Link will be hovering above Epona. When you get off and turn back to Link, your sword will be glitched. The graphics and menus will say that it is still a Gilded sword, but the sword animation and the mountain smithy identify it is the Kokiri sword. To get the sword to do the damage of the Gilded sword again, you must have it completely re-forged.
Information in this section was contributed by biggorn Blade.

Sword does not glow:
First, get the magic spin attack. Go anywhere you can draw your sword. At about 5:30 in the afternoon, charge up a spin attack but do not release B. When day becomes night, your sword will still be charging but it will not glow. When you release B, it will look like a normal spin attack.
Information in this section was contributed by GAMEFREEK64.

Sword through crates:
Go to South Clock Town and stand next to the crates as normal Link. Charge up your sword and put it next to the crates. Then, release B and your sword will go through the crates.

Unlimited sword and hover:
This trick requires lots of bomchus. Find a sign where it says "Check". Hold R and repeatedly press B + A until you read the sign. If done correctly, there should be a white glow around your sword. Whenever you go up to an object that can be hit with a sword, such as an enemy, you do not have to press any buttons because it will be hit automatically. Note: If you press any buttons the "Unlimited sword" glitch is active, it will go away. You can also use this glitch to over. While in the "Unlimited sword" glitch, find a ledge that you can jump off. Go on the ledge and do a backflip off of it. While in the air, quickly press R + C-button your Bomchus are assigned to. If done correctly, you will be floating in mid air. You can go higher by doing backflips and bomchus (the same thing you did the first time). You can also move sideways while hovering. Just do a sidestep and press R + C-button.
Information in this section was contributed by matthew.

Arrow flies further:
During Cremia's Milk Wagon event, wear the Circus Leader's Mask. While the Gorman Bros. are chasing you, shoot into the sky. A few seconds later, shoot agian. Your previous arrow should fly further. Note: This will only happen for about fifteen seconds.
Information in this section was contributed by davidleesr.

Invisible hookshot chain:
After receiving the hookshot, go to the mailbox in North Clocktown. Talk to the mailbox and when it says to select a letter, put your hookshot into it. As soon as it is done saying it can only collect letters, use the hookshot. Walk a few steps away, and pull out your hookshot. The red dot is gone, and when you use it, the sound is made but the chain does not appear. The invisible chain does nothing, but can be fired at walls, the ground, etc.
Information in this section was contributed by jesse kopelman.

Play the ocarina as a guitar:
Go to the Zora Hall and get to the Zora with the musical instrument that is on the big oyster in the middle. Become Zora Link and talk to him. Play a note, then after he turns the note louder or quieter, turn into regular Link. Play the ocarina and it will sound like the louder version of Mikau's guitar.
Information in this section was contributed by Sclesky Derek and SAIYANCARNE.

Make a Zora walk on your head:
When you bring the injured Zora to the beach, he stands up -- you have a chance of him walking on your head. Note: This can cause Link to stop moving and the game may have to be turned off.
Information in this section was contributed by Shark742.

Flying Zora:
Go to the Ikana Canyon River beginning (where Sharp is located) and play the Song Of Storms. When the river is flowing, put on the Zora Mask and walk to the middle of the room. Swim quickly towards the exit and jump out of the water. Link will fly in the room as if he were swimming.
Information in this section was contributed by Russell Spokes.

Flipping Zora:
Go to Milk Road and turn into Zora Link. Keep the big boulder there (which is blocking Romani Ranch) and do the double punch combo. If you are far away, you will only kick the boulder and Zora Link will do a sort of cartwheel flip,
Information in this section was contributed by Jumarlaw.

Teleporting Anju:
When a Goron (and possibly other things), stand in the hallway when Anju comes out of her grandmother's room. She cannot get past you. She will continue to walk into you. If you move out of the way, she will stop walking for a moment, then disappear. She will then continue on her normal routine.

Roll in place:
Get near a wall and keep rolling into it so Link keeps bumping his head. After you keep doing this, he will roll in place.
Information in this section was contributed by LARRY HAYES.

Four Cutters:
Wear the Zora Mask and use the double high in the air up you have enough time to create the glitch. Use the Double Cutters then take off the Mask (the cutters will be flying). Put it back on and you will have the Cutters on you, wile the other ones are still in the air. Do the Double Cutters again and four of them will be in the air. When you get the first one the air back, you can do the Double Cutters again.
Information in this section was contributed by JoR2NiCe4Ya.

Unlimited Rupees:
This requires practice. Go to the chest in East Clock Town that contains 100 Rupees. Stand next to it, facing the other way. Put on the Bomb Mask, with the sword and shield already in your hands. Press Z + Analog-stick Back + A + B to do a backflip and explode in the air. You will fall backwards, screaming. If you are lucky, you will land with you head in the chest. Very quickly, press A repeatedly. Link will open the chest while still lying and get silver Rupees. To escape this, when you lying and exploding repeatedly, take off the mask and press B + A to do a jump attack. Repeat this as many times as needed.
Information in this section was contributed by Hofman.

Early entry to Pirate's Hideout:
On Days 1 or 2, enter Ikana Canyon and go to Sakons Hideout. The boulder guarding the door will have a crack to its right. Rolling straight at the crack at the correct angle will cause you to jump through the wall and into darkness. If you hear Link jump, steer him left towards the boulder. Otherwise, you will fall into water below and be killed. Once inside, you can don the Fierce Deity's Mask and start the puzzle. However, you cannot get any farther than the first room on the puzzle.
Information in this section was contributed by Pulse24.

Fall through Pirate's Hideout:
Cross the bridge leading to the view above the pirates main chamber (the view through the bars) in the Pirate's Hideout. Do not go through the bars. Hookshot on top of the post. Have the Goron Mask ready. Jump to the roof of the building. As soon as you hit it, transform into a Goron and roll around on top of the building. You will fall through the top and land in the Pirate's main chamber, where the hookshot is located. Note: Get rid of the pirates first.
Information in this section was contributed by Josh Clark.

Fall into darkness:
In the second Skulltula house, on the coast of the Great Bay, is a room with many crates and a few canoes. There is a Skulltula behind one of them. If you jump off the crate and try to go behind the canoes at the correct angle, you will go through the back of the room and land in darkness. Eventually, if you keep running around, you will find the way out.
Information in this section was contributed by Jedy567.

Fall through the ground:
In South Clock Town, fire your hookshot into the treasure chest on the ledge near the entrance to Termina Field. Run across the ledge as Link, past the fenced off part behind the treasure chest. If you fall close enough to the East Clock Town section near the stairs, you will fall through the ground and reappear in East Clock Town.
Information in this section was contributed by Alei8 and KMPR326.

Play the Song of Time and appear in front of the Clock Tower. Walk over to the bridge that connects to the Clock Tower. Take out the Hookshot and aim at the treasure chest located on the top of the corner that is next to both the stairs that lead to East Clock town and the small hut. Open the chest if desired, then go to the back corner of the platform that the chest is on. Run all the way to the edge of the platform. Note: You must jump off the edge that leads to East Clock Town. Immediately before you fall off the edge, press A. You should fall through the ground just before you hit it.
Information in this section was contributed by Donny Glaeser.

Go to the location in Ikana Canyon where you saved the Sun's Mask. On each side of the boulder blocking the entrance, there are cracks. Keep rolling by the correct crack until you go through it. You will hear Link jump, then he will fall through the sky. You will hear a splashing noise, then you will lose one whole heart.
Information in this section was contributed by Rmaster801.

Stuck under a seesaw in Great Bay Temple:
As a Zora, dive down under one of the seesaws near the end of the Great Bay Temple, where a fairy is in a barrel. Stay under the seesaw until night of the second day. The seesaw will tip, trapping you under it. You cannot play the Ocarina of Time and return to the second day, and Chuchus will be able to somehow slip into the area and will begin to attack you. From here, there will be no possible way to get out of the chamber, and you will have to turn your game off.
Information in this section was contributed by Alei8.

Stuck in a wall in Snowhead Temple:
In Snowhead Temple, when you raise the pillar in the giant tower room (with all the ramps and doors), Goron will roll off the ramp and into the wall. You will become stuck in the wall but can still see the outside. You will have to use the Song Of Soaring to return the entrance to escape.
Information in this section was contributed by XxSithKnightxX.

See through walls:
Get as close as you can to a wall. Then, roll into it. You will roll, but not hit the wall instead just stopping at it. Then, do this again, but rapidly tap Up to go into first person view. You should go into it at mid roll, with your head through the wall. You can now see what is behind those walls you were never supposed to look past.
Information in this section was contributed by De Plane.

Explore Woodfall Temple:
If you have the Bremen Mask and the Sonata of Awakening, go to Woodfall Temple. Open it with the Sonata of Awakening.(C-Up, C-Right, C-Up, C-Right, A, C-Right, A). Go there, but do not enter. Put on the Bremen Mask, and march (hold B). You will be able to march all around the Woodfall Temple.
Information in this section was contributed by Jesse.

Stuck inside box:
In Clock Town, go to the laundry pool and press Z to target the frog near the tree. Then, press Analog-stick Down to jump to the corner. Then jump, near the box in the corner and you will become stuck inside.
Information in this section was contributed by jamie callaghan.

In East Clock Town, pick up a box, carry it over to the other box, stand next to it, then put it down. Link will be inside the box. Note: If you get very close to the other box, there will be a "two for one" special.
Information in this section was contributed by Joe Matera.

Stupid guard:
Go to the Mountain Smithy to get your sword tempered. Then, warp back to Clock Town and (as Link) talk to one of the guards at the gate. He will say "What? You have a sword?" even though you do not have one.
Information in this section was contributed by Nsenceiscool.

Headless walking and talking Stalchildren:
Visit the Ikana Graveyard at night on any date and prepare your bow. Pick one of the Stalchildren that is walking around a grave to shoot. Without using Z-targeting, aim for the Stalchild's neck area and fire. The head should fall off and the Stalchild will still be walking. With the Captain's Hat, talk to the headless Stalchild. He should respond by telling the other two to stand attention and salute without a head.
Information in this section was contributed by Fredrick Schirmer.

Gorman cheaters:
Go to the Stock Pot Inn after hours (either get the key or use the Deku Shooter trick). Enter where Guru-Guru is in the morning and the Gorman brothers are at night. Look at the brothers playing cards and notice that the cards are showing their value on both sides.
Information in this section was contributed by Robert Soucy.

Teleporting fish:
Enter the Stock Pot Inn and go to the bunkbeds. Empty a fish on the bottom bunk and it somehow appear on the top bunk.
Information in this section was contributed by Patamon362.

Shrinking fish:
Put a fish in a bottle and let it go anywhere in water. Follow it and it will start shrinking. Note: If you do it in the ocean, become Zora Link and swim with the fish to watch it shrink.

Walk behind a guard:
Put on a transformational mask such as the Goron, Zora, or Feirce Deity. Walk behind a guard just enough, but not outside. Then, put on the Deku Mask or stay as Link (if you have not already talked to the guard). The guard will now be guarding you to enter. There is a small location where you can go though -- the game will throw you there if you step on it.
Information in this section was contributed by Smartguy 240 and DBZSD.

Interrupted battle:
After shooting a fire arrow at the curtains against the two skeletons of Igos du Ikhana, wear the Captain's Hat and walk up to the king in his chair. The fight will be interrupted (but not stopped) as he thinks you are Captain Keeta.

Pop up as Zora:
In room D, there is a ledge with a fairy that you cannot grab as a Zora. However, if you swim over with Link, lean on the edge, and switch to the Zora Mask. You will immediately pop up and will be able to grab onto this ledge. This can also be used in Spring time to get to Darmani's grave.
Information in this section was contributed by SuperMLemieux.

Swim in air:
In the Ikana Cave (where you play the Song Of Storms), go to the middle of the water after you lift the curse. Face the entrance while Z-targeting and press A to swim. You can swim in air to the exit and not stop: Note: You must be Mikau (Zora Link).
Information in this section was contributed by lisathomas.

Disappearing into crates:
Go to Clock Town where the jugglers are located. Go to the crates. If done correctly, you will almost be in the crates. Put up your shield to be completely inside the crate.
Information in this section was contributed by gernasaurus.

Moon walk:
When in Clock Town, Z-target the dog with your sword out. Hold R and while moving, try to pick up the dog. You will put away your sword and be moon walking. When you release R after awhile, no matter how far the dog is away, you will pluck him from thin air. Note: You may also need the Mirror Shield and the Guilded Sword for this trick.
Information in this section was contributed by Evan.

Floating dog:
The Mask of Truth is required for this trick. Go to the Spider House in Southern Swamp. At the entrance is a man and a dog. Put on the Mask of Truth, Z-target the man, then pick up the dog. Throw the dog and walk towards the man. The dog will remain in mid-air as if you were still holding him. If you talk to the man then turn around at look at the dog he will talk to you and jump down.
Information in this section was contributed by c t.

Go to South Clock Town in front of the Clock Tower. Pick up the dog and carry it up the ramp that leads to the Clock Tower. Throw it up to the location in front of the entrance to the top of the tower. Quickly climb up and change into Zora Link. Run toward the edge and roll just before you jump off, then turn around and look at the dog. If done correctly, the dog will be running towards you in mid-air while it falls slowly. If it runs directly above you, it will fall at normal speed in front of you and run away until you move.
Information in this section was contributed by Michael.

Floating Skull Kid:
Look through the telescope to see Skull Kid on the third day after midnight, when the tower has fallen over. You will see the normal scene, but instead of Skull Kid standing on the tower he will be floating in mid-air.
Information in this section was contributed by Will Buchanan.

Teleporting dog:
Go to South Clock town and pick up the dog. Throw him somewhere where he usually does not run to. Then, take out your sword and shield and use Z-targeting on the dog. Hold R and wait for him to run back to his usual spot. Keep holding R, and after the dog is out of range of Z-targeting, release the button. The dog will automatically be in your hands.
Information in this section was contributed by Kittykatt131.

Floating Link:
Go to the Stone Tower Temple (the last temple). Go through it until you get the Light Arrows. Then, flip over the temple by shooting the red gem in the middle of the spider thing with a Light Arrow. It is in the Stone Tower just outside of the Stone Tower Temple on the front of the platform. You have to get on one of the blocks to be able to shoot it. Once the temple is flipped (you will see a funny intermission sequence of the tower flipping and Link falling to his doom), go back in. One of the first few rooms you will reach will have weird red things flying out of the ground. If you jump into it, you will float. If you try to slash with your sword, the sword will stay out and will be flying up and down with you. Jump into it as Deku Link and his flowers will come out and help you fly. Even Goron Link floats slightly. Zora Link just floats. You can also use the Blast Mask to blow up in mid-air.

Nodding cow:
Enter Anju's grandmother's room in the Stockpot Inn. On the left-hand corner of the room as you enter is a small cow ornament on the shelf. Roll against the wall and the cow will nod its head up and down.
Information in this section was contributed by Mr Marks.

Fake piano playing:
When you go to the beach, go to Zora Hall. It is out in the water -- you can see it if you go to the other side of the beach. Turn into a Zora. You will see a row of doors. Go into every room until you find a a Zora playing a piano. Go beside him and look at his hands. He will not be playing -- his hands are just sitting there.
Information in this section was contributed by Pokecoty.

Get mask again:
Get the Gorman's Mask (the one that cries). Then, go back in time and repeat the entire thing by playing characters' instruments in this order: Link, Deku, Goron, and Zora (ocarina, horns, bongos, and guitar). You will get the mask again.
Information in this section was contributed by Sariathesage.

You can get the Couple's Mask again by doing the event.
Information in this section was contributed by Mike Kroll .

See Kafei's face while he is wearing the Keaton Mask:
At dawn of the first day, play the song that slows time down and wait until you see Kafei walking towards the mailbox. Run direclty up to him and press C-Up. You will see through his mask and can see his face.
Information in this section was contributed by Rmaster801.

Unlimited magic:
When you are looking for the Goron hot water spring, set the Lens Of Truth to one of your C-Buttons. Keep tapping that button repeatedly and you will have unlimited magic for that moment.
Information in this section was contributed by jayme frary.

Equip the Fierce Deity's Mask outside of Boss battles:
Go to the Ikana hideout where the thief hides all of his stolen items on the third day. Have the camera face the boulder that blocks the entrance. Position yourself on the right side of the boulder and roll into the small crack. If Link rolls through and jumps, hold Analog-stick Left and you should enter the hideout. Put a mask on any C button, use it, then go through the door. The event to save the Sun's Mask will occur. When you are controlling Kefkei, wear the Fierce Deity's mask on the same C button that the other mask is assigned to, then complete whichever part you are currently at with Kefkei. When the game returns to Link's turn, he will put on the Fierce Deity's mask. Press A or the C button to skip the intermission sequence or the game may freeze. Next, you just need to complete the rest of the Sun's Mask event or fail it. If you want to go anywhere other than Ikana Graveyard, jump into the water and fall down the waterfall that leads to Southern Swamp.
Information in this section was contributed by Steven Norwalt.

To change back to normal Link without restarting the game, go to Clock Town. Enter the clock tower. Run past the Happy Mask Man down the ramp to the bottom floor. Jump in the water and swim under the water wheel. There will be a sound effect and you will reappear at the double-door as normal Link.
Information in this section was contributed by Ellaniloc.

If you use the glitch in Ikana Canyon to get the Fierce Deity's Mask out of a Boss fight, you can jump and grab through the floors in the Stock Pot Inn. In the kitchen, stand on the table with the box and place mat on it, to the left of the entrance. Stand on the box and push forward into the wall that the entrance is on. You should jump and grab the edge of the upper floor's hallway, and you can pull yourself up.

Use the following trick to wear the Firece Deity mask anywhere desired. Do the Kafei event leading up to the third day. Then, go inside Sackon's lair and put on any mask you desire. Then when you are alternating as Link and Kafei, wait till Kafei comes up. Replace the mask with the Firece Deity Mask. When you go as Link, you should turn into Fierce Deity. You must complete the event or you will have to reset the game. When you are done, you will be outside with the Firece Deity mask on. . You can now go anywhere you want as the Fierce Deity. However, you cannot change back to Link. If you enter Clock town, you will not be able to leave. If you enter the inn, you will not be able to leave. Doing this will inevitably lead up to a game over because you cannot play the Song Of Time. Do not have anything important like Fairy's powers or pieces of Hearts. If you talk the bomber's leader, the game will freeze. You can only use bottles.
Information in this section was contributed by Mike Kroll.

Quicker feet with Bunny Hood:
This trick requires the Bunny Hood, Cow Mask, all transformation masks, and the Ocarina. Go into East Clock Town to the Milk Bar at 10:00. Go inside using the Cow Mask and use a mask that turns Link into something else (Zora mask, Goron mask, etc.). Talk to the fat zora. He will ask you to play a song in a certain light. Do that with all the transforming mask first and Link last. When you do, equip the Bunny Hood and play for the Zora. You will then receive the mask that cries. Link will then lose the bunny hood and will run around as usual, but his feet will move faster. Equip the Bunny Hood and Link's feet will move very fast. Note: This effect wears off when you leave the Milk Bar.
Information in this section was contributed by EnObE.

Go back in time twelve hours:
Get at least one arrow and the Song Of Double Time. Wait at North Clock Town until 12:30,on Day 1,when Sakon the thief will strike. Instead of getting the Bomb Bag from him, shoot at it. He will explode and die. Wait until after the smoke clears, but before the intermission sequence, and play the Song Of Double Time. Instead of the normal clock scene, the screen will fade while trying to play it. You will be transported to North Clock Town, at 6:00 A.M. on the Day 1.
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Get into upper Ikana Valley without Ice Arrows:
Normally you must freeze the Octoroks in the water to make a platform to upper Ikana Valley. In order to do this without Ice Arrows, you first need access to at least lower Ikana Valley, where Sakon the thief is running around. You also need the hook or long shot from the sea pirates hideout. After that, go to the very edge of land to the left of the wooden platform. After getting as close to the wilted tree as possible, make a shot for it. If the hook or long shot does not reach, try again at another angle. After awhile, you will have full clearance to anywhere in the valley.
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Water in a bottle:
Get a fish in a bottle, then get out of the water and move away. Take out the bottle with a fish in it and use it. The fish will flop around on the ground. You can then put it back in, but somehow you will also get water in the bottle with it, even when you are not near any water.
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