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    We're live inside the Verizon Center, where nearly twenty thousand fans are prepared to see the best action Global Pro Wrestling can provide on its special event, InterAction. Several sensational matches have already occurred, each with a stipulation determined by the GPW fanbase, but one of the most anticipated bouts of the evening is the Elimination Chamber Six-Man Tag featuring the three members of House Midnight against Chris Chambers and a tag team that is to be determined. As the cameras show the ominous Elimination Chamber cage structure looming over the arena like a dark cloud, the arena's lights suddenly dim and shift to midnight blue as the sound of haunting bells echo throughout the building. Twelve chimes from the chilling bells leads to the emergence of Priest, Caballero, and Shoen from the shadowy rafters, as they lean on the railings and also tower over the thousands of fans inside the Verizon Center. The three members of the nefarious House Midnight are dressed in their dark wrestling garb and each bear looks of grit and determination etched on their haggard faces. The Washington, D.C. crowd murmurs amongst themselves as there is an awkward and minacious silence that has befallen the entire arena. The Dark Horse is the first to break his silence, staring at the steel structure as he speaks to the world.

    Christopher Shoen:
    Something about cold steel chains and glass that's just begging to be broken basking in the glow of hazy dark blue stadium lights makes the hair stand on the back of my neck in a very good way...

    What the hell? The fans aren't really sure what to make of that. Fortunately, they don't really have to think much of it, as The Black Sheep is still talking.

    Christopher Shoen:
    Really takes me back to my childhood, the abuse of my father... the chicken coop that started as a torture chamber but became my hideout... my haven... my sanctuary. But I'm sorry to say, Chris Chambers, those steel walls and glass panels will afford you no asylum tonight. As much as you may fight this, as diligently as you may decry this, our fates are intertwined... our destinies combined... We haven't merely crossed each others' paths. We're on the same journey, Chris, you and I, and I am your guide. I am your Sherpa, leading you up the treacherous and winding edges of the mountain, helping you climb to the pinnacle of your potential... and then watching as the oxygen deprivation takes its toll once you reach the higher altitude. I watch you fight the inevitable like the stubborn being you are, until eventually you succumb to the sweet release of death and I surpass your greatest achievements by reaching the very top of the mountain and plant the flag of House Midnight.

    A cold cackle is emitted from Shoen, who wipes his mouth with the sleeve of his tattered coat. The Dark Horse places a boot on the lower rung of the railing, peering over the edge and gazing toward a crowd that clearly detests him.

    Christopher Shoen:
    It's a shame the children will weep as they witness what happens to you tonight, Chambers... No, it's not their tears that will bring sadness to my heart. It's the reason behind them. A single drop from a child's eye is more than you're worth, because this is a direct result of your own insolence. You're responsible for all of this, Chambers, you phoenix. Time and again, you're reduced to ash, but time and again, you're reincarnated, you stubborn bird... But tonight, you're no longer a majestic fire eagle. You're more like Icarus, flying so close to the sun just for your wax wings to melt as you fall into the ocean, sinking slowly... You flail helplessly, struggling to stay afloat, but three albatrosses drag you to the muddy depths. They wrap around you, tying around your neck and throttling you, dragging you deep into the ocean as the water surrounds you. You fight it, but the pressure causes your chest to slowly cave in. You feel like you're suffocating as you gasp for breath and get nothing but salty water filling the void of your lungs, causing you to asphyxiate and drown, plummeting to the ocean floor, where you're eaten by a pack of piranhas.

    Shoen is practically laughing out loud now at his odd stories, finally shaking his head and then banging it off the top of the railing a few times.

    Christopher Shoen:
    Can't get it through your thick skull, can you, Chrissy? Tonight's match may be three-on-three, but all things are not created equal. Look at me... Look at my brothers! These are the men I trust with my life, Chris. These are the men who not only know my darkest secrets, but they've embraced them. These are the two men with whom I've made a pact... forged a bond... created a shelter for the men like us who have been discarded by society. Then look at... your team. Oh, that's right... You don't even know who the hell your partners are going to be.

    It doesn't really matter anyway, though, does it? We've already beaten the so-called Sinister Siblings, showing that blood may be thicker than water, but nothing is stronger than the link between House Midnight. Bruce Bishop and Nemesis might look like monsters to most people, but we see inside them, to their deepest fears, their insecurities... We can cut the scars and reopen old wounds... They're the kind of monsters you thought hid under your beds and in your closets, but were just a figment of your imagination. I never had time to have a nightmare because I always felt like I was living in one! When your real life was as bad as ours, when you've been subjected to the never-ending torment the likes of Vincent Caballero or have the heartache of lost loved ones like Adam Priest, you aren't afraid of monsters. You become one.

    Looking very much the part of a monster right now, Shoen leans over the railing and tilts his head toward either side of the arena, gazing toward all of the fans in the building tonight as they curse his name.

    Christopher Shoen:
    On Octane, we showed the world that Dragoneer may be a rockstar with worldwide acclaim, who's trendy and fashionable, with a perfect family at home, the wife and the kids, the upper class home, the white picket fence, the dog, living the life... but it's all a facade. Deep down inside, Dragoneer pretends to be a nice guy, but he's a fraud. He's a man whose insecurities and delusions lead to him constantly claiming he's the best wrestler in the world. Dragoneer thinks because he's studied some film and trained in the gym that he's the best. Dave Cashman believes that since he comes from an honorable, traditional martial arts background, that he's the best. We don't need to pretend to be the best at anything. I'm not the best wrestler, and do you know why, Dragoneer? Do you know why, Cashman? I'm sure you could each list a thousand reasons, but none of them would be right. I'm not the best... because Trent Eden doesn't promote me as the best. I'm not the best because I don't have some buzz word attached to my name. I don't have some killer catchphrase. There's not a bunch of House Midnight merchandise available on GPW's website. The fact is, Trent Eden and the GPW board don't even want to give us any air time or let us wrestle, but they don't have a goddamn choice because no matter who they line up with the label of being the ?best?, we knock them down. We drag them down to our level, the dirty, grimy underworld, where our pain and our misery actually helps us, and we beat you with experience. So, you can proclaim you're the best in the world, or a great martial artist, and we'll still beat you, because we're better than the best.

    ZERO likes to play vigilante and right the wrongs in the world, but he's been fighting on the wrong side this whole time. We're the ones who are fixing the problems in the sport of professional wrestling, while cowards like ZERO are content with being sycophants and sheep. And if Brad Barnes knows what's good for him, he'll do everything he can to get out of this poll. If you don't, then your first match in Global Pro Wrestling... will be your last.

    One might think Shoen is joking, but judging by the sober expression on his face, one would be mistaken.

    Christopher Shoen:
    We're better than any makeshift team. We're better than any faction or any stable or even any family. We're House Midnight. We're unique. We don't do labels, and we don't lose to three thrown-together opponents who have nothing in common, who haven't forged a bond like we have.

    One-by-one, you each will fall... And House Midnight will save you all.

    The Black Sheep slowly backs away from the railing, returning to the shadowy sections of the rafters and leaving the foreground for one of his compatriots as center stage to air their thoughts.

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    It's Adam Priest who picks things up, glancing downward for a moment before carrying on his brother's speech.

    Adam Priest:
    The truth can be a hard pill to swallow: trust me on that. I've been rummaging through the aftermath of my own brother's demise, sifting through his crumbling empire of amorality, trying to understand the chain of events leading us all to this moment. Here I am, alongside two fellow misfits, two fellow outcasts, mourning the loss of a man I've more than once pretended was dead in my quiet hours. The truth is that despite all my issues with the man, Dante was my brother, my family, and I loved him. But he was arguably the architect of his own destruction, seeking warfare with a man who was no threat to him... I get that now. I've stared into the eyes of the so-called Bishop of Blood, and while he's a fearsome opponent, he's nowhere near the force of reckoning he claims to be. Ultimately, he's become a bit of an old man already, content to rest on his misbegotten reputation as a monster and bully people like House Midnight. For all his talk of spilling blood and bringing out tormented, horrified screams from his victims, Bruce Bishop is just another egotistical superstar, someone who's been made to believe he's something extraordinary... but he's not. He's just a weak, flawed man... and what's worse, he carries around with him the constant reminder of his most grotesque failing: Nemesis.

    I still feel a bit bad for Nemesis, to be honest. I feel as though he's someone misled into believing we're his enemy, we're the bad guy, because his demented black dahlia of a "companion" whispers in his ear. I can attest, firsthand, that it's difficult to resist the gentle urgings of a twisted temptress, but I feel... sad?... that he's been pushed in our direction. Still, at the end of the day, he's just an obstacle, and I've done far worse to far better men in the name of achieving my goals. House Midnight has a lot of work to do in transforming this diseased husk of a company into something less corrupt, and if a beast like Nemesis, whose very existence is already one of self-proclaimed suffering... I have no qualms being the angel of mercy in this scenario.

    Then of course, there are the somewhat less typical opponents. Dragoneer and Dave Cashman. One is a clown, an idiot, and the other... well, the other's a bit lost, isn't he? Dragoneer likes to believe that he's the best in the world, but the truth is, he's a pitiful, pathetic human being. He quit at his vapid life of being a rockstar, he's failing at being a role model, and now after years of failing again and again to be anything truly relevant, he's become what... an aspiring Doctor? It's a disappointment to say the least, but life is full of those. Dragoneer would love to be the one to take House Midnight down, no doubt, but the truth, as bitter as it may be, is that he is far below the threshold for the skill and tenacity it would take to even put a dent in our family. Because Dragoneer, as a man who's pathologically incapable of having any real purpose and most certainly is broken as a family man, cannot even begin to understand the power that comes from being part of a single tightly-knit family with one purpose, one express intent: to remake this business in our own image, no matter how many corpses we need to string up on the rafters in the process. I can't speak entirely for my brothers' mental states, but I'll say that while I don't relish the opportunity to put someone like you on the shelf, Dragoneer, I'll do it without hesitation. Your career, your very life, isn't worth very much to us, and if that's the currency with which we need to buy lasting change, I'm willing to pay.

    Then we have Dave Cashman. The mixed martial artist turned professional wrestler. For what it's worth, Dave, I actually applaud you. Unlike most of the people in this business, you actually understand the premise of kill-or-be-killed, of competing ruthlessly to get what you want. Personally, I think you might do well in House Midnight's GPW, but as it is, you've decided to make yourself an enemy of ours. You've convinced yourself that all of your training makes you a powerhouse, and while you might be an impressive opponent, you're just one man. Even if you and Dragoneer were to join with Chris Chambers tonight, you lack the basic capability to form any real sort of partnership... it's against your nature as a lone wolf, after all, and you'll find that WITHOUT that bond, the three of you are NOTHING compared to House Midnight. It's a shame you've chosen to oppose us... and I don't say that with condescension, either. I really do feel bad when I look at some of the people lining up to destroy this family, because I wonder how many of you even know what you're fighting for or what you're working so hard to destroy. Then again, our histories are defined by being cast out and mistreated by society, and coming from money like you do... well, some genetics are hard to quash, no matter how hard you might try.

    Then there's ZERO and Brad Barnes... I don't have much to say about these two. In fact, I'd wager that NOBODY has much to say about them. If, by some statistical anomaly, these two wind up as our opponents, I fear that ZERO's happy-go-lucky personality might be quite heavily taxed by the beating he's likely to receive. And as for Barnes, the newcomer to this business... after dealing with the Bishop brothers time and time again, I've become numb to the next ham-fisted bruiser who steps in our path.

    All in all, it doesn't really matter which pair of "superstars" is chosen to support Chris Chambers. This is all a matter of thrown-together amalgamations, Trent Eden trying desperately to keep us off-balance by throwing all of his lambs to the slaughter. He's hoping to stave off the inevitable, but after the so-called "Paragon Flare" and his conscripted comrades are put down or strung up, Mr. Eden is going to see just how futile his efforts have been.

    After that, Priest finally exhales.

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    Elsewhere in the rafters, Caballero, who suspiciously looks a tad strung out, holds a finger up as the boos increase significantly in volume. Dude is just so unlikable. He picks the mic up anyway, in spite of the loud crowd noise.

    Vincent Caballero
    Six men, ready and willing to draft themselves into a slaughter. I like sadomasochism as much as the next guy but I'd never willingly sign my own death warrant. That's just counterproductive. I don't want to fall in line with the genocidal dictators of history who couldn't even enjoy their life goal of global fear and domination becoming a reality. I want to live to see the aftermath and bask in the ruin I helped create. For InterAction, people, do yourself a favor and don't vote for your favorite wrestler, the one you confide in the most, the one who you think will surely defeat House Midnight, because you will not appreciate the result. Chris Chambers will surely lead them down the trail of disappointment and House Midnight will naturally rise to the occasion. Do yourself a favor, people of the world, vote for the ones you most want to see get buried alongside Chris Chambers, not the ones who you could only dream of collectively holding arms to a victory fanfare.

    The Bishop Brothers is an interesting choice if you want to relive history, I guess. Bruce Bishop is a legend indeed, but one who has grown soft. He's content with piggybacking and babysitting that worthless dead weight he calls a brother, playing follow the leader with Chris Chambers, and totally diminishing his chance to be World Champion again. But I suppose I can't really question another man's priorities. But what a shame for poor, lost Stephen Bishop, who could still be something, but not until he can comfortably step out of big brother's shadow and learn to walk instead of crawl.

    Dave Cashman has entered every profession with a silver spoon in his mouth and no one's had the nerve to pull it out and force feed him something he can't stomach. Maybe there's a good reason for that but I figure if I can step into the lion's den once and come back unscathed, I may as well push my luck a little. It's these dangerous encounters that make me feel more more alive, ya know?

    As for Dragoneer, his first mistake was lacing up his boots, assuming he can compete with House Midnight. I personally find that to be offensive. It's one thing when Chris Chambers constantly tries to play hero, but when this no-name wants to fight alongside him for some recognition he doesn't deserve, that's the last straw in my eyes. Hopefully you take the high road from here on out, my friend. Don't be like Chambers. There's plenty of competition in Global Pro Wrestling. You don't have to go home beaten and disappointed every night just because you're in over your head. Find someone you're more compatible with, someone who's complacent enough to just be another face on the card. House Midnight have big aspirations, ones that don't involve you in any way. Know your place and I promise you will live a much more fulfilling life. I choked you out last week and that was my gracious warning to you. Take your angst elsewhere because I am a sick motherfucker who won't hesitate to slit you and your children's throats if you so much as catch me on the wrong second of a day. All you gotta run, run, RUN. I won't judge you.

    ZERO and Brad Barnes, heh, ok. Brad Barnes, you don't know how things work around here, but I figure I could do the honorable thing and enlighten you a little bit because god knows ZERO aka shit for brains won't teach you anything worthwhile. Number one, don't trust Chris Chambers. Number two, don't try you blindly fight against something you don't fully understand, especially if you're trying to make a good first impression. Number three, and this is only assuming you ignore the other two, get yourself a nice insurance policy. Don't let your brief moment of fame amount to nothing. But that's just some advice, Brad, take it or leave it.

    This poll is just a three way road that ultimately leads to the same place. It's not going to be pretty and it may be disturbing but this is a cleansing, a cleansing Global Pro Wrestling so desperately needs.

    There will be...


    Enjoy the show.

    Caballero cheeses like a maniac and the broadcast cuts away rather abruptly.

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