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    This thread is here for one and one reason only: to explain the rules of the most commonly played RTVGs. Remember though, the rules are completely up to the host and may be different from what is posted here. Without further ado, here we go.

    Big Brother​

    • Purpose- To be the last houseguest in the Big Brother House.
    • Head of Household aka HOH- This person holds the ultimate power. The HOH has the responsibility of nominating two houseguests for eviction. If one of said nominations are vetoed by the veto holder, the HOH must nominate a replacement nominee. The replacement nominee cannot be the veto holder. In case of a tie during the elimination process, the HOH will cast the tie-breaking vote.
    • Veto Holder- The veto holder has the power to veto (or get rid of) one of the HOH's nominees. The veto holder, however, cannot choose who the replacement nominee is. The veto holder is safe from being the replacement nominee.
    • Luxury Competitions- In the show, this was a competition that the entire house works for. If the competition is completed, the houseguests are rewarded with a luxury like gym equipment, a hot tub, etc.
    • Food Competition- A competition that decides the food that the houseguests can eat for the week.
    • Back Door- A strategy to get rid of a certain houseguest. The HOH puts up 2 nominees that do not include the target. Then the veto holder will veto one of the nominations (usually the pawn). Then the HOH replaces the pawn with the original target rendering him or her helpless from being saved from being evicted.
    • Pawn- A houseguest that agrees to be nominated in an attempt to back door someone.
    • Being Thrown Under the Bus- This is when a Pawn isn't removed from the chopping block and then voted out.
    • Chopping Block- Being nominated for eviction, you are on the chopping block.
    • Elimination Process- At the end of the week, the houseguests (excluding the HOH and the nominees) vote for who they want evicted from the house. In case of a tie, the HOH will vote.
    • The Winner is determined by the eliminated houseguests. A jury of houseguests (which can include ALL eliminated houseguests or just a certain few determined by the host) votes for who they WANT to win the game.


    • Purpose- To be the Sole Survivor.
    • Tribes- Teams in Survivor. Usually the game begins with 2 tribes. As the game progresses, the tribes will merge into one tribe.
    • Immunity- Safe from going to Tribal Council. When there is more than one tribe, the immunity challenge is tribe against tribe and the winning tribe is safe from Tribal Council. When there is only one tribe, Immunity is rewarded to one person.
    • Luxury Challenge- Usually when there are 2 tribes. The winning tribe gets a luxury like a dinning feast.
    • Elimination Process aka Tribal Council- The tribe that loses the Immunity challenge (when 2 tribes) or the tribe (when only 1 tribe) votes for whichever tribe member they wish to eliminate. The tribe member with the most votes is then eliminated. In case of a tie, the tribe revotes only voting for the tribe members that were tied.
    • The Winner is determined by the eliminated tribe members. The eliminated tribe members vote for who they WANT to win the game.

    The Mole​

    • Purpose: To win as much money as possible to put in the pot while figuring out who the Mole is.
    • The Mole- A player that is being paid to sabotage the challenges and preventing money from entering the pot. The Mole must be sly, sneaky, and hide their identity throughout the game.
    • Challenges- By successfully completing challenges, money is added to the pot.
    • Exemptions- If a player has an exemption, they are safe from being eliminated. They are usually offered to players for a price (such as completing an extra challenge, sacrificing money, etc.).
    • Elimination Process- At the end of each episode, the players take a quiz (usually 10 questions). The quiz is based on previous challenges and questions related to the mole. On every test, the final question asked, "Who is the mole?". The final test that determines the winner is usually 20 questions. The player with the most questions wrong is eliminated. In case of a tie, the player with the slowest time and the most questions wrong will be eliminated.
    • The Winner is determined by a final quiz. The player with the most amount of questions correct wins. If the 2 players (not including the Mole) tie with the same amount of correct questions, the player with the fastest time wins.

    The Amazing Race​

    • Purpose: To be the team to cross the finish line first.
    • Teams consisting of 2 race around the world with limited money completing various challenges. Throughout the race, there are pit stops.
    • Detours- A type of challenge. The team is given an option between 2 challenges. The 2 challenges usually vary inversely from each other. For example, while one challenge may take longer, it may be less complicated while the other choice is more complicated but can completed in a short amount of time. Only one has to be completed.
    • Road Blocks- A type of challenge. In this challenge, only one member of the team can complete it. A teammate can only complete a certain number of road blocks so that the other teammate must do road blocks as well.
    • Yield- In certain parts in the race, the first team to arrive to a yield point may Yield another team. A Yielded team must wait a certain amount of time once they arrive at the yield point before they can proceed. Once a team uses a Yield, they cannot use another in the future. A team can choose not to use a Yield and move on. The next team to arrive at the yield point will then have the option of using the Yield or not. If the Yield is used for one part of the race, it cannot be used again until the next leg of the race.
    • Fast Forward- In special parts of the game, a team can choose to go off track to seek the Fast Foward. If the team decides to do so, they must complete a challenge. If they succeed, they can skip all other challenges and go directly to the pit stop. Once used,however, the team cannot use another Fast Forward that is offered in the game.
    • Elimination Process- At the end of each leg of the race, the last team to arrive at the Pit Stop will be eliminated. There are Pit Stops, however, that are nonelimination Pit Stops and the last team will remain in the game. The time you arrive at the Pit Stop determines the time you will start the next leg of the race.
    • The Winner is the first team to reach the final Pit Stop.

    Any questions? PM me. If you see something I missed or put incorrectly, PM me. Want another game's rules put up there? PM me.

    Please sticky and close.
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