Ruben doesn't give a fuck about deadlines.

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    *We cut in on a nice fancy office, where Ruben (motherfucking) Johnson is sitting in behind the office?s desk with his feet on said desk. He is, of course, grinning like a jackass.*

    You know what?s kinda funny? The way Cassidy still, STILL, thinks this is about me proving some kind of retarded point. Still thinks he can do a damn thing to stop me from doing exactly what the fuck I want to do. Trying so damn hard to fit his good and evil-oh, excuse me, honorable and dishonorable-framework over me. Trying to understand what a liar like him can?t possibly comprehend. All the while, sticking to his guns. He?ll be himself and keep his ideals no matter what I do to him. Well done. I admit my defeat. Let?s all go home now.

    *Ruben applauds sarcastically and then laughs out loud.*

    God, you?re just so adorable I could eat you alive. You?re one hundred years too early to teach me anything, honor boy. You just don?t get it. And since you?re too stupid to do so, I?m not going to explain to you. I will tell you one thing, though. You?ve been dancing to my tune the entire time. Everything you?ve done has been more or less exactly what I wanted you to do. I?ve been playing Jim Henson, and you?re my muppet. Go ahead. Grandstand. Be as noble and self sacrificing as you like. You?re still the one that abandoned his so called precious honor to beat the first man who pissed you off. You used the same tactics you supposedly deplore at the drop of the proverbial hat. All to?what? Teach me a lesson? Show me the error of my ways? You?re operating under the assumption that I don?t know any better, and frankly that?s a little insulting. I always know what I?m doing.

    *Ruben takes his feet off the desk and stands up.*

    But all I can do with you is laugh at how adamantly you defend your lying. You don?t love honor. You love people treat the honorable. You, like every other person on this damn orb, doesn?t want to feel bad about wanting to feel good above all else. Nobody wants to be the selfish one, because others will make them feel bad for it. They do this because you?re not making them feel good. That inherent selfishness again. This is how good and bad got defined in the first place. So you lie. To yourself and everyone around you. You?re an altruist. A genuine hero among men. All so you can feel good without being judged. That?s why you turned my tactics against me. No one?s going to make you feel bad about doing so called bad things to a bad man. You did it because you could get away with it. You have only proven one thing to me. You, Kurt Cassidy, are just like everyone else. If there?s a short cut and you won?t get in trouble, you?ll take it. You?ll be honorable and decent?until no one?s looking or no one cares. You?ll never do anything truly wrong?until you?re drunk. Or angry. Or any one of a million different excuses.

    *Ruben shrugs, apathetic.*

    So yeah, I?m an asshole. I?m a despicable person who does terrible things to people. But at least, unlike the rest of humanity, I?m honest about about why. Because it?s fun. You know what else is fun? The look on a person?s face when they realize that choosing to fight a man my size who doesn?t happen to give a damn if they get maimed, crippled, or otherwise permanently injured really isn?t the best idea. Because, Cassidy, while it?s been fun, I?m getting a bit bored of playing with you. Because that?s what I?ve been doing. Playing with you. But since the fun?s drying up, playtime?s over. Whatever that dumbass poll decides isn't going to matter. I?m just gonna hurt you. A lot. See you out there, honor boy.