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    GPW Roster Topic
    [highlight]Please fill out the following fields. You are free to adjust the information to your liking, but keep in mind that you must keep things realistic and that most of these fields are mandatory. If you are engrossed in a storyline, or more importantly booked for a match for a given show, you must cut a roleplay for it. Inactivity will be punished accordingly.

    Unless requested and approved we will only be allowing up to three characters per RPer. Please only use as many characters as you can handle.[/highlight]

    Ring Name: The name your wrestler will use when competing. Be original in respect to both real and other e-wrestler names.

    Real Name: Your wrestler?s actual name, not to be confused with their ring name. If unknown or the same as ring name, just omit this.

    Nickname(s): List any alternate names used for your character. If there are none, just omit this.

    Birth Date: Please use mm/dd/yyyy format to avoid confusion. If unsure about exact day and month, post an approximate age.

    Hometown: Any real city or town is fine; if unknown, just omit this.

    Ethnicity: Your wrestler?s race or ethnic background. Be as specific as you desire.

    Height: Your wrestler?s height, with a maximum limit of 7?4? or roughly 225 cm.

    Weight: Your wrestler?s weight, with a maximum of 500 lbs. or roughly 225 kilos.

    Appearance: This is your wrestler?s physical appearance. Please describe physical attributes, including what they look like, what kind of shape they?re in, and whatever else you feel is necessary to create a proper visual image of the wrestler. You can alternately or additionally include a picture of your wrestler, but it must be uploaded to an image hosting/sharing website (imageshack, photobucket, imgur, etc.) Do NOT leech bandwidth from other websites. Please limit all images to reasonable file and pixel sizes.

    Attire: This is what your wrestler wears during matches. If entrance attire differs from ring attire, please specify. You can also include what your wrestler wears during non-wrestling activities or interviews.

    Entrance Theme: This is the theme to which your wrestler enters the arena. Post your theme music in the topic. Be sure to check the topic to ensure your music isn't already used by another character.

    Entrance Routine: Describe your wrestler?s entrance, from any pyrotechnic or other theatrics to the way they enter the ring. Use as much detail as you feel is necessary.

    Alignment: Please choose face (good guy), heel (bad guy), or tweener (neutral ? not advised).

    Biography: In this section, you should give as much information as possible regarding your character. Personal history, title history, and relationships are a good basis. You can expand this as your character evolves and participates in storylines and feuds.

    Gimmick/Character Information: In this section, describe your character's gimmick or what defines them as a character. Try to be as descriptive as possible but keep it simple at the same time. Use promos to make your character more multidimensional, but use this as a general idea of what makes your character tick.

    Match Strategy: This encompasses the wrestler?s match strategy (clean/dirty/neutral), fighting style (brawler/high flier/technician), and their match psychology (anything from focusing on a body part to doing a bunch of high spots). Please include these three things and anything else you feel is relevant. You can also include specific information about their gimmick that you feel influences their matches.

    Specialty Match: Please remember that this match should be realistic and fitting for your character. This is not required, so if you can't think of a fitting specialty match, just omit this.

    Finisher(s): These are your wrestler?s most effective maneuvers in their arsenal. Finishers should be original but capable of being executed on a variety of opponents. You may use two equal finishers, with each being executed in a different position (ie: a submission move and a high-flying move, an impact move and a hardcore move, etc.) or under different circumstances (ie: different psychology, such as one choke hold submission and one joint lock submission, one impact move compressing the neck and one impact move slamming the back, etc.) You may also choose to use one finisher and one Desperation Finisher, which will be THE most powerful maneuver in your wrestler's arsenal and is usually reserved for when the primary finisher fails. Naturally, this can be whatever you wish, but we recommend choosing something that is more dangerous or damaging to your opponent than your regular finisher but perhaps less practical. If you choose, you can forgo the alternate or desperation finisher, and use only one finisher, or have two finishers of different psychology. Be sure to note any specific preferences about finisher use in your character's match strategy. Regardless of which options you choose, the final maximum for finishing maneuvers is TWO.

    Trademarks/Signatures: Your character has a maximum of three major moves in their arsenal, though they are less effective than your finishers. We recommend including at least one submission among your five ?special? moves for use in matches that require them.

    Other Moves: Please list between five and fifteen moves your wrestler would regularly use during matches. These are meant to be moves your wrestler performs regularly, not finishers or trademarks, so please avoid using maneuvers that typically end matches.

    [highlight]Read the first two paragraphs of the thread before posting characters. Thank you![/highlight]
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    Ring Name:
    Daniel Shine

    Real Name:
    Daniel Shoen

    God's Finest Grappler
    The Greatest Wrestler on God's Green Earth
    The Greatest Wrestler Of All Time
    The Pound-for-Pound Greatest Wrestler Alive (according to Damon Black!)

    Birth Date:
    August 24, 1980 (33 years old)

    Columbus, Ohio


    6'1" (185.5 cm)

    234 3/4 lbs. (106.5 kg)



    Daniel Shine is always in good physical condition. What he may lack in sheer strength and size compared to some of his opponents, he more than makes up for in conditioning. His stamina is suited for going the distance in longer matches, and while he’s not typically the largest or the smallest wrestler in any organization, his physical assets and agility allow him to be one of the most well rounded.

    Ring Attire:
    He wears a wrestling singlet, as he has throughout most of his career. The singlet itself is a metallic navy, with (a better version of) this logo on the chest. He wears white wrist tape, metallic navy boots with white laces, and white kneepads. SHINE is spelled vertically on both sides of his singlet (from underneath the arms/straps down to the midpoint of the thigh where the singlet ends) in a bold white font.

    Entrance Attire:
    He wears a sleek metallic navy-colored hooded sleeveless entrance jacket, the bottom of which goes down to a couple inches above the floor. He uses the hood to protect his head from the silver pyro shower during his entrance.

    Entrance Theme:
    "Undefeated" - Def Leppard
    "Gods of War" - Def Leppard
    "Remember the Heroes" - Sammy Hagar
    "World Without Heroes" - KISS
    “Touched” - Vast

    Entrance Routine:
    The lights in the arena are slowly lowered until they're finally pitch black, and golden spotlights hit the center of the entrance stage as a single platform elevates Daniel Shine to the view of the roaring crowd. Silver pyrotechnics rain down from the video screen on Shine, like a silver shower, and the former World Champion marches forward, throws back the hood of his jacket, and heads to the squared circle. Dan removes his robe and hands it to an attendant, walks up the steel stairs, and steps inside the ring. He typically stands on the middle ropes on each corner and raises both arms while mouthing off to the fans.

    Heel (but he thinks of himself as a good guy who's misunderstood)

    Gimmick Description: Shine is a man whose skill inside the ring is overshadowed by his mind games and delusional, psychopathic behavior. Unquestionably one of the greatest wrestlers today, if not all time, Shine is obsessed with proving beyond any shadow of a doubt that he is the absolute best, and he is willing to go to insane lengths to do so, including harming anybody in his way or using wrestlers' families or relationships to affect them mentally before defeating them physically. Shine detests hardcore wrestling, is unabashed and arrogant, and he goes beyond obnoxious with his trash talking and ludicrous delusions of grandeur. Despite all this, he is a phenomenal technical grappler and capable of defeating anyone.

    Biography: Daniel Shine began his career as a comedic jock who had a successful amateur wrestling career. He is considered one of the greatest technical wrestlers of the last decade. As a face, he is normally comedic and usually reserves his anger for the ring, where he showcases his technical skills mixed with his over-the-top comedic personality. He loves to put wrestlers on edge with his comical antics, but when the situation gets serious, he becomes more intense and relies on his amateur background and Shineplexes. Even as a face, he takes the business more seriously than most realize, and he has a deep respect for it.

    He can also become very jealous or bitter on a whim and is known for having a pretty short temper at times, particularly when things don’t go his way. He began to develop a bitter streak following incidents relating to Sean Walker (for more detail, please read his biographical section). He thinks of himself as a victim, having been targeted by Sean Walker and several others. He also developed severe cases of paranoia and self-doubt that has ruined many of his friendships. Shine is really a self-fulfilling prophecy; he usually (unintentionally) instigates a reaction that he claims was unprovoked, or he oftentimes puts himself in the position of danger inadvertently. He has a child-like temper and cannot really be trusted. The days of comedy are gone…

    As of late, Shine has begun looking back on his storied career with a sense of nostalgia, and the current state of professional wrestling with disgust. It has manifested into nightmares. Shine has now entered a quest to end these nightmares by eliminating what he believes to be the sources. After attempts to reunite the Winner's Circle failed, Shine has lashed out against his former stablemates for turning their backs on him, another example of his self-destructive and paranoid behavior. Some of Shine's biggest influences are Gothic, Kenzo Katana, Tetsuo Fuginami, Komodo, and Roberto Morelli. He detests hardcore wrestling and is an advocate (if not a passionate supporter) of pro wrestling taking a purist direction, despite his previously comical nature.

    Extensive Biography: Daniel Shine was a high school wrestling standout. He attended Ohio State University and was an Academic All-American in wrestling. He initially had dreams to become an Olympic wrestler, but he became burnt out on amateur wrestling and found acting to be an enjoyable escape. He eventually transitioned his amateur wrestling and his naturally over-the-top personality into a pro wrestling career. After training under Komodo at the Dragon's Den in Toronto, Canada, and receiving supplementary training with Tetsuo Fuginami in Japan, Dan began wrestling in indies across America. Shine debuted in HCW in 2003, still in his early 20s, immediately engaging in a feud with veteran brawler The JoZ. Shine wrestled for HCW for several months before jumping ship to the dying Xtreme Global Wrestling. He feuded with Cal Cannon and Adam Hurst for the XGW Juniorweight Championship. Seemingly on the verge of winning the championship, XGW folded just one week before the scheduled title match. Undeterred, Dan worked for Universal Wrestling Federation, ultimately becoming their Commissioner throughout much of 2004.

    When HCW returned in 2005, Shine took part in the HCW World Title Tournament. An underdog at first, Shine picked up shocking wins over established veterans such as Malice, Komodo, Cal Cannon, Double H, and Phat Man while becoming the first HCW World Champion of the new era. This is arguably the pinnacle of his career, as at that point, over 75 wrestlers were contracted by HCW, as XGW and GWF were both absorbed into the promotion. Shine would hold the title for four months, before suffering an arm injury during a feud with Titan and Sean Walker and being forced to vacate the championship. Shine would sporadically wrestle for HCW while spending time in Europe to hone his skills. He would have title matches against Titan, Sean "Thunder" Walker, and Jack "Komodo" Porter, but was unsuccessful in regaining the championship, before losing a "loser leaves HCW" match to Jack Porter. Shine later turned heel and engaged in a feud with Bruce Bishop over the usage of weapons in pro wrestling, during which Shine degraded hardcore wrestlers. He would ultimately defeat Bishop, but their feud would continue in PWW years later.

    After spending an extensive amount of time in Europe and Japan, Shine returned to America, wrestling in Global Wrestling Entertainment, where he engaged in a feud with Phreak. Shine was a villain yet again, and often degraded Phreak as a loser and an outcast. The two were feuding over the GWE World Championship, when a hostile (and ill-fated) takeover by XSW led to Shine abandoning the new promotion and taking time off to heal injuries. Dan finally returned to pro wrestling in late 2006, entering Pro Wrestling Warriors and forming an alliance with Roderick Brookes to aid him in his feud against Bruce Bishop. This led to another feud between Shine and Bishop, under similar premises as before. Also as before, Shine would ultimately defeat the Bishop of Blood on his way to managing Roderick Brookes on his feud against Lance Van Leer. After Brookes lost to Van Leer in their feud-ending 7 Deadly Sins cage match, Shine tentatively managed The King of Controversy alongside "frenemy" Komodo.

    After Komodo left PWW for a stint in Japan, Shine began a feud with then-World Champion Lance Van Leer over the PWW World Championship. However, their war of words did not culminate in a title match, as LVL soon thereafter lost the World Title to AJ Cross in controversial fashion, leading to a major World Title Tournament. The tourney, which brought together 16 of wrestling’s greatest modern stars and 16 of wrestling’s greatest legends to crown a new Pro Wrestling Warriors World Heavyweight Champion, was another chance for Dan to regain possession of the sport's top prize. Shine defeated Adam Hurst and Jason Noe to advance to the quarter-finals, where he fought a longtime idol of his, the shootfighting legend himself, Gothic. Shine and Gothic engaged in one of Gothic’s last matches, a thirty-five minute classic, where Shine finally managed to defeat his idol. In the same night, Shine also wrestled Sean "Thunder" Walker, who defeated Roderick Brookes to advance. Walker defeated Shine in the semi-finals, though Dan felt he had a more grueling (and certainly longer) contest against Gothic and was not 100%. Walker would go on to lose in the finals of the tournament to the returning Komodo.

    Shortly after the tournament ended, Shine engaged in a bitter feud with Johnny Reed, who had previously revealed the medical conditions that were plaguing Gothic, leading to Gothic’s retirement. Shine was determined to teach Reed respect and defeated him in a Pure Wrestling Match, Shine’s specialty. Starting in GWE, Shine formed a tag team with Terry Martinez called God’s Finest Grapplers. Despite never winning any tag team championships, the tag team quickly climbed the ranks and became immensely popular for their comedic vignettes and original tag team maneuvers. Shine entered the Championship Wrestling Alliance with tag team partner Terry Martinez. God's Finest Grapplers made Double H's life quite difficult. They "befriended" the CEO of CWA, but constantly ridiculed him and pulled pranks, mostly in his office. Shine continued to strive for tag team gold with partner Terry Martinez, while also working up the ladder toward an eventual World Title shot. However, the joviality of GFG was brought to a screeching halt after a transformation occurred with Dan's demeanor. Dan's quest for both tag team and singles gold was put on hold as he has engaged in a bitter rivalry with Sean "Thunder" Walker. The returning Walker cost Dan the CWA Grand Melee match. Feeling it was Walker's quest to destroy Shine and take him out of CWA, Dan decided to do everything in his power to stop him. He and tag team partner Terry Martinez joined the Elite and attacked Damon Black after he won a contendership gauntlet, to secure a rematch against Thunder. Shine fought Sean Walker at CWA Liberation, and he suffered a loss when Walker forced Shine’s shoulders to the mat while locked in his Shinedown submission hold.

    Shine bounced from promotion to promotion, working for GCW and several independent companies around the world. Over the course of about a year, from 2009 to mid-2010, Dan took a sabbatical. Shine eventually landed in Trent Eden's World Pro Wrestling. Striving to regain his position atop the wrestling world and become a World Champion yet again, Dan aligned with several other "main event" wrestlers to form a super stable known as The Winner's Circle. Members included: Daniel Shine, Jack "Komodo" Porter, Lance Van Leer, Damon Black, and Malice, all former world champions. Their goal was to regain their spots atop the world of professional wrestling and make those who wronged them pay dearly for their attempt to blackball them from the sport they love. After feuding with the rest of the WPW roster for several months, The Winner's Circle lost a crucial War Games match against the team of Sean Walker, Adam Hurst, Blake Straker, and Chris Fallon. Following the loss, the group unofficially disbanded, as Malice had already left the faction, Lance Van Leer took a leave of absence due to medical reasons, and the threesome of Black, Shine, and Komodo just weren't quite the same after the crushing defeat.

    While still desiring to regain a World Champion, Shine's primary goal shifted after the fall of the Winner's Circle. He began to eliminate those he felt were poisoning the sport of professional wrestling. His first attempt to rid the wrestling world of one of these sources had mixed results at best, when he took on AJ Cross and lost a back and forth battle; afterward, Shine attacked Cross and debuted his new submission hold, La Mancuerda. Shine and Cross engaged in a short, but bitter feud, which resulted in Dan defeating AJ in a loser leaves WPW match. After that victory, Dan began a rivalry with two men he felt were responsible for tainting the image of pure wrestling - Rohan Malhotra and Dave Cashman. The matches had mixed results, and after months of feuding with Malhotra and Cashman in many classic technical battles, including shootfights, pure wrestling matches, and submission matches, Rohan Malhotra had left WPW due to personal reasons, and Dave Cashman began to deal with the imprisonment of his father. Shine refocused his energy on reuniting the Winner's Circle. In the midst of a war between Komodo and Malice, Shine had attempted to bring back the group that started it all in World Pro Wrestling. Unfortunately, Jack and Malice still held ill will toward one another. Shine's attempts to regroup as The Winner's Circle were thwarted by the personal animosity felt by his former stablemates, and the three were on a collision course. Shine refereed a bout between Komodo and Malice, which ended with Malice winning in controversial fashion, causing an even wider rift between the trio. At WPW Supremacy, Shine fought Porter and Malice in a triple threat match. During the bout, Dan provoked Jack Porter, trying to draw out "the old Komodo" in order to reunite the Winner's Circle. The plan backfired, as Porter took out Shine with a vicious SalaSpear that injured his ribs. Malice took advantage and scored a victory over Shine following his patented Eradicator. The end result was a permanent split of the Winner's Circle and the friendship between Shine and Komodo.

    After several months of mysterious absence, Dan returned at WPW+ Survival of the Fittest. In the midst of an immense war between World Pro Wrestling and Pro Wrestling Plus, Komodo had joined Team WPW as a combatant in War Games. Before he could make his entrance into the cage, Shine attacked him from the crowd, executing a Shineplex on Steroids, a Shineplex on Steroids into the cage wall, and then locking Porter in La Mancuerda. Jack Porter and Daniel Shine engaged in a memorable rivalry that spanned several months in Pro Wrestling Plus. Some of the key moments included Shine burning down Komodo's gym, Dragon's Den, the very place where he first trained to become a wrestler. Shine also stalked both Colleen Winters, Komodo's ex-wife, as well as spoke to their young daughter. The worst atrocity committed by Shine was the kidnapping and torture of Alicia, Komodo's longtime girlfriend. The mind games and heinous actions of Shine ultimately paid off when he defeated Komodo in a Three Stages of Hell match at PW+ King of Kings, which saw Shine force Komodo to submit in stage two (a submission match) via La Mancuerda and in stage three (Hell in a Cell) via pinfall after a Shineplex on Steroids through the roof of the cell. After finally vanquishing his former best friend and mentor, Daniel refocused his intentions on the World Championship. Shine won a 10-man gauntlet for the right to challenge PW+ World Champion “The Paragon Flare” Chris Chambers. Shine and Chambers battled at Demon's Dawn in a no disqualification match. After a grueling war, Shine choked Chambers unconscious with a kendo stick-aided variation of La Mancuerda, capturing the World Championship.

    Following the demise of Pro Wrestling Plus, Shine chose to take a hiatus from professional wrestling, citing a lack of competition and intriguing match-ups as the reason. Many speculated that Dan was afraid of defending the title he had worked for seven years to regain, but Shine shot down the rumors in several interviews. After nearly ten months of holding the defunct championship belt and proclaiming himself the World Champion, Shine was finally coaxed into defending the belt by Trent Eden and title challenger, Sin City Showdown II tournament winner and former Winner's Circle teammate, Damon Black. Things between Shine and Damon quickly grew ugly, as Dan took credit for all of Black's success while chastising and even disowning him for using hardcore tactics to win the Sin City Showdown II tournament. Black fired back at Dan's lack of personal relationships and his delusions. Ultimately, the two met on August 25, 2013, a day after Shine's 33rd birthday, in the main event of Eden Enterprises' Breakthrough, with Shine's championship on the line. Jack “Komodo” Porter served as the special guest referee for the bout, and after a long back-and-forth battle, Damon Black was able to finish Shine with a Relapse off the ropes to win the title. However, before The Hype Machine could gain possession of his newly won prize, Shine fled the arena with it and threw it in a burning dumpster, destroying the belt so nobody else could have it and taint it. Dan now embarks on a quest to gain a new belt and re-legitimize himself as the pound-for-pound greatest wrestler alive.

    Career Highlights:
    HCW World Championship
    PW+ World Championship

    Shine has feuded with virtually all the major stars throughout his tenure in HCW, XGW, GWA, UWF, GWE, PWW, CWA, WPW, and PW+. He holds victories over many former world champions and high level characters, some of whom include: Jack Porter, Bruce Bishop, Rohan Malhotra, Double H, John Scarsdale, Johnny Reed, Cal Cannon, Dave Cashman, Phat Man, Titan, Damon Black, Lance Van Leer, Sean Walker, The JoZ, Andre Porter, Jason Noe, Gothic, Adam Hurst, Drake Vinaldi, Adam Pugh, Rob Cavallo, AJ Cross, Seth Frost, and Chris Chambers.

    Match Strategy: First and foremost, Dan is a technician. He loves to get people on the mat and utilize any of dozens of submission holds in his repertoire. Shine is not above utilizing dirty tactics and holding onto ropes until the count of five, followed by taunting the referee and the fans by reminding them that he is permitted under the rules. His style is a mash-up of the American technical catch wrestling with explosive suplexes and catches/holds, the European influence of British Lucharesu and pure catch wrestling, and Japanese puroresu with stiff chops and brutal head drops. In addition, he has spent time training and wrestling in Canada, Australia, Mexico, and Brazil. Shine typically focuses on the opponent’s neck, back, and arms, though when facing men much larger or smaller than him, he will typically go for the legs (with men larger than him, he wants to bring them down to his level by forcing them to the mat and grounding them, and with men who are smaller and quicker, he will take out the legs to slow them down and disable them from executing high flying maneuvers). He primarily uses the Shineplex on Steroids to gain victories via pinfall, but will resort to La Mancuerda either out of frustration, or during a personal grudge, if he wants to make his opponent tap to prove his superiority. His notorious distaste for hardcore wrestling and brawling has left him virtually inept in hardcore environments. In addition, while he can operate off the top rope, he is nowhere near a great high flier. At his core, he's an explosive technical wrestler, whose offense consists mostly of suplexes, grappling, and submissions, with some moderate striking.

    Specialty Match: Ultimate Submissions, though he loves Pure Wrestling matches as well

    Shineplex on Steroids – Kurt Angle’s Olympic Slam
    La Mancuerda – Batista’s Batista Bite (Crossface/Scissored Armbar Combination)

    Trademark/Signature Moves:
    Shineplexes – Any suplex (prefers to use German and Belly to Belly variations the most and loves to chain them together)
    Submission Impossible - Wrist-Clutch Reverse Cross Armbreaker
    Shooting Shine Press – VERY RARE – It was his finishing maneuver during his younger days (from debut in 2003 through 2005) but is now only utilized under extreme circumstances

    Other Moves:
    Deathwish – Half Nelson Sleeper (Adopted from Gothic in honor of one of the sport’s pure wrestling pioneers and Japanese legends)
    Beast Choker (Formerly a finisher and called the Shinedown, but has recently been bumped down in prestige and effectiveness with the implementation of La Mancuerda and Submission Impossible)
    Octopus Stretch
    Flying Knee Strike
    Shine Series (Successive Shin Breakers to Spinning Toehold to Figure Four Leglock – used mostly to ground high fliers)
    Sicklehold (Muta Lock with Bridging Chinlock)
    La Tapat?a/Romero Special (sometimes with rocking horse motions)
    Stepover Toehold Facelock
    Fujiwara Armbar
    Knife Edge Chops
    European Uppercut
    Roaring Elbow

    Ring Name: Brady Cruise

    Real Name: Bradley Christopher

    Nickname(s): Murder City Machete ; Murder City Monster ; Detroit Muscle

    Birth Date: 06/21/1978

    Hometown: Detroit, Michigan

    Ethnicity: Caucasian – of mostly Irish and German descent

    Height: 5’11”

    Weight: 233 lbs.


    Brady's build is fairly stocky, with a good amount of muscle to complement his style. He doesn't normally shave his chest.

    Backstage/Normal Attire Cruise can usually be seen wearing jeans, sneakers, and a hoodie (or a t-shirt during warmer weather). He’s an adamant fan of the Red Wings, so occasionally he’ll wear a hockey jersey.

    Wrestling Attire He sports black wrist tape, kneepads, boots (with kickpads), and tights. The back of his tights has this design, but with the blades in silver with blood red tips and the crown in gold.

    Entrance Attire: Usually either a Red Wings jersey or a hoodie with a Detroit band or sports team.

    Entrance Theme: “Above the Law" by Bad Meets Evil

    Entrance Routine: Cruise loves to high five and fist bump fans as he heads to the ring.

    Alignment: Face

    Biography: Brady spent several years as a "cult favorite" working the independents before his big break came when he and longtime friend Lance Van Leer joined Hybrid Championship Wrestling in 2005. His career took off with Van Leer as an on-again, off-again teammate, and they quickly joined a faction with Matt Beck and Rob Cavallo known as Revolution. The stable took HCW by storm, and Cruise won the Young Tiger Championship shortly into his HCW career. After floundering in the Midcard, he returned to the indy scene before popping up again with LVL in Pro Wrestling Warriors. Cruise was Lance’s somewhat comedic sidekick, until Lance’s personality drastically changed after Scarlett left him following alleged infidelity on the part of Van Leer. Cruise confronted his best friend and had a short rivalry with Lance that was memorable for its intensity. Despite losing to Van Leer, Cruise’s stock was raised, and he began getting bookings in Japan. It was here that he expanded his arsenal and fell in love with the Strong Style. Cruise also let his roots in Detroit show with more intense promos as he slowly eased himself out of his previously comedic role. Brady then returned to America with the goal of bringing Strong Style back to the States. His aggressive demeanor and repertoire have led to Cruise becoming an underground icon, especially amongst fans in the Motor City. He was a perfect fit in several independent promotions, namely Evolution Pro and Pro Wrestling STORM. Unfortunately, these leagues were short-lived, along with any success Cruise derived from them. After being pushed out of the spotlight for quite some time, Brady became bitter. He realized that what he’s done his whole career simply isn’t enough and he’ll need a drastic change to make it to the top of the sport. As a result, he started changing his personality and style to complement what he feels promoters desire. In short, Cruise became a douchebag. He engaged in a brutal war with Brett Conwell over being a "sellout" from Detroit. Afterward, when things were seemingly going Brady's way with WPW brass, management proved its fickle nature by finding a "new" franchise, Jason Moore. Feeling betrayed and threatened, Cruise no-showed several events when he was booked to team with Moore, which led to his termination. Cruise spouted off against WPW and Moore on YouTube, returning to his Murder City Machete ways. This led to an unsanctioned street fight in Detroit against Jason Moore. Due in a large part to his emotions, Brady shockingly lost the 8 Mile Street Fight after inflicting a lot of pain on Moore. Since then, Brady has worked to redeem himself for his prior actions. He joined PW+ and attempted to convince Aaron Archknight to not go down the same path of men like Jason Moore, where promising young prospects are given the world on a silver platter and become selfish, arrogant, and conniving as a result. Archknight and his sister, Alicia, were engaged in a storyline that saw Alicia betray Cruise after feigning sympathy and interest in his plight. Brady bounced around between independent promotions following the fall of PW+, and now he's back in Global Pro Wrestling, looking to revive his career and make a statement.

    Gimmick/Character Information:
    Having grown up on the streets of Detroit, and coming from a poor family, Brady Cruise has always been a hero for the blue-collar populace. After losing his way and "selling out" for one last shot at mainstream success, Brady came to his senses and now seeks redemption.

    Match Strategy: Cruise can be summed up as thusly: stiff chops, kicks, and lots of backbreakers. He employs a “beat ‘em up” modified King’s Road strategy of brawling with and hurting his opponent in whatever way possible. He’s not adept to taking lots of risks, but occasionally will if he spots a way to cause his opponent physical pain. He’ll focus primarily on the opponent’s upper body, back, head, and neck in preparation for his patented backbreakers and submission holds. He isn't afraid to get dirty if the situation calls for it, but will generally avoid cheap shots.

    Specialty Match: 8 Mile Street Fight

    Cruise Control – Elevated Texas Cloverleaf with Knee in Spine
    Brady Breaker – Inverted Go 2 Sleep/Argentine Rack to Knee to Back of Head

    Trademark/Signature Moves:
    Machine Gun Chops
    Cruise Missile – Flying Yakuza Kick/Single Leg Kick to Jaw
    Murder City Machine Gun – Double Knee Gutbuster

    Other Moves:
    Flying Knee Drop
    Clinch and Knee Strikes (Alternating to Body and Head)
    Stiff Kicks
    Forearm Strikes
    Uranage Backbreaker
    Rib Breaker
    Pendulum Backbreaker
    Burning Sword
    Bow and Arrow

    Ring Name: Christopher Shoen

    Nickname(s): The Dark Horse, Shine Flu, The Savior, The Black Sheep

    Birth Date: July 22, 1986

    Hometown: Cleveland, OH

    Ethnicity: Caucasian

    Height: 6'0”

    Weight: 210 lbs.


    Entrance Attire:
    Has a dark tattered coat that looks like something a homeless man would wear

    Wrestling Attire:
    Dark black pants similar to what Matt Hardy would wear during the early 2000s
    A dark black tight form-fitting shirt without sleeves that have purple tribal designs
    Black wrestling boots with black shin pads and purple tribal designs
    Black tape around his fists and wrapped up his arms in varying designs
    Black fingernail polish and black guyliner

    Entrance Theme:
    “Savior” by Bobaflex with Chime/Bell intro from Negative Plane's “The Fall”

    Entrance Routine:
    Kind of a long, sauntering walk to the ring with a brooding look on his face as his music plays in the background. He just enters the ring as the fans express their general disdain for him. As of late, Shoen has been descending from the rafters via a rappelling mechanism alongside his House Midnight stablemates.


    If you ask Christopher Shoen, he is one of the least appreciated, underrated, overlooked, and unluckiest wrestlers in the world. The Dark Horse started out in the indy circuit under his real name, but he was unable to gain much employment due to his link to Daniel Shine. Promoters were disappointed when he was nothing like his cousin, and he was quickly blackballed from promotions due to his poor attitude and behavior. He eventually changed his name to Chris Sublime and gained a few sporadic indy bookings as a fun-loving babyface, but this was ultimately unsuccessful in gaining employment with the major leagues.

    Chris seemingly accepted his destiny as living in his cousin's shadow, but after becoming enraged with his place in the world, Shoen managed to turn his fate as a “Black Sheep” into fortune by breaking free of his stereotypes. He's made it his mission to seek out those he feels are hurting themselves by accepting society's role for them and forcing them to break the barriers and earn some dignity. Shoen’s crowning achievement during his new mentoring role was revitalizing the career of Chris Chambers, but he feels Chris has since turned his back on him after having his career reinvigorated.

    Shoen resurfaced in PW+ as a loose ally of David Walker's and "testified" against Chambers' character on-air. Shoen remained at Walker's side through the end of PW+. In 2013, The Darkness reemerged and began attacking Chris Chambers at various events. While many speculated The Darkness was secretly David Walker, he was revealed in GPW to be Christopher Shoen, alongside his two new House Midnight allies, Vincent Caballero and Adam Priest. House Midnight's goals are as of yet unknown, but rest assured they'll be quite vocal about his opinions.

    Gimmick/Character Information:
    Shoen has experience working with men like David Walker, Chris Chambers, and Adam Priest on the independents but has not gained the same level of mainstream attention as them. These conditions, along with the previously mentioned shadow he's been cast into by his older cousin and his family's disappointment in him, have led to a black sheep syndrome. The Savior remains intent on helping those who will listen to him and breaking through the glass ceiling of professional wrestling to finally achieve his full potential. He is now aligned with Priest and Vincent Caballero in the group House Midnight.

    Match Strategy:
    Not afraid to fight dirty if the situation calls for it. He well-rounded with a risky style, but he is willing to use aerial attacks, weapons, or submission holds to gain victory - Whatever it takes to win. He tends to have a vicious side, but he has tried to control his temper long enough to get his message across.

    Specialty Match:
    Stairway to Hell

    The Shooting Shoen Shooting Star Double Knee Drop

    The Family Burden Cravat Crossface (exactly how it sounds – crippler crossface with a cravat neckhold)

    Trademark/Signature Moves:
    Downward Spiral Inverted Russian Legsweep ala early Edge
    Blind Eye Halo Zig-Zag
    Faith Breaker Styles Clash

    Other Moves:
    Black Sheep Syndrome Stalling vertical suplex into a brainbuster on knee
    Shoening Wizard Shining Wizard
    Slingshot Huracanrana (typically to floor)
    Leg Lariat
    Flying Headscissors
    Top? Suicida
    Bermuda Triangle
    Asai Moonsault
    Calf Branding
    Spinning Heel Kick
    Flying Knee Strike
    Flying Clothesline
    Springboard Missile Dropkick
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    Dec 14, 2000

    -Return to Top-

    Ring Name: Brett Conwell

    Nickname(s): Blood and Bones, The Cutting Edge (formerly)

    Age: 27

    Hometown: Detroit, Michigan

    Ethnicity: Caucasian

    Height: 6'5"

    Weight: 270 lbs.

    Appearance: He's very tan and well-muscled, although not statuesque. He sports a thick goatee and short black hair.

    Attire: Black knee, elbow, and wrist pads. Black boots. Black shorts, about knee length, with a red skull and crossbones on the back. Backstage often has a t-shirt, jeans and sneakers, sometimes a hooded sweatjacket and sometimes a black leather jacket.

    Entrance Theme: "Violence Fetish" by Disturbed

    Entrance Routine: As the music hits, Conwell pretty much BURSTS from behind the curtain and throws his arms up, letting out a primal scream. He usually then walks to the ring normally, maybe shouting at his opponent if they're there.

    Alignment: Face

    Biography: Brett's career is, unfortunately, nowhere near as storied as he wishes it was, mostly due to the fact that he's spent most of his time on the independent circuit. Despite his limited mainstream exposure for most of his career, Conwell developed quite the cult following for thr myriad of deathmatches in which he competed, whether it was in MDW, ICW or even the underground wrestling promotion BLW. He finally, after a long while, got his break, earning a WPW contract, and he rapidly found himself embroiled in a rivalry against fellow Detroit native Brady Cruise, who also found himself in the mainstream after quite a while. Unlike Conwell, however, Cruise altered his persona drastically to fit in with management, essentially becoming a "sell-out", and the two warred over that fact, including a brutal 8 Mile Street Fight in Detroit, a city which Cruise spurned at the time. After defeating Brady Cruise, Conwell went on to a short rivalry with Adam Hurst before taking a break, and he ultimately wouldn't wrestle for WPW again. When Pro Wrestling Plus emerged, Conwell would make his return as a surprise entrant in the promotion's 30-man battle royal, making an impressive showing but ultimately losing. Due to fellow entrant Vincent Caballero's brutal methods of taking out Adam Hurst, Conwell would spend the next two months engaged in a rivalry with Caballero, stemming from a demand that Caballero apologized for his grisly tactics but eventually spiraling into an ultraviolent bloodbath that included a Monster's Ball match and a Barbed Wire Dog Collar match. Conwell would lose that, and hasn't been seen since. He's signed on with GPW to do what he does best once again: hurt people.

    Gimmick/Character Information: Conwell is a lot like Tommy Dreamer in that he's a "hardcore babyface", someone who loves hardcore match environments above all else and carries with it a brutal nature, despite the fact that he's not inherently sadistic. While in the past he was somewhat of a "gentle giant", speaking as though he were the nicest guy you'd ever meet but transforming into a one-man army inside the ring, his personality's become a lot more vulgar and crude ever since his appearance in WPW. He isn't unnecessarily demeaning or offensive, but he has zero patience or tolerance for people who test him, and he has no qualms with setting out make examples of those who DO via vicious beatings.

    Match Strategy: Conwell is best described as dirty but not cheap, as his violent nature and brawler mindset causes him to use stomps, chokes, and other vicious methods regularly in matches, but he never outright cheats or attempts to get away with deceitful methods (such as weapon attacks or low blows when the referee is unaware, having others interfere on his behalf, or anything else that's considered to be cowardly).

    His style mixes a stiff and powerful brawling element with quick, yet effective powerhouse maneuvers, and he's a bit like Mike Awesome in regards to being incredibly agile as well as strong. He is, of course, a proficient user of weaponry, and he excels the most in a hardcore environment, being able to use any weapon in the most bizarre and innovative of ways.

    In regards to hardcore matches, Conwell's psychology as he utilizes weapons and the environment is a combination of pleasing the crowd with brutal shows of barbarism and beating his opponents down, often trying to ground high-fliers or cripple larger men. When the hardcore element is removed, Conwell is more or less just a brute force kinda guy, using his vicious strikes (lariats, elbows, the occasional spear perhaps) in concert with high-impact maneuvers to break his opponent down. He fights very quickly and with almost a berserker rage -- perhaps taught to him by the irrepressible Sean "Thunder" Walker -- and he can be difficult to put down in the late phases of a match, as he ultimately starts to shake off all but the most definitive offense.

    Specialty Match: He doesn't typically have one, although he always opts for hardcore matches whenever possible, and has competed in most of them. In big match situations in his hometown of Detroit, the 8 Mile Street Fight is close to a "specialty" for him.

    Primary Finisher:
    Concussion Blast: Cradle Emerald Flowsion

    Desperation Finisher:
    Murder City Stretch: Coat Hanger with Choke/Necklock, alternated with backbreaker drops until the opponent escapes, submits, or falls unconscious

    Letter Bomb: Jackknife Powerbomb, often onto or through something
    Godsmack: Olympic Slam to Stunner; an homage to Sean Walker
    The Bonehammer: Stiff as FUCK Spinning Back Elbow, a la Jon Jones

    Other Moves:
    Discus Lariat
    Diving Elbow
    Curb Stomp
    Inverted Headlock Backbreaker (a la Orton)
    Blue Thunder Bomb
    High-Angle Spinebuster
    Exploder Suplex
    One-Shoulder Back Body Drop (only on lighter opponents)
    Flapjack onto top turnbuckle
    Murder City Slam: Alabama Slam
    Tilt-A-Whirl Rib-Breaker
    Buffalo Sleeper
    Swinging DDT (lifts opponent off his feet and swings him around, sometimes a few full rotations if they're small enough, before hitting a DDT)
    Rolling Fireman's Carry

    Ring Name: Adam Priest

    Nickname(s): The Devolution, The Hand of Vengeance, The Avatar of Wrath

    Age: 25

    Hometown: Los Angeles, California

    Ethnicity: Caucasian

    Height: 5'11"

    Weight: 215 lbs.

    Appearance: Mid-length blond hair tied into a ponytail, thin blond beard and moustache. Build's a bit like early WWE Y2J.

    Attire: Usually a black trenchcoat/cloak with some ragged black pants and a plain black t-shirt. Often his clothes are a bit dirty and worn.

    Entrance Theme: "I Hope You Suffer" by AFI

    Entrance Routine: As the music first starts to play, the arena goes dark. Adam makes his way out in either a black trenchcoat or simply a ragged pair of pants and t-shirt, usually the former, making his way slowly to the ring before sliding in head-first.

    Alignment: Heel

    Biography: Adam Priest is the younger brother of the hardcore wrestling legend Dante Priest, although there was a time when the two couldn't be more different. They grew up under a single devout Christian mother, but while Dante was strong in his faith, Adam was a bit more agnostic, spending far more time doing "typical" teenager activities (getting laid, partying, etc) than spending his time anywhere near a crucifix. When Dante was involved in the accidental death of a friend and consequently had his metamorphosis, becoming a bit of a... psychopath... it hit their mother quite hard, ultimately leading to a grief-related death, for which Adam has never forgiven his older brother. Despite that, as someone with a natural affinity for most sports as a young man, Adam wound up following his older brother into professional wrestling, although he was a bit more of a fan favorite: a blond-haired, blue-eyed ladies man who had swagger and skill, succeeding quite a bit in the cruiserweight and equivalent divisions in the GWF. While Dante went on to become a mainstay in the deathmatch environment and formed multiple "cult" factions derived from his own sadistic nature, Adam was a bit more normal and likable, ingratiating himself with the fans with his high-risk wrestling style and goofy personality, becoming somewhat infamous for calling people "dum-dums". Unfortunately, Adam soon had a bit of a nervous breakdown for unknown reasons, emerging as a highly devout man who claimed to have a hard line directly to God, who wanted him to better the lives of others.

    Not long after that, he became a much crueler and more vicious person, using his faith and supposed connection to a higher power to set out to eradicate the rest of his species, calling himself the "Avatar of Wrath", believing that he was tasked in wiping the proverbial slate clean by extinguishing the human race. He waged multiple wars against men such as Tristan Novak and Justin Fox while in this persona, but ultimately the latter of those sidelined him, and when he returned, Priest had lost his faith, becoming a distinctly atheistic individual and instead clinging to a value he placed in the "kill or be killed" tenets of survival of the fittest. He abhorred the intellectual evolution of the human race and called himself "The Devolution", putting value in his own animalistic behavior and wishing to prove his mettle by defeating his opponents by any means necessary to climb up the food chain. During this time, his valet and servant, Eve Matthews, who served him through his religious zealot phase, was kicked to the curb, only to re-emerge during a rivalry with Damon Black. When Eve became romantically involved with Black, Priest became jealous and enraged, beginning a vicious feud with the "Hype Machine", one that involved Eve turning on Damon Black and becoming a much more sadistic woman, enough so to rival Priest's own twisted psyche. The rivalry ultimately ended at Sin City Showdown II when Priest lost in the semi-finals of the tournament in a Casket Match, being nailed inside the box. He only emerged from the casket after King of Kings IV, when his own brother was, in fact, buried alive by Bruce Bishop, and he's since then become far more somber in his persona. He no longer seems to enjoy his own animalistic side or the physical struggles that go along with it, and he's regained a bit of his "Avatar of Wrath" persona, feeling as though he can bring that resolve to the foreground in his new cause: House Midnight, a close-knit brotherhood formed among himself, Christopher Shoen and Vincent Caballero, which has so far disrupted GPW events again and again, as well as brutally assaulting multiple top stars for the company. Their true motives are unknown, but the group claims to wish to "rewrite" the laws of the business in their own misanthropic image.

    Gimmick/Character Information: Adam Priest's gimmick is in flux a great deal of the time. Currently, Priest is a bit of a combination of his religious zealot phase and that of the vicious animal; he maintains a bitter atheism and a focus on unleashing brutality on his opponents no matter the tactics, but he no longer seems to revel in it, and he's found himself regaining the "purpose" of his zealot days, re-establishing the titles used during that time and being far more serious and focused. Ultimately, Priest is someone with a natural affinity for using violence against his opponents -- much like his older brother -- and has no problem causing suffering, though he no longer seems to actually enjoy the pain he doles out. As part of House Midnight, he's fully committed himself to their mission, and he grimly carries out whatever measures are needed with an iron-clad will.

    Match Strategy: Priest is neutral leaning towards dirty -- he has absolutely no problem bending or outright breaking the rules, but he doesn't typically go directly to such measures, saving them for when he truly needs them. He's more likely to use hardcore tactics to break the rules than cowardly ones, however.

    Priest's style is a mixture of fast-paced technical takedowns, having formed quite the expertise with neckbreakers, as well as a variety of aerial maneuvers, retaining a strong command in the sport over high-flying tactics. He tends to rely somewhat more on stiff strikes and technical wrestling in the early going, but the late game almost always revolves around massive spots.

    Against larger opponents, Adam tends to focus on his high-flying moves the most, using perhaps some of his stiff strikes to keep them at bay before unloading a kamikaze offense or hitting some very fast-paced takedowns as counters to various powerhouse maneuvers. He doesn't try to outbrawl or outwrestle such men. On the other hand, against men smaller than him or even of equal size, Priest focuses a lot more on brawling, the use of weapons, and a lot of his technical takedowns, only escalating to his high-flying arsenal in order to match the pace of the late game. He uses the Dante's Requiem exclusively against opponents around his own size or lighter, relying on the Rain of Fire as a desperation maneuver, while the latter becomes his primary finishing maneuver against opponents too heavy for him to lift.

    Specialty Match: He doesn't typically have one, although he always opts for hardcore matches whenever possible, and has competed in most of them. In big match situations in his hometown of Detroit, the 8 Mile Street Fight is close to a "specialty" for him.

    Impact Finisher:
    Dante's Requiem: Torture Rack to Implant Inverted DDT/Reverse F-5

    Aerial Finisher:
    Rain of Fire: Double Corkscrew Moonsault/Spiral Tap

    Eden Fly Trap: Inverted Figure-4 Leg Lock
    Broken Cross: Snap Hangman's Neckbreaker
    Borrowed Lies: Black Magic/Feint Shining Wizard to Reverse Roundhouse Kick

    Other Moves:
    Necktie Neckbreaker
    Flipping Neckbreaker
    Floating Neckbreaker
    Rolling Kappou Kick
    Spinning Leg Lariat
    Torpedo Dropkick
    Rolling Thunder
    Slingshot Leg Drop
    Corkscrew Plancha
    Tope Con Hilo
    Aztec Suplex
    Flowing DDT
    Sickle Hold
    Crucifix Armbar
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    -Return to Top-

    Ring Name: Aaron Archknight

    Real Name: Cody Galloway

    Nickname(s): The Cinderella Man

    Birth Date: 01/25/1985

    Hometown: Elk City, Oklahoma

    Ethnicity: Caucasian

    Height: 6’1”

    Weight: 231 lbs.


    Wrestling: Black Full Length tights, with lime green stripe on outside of leg, “Double A” insignia on upper left thigh in white and “Cinderella Man” printed on rear in red.

    Entrance: Same as in ring but with the addition of a black “Archknight” printed T-Shirt.

    Backstage/Promo: Black Dress Pants with a collared long sleeve dress shirt, usually white or light blue, sweater vest and Black dress shoes.

    Entrance Theme: “Cinderella Man” by Eminem

    Entrance Routine: Arena lights replaced with lime green strobes. At the first “Amen” of the song, Archknight enters at the top of the ramp, before standing at the top of the ramp and staring down the audience (or opponent if they are already in ring), lights are raised back to arena lights. After this he makes his way to the ring before climbing in and standing on turnbuckle facing camera closest to announce table with no animation just staring at the crowd.

    Biography: Gifted amateur wrestler, who was an All-American wrestler for the University of Oklahoma, however was not to make the American team for the 2012 London Olympics due to injury, and has therefore moved into professional wrestling as a career.

    Gimmick/Character Information: In terms of a character background, he sees this as his second chance of making something of his life and is trying to grasp this with both hands. Believes that he is a better technical wrestler than anyone else, and has the cocky attitude too much. Is snide and condescending. Willing to do anything in order to get a victory and take him towards championship glory as he sees this as his final chance.

    Has nicknamed himself from his thought that professional wrestling is his second and final chance at life and he is therefore the Cinderella Man as he is the best at pro wrestling and was also the best at amateur wrestling. Therefore in his eyes he is a Cinderella story and the Cinderella Man.

    Is a very serious character and has no time for jokes and laughter unless he is on the top of the pile. Until he is in possession of a championship he will not let anyone or anything else get in his way.

    Upon joining Pro Wrestling Plus Aaron was involved in a long feud with Brady Cruise during which time he also put Jason Moore out of action in order to win his way into Double H and Prince Angelos' Gentleman's Club. Upon finally beating Brady Cruise and ending the feud Aaron went on to create the "Royal Family" faction with Prince Angelos and his sister Alicia.

    He later won the first ever Pro Wrestling Plus Television Championship and was its only holder before the company went defunct, because of this he still carries the belt with him after the work he has put into winning the gold and is almost crazy in his protection of it.

    Title History:
    1x Pro Wrestling Plus Television Champion (won at Volt 10.20.2012 in a Round Robin match with Brett Conwell and Vincent Cabellero.)

    Honour: No

    Wrestling Style: Aaron wrestles with a style focused mainly around amateur wrestling throws and holds as shown by his move set. Is proficient in varied and wide ranging suplexes. His submission wrestling skills are his best attribute using it as a primary basis of slowing his opponents down especially those that move quickly in a high-flying style.

    Usually stays away from moves off the top rope but does utilise a suicide dive as about the extent of his high flying attributes, also doesn't follow a brawling style for the most part.

    Bit of a Kurt Angle or Daniel Bryan type.

    Match Psychology: Match strategy is specifically based around picking a body part and working it in order to weaken it for a submission finish. Usually this focus will be on the back in order to weaken it before his finisher, but will also work on other body areas.

    Specialty Match: Submission Match

    Finishers: The Cinderella Story (Kneeling Inverted Sharpshooter [Edge’s Edgecator])

    Alternate Finisher: Archknight Spike (Snap Double Underhook DDT)

    Trademark/Signature Moves:
    1. Locked in the Tower (Omoplata Crossface aka Daniel Bryan’s LeBell Lock)
    2. The Ugly Stepsister (Electric Chair Drop from the second rope)
    3. Golden Slipper (Pele Kick) (Usually used as in a desperate situation to try and stop an opponent who has been building momentum.)

    Other Moves:
    1. Back Body Drop
    2. Figure Four Leglock
    3. Spinebuster
    4. Fisherman’s Suplex
    5. Over the top rope suicide dive
    6. Snap Suplex
    7. Armbar
    8. Fallaway Slam
    9. Alabama Slam
    10. One-legged Boston Crab
    11. Springboard Dropkick
    12. German Suplex with bridging pin
    13. Guillotine Choke
    14. DDT
    15. Firemans carry gutbuster


    Ring Name: Alicia Archknight

    Real Name: Bethany Galloway

    Nickname: Alice

    Birth Date: 02/02/1989

    Hometown: Elk City, Oklahoma

    Ethnicity: Caucasian

    Height: 5’8”

    Weight: 120 lbs.


    Cocktail dress (varying colours, usually black), high heels (varying colours, but usually lime green) and simple gold chain necklace.

    Honour: No

    Entrance Theme: "Upside of Vanity" by Aranda (YouTube it.)

    Biography: Is Archknight’s younger sister and valet/manager, and has been a great support to him throughout his whole amateur wrestling career and has therefore followed him into professional wrestling out of family loyalty. Also acts as his business manager having done a degree in management at the University of Oklahoma.

    Gimmick/Character Information:
    Alicia doesn’t approve of the way her brother goes about doing things but that doesn’t mean she won’t help him in his goal of championship glory. She regular expresses her disapproval to Aaron and wishes that he would change his ways and win based on his in-ring talents, as she believes that he is the best technical wrestler in the world, and not use dirty tactics. She does a lot for him and also talks on promos for him, is very smart and sophisticated despite her blonde looks.
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    -Return to Top-

    Ring Name:
    Damon Black

    The Hype Machine
    Long Island’s Finest
    The Best To Ever Do It
    The Blood of the Business

    Birth Date:
    June 2, 1985 (28 years old)

    Long Island, New York

    African American


    231 lbs.


    Damon looks almost identical to the above picture. He has no facial hair, opting for a clean shave and his hair is always buzzed short. He also has bright blue eyes, a defining trait passed down to him from his father.

    Ring Attire:
    Damon prefers long, black tights with tribal designs in THIS shade of blue running down the sides of each leg. The word RELAPSE is written across the back of the tights. He wears black boots, black elbow pads and black wrist tape.

    Entrance Attire:
    He generally wears a sleeveless version of his latest t-shirt to the ring with him.

    Entrance Theme:
    “Stand Up” – P.O.S

    Entrance Routine:
    “Stand Up” begins to play as lights start flashing all around the arena. When “STAND UP!” is yelled for the first time in the song, Damon comes through the curtain and onto the stage. He plays to the crowd, walking to each side of the stage before the first verse of the song begins. Damon comes back to the center of the stage, and just as the first verse begins, he jumps into the air with blue pyros firing off as he hits the ground. Damon makes his way down the ramp, playing to the crowd a little bit more before walking up the ring steps. He walks along the ring apron, yelling to the crowd once more before grabbing the top rope and flipping backwards over it. He walks to the opposite side of the ring and stands on the second rope, holding both arms out wide and soaking in the audience response. He then hops down and paces the ring a bit, doing whatever else he needs to do before beginning his match or awaiting his opponent.


    Gimmick Description
    Damon’s persona has evolved over the years. When he first entered the business, he was a cocky, opportunistic heel who showed little to no respect for all of his opponents. He felt a sense of entitlement due to his training background and had no qualms with cheating to get his way. Damon soon became more of a fan favorite, maintaining his charisma and cocky attitude but showing more respect for his opponents. He still favored his sneaky match tactics, but he became less concerned with outright cheating and more concerned with outwitting and embarrassing certain opponents. Damon’s love for the fans soon morphed once again. His love for the crowd turned into resentment, as he felt that he was more of a laughing stock than a competitor that the fans took seriously. His time in the Winner’s Circle strengthened this hatred and created a sense of entitlement within him. He demanded respect and became a more vicious, cocky heel who once again stooped to nefarious lengths to score victories.

    Recently, Damon has been forced to come to terms with his past. His battles with his former ways and those who attack his character have only made him more mature. A fan favorite once again, Damon is more focused than ever. He’s a much more serious man but still maintains his charisma and theatrics to a more controlled degree. He faces any challenge or test with confidence and keeps his wits about him at all times.

    Damon Black's relatively short professional wrestling career has been a fruitful one. He's won several titles and was also a member of Winner's Circle with Daniel Shine, Jack Porter, Malice and Lance Van Leer. Damon Black has been to war with many stars in the business, including Titan, Dante Priest, Daniel Shine, Double H and many others. He also has a long history with Blaine Williams, the man that originally helped Damon break into the business. More details to be added soon.

    Career Highlights:
    • Pro Wrestling Warriors World Freestyle Championship
    • CWA World Championship
    • EWX Freestyle Championship
    • Sin City Showdown II Winner

    Match Strategy:
    Damon’s main gameplan in any match is to outsmart his opponent and take advantage of any and all mistakes they make. Damon is a fairly balanced competitor. His key attributes would be his speed, his intelligence and his heart. His ring awareness is pivotal, as he takes note of any action inside or outside the ring that may hinder his ability to win the match. He’s an opportunist who takes every shot he can and uses his wit to combat his opponents. Both of his finishing moves, the Relapse and the Long Island Lockdown, are most damaging to the opponent’s head and neck area. More often than not, the head/neck is the area of the body he will choose to pinpoint to defeat his opponents. Not only does this strategy soften his opponents up for his finishers, but it also disorients them, making them more susceptible to Damon’s in-ring schemes. On top of all of this, however, Damon does employ a few flashy moves here and there to keep the crowd on his side so that he can feed off of their emotion.

    Specialty Match:
    Ladder Match

    The Relapse - Leaping Ace Crusher/RKO
    Long Island Lockdown - Border City Stretch

    Trademark/Signature Moves:
    Showboatin’ – Handstand on turnbuckle into twisting leg drop on grounded opponent
    The Blacklash – Pele Kick
    Fosbury Flop

    Other Moves:
    European Uppercut
    Various Cravates
    Cravate Suplex
    Swinging Neckbreaker
    Crucifix Bomb into pin
    German Suplex
    Running front dropkick with opponent in turnbuckle
    Pepsi Twist (Jumping hammerlock twisted into a short–range lariat)
    Sleeper Hold
    Buckle Bomb
    Springboard Bulldog
    Leg Sweep into Standing Moonsault

    Ring Name:
    Bruce Bishop

    The Bishop of Blood

    Birth Date:
    31/01/1978 (Age: 35)

    Detroit, Michigan



    300 lbs.


    Same as above. Several scars all over his body from his years of hardcore battles. His most defining scar would be the vertical knife slash over his left eye, given to him by Dante Priest.

    Ring Attire:
    Long black tights with red tribal designs. Black boots.

    Entrance Theme:
    "Collapse" - Motograter

    Entrance Routine:
    The lights in the arena dim to a dark red as “Collapse” begins playing. After the fast opening ends and the first verse begins, Bruce busts through the curtain and stomps toward the ring, breathing heavily. He jumps onto the apron and steps over the second rope, walking to one of the turnbuckles closest to the announce table. He climbs the turnbuckle and raises one fist into the air, pounding his chest with the other. He repeats this on all three of the other turnbuckles before jumping down and hitting the ropes in preparation for the match.


    Gimmick Description:
    There is one thing that Bruce Bishop has never been able to escape: violence. Born into violence and bred by it, Bruce Bishop is one of the most dangerous men to ever step into a professional wrestling ring. He first entered the business as a monster heel, bent on ripping apart anyone and everyone who stepped into his path. He did this for quite some time before joining the Blood Church. During his time in Dante Priest’s “cult” of sorts, Bruce became more able to control his rage and plot his assaults instead of tearing through enemies with reckless abandon. After betraying Priest and moving on to fight for more championships, Bruce would slowly become more personable and a respected fan favorite. Despite his toughness and willingness to fight in some of the most dangerous matches around, Bruce has always been a tragic face. His perpetual rivalry with Dante Priest is the biggest example of this. Bruce’s past and family life often come into play, sending many of his feuds into highly personal territories. But one thing is for sure: there are not many men who are obsessed with violence as much as Bruce Bishop is.

    Bruce Bishop is the oldest of two brothers. His younger brother is Stephen Bishop, better known in the wrestling world as “Nemesis.” Bruce had a dysfunctional childhood. His father was a deadbeat, and his mother was abusive and neglectful. Bruce often took out his hatred for his parents on his younger brother, Stephen. In turn, Stephen joined a motorcycle gang in Detroit for some years but was betrayed by his newfound “brothers.” An incident in which Stephen was brutally mauled by his gang led him to be highly disfigured, unable to communicate normally and also unable to eat properly. Bruce’s regret for this led him to enter the professional wrestling business and focus on nothing but hurting other people. Bruce Bishop was a member of Dante Priest’s Blood Church in HCW. Bishop turned on Dante Priest and defeated him for the HCW Extreme Championship before moving on to capture the HCW Championship. This betrayal would lead to years of pain for Bruce Bishop, as Dante Priest would continually assault Bruce and his family.

    In addition to his rivalry with Dante Priest, Bruce Bishop has also battled the likes of Daniel Shine, Sean Walker, Titan, Misfit, Dimitri and many others. More details to be added soon.

    Career Highlights:
    • HCW Champion
    • HCW Extreme Champion

    Match Strategy:
    Bruce Bishop thrives on overwhelming force at overwhelming speeds. Bishop is a large man whose main plan of attack is to maim his opponents with his strength. He uses a bevy of power moves to break the will of his opponents and make them experience unimaginable pain. If weapons are involved, Bruce is even more deadly and has no problems with using foreign objects in creative, destructive ways. Bruce also enjoys environments where his opponent is locked in with him and has no option of escape. Bishop is also agile for a man his size. He uses this agility to add some extra “oomph” to his trademark spear, the Massacre. In addition, during certain blowoff matches and big time fights, he busts out a suicide dive that is sure to startle and subdue his opponents.

    Specialty Match:
    Cage Match

    The Endless Agony - Death Valley Driver
    The Perfect Kill – Brainbuster

    Trademark/Signature Moves:
    The Massacre - Spear
    Bishop Bomb - Sit Out Powerbomb
    Suicide Dive (usually set up by shoulder charging opponent off the apron)

    Other Moves:
    Pumphandle Suplex
    Release German Suplex
    Half Nelson Slam
    Face Wash
    Military Press Slam
    Uranage Slam
    Top Rope Clothesline (Kane style)
    Flapjack into European uppercut
    Samoan Drop
    Running Big Boot
    Slingshot Suplex
    Discus Lariat
    Corner Splash

    Ring Name:

    Real Name:
    Stephen Bishop

    Birth Date:
    31/01/1980 (Age: 33)

    Detroit, Michigan



    327 lbs.


    While not as overtly muscular as his older brother Bruce, Nemesis is an intimidatingly large individual. He's relatively well-built for being a seven foot tall, three hundred plus pound man. However, due to the gang assault when he was a teenager, Stephen Bishop is noticeably scarred when compared to his brother Bruce. Nemesis has a pale complexion, and his face has several scars from knife attacks. A Glasgow smile is the worst of these. He wears a leather mask, very similar to Mankind's, to hide these scars. Permanent damage has been done to Stephen's throat and voicebox, rendering him unable to speak or eat normally.

    Ring Attire:
    Long jeans with several rips and tears in them. Black boots.

    Entrance Theme:
    “For Whom The Bell Tolls” - Metallica

    Entrance Routine:
    The lights in the arena dim to a deep blue as the opening gongs of "For Whom The Bell Tolls" play. Helena steps through the curtain first and walks to the center of the stage. She looks around the crowd, surveying the territory before stepping to the side as Nemesis busts through the curtain and heads for the ring. Nemesis walks down the ramp and climbs onto the apron, stepping over the top rope and into the ring. He shakes all the ring ropes, making sure they're sturdy before helping his caretaker Helena into the ring. Helena talks to Nemesis, pulling him down and giving him a kiss on his mask that fires the big man up. He hits the ropes a few times and slams his fists together, prepared to bring the pain to his opponent.


    Gimmick Description:
    Nemesis has an incredibly troubled past, even more-so than his brother Bruce. The pain he's experienced throughout his childhood and his adult life has turned him into a troubled monster. Fighting in the squared circle is cathartic for Nemesis. Going into battle against others allows him to forget about all the pain that he lives with and inflict it on others. His longtime girlfriend and caretaker, Helena, is who motivates him. She's the person that's been there for him throughout all of his pain, and if she barks an order at him from ringside, he wastes no time in obliging. At the end of the day, Nemesis has two goals. The first is to relieve himself of his pain through any means necessary. The second is to make Helena as happy as possible. Destroying his opponents is his way of killing two birds with one stone.

    Nemesis is the younger brother of Hall of Famer Bruce Bishop. Bruce is two years older than Stephen. As a child, Stephen suffered a great deal. His father was a deadbeat alcoholic and his mother was a bigger, abusive woman. In addition to dealing with his parents, he was bullied by Bruce. Bruce's anger toward his parents was redirected toward his younger brother. During his teenage years, after becoming fed up with his family, Stephen ran away from home and joined a Detroit biker gang. He met his girlfriend, Helena, when he was a member of this gang. Stephen felt as if he had found a new "family" through this gang, but that soon went sour. When Helena refused to go through with a particular rite of passage within the gang, Stephen attempted to step in to save her from being hurt. This led to Stephen being brutally assaulted. He was given several scars, his throat was nearly crushed, and he was given a Glasgow smile for good measure. This assault is what forced his brother Bruce to become a professional wrestler, as hurting others was Bruce's only way of coping with his grief.

    Following the incident, Nemesis spent time slowly recovering. Helena never left his side and still loves him. While Stephen was left scarred and mute, he still grew to become a large, imposing man. He followed in his brother's footsteps and became a professional wrestler as well. He donned a mask to hide his scars and entered the wrestling world.

    Match Strategy:
    While his brother relies on speed in addition to his strength, Nemesis is a different beast. You won't see him jumping from the top rope or diving to the outside. You'll usually see him manhandling his opponents and throwing THEM outside the ring. Nemesis prefers to methodically tear down his opponents, taking his time and beating them into submission with his scary strength. He also thrives off of being attacked. The more damage that gets done to him, the more fired up he gets.

    Specialty Match:
    Dog Collar Match

    The Ravager – Psycho Driver
    Suffering’s Grasp – Brock Lock

    Trademark/Signature Moves:
    Haterush – Monty Brown’s Pounce
    Twister of Torment – Black Hole Slam

    Other Moves:
    Double Overhead Chop (Both hands, think Khali style)
    Buckle Bomb
    Big Boot
    Belly-to-Belly Overhead Suplex
    Flapjack lift into a roaring elbow as the opponent comes down
    Running Splash Attack (Opponent in corner)
    Military Press Slam
    Double hand choke toss
    Stalling Suplex
    Discus Lariat
    Leaping Sidewalk Slam
    Double-Arm DDT


    Birth Date:
    31/01/1982 (Age: 31)




    127 lbs.


    Gimmick Description:
    Helena is the manager, girlfriend and caretaker of Nemesis. Helena is a ruthless, cold, calculating woman whose goal in life is to see the happiness of her beloved. She is a sadist of sorts, as watching Nemesis hurt his opponents brings her disturbing amounts of joy. If she barks an order, Nemesis is sure to follow. She loves her monster and wants to bring joy to his tortured existence by helping him inflict pain on others.

    Helena's place of birth and how she ended up in Detroit, Michigan with Stephen Bishop is unknown. What we do know is that she was a member of the biker gang that Nemesis was a part of in his younger days. The reason Nemesis is scarred is because he received a brutal beating after protecting Helena during a rite of passage in the gang. After that, Helena has vowed to protect Nemesis the same way he protected her. She spends every waking moment with the monster and does everything she can to help him.
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  6. General Tso

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    May 27, 2007

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    Vincent Caballero
    "The Walking Pandemic", "The Scavenger of Human Sorrow", "The Harvester of Sin", "The Artist Formerly Known As WEAPON"

    Birth Name
    Charles Vincent Smith, Jr.


    Born: Fort Hood, Texas
    Raised: Monterey Park, California
    Resides: Chicago, Illinois


    5 ft 11

    195 lbs

    Built like a young Billy Kidman

    Tattered tight back jeans
    Black combat boots
    Black MMA-style gloves
    Black SWAT Vest (entrance)
    Gas mask (entrance)

    Entrance Theme
    "JFC" by The Acacia Strain

    Entrance Routine
    The arena goes pitch black. Music hits. Lights begin to flicker. Vincent walks to the ring in a very slow pace, while holding hands with Miss Cassandra.

    Was born Charles Vincent Smith Jr to Charles Vincent Smith Sr (a Drill Sargent in the United States Army) and Daisy Caballero (a Mexican immigrant whom Smith Sr met while stationed in Texas). His father was shot and killed by a loan shark outside of the Staples Center in 1999. His sister, Diana, committed suicide by jumping off the San Diego-Coronado bridge in 2001. One week later he tried drugs for the first time. In 2003, he dropped out of high school and was kicked out of his mother's home after being arrested for possession of cocaine and heroin. After spending nearly two years homeless, he enlisted into the United States Marine Corps in 2005. Upon graduating from Boot Camp he was stationed in Okinawa, Japan where he becomes interested in wrestling. After two years of service, he is dishonorably discharged for undisclosed reasons. He began his wrestling training and spent his rookie year in Japan. In 2009, he meets his future girlfriend, Lisa Sullivan (aka Miss Cassandra) at a Combichrist show in Chicago. Made his American debut for World Pro Wrestling as WEAPON after Trent Eden discovered him while scouting talent in Japan. He had a decent run with the highlight being him trying to reach to reach out to one of his heroes (Kenzo Katana) by brutally assaulting Drake Vinaldi. He had several pushes stalled due to personal problems and was ultimately released.

    He resurfaced on PW+, claiming he was free of all his vices. He became involved in a violent feud with Brett Conwell over Caballero's refusal to publicly apologize for assaulting Adam Hurst in a segment considered too gruesome even for PPV by PW+'s sponsors. Caballero ultimately defeated Conwell in a Barbed Wire Dog Collar match on PW+'s final event, Demon's Dawn.

    Him & Cassandra retired after PW+ folded. Cassandra went back to finish her degree while Vincent pursued a music career.

    He returned to wrestling to participate in Trent Eden's event "Sin City Showdown II: Saints & Sinners". He was paired with Chris Chambers and together they advanced to the semi-finals after defeating Rohan Malhotra & Razor in a Ladder match and Veritas & Jack Wilson in a Double Dog Collar match. He defeated Chris Chambers in a 1000 Light Tubes match to advance to the finals, but ultimately came up short, falling to Damon Black in a 7 Deadly Sins match.

    He finally got his chance to wrestle Kenzo Katana at the following Eden-booked event, Breakthrough, teaming with The Darkness to wrestle Katana & Chris Chambers in a losing effort.

    Gimmick/Character Information
    Sociopath. He is horribly traumatized and bitter and a sick freak as a result. Hates everyone except those very select few he finds worthy of what he considers "friendship".

    Wrestling Style
    Heavy Japanese influence with a more violent edge.

    Match Psychology
    Not one to dominate a match but he's very tactical and opportunistic. He likes to slowly dissect his opponents. His big spots are done recklessly with no regard for his own well-being, which can jeopardize him at times.

    Specialty Match
    Barbed Wire Dog Collar Match

    Shadowplay (Guillotine Choke)
    Suicide Note (Headlock Driver)

    Desperation Finisher
    The Bloody Valentine (Go 2 Sleep)

    Trademark/Signature Moves
    Arsenic Kiss (Corkscrew Gamengiri)
    Sip of Absinthe (Tree-of-woe Ghetto Stomp)
    Winds of Plague (Phoenix Splash)

    Other Moves
    Boma Ye
    Hatefuck (Enhanced Curb Stomp/Blackout)
    Suicide Tornado DDT
    Cobra Stretch
    Koji Clutch
    High-Angle Dragon Suplex
    Roundhouse Kick
    Straightjacket Lungblower
    Rear Naked Choke
    Top? con Hilo
    High Fujiwara Armbar
    Dragon Screw
    Swandive Headbutt


    Miss Cassandra
    "The Black Dahlia"

    Real Name
    Lisa Sullivan


    Chicago, Illinois


    5 ft 4

    100 lbs


    Likes lace, skirts, and leather.

    Entrance Theme
    "She's Lost Control" by Joy Division


    Vincent's loyal girlfriend. Like him, she is a recovering drug addict and has essentially stayed by his side through thick and thin.

    Octopussy (Octopus Hold)
    Bible Black (Codebreaker)
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    Ring Name: Kurt Cassidy

    Nickname(s): "The Blackhawk", "Chicago's Favorite Son"

    Date of Birth: 08/13/1986

    Hometown: Chicago, Illinois

    Ethnicity: Caucasian

    Height: 6'0".

    Weight: 230lbs

    Appearance: He has a lean, athletic build. He has long stringy blonde hair and usually clean shaven. He also has a tattoo of barbed wire on his left arm spiraling down from the top of his shoulder to his wrist. He also has a tattoo of raven with wings outstretched in between his shoulder blades

    Attire: Kurt wears red shorts with three band white and black stripes down both sides, red tights underneath the shorts, black knee pads and boots. He also tapes up both hands with white tape and a black elbow pad on his right arm. During his entrance and in any interviews he wears a Chicago Blackhawks hockey jersey. Occasionally he will alternate to black, red, and white shorts as well.

    Entrance Theme: "Curl of the Burl" by Mastodon

    Entrance Routine: "Curl of the Burl" begins to play over the sound system and, as soon as the main guitar riff kicks in, Kurt Cassidy bursts through the curtain and turns around for a Chris Jericho-esque pose. He then turns around, pauses for a moment, and looks out over the crowd. He then calmly makes his way down the entrance way with both arms out slapping hands with all the fans, all the while never taking his eyes off the ring.

    He climbs the steel steps and walks out onto the apron, raises his left fist into the air and amps up the crowd before climbing into the ring.

    Kurt then removes his vest and stretches in corner while waiting for his opponent.

    Biography: Kurt is a born and raised native of Chicago, Illinois and a second generation wrestler. His father wrestled on the independent scene in Chicago for most of Kurt's childhood and Kurt would attend every event. Unfortunately, his father was never able to be signed by a major promotion and instead opened his own wrestling school. As soon as the doors opened, Kurt immediately requested that his father train him. Kurt then went on to wrestle for an indie promotion in the tri-state area and made most of his career in hardcore wrestling. For the first few years of his career, all Kurt knew was tradition mat wrestling skills and the hardcore/deathmatch style. That all changed when the promoter decided to branch out and bring over a few wrestlers from Japan for some cross-promotional matches. Kurt instantly fell in love with the puroreso Japanese style of wrestling, and after talking with several of the wrestlers, he left the states for Japan to train. After several months of intense training, Kurt started working freelance for several promotions across Japan. In this time, he gained a new found respect for the sport of professional wrestling and a sense of pride in his work. He soon became somewhat of a sensation among the Japanese crowds besting many of their top performers. Eventually, he received a call from Pro Wrestling Plus offering him a contract. A bit skeptical at first, Kurt finally decided to accept the offer and the chance to show the entire world what he can do.

    Only two matches into his run in PW+, Kurt received a shot at the Television title against the inaugural champion, Aaron Archknight. It was a hard fought battle and Kurt was able to make Archknight tap with the Code of Honor, but with the referee knocked out was not able to pick up the victory. He was then blindsided with the title and lost his match at PW+'s final show.

    With the formation of Porter's Dragon's Wing, Kurt believes that he should return to his indy roots and continue to do what he does best, and with the Pro Wrestling Plus TV Champion on the roster, he couldn't have been more excited. When Dragon's Wing closed it's doors, that score had still not been settled. Kurt went back to Japan for a few months to continue training until he got word of Eden Enterprises Sin City Showdown 2. He immediately entered looking to prove that he was indeed one of the best, and ended up being paired with Archknight in the Joker's Wild Tag Tournament. They fought to a losing effort, in which Kurt believes he carried most of the weight. Who knows what awaits "Chicago's Favorite Son" in the coming days.

    Gimmick/Character Information: There are three things that Kurt holds dear when it comes to professional wrestling: respect for your peers, honor in all that you do, and loyalty to your fans, friends and family. He has a disdain for anyone who does not show these qualities and wants to bring a new sense of pride and honor to pro wrestling and to prove to everyone that he is just as good if not better than any of the top talent

    Allignment: Face. Kurt holds his pride and the honor of the sport so high that he will not intentionally break the rules to win a match under any circumstances. If a certain match calls for weapons he will use them, but even then you know that just isn't the way he would want to win.

    Wrestling Style: The majority of Kurt's wrestling style is influenced by the puroreso style. He will work in an assortment of stiff kicks and elbows along with high impact moves. Since returning to the indy circuit Kurt has started to work alot more springboards and risk taking into his arsenal knowing that he needs to step up his game to get the job done.

    Match Psychology: When it comes to in-ring psychology, Kurt focuses the majority of his arsenal at his opponents head, neck, ribs, and back. He generally prefers to keep the match going at a very fast pace as to not give his opponents time to think and he continually tries to mix up his offense to keep them all guessing. Kurt is always a very clean wrestler, believing that he should be judged solely on his merits and any rule breaking is offensive to him. Kurt is all about fairness in his matches. He will offer a handshake to any opponent before the bell, but once the bell is rung he is all business. He will not keep an opponent backed into a corner or continue to hold a submission after a rope break. When it comes to his finisher in a match, his main stand-by is the Windy City Driver, but there are some opponents just wont stay down, or put him through such an intense battle that he can't lift them into position, and at this point he will put his body on the line to unleash the Black Hawk Down

    Specialty Match: Pure Rules Match

    Finisher: Windy City Driver- Fireman's Carry Swing out to Unprettier/Killswitch

    Desperation Finisher: Black Hawk Down- Moonsault Double Knee Drop

    Trademark/Signature Moves: Into the Boards- T bone Suplex into the turnbuckle (or guardrail)

    Code of Honor- Dragon Sleeper with Body Scissors

    Chin Checked- Superkick usually with James Storm/Shawn Michaels stalking from the corner

    Other Moves:
    Stiff Kicks and Elbows (sometimes combo into a roaring elbow)
    Shining Wizard
    Explosive Running Front Dropkick (in ring or off the apron)
    German Suplex (can work in bridging pin)
    Northern Light Suplex (can work in bridging pin)
    Fisherman Driver (can work in bridging pin)
    Tiger Bomb (landing on neck and shoulders)
    Missile Dropkick (top rope or springboard)
    Suicide Dive
    Corkscrew Senton (top rope or Springboard)
    Spaceman asai moonsault
    Single Leg Crab
    Tilt-a-whirl Backbreaker
  8. Turd Ferguson

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    Aug 14, 2002

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    Name: Chris Linden

    Nickname(s): The Innovator of Awesome, The Alpha and the Omega, The Arbiter of Awesome, The nEXt Generation, He Who Kicks Much Ass, Better Than You, Your God and Mine, Asskicker Supreme, Chicago's Finest, The Baddest Man Alive

    Birth Date: 2/15/1980

    Hometown: Chicago, IL

    Ethnicity: Cuban/Polish

    Height: 5’10”

    Weight: 200 lbs.


    • Ring attire: Black elbow pads, gray tights, black boots
    • Entrance attire: Ring attire w/ either a 'Linden Family Wrestling Co.' shirt, an "α/Ω" shirt, a black hooded sweatshirt or a Chicago sports jersey
    • Backstage/street attire: Obscenely expensive business suits

    Entrance Theme: “The Baddest Man Alive” by The Black Keys

    Alignment: Heel

    Biography: He perceives himself as being the best high flier to ever grace a wrestling ring - and perhaps rightfully so. Always boasting about his in-ring ability, Linden's aerial expertise is exceeded only by his tremendous ego and arrogance. Basically, think RVD without the pot.

    • 1x/Only WHW World Heavyweight Champion
    • 1x UWF Juniorweight Champion
    • 1x/Final HCW Bushido Champion

    Match Strategy: Spot monkey who fights dirty at every opportunity.

    Specialty Match: Capital Crimes - The ring is surrounded by tables and the tables are surrounded by a cage. The ring is crossed by two wires from corner to corner, with a belt or other item hanging in the center. There are also various weapons hanging from the wires. First to grab the belt/item wins.

    Finisher: Viper Vice – Anaconda Cross

    Desperation Finisher: Kamikaze 630 – Double corkscrew 630? senton bomb

    Trademark/Signature Moves:
    • The Firing Line – Corner springboard double arm facebreaker
    • FIELD GOAL~! – Running low blow kick
    • The Pride of Chi-Town – Snapmare driver

    Other Moves:
    • Satellite headscissors
    • Gannosuke clutch
    • Sunset bomb
    • Running huracanrana
    • Standing frontflip dropkick
    • Step-up enzuigiri
    • Space Flying Tiger Drop
    • Flying double knee strike
    • Fujiwara armbar
    • Muta Lock
    • Fisherman facebuster
    • Argentine leglock
    • Springboard cutter
    • Jumping inverted leg drop bulldog
    • Slingshot armbreaker


    Name: Vanessa Linden

    Nickname(s): The Queen of Queens

    Birth Date: 10/4/1985

    Hometown: Queens, NY

    Ethnicity: German

    Height: 5’8”

    Weight: 150 lbs.


    • Ring/entrance attire: Black fingerless gloves, black sports bra, black shorts, black boots
    • Backstage/street attire: Low-cut top, short skirt, heels

    Entrance Theme: "Miss the Misery" by Foo Fighters

    Alignment: Heel

    Biography: She’s hot and she’s the Lindens’ valet by virtue of being Chris Linden’s wife, but she’s more than capable of defending herself in the ring. Her abilities show in her personality as well, as she’s more than a match for Chris ego-wise. That’s probably why she’s his wife.

    • 1x/Only CWA Womens’ Champion

    Match Strategy: Technical specialist with a shootfighting background.

    Specialty Match: Lion’s Den

    Finisher: Spinal Crush II – Stepover toehold inverted cravate

    Desperation Finisher: Victory Driver – Burning Hammer

    Trademark/Signature Moves:
    • Regicide Lock – Triangle choke
    • Straight Outta Ridgewood – Curb Stomp
    • Shining Supremacy – Shining Wizard

    Other Moves:
    • Sleeper suplex
    • Bridging butterfly suplex
    • Muay Thai clinch w/ knee strikes
    • Judo hip toss
    • Roaring Elbow
    • Wrist Clutch Exploder
    • Dragon suplex
    • Savate kick
    • European uppercut
    • FTS
    • Kimura lock
    • Guillotine choke
    • Ankle lock
    • Cravate suplex
    • Omoplata


    Name: Eric Linden

    Birth Date: 6/3/1976

    Hometown: Chicago, IL

    Ethnicity: Cuban/Polish

    Height: 6’8”

    Weight: 290 lbs.


    • Ring attire: Black elbow pads, black wristbands, black/red pants, black boots
    • Backstage/street attire: Obscenely expensive business suits

    Entrance Theme: “Gasoline” by Audioslave

    Alignment: Heel

    Biography: Eric is probably the most levelheaded of the Linden brothers and is able to keep his brothers in check. He doesn’t run his mouth off like Chris does and he isn’t a powder keg like Bradley is, but he’s more than capable of running his opponents down, both verbally and physically.

    • 1x GWF Triple Crown Champion
    • 5x GWF Hardcore Champion
    • 1x UWF Tag Team Champion (with Bradley Linden)
    • 1x HCW Tag Team Champion (with Bradley Linden)
    • 1x/Final PWW Tag Team Champion (with Bradley Linden)
    • 1x/Final EWX Tag Team Champion (with Bradley Linden)

    Match Strategy: Technical specialist who isn’t afraid to fight dirty.

    Specialty Match: Tag Team Iron Man

    Finisher: Midwestern Lariat – Western Lariat

    Desperation Finisher: Windy City Driver – Psycho Driver III

    Trademark/Signature Moves:
    • Chicago Cloverleaf – Rivera Cloverleaf
    • EDT – Lifting double underhook DDT
    • E-Plex – Swinging fisherman suplex with cross-arm wristlock

    Other Moves:
    • Spinning sidewalk slam
    • Lou Thesz Press w/ punches
    • Release belly-to-belly suplex
    • Crossface chickenwing suplex
    • STF
    • STO w/ chokehold
    • Running powerslam
    • Front facelock w/ strikes
    • Stiff shuffle side kick
    • Low blow kick
    • Cross-legged fisherman buster
    • Koji Clutch
    • Destiny Hammer
    • Spear
    • Rocking horse


    Name: Bradley Linden

    Birth Date: 5/27/1978

    Hometown: Chicago, IL

    Ethnicity: Cuban/Polish

    Height: 7’0”

    Weight: 350 lbs.


    • Ring attire: Black tights, black boots
    • Backstage/street attire: Obscenely expensive business suits

    Entrance Theme: “Gasoline” by Audioslave

    Alignment: Heel

    Biography: Out of the ring, Bradley is the quietest of the Linden brothers. He’s content to keep his mouth shut and let his actions or his brothers talk for him. However, in the ring, he’s anything but calm, and he is the very definition of the word monstrous. Few men have crossed him and survived with their bodies intact.

    • 1x XGW Television Champion
    • 1x UWF Tag Team Champion (with Eric Linden)
    • 1x HCW Tag Team Champion (with Eric Linden)
    • 1x/Final PWW Tag Team Champion (with Eric Linden)
    • 1x/Final EWX Tag Team Champion (with Eric Linden)

    Match Strategy: Powerhouse dirty brawler.

    Specialty Match: Tag Team Iron Man

    Finisher: Ditch Digger – Sitout Last Ride

    Desperation Finisher: Invertebreaker – Sunset driver

    Trademark/Signature Moves:
    • Torture Device – Torture Rack to sitout Torture Rack backbreaker
    • Lit Fuse – Two-handed choke bomb
    • Time Bomb – Alpha Bomb

    Other Moves:
    • Gorilla press slam
    • Release front suplex
    • Snap powerslam
    • Running powerslam
    • Jumping sidewalk slam
    • Spinning STO
    • Uranage slam
    • Yakuza kick
    • High elevation spinebuster
    • Low blow kick
    • Leg hook Saito suplex
    • Michinoku Driver II
    • Corner splash
    • Running big boot
    • Two-handed choke suplex
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  9. the dmg

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    Name: Chris Chambers
    Nickname: ?The Paragon Flare?, ?The Human Torch?, ?The Incredible Inferno?, ?The Man Without Fear?, ?The Valiant Vulcan?
    Hometown: Edgewater, New Jersey
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Age: 29 (1983)

    Height: 6?3?
    Weight: 230 lbs.

    Entrance: Read my promos to find out.
    Entrance Music: ?Dark Knight Rises Theme (Metal Cover)?

    Alignment: Face

    Specialty Match: Ladder Match

    Gimmick Description:
    - Chris Chambers follows a very clean strategy, never resorting to cheating in order to win a match. This doesn't mean that he doesn't use weapons and the like, only when it calls for him to do so. In terms of fighting style, Chambers uses his speed and agility to his advantage, thanks to his time in Mexico and Japan. He loves to put on the best show he can for the fans, so he loves taking to the air and using his fast paced lucha style(Lucha/High Flier). Chambers is not restricted to his aerial arsenal, and can hold his own with the best of them on the mat (Technician). To wear his opponent down, he uses some impactful slams (Strong Style) that he learned in Japan. Chambers' style can be considered similar to that of Alex Shelley.
    - Very determined, competitive, and willing to put his body on the line.
    - After 11 long years of being in the business, and three years of pursuing his dream, Chris Chambers finally accomplished what many thought would be impossible, winning his first World Championship of his career in Pro Wrestling Plus, and was crowned the first ever World Champion for the company, joining the ranks of many greats. His first run is dedicated to his late father, who passed away 3 years ago.

    Other Information:
    - Formerly known as ?The Phoenix? and ?The First Degree?
    - Chambers has been successful in every single wrestling promotion that he has signed with. Through different injuries and some personal tragedies, he has taken long breaks in between promotions. After winning and becoming the final PWI Blackout Champion, Chambers was upset that he didn't get to defend it. Now, Chris Chambers is determined to make an impact in PW+, showing that anyone can accomplish their dreams.
    - 3 time GWF Light-Heavyweight Champion
    - 1 time XGW Cruiserweight Champion
    - 1 time HCW Young Tiger Champion (Second Degree) [Last Young Tiger Champion before it merged with the Lucharesu Division]
    - 1 time HCW Lucharesu Champion
    - 1 time CWA Freestyle Champion
    - 1 time PWI Blackout Champion (Final Champion)
    - 1 time PW+ World Champion (Inaugural Champion at Lethal Lottery to crown first of the Company)

    Entrance Attire: Chambers wears a sleeveless, self-promoted t-shirt, cut down the sides (Think Scott Hall in the nWo shirts).

    Ring Attire: (Proper attire for each event will be posted)
    - (CLASSIC ATTIRE) Black tape wrapped from around both hands, halfway up the forearm
    - Gloves for Phoenix Attire
    - Gloves for ?Ring of Fire? Red Gear
    - Gloves for ?Ring of Fire? Black Gear

    Elbows: Black Supporters

    Boots: Black Boots w/ Kickpad Cover (The sides read ?Chambers? and the front has the same logo as the gloves. Both match the color of the design on the tights outlined in gold. The kickpad is the same color as the tights.)

    - CLASSIC ATTIRE Long Red Tights, on each side there is a huge golden cross with a black dragon wrapped around it.
    - CLASSIC ATTIRE Alternate version of attire is reversed with black tights and a red dragon.
    - PHOENX ATTIRE has long dark blue tights with each side having a bad ass PHOENIX with it wings spread open.
    - RING OF FIRE Long Red Tights, black waistband with gold trim and gold stripe in the middle that has same ring of fire (as if it were a belt buckle) logo as gloves. On each side is THIS design.
    - RING OF FIRE Alternate version of attire is reversed with black tights and THIS design.
    - BURNING DESIRE Long Black Tights, red waistband with gold trim and gold stripe in the middle that has the same ring of fire (as if it were a belt buckle) logo as gloves. On each side is THIS design.
    - BURNING DESIRE Alternate version of attire is reversed with red tights and black fire.
    - SPARK THE FLAME Long Black Tights, red waistband with gold trim and gold stripe in the middle that has the same ring of fire (as if it were a belt buckle) logo as gloves. On each side is THIS design.
    - SPARK THE FLAME Alternate version of attire is reversed with red tights and black fire.
    - CHIBI Long Red Tights, black waistband with gold trim and gold stripe in the middle that has the same ring of fire (as if it were a belt buckle) logo as gloves. On each side is THIS design.
    - CHIBI Alternate version of attire is reversed with black tights and red fire.
    - FOLLOW Long Red Tights, black waistband with gold trim and gold stripe in the middle that has the same ring of fire (as if it were a belt buckle) logo as gloves. On each side is THIS design.
    - FOLLOW Alternate version of attire is reversed with black tights and red silhouette.
    - NEW PPV ATTIRE Long Red Tights, has the same look as the ?Ring of Fire? gear, except on the right side has the Classic Attire design and the left has the New Attire design. The back of the tights has the ?Ring of Fire? design.

    - White male
    - Slim build, cut and toned muscles (Reference 01, Reference 02)
    - Face and Hairstyle (Reference 01, Reference 02)
    - Mustache & Goatee
    - On right bicep, leading up to the shoulder, he has a tattoo of a cross. Perched on top of the cross is a dragon, with it's wings spread fully open, and it's tail wrapped around the lower half.

    Primary Finisher: Twisted Heat (Pulls his opponent under his right arm. Chambers uses his right leg to hook his opponent's leg, and then with his leg he swings his right up in the air, planting his opponent with a DDT)

    Secondary Finisher: Magma Driver (Fireman?s Carry to a very Sheerdrop Michinoku Driver II [Opponent?s neck and shoulder?s land first])

    Trademark 1: Nova Flame (450 Splash) [Sometimes done after Magma Driver]

    Trademark 2: FIREsteiner (Dragonsteiner)

    Trademark 3: Blazing Arc [Modified Lion Tamer (Chambers puts his right leg around, as if about to lock in a sharp shooter, and turns his opponent into the Lion Tamer)]

    Move Set:
    - Superkick
    - Spinning Wheel Kick
    - Flying Head Scissors
    - Anaconda Face Buster [Sometimes will keep the hold and roll over to apply more pressure] (Chambers locks in a Standing Anaconda Vice, and then falls backwards to drive his opponent?s head to the mat. The move stretches and puts stress on the arms, shoulders, and neck, as well as damaging the face and chest on impact)
    - Seated Stretch Plum
    - Tiger Suplex (Sometimes with Pin)
    - Muta Lock
    - Various Slingshot/Springboard Moves
    - La Magistral
    - Asai Moonsault (other variations such as Spaceman Moonsault)
    - Springboard Imploding Frog Splash
    - Tilt-a-Whirl Arm Drag
    - Running Skytwister Plancha
    - Phoenix Frankensteiner
    - Springboard Double Rotation Tornillo
  10. Whale Biologist

    Whale Biologist #lethalweapon Premium Member

    Mar 5, 2001

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    Ring Name:
    ?The Lethal Weapon? Dave Cashman

    Birth Date:

    Manhattan, New York


    220 lbs.


    In-Ring Attire:


    These, without all the branding stuff.

    Mouth Guard


    Entrance Attire
    All of the above, plus this zip hoodie?

    Backstage Attire
    It is what I say it is, haha.

    Entrance Theme:
    ?Berzerk" - Eminem

    Entrance Routine:
    Line of static, Berzerk hits, Cashman makes his way to the ring from the crowd because he's that fucking cool now. Deal with it.


    Biography/Career Summary:

    Dave's story prior to his entrance in professional wrestling is different than most. Instead of growing up poor like most fighters, Dave was born into one of America's richest families. He began training in the martial art of Taekwondo at a very young age and developed an unquenchable thirst for martial arts competition. Dave lost the chance to take the reins of his father's chain of retail stores when he decided to pursue a mixed martial arts career after college.

    At the age of 25, Dave's dream finally came through when he broke into Trent Eden's Cage of Rage Fighting Championship (COREFC). During the company's short run as the world's premiere mixed martial arts promotion, Dave went undefeated and became the company's only Middleweight Champion. COREFC didn't last, however, and Dave soon realized that his dream of becoming the world's best fighter wouldn't come through the sport of mixed martial arts.

    Soon after, Trent Eden gave Dave an outlet for both his dream AND his rage: professional wrestling and its fans. Dave made his professional wrestling debut at Sin City Showdown.

    Dave went through several wrestling companies with this persona: he signed a contract with Double H's Championship Wrestling Alliance, was drafted to the short-lived Gamewinner's Championship Wrestling, and really shined in a brief run through Pro Wrestling Innovation. These companies didn't last long enough for Cashman to find success.

    After PWI went belly-up, Dave again aligned himself with a Trent Eden Promotion: World Pro Wrestling. This promotion featured some major events that shaped Dave's personality and career. First, Dave's father, Mike Cashman, returned into his life, managing the budding star's career with his business skills. Second, Dave entered into what would become a year-long war against ?The Minority Militant? Rohan Malholtra.

    The battle cost both men a lot. Dave and Mike Cashman exposed Rohan's addiction to drugs, permanently damaging his reputation and outing Trent Eden from World Pro Wrestling. In retaliation, Rohan exposed an insider trading scheme led by Mike Cashman. The elder Cashman was arrested, sent to prison for six months and forfeited the fortune he worked his entire life for. While Dave's father sat in prison, Dave fought for World Pro Wrestling against Darius Falcon's Pro Wrestling Plus Promotion.

    Team WPW lost to Darius Falcon's team, giving him control of what is now Pro Wrestling Plus. Pro Wrestling Plus is where Dave Cashman got closest to becoming the World Heavyweight Champion by winning a ladder match and earning the right to face Chris Chambers in an Iron Match Match. The match was epic, but Chris Chambers retained the championship in the Sudden Death.

    Soon after, Mike Cashman was released from jail and turned up at a PW+ event to manage Dave, but Dave had other plans. Dave fired Mike because Mike liked to make things really personal and Dave didn't want to see his wrestling career cost him something else as great as his relationship with Trent Eden and his family fortune.

    Mike Cashman didn't go down quietly. He instead came back with Ricardo Soveral, the best mixed martial artist that the world had to offer. The elder Cashman repeatedly taunted his son, but Dave got the last laugh at the PW+ King of Kings Pay Per View. He defeated Soveral in a five-round mixed martial arts fight and put on an inspiring performance that won the hearts of the PW+ fans everywhere. Since then, Dave's become one of the more popular figures in the company and is once again trying to work his way back into the World Title picture. He's also trying to figure out what to do with his new-found popularity.

    COREFC Middleweight Champion x1 (Last)
    PWI Blackout Champion x1
    CWA Television Champion x1

    Match Strategy:
    Dave Cashman works his matches like a mixed martial arts shootfight. He tries to wear down his opponent using various martial arts strikes and submissions. He likes to specifically to wear down a body part and will immediately go after an injury. Also, he?s dirty?very dirty. He?ll resort to low blows, sneak attacks, dirty breaks, jumping the bell, and whatever else it takes to get to the promised land known as winning.

    Fighting Style
    Mixed Martial Arts: Dave Cashman does things in the ring that you'd typically see in the Ultimate Fighting Championship and other mixed martial arts competitions. He's primarily a striker, using his taekwondo strikes to try to knock out his opponents.

    Martial Arts:This wrestler is proficient in Taekwondo and uses hand and foot strikes, some of which are unorthodox, as opposed to grapple moves to wear down opponents. Examples include Steve Blackman

    Submissions: This wrestler is not a technician in the amateur wrestling, tradition sense. Instead, he is a former champion in the octagon and uses submissions that fit the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu style, like armbars, americanas, and triangle chokes.

    Specialty Match:
    The Octagon Shootfight, following the rules of mixed martial arts competition.

    Dave Cashman?s finishers should be treated as Finisher 1A and Finisher 1B. Which one he uses depends on the rules of the match (you know, like if he has to go for a submission or a KO) and the state of the opponent.
    CKO: Martial Arts Bicycle Kick a la Steve Blackman except more high-impact, better looking, and can come out of absolute nowhere.
    The Art of War: Twister as seen in the link (

    Trademark/Signature Moves:
    Leg Check: Superkick to the opponent?s knee (can be done from either in front or behind).
    Kneecapitator: Knee Bar
    The Banana Split: Banana Split (Jiu-Jitsu Version)

    Other Moves:
    Kicks to the Opponent's Legs (Inside and Outside)
    Heel Hook
    Elbow Strikes
    Taekwondo Kicks to Mid-Section, Head and Legs (front kicks, roundhouse kicks,side kicks)
    Lifting Double-Leg Takedown
    Rear Naked Choke
    Single Arm DDT
    Guillotine Choke
    Spinning Backfist
    German Suplex
    Overhead Throw (A La The Rock)
  11. Eternal Phoenix

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    Name: Ruben Johnson

    The Shitkicker Supreme
    King of Kickass
    Auroch of Assholery

    more as I think of them

    Age: Born in 1978 (35 years old)

    Hometown: Arlington, Virginia

    Ethnicity: White

    Height and Weight: 6' 8" 325 lbs.

    Appearance: Think an American Jason Statham, but with more hair. He has several knife scars on his torso and arms, and a mocking smirk forever at the ready.

    Attire: Faded blue jeans, white sneakers, white long sleeve T-shirt and black fingerless fighter's gloves

    Entrance Theme: "Welcome to Hell?, by Bad Meets Evil

    Entrance Routine: Standard walk to the ring, climb the steps and get in. Followed by a one arm raise, Undertaker style.

    Alignment: Heel

    Biography: Ruben is the second of eight children in his family, and by far the most unpredictable. His older brother is Quartz. His siblings are, in age order, Emory (kind of a playboy), Diane (adopted and of African decent), Raymond (acting more and more like Ruben every day, and likes to wear a blue lucha mask), the twin girls Madeline Moonstone and Serafina Sapphire (MM's aping Ruben, which is silly of her, and SS is a charismatic rising indy star), and the young Opauline (just a toddler, so we'll see). That's not counting his father Tyler, the retired wrestler known as Rocky. Or his uncles Sandstone aka Sandy and Pumice. And then there's Pumice's kids Terence (goes by Topaz and has rage issues) and Amy (she prefers Amethyst). Ruben's kicked most of the men's asses at one point or another, except Quartz. The guy's got his number. Anyway, Ruben's childhood wasn't exactly normal, but it was all his fault, so whatever. He's always liked beating the snot out of people, and that's not the best attitude when you're the biggest kid in class. He maintained a perfect GPA in between dishing out beatings, and could have gone to any college he wanted to. But this is Ruben we're talking about. So he became a bouncer. It was kicking ass for fun and profit, or so he thought. One night he went a little too far, and broke a man's face. It didn't help that the man was a Congressman's son...and a drunken idiot. Ruben went to jail, and stayed there for five years. After he got out, he needed a job. In swooped older brother Quartz with the "be a wrestler" speech. Ruben jumped at it. He wasn't dominant at first, but then he learned the rules of the game. After that, virtually no one stood in his way for too long. He played politics, used mindgames, got ridiculously violent when needed, and generally was just a despicable individual. He loved every last second of it. The people chanted his name, but they didn't know him. They didn't know he targeted the sources of their boos on purpose. And when they did finally figure it out, the boos were turned on Ruben. And he smiled, not caring. He was on top, one of the best to ever step in that particular organization's ring. was boring. Clawing his way up was all kinds of fun, but once he got there and stayed there for a while, was boring. Routine. Fuck that shit. Ruben started looking for other places. Places where he could start again. Welcome to GPW, Ruben.

    Gimmck/Character Information: Ruben is a borderline sociopathic asshole. He lives to antagonize people. He also loves a good fight, but doesn?t give any fucks about rules, authority or basic ethics. More simply, he pisses people off and beats them up, not necessarily in that order. Oh, and the fight isn?t over just because some little man in a zebra shirt says it?s over. It?s over when Ruben says it?s over. Or half the security staff drags him away. Whatever.

    Match Strategy: Ruben came to fight. To apply fists, knees, elbows, headbutts, and stomps where necessary to knock a man down and keep him there. He does appear to have had some boxing training at some point, however, so he can be methodical about it. He is a positively enormous human being, and uses every inch of that to his advantage. And as mentioned, he doesn?t give any fucks about rules, so rest assured he?ll be the dirtiest wrestler in all the land. Whatever it takes to win the fight.

    That said, he?s learned that alone is not enough, and has added technical elements to his game. He?s no expert, but he can hold his own.

    1. Brawler
    2. Powerhouse
    3. Technical

    Primary Finisher:
    Osaka Street Cutter (reverse suplex lift, dropped into ace crusher)

    Alternate Finisher:
    Goodnight (Western lariat)

    Trademark Moves
    Man Down (Masterlock into full nelson slam)
    Educator II (camel clutch)
    Control Shift (running DDT)

    Signature Moves
    Laid Out Flat (spinning spinebuster, HHH style)
    Pain 101 (Boston Crab)
    Skull Drop (pumphandle into an implant DDT)
    Fade To Black (Sit-out Chokeslam)
    Thesz Press w/ following punches
    Drop suplex (vertical suplex lift, then just dropped)
    Overhead Belly to Belly Suplex
    Backdrop driver
    Swinging neckbreaker
    Knees to gut in the corner
    Corner mounted punches
    Various punch combinations
    Mudhole stomping
    Sidewalk Slam
    Big Swing


    Ring Name: Dragoneer

    The Ultimate Dragon Knight
    The World's Finest Wrestler
    The Best in The World
    Master of the DDT

    Age: September 25, 1980 (32 years old)

    Hometown: Boise, Idaho

    Ethnicity: Caucasian male

    Height and Weight: 6' 4" 225 lbs.

    Appearance: Blue eyes, short dirty blond curls, looks like a surfer from California, lean and lanky. He's covered in scars from his hardcore days, but his legs are covered by green dragonscale design tights. The boots match.

    Entrance Theme: "Farther Than The Sun", by Alter Bridge

    Entrance Routine: varies a bit these days

    Alignment: Face

    Match Tactics: Squeaky Clean

    Biography: Dragoneer comes from a large family in Boise, the capital of Idaho. He has three brothers and three sisters. He's in the middle, and by far the weirdest one. He was enraptured by wrestling and acrobatics as a kid, and this led him to training with the guys at the local indy promotion. He made his pro debut at 15 (with his mother's permission), helping to found the NAPW. However, he soon afterward suffered his only major injury. He dislocated his elbow, and his mother refused to allow him to continue to wrestle. Dragoneer, not being the type to just let his dream go, continued to wrestle, but in secret. When he turned 18, he stopped the secrecy, since he could now make his own legal decisions. He toured the country, earning a reputation for fearless, even reckless risktaking, and seeming invincability. No matter how high he flew, he was never badly injured. After several violent hardcore matches, he was asked by a Japanese promotion to come over there and do the same. What happened over there earned him the nickname of The Blood Winged Dragon, in addition to a large portion of his scars. When he came back to the States, he returned to the organization he helped found. There, he met Luis Gutierrez, and the two hit it off immediately. The Young Guns were formed virtually on the spot. Shortly afterward, the addition of Niro Saki made them complete. They weren't exactly a dominant faction, but the Guns fueled Luis and Niro's rises to the main event picture. During this time, Dragoneer also met up with Henry Peterson and formed the Avenging Dragons.

    Two and a half years later, Luis died. His heart had ceased growing at age 12, and no one had really noticed. Dragoneer walked away from wrestling entirely. It was a dark time for him, and he doesn't like to talk about it. He drank absurd amounts of alcohol, and basically lived like the rock star he was. About mid way through 2009, Niro dragged Dragoneer back into wrestling. At first, D coasted as before, but Niro wouldn't allow it. As of the end of July 2010, Dragoneer started being himself again. He was rewarded with success, capturing the CWA World Heavyweight Championship at the end of October. But, with the CWA's future in doubt, he came to WPW. His goal? Do it all over again. Fight his way up and win the WPW World Heavyweight Championship. However, it didn?t work out the way D wanted it to. He lost his way, and then his WPW contract. After months of soul searching, Dragoneer has returned once again. This time his legacy is on the line. Dragoneer revealed that he had two kids, Michael and Sarah, that he had been studiously ignoring for years. However, the death of their mother changed all that. Now he?s responsible for them. Here we go.

    After the fall of WPW at Survival of the Fittest, Dragoneer's contract was absorbed by the triumphant PW+. Honestly...he doesn't care who he works for, as long as he's working. So whatever. PW+ fell apart, and D went back to CWA. Going fairly well there, too. He won the Ace in the Hole match, along with beating John Scarsdale on numerous occasions. Then the CWA shut down once again, and he came to GPW.

    Gimmick Description: Dragoneer is a very easygoing, fun-loving guy. However, of late he?s been much more serious. He?s completely focused for the first time in his life on his legacy. The reason or reasons for this sudden shift have been revealed. Dragoneer is a father, and he?s determined to raise his kids right. He's equally determined not to have his hard work improving his ring skills and preparing for opponents ignored, so he has proclaimed himself the world's finest wrestler and the best in the world.

    Titles Held: CWA World Heavyweight Championship (10/31/10-5/27/12)
    CWA Television Championship (3/28/10-5/5/10, 6/27/10-8/29/10, 7/1/12-7/15/12)
    2010 CWA Lord of the Ring
    2013 Ace in the Hole winner

    Fighting Style:
    1a. High-Flyer
    1b. Technical
    2. Striker (kick-based)

    Specialty Match: Tables, Ladders, and Chairs

    Primary Finisher: Dragon?s Fang (standing somersault cutter, will springboard for really tall guys)

    Alternate Finisher: Dragon Splash (360 twist double flip moonsault)

    Trademark Moves
    D-DDT (backflip into reverse DDT, can be done Asai style, springboard, or off the top rope, usually used to set up the Dragon Splash)
    D-Magic (tilt-a-whirl headscissors takedown transitioned into a single arm DDT floated over into a scissored armbar/La Mistica into Rings of Saturn)
    Dragon's Fury (springboard Shining Enzuigiri)

    Other Moves
    Dragon Driver (hurricanrana driver aka a hurricanrana to a kneeling opponent)
    Dragon Strike (kick to the abdomen, shoot kick to the back of the knee dropping opponent to his knees, kick to the face, and a jumping enzuigiri)
    Dragon Bomb (Leg Trap Sunset Flip Powerbomb)
    Dragon?s Talon (Dragon Clutch)
    Dragon Trap (Camel clutch w/ full nelson)
    Dragon Dropper (swinging inverted DDT/Mizard of Oz)
    Jumping DDT
    Fisherman DDT
    Standing tornado DDT
    Roundhouse kick (CM Punk style)
    Back kick (Wade Barrett style)
    Moonsault from anywhere
    Fisherman's suplex
    Half nelson suplex

    Name: Michael Maguire

    Date of Birth: April 13, 1998 (15 years old)

    Name: Sarah Maguire

    Date of Birth: July 7, 2002 (11 years old)
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  12. Double }{

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    Oct 31, 2000

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    Ring Name: Double H

    Real Name: Hunter Hendricks

    Age: 36

    Ethnicity: Caucasian

    Height: 6'0"

    Weight: 227 lbs.

    Hometown: Chicago, Illinois


    Physical Appearance:


    Ring Attire:


    (Calf-high patent black boots; black knee pads; trunks bear "Double H" across the backside in silver type, outlined with white, and the "H-Star" logo on the front; elbow pads as well.)

    Backstage or Street Attire:


    Entrance Music: "Just Like You Imagined" by Nine Inch Nails

    Entrance Routine: Hunter doesn't appear until the first guitar riff is heard, the video screen showing highlights of his career until that point, and the arena lighting strobes slowly. Once HH arrives, things pick up--the strobe speed increases, the music is louder, and he's far more animated on his way to the ring.



    The H-Bomb (Rock Bottom)
    The Hellhammer (Burning Hammer)


    The Slice of Life (Spinning reverse DDT/facebuster; Cody Rhodes' "Cross-Rhodes")
    Fiji Mist (Literally, Hunter takes a swig of Fiji Water and spews it in his opponent's face, usually to set up a finishing move)

    Signatures (Other moves):

    Arm wrench DDT
    Inverted atomic drop/clothesline
    Tree of Woe/baseball slide
    Springboard clothesline
    Cobra clutch
    DDT/scissor choke
    Overhead belly-to-belly suplex


    Alignment: Babyface

    Match Tactics:

    Hunter's cerebral; a conniver at heart--resourceful, cunning, and more than glad to take a shortcut when it's available. He'll typically try to outwit an opponent before out-wrestling them, doing his best to use his opponent's emotions against them.

    Other Information:

    The founder of the Global Wrestling Federation (GWF), Double H quickly sold his corporate ownership in his first business venture in favor of becoming a professional wrestler in that very federation. After establishing himself as a competitor and a champion, Hunter joined the fledgling Xtreme Global Wrestling (XGW) promotion, where he solidified himself as a veritable wrestling legend with the audience through his charisma and natural talent, as well as his epic feud with the diabolical Nightmare. Hunter's screen presence attracted media attention in all forms, capped off by his motion picture debut in Robert Rodriguez's "Vendetta." When XGW fell, Hunter's friendship with HCW commissioner Tetsuo Fuginami brought him to the HCW itself in order to attract more media attention to the company as well as redeem himself from his over-inflated ego trip that ensued just prior to XGW's demise.

    After his short tenure in HCW, Hunter spent several years in Hollywood as an actor and voice-over artist. He had nearly abandoned his wrestling career when Hunter discovered that a long-time friend of his in the business, Richard Griffin, had started an independent organization of his own and needed someone experienced in professional wrestling to take it under their wing. Double H began his Championship Wrestling Alliance tenure as the CWA Commissioner, but eventually, he and Emily Fairholm used Fairholm's father's financial prowess to jointly purchase the controlling portion of the CWA stock, making Emily the CWA Executive Director and Hunter the CEO, as well as the leader of the sinister Elite.

    Once the "original" CWA collapsed through inner turmoil, Hunter went into seclusion and wasn't heard from for quite some time, even by Emily, until he returned as something of a "guardian angel" to both her and "Air" Jake Baehr when the company got back on its feet. Baehr and Hunter then tore through the tag team ranks as the CWA Originals, while Emily and Hunter were married off-screen. Shortly afterward, Hunter completed a vicious run against Bensen with a loss at Malevolence III, leaving the Big Mick as the new CWA Champion, and Baehr turned his back on the CWA faithful and his partner as well, leaving Hunter to his own devices.

    After the fall of the second iteration of the CWA under the reign of NERO, Hunter spent time in both WPW and PW+ as the leader of the Gentlemen's Club, but he ultimately returned to renew his feud with Nightmare over the legacy of XGW, culminating in retiring his fellow Hall of Famer. He now splits his time between the CWA and GPW, associating with the latter after his historic win over Jack "Komodo" Porter in their first-ever meeting in the main event at Trent Eden's King of Kings IV.

    Theme History:

    "Between Angels and Insects" by Papa Roach (GWF; 2002-2003)
    "Won't Back Down" by Fuel (GWF/XGW; 2003)
    "Hate Me Now" by Nas feat. Puff Daddy (XGW; 2003-2004)
    "Step Up" by Drowning Pool (HCW; 2005)
    "Kashmir" by Led Zeppelin (CWA; 2008)
    "Just Like You Imagined" by Nine Inch Nails (CWA/WPW/PW+; 2008-present)
    "Indestructible" by Disturbed (CWA; 2010-2011)

    Title History:

    GWF World Championship (1)
    GWF Hardcore Championship (1)
    XGW World Championship (6, record-holder, retired title)
    XGW Intercontinental Championship (4, first-ever)
    XGW Tag Team Championship (2)
    AoD United States Championship (1, unified with XGW IC title)
    CWA Championship (1)
    CWA Tag Team Championship (1, with "The Archetype" John Majors, as the Elite)
    CWA Extreme Championship (1)
    CWA Triple Crown Winner (5/30/2010)
    Hall of Fame Inductee (Inaugural Class)
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  13. Northern Lights

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    Wrestler Name
    Adam Hurst

    The Hot Commodity
    The Savior of The Sport
    The Prince of PPV
    The Ninety Minute Man
    The Hollywood Hurricane
    The God of the Game
    The Icing on the Cake
    The King of the Company
    The Federation's Finest
    The Modern Day Man
    The Ruler of the Ring
    The Superstar of the Century
    The Main Event Maestro
    The Best in the Business
    The Pioneer of Perfection

    09/23/78 (35)

    Hometown (Optional)
    Hollywood Hills


    225 lbs


    Entrance Music
    “Number One” - Nelly


    Specialty Match
    Fall to Crawl Ladder Match

    Joined XGW as Anite in 2001. After a slowish start, he eventually began to impress people with his energy and athleticism. His first title was the XGW Hardcore Title, which he soon lost to Nightmare, but the hunger had arrived. Aligning himself with Aryan and co-founding The (Aryan) Race, they soon built up a group of loyal followers before turning on them and disbanding the group to join the successor to The Army of Darkness, The Ministry of Evil. Tensions amongst the group began to run high, however, and they split, with the two former partners feuding over XGW's mid-card titles, with Anite eventually injuring himself botching a high-risk move, losing the European Title in the process and leaving the company for a few years. Upon his return, he began a feud with Charlie Marino and a promising newcomer by the name of Daniel Shine, over Marino's Juniorweight Title. With the three of them set to do battle, however, XGW closed its doors, along with GWF and UCW, where he had once held the TV Title, and Anite was drafted by UWF.

    Upon joining UWF, he began to team with Holocaust, winning the tag-team titles in one of their first matches together, holding the belts for a month or so before eventually losing and splitting, with Holocaust soon leaving the company. Anite had very little success in UWF after that and the merger of UWF and GWA to form HCW was a welcome one for him.

    Having joined HCW, under the new guise of Blaze, he worked the midcard for a while before eventually getting his break in the Dangerous Alliances tournament, where he was partnered with Seth Frost. The two won the tournament, which meant that they had to face each other, with the winner getting a title shot of their choice. The first match ended in controversial circumstances. Blaze's hand was raised, but Seth Frost's foot was actually shown by replays to be on the ropes, causing the owner at the time, Ai Murasaki, to order a rematch at the next PPV. Blaze was livid, calling her all the names under the sun and demanding his title match. He was eventually granted it, under the stipulations that it would be at the same show as his rematch. At the PPV, he faced Komodo for the HCW Cruiserweight Title in a cage match. He went on to lose the match and then, later in the night, also lost to Seth Frost. It was a few years later, with HCW on the decline thanks to the formation of PWW, that he would win his first main event title, as it were, taking home the HCW Traditional Title during a four-way feud between himself, Alex Michaels, Jack Colville and Razor, before ultimately losing it to Alex Michaels, who remains a rival to this day.

    Following the closure of HCW, he changed his name once more to Adam Hurst, drawing against Daniel Shine in the PWW World Title tournament before going on to lose to him in the next round, which also included Jason Noe. Hurst never really made the impression that he wanted to in PWW, although there were certainly some noteworthy moments. It was the opening of PWI in 2009, which ultimately started Hurst's rise to the Main Event. Although he never captured any titles, he was a constant in the Main Event scene, taking part in several matches for the World Title, which ultimately went to Blake Straker and then Rohan Malhotra. It is perhaps his feud with Dave Cashman that will be remembered most, though. With Cashman beating Hurst time and time again with every dirty trick imaginable, it looked as if Adam may have found his match. Following a few nights in hospital after a sneak attack from Cashman, the two faced at the PPV, with Hurst eventually getting the win. It was to be Hurst's last involvement in PWI, however, as Cashman's post-match attack put him on the shelf for several months, leaving Cashman to claim the PWI Blackout Title in his absence.

    Many feared that Hurst would never wrestle again, but the opening of WPW proved too bigger incentive for him and he joined, sparking a feud with The Winner's Circle, which consisted of Komodo, Daniel Shine, Lance Van Leer, Damon Black and Malice, arguably the company's five biggest stars, all being formed World Champions. He participated in the tournament to crown the first ever WPW World Champion, defeating Brick Rodgers in the first round before making his way past foes Lance Van Leer and Daniel Shine en route to the final. Following their semi-final match, however, Shine attacked Hurst, leaving him in a bad state for his match in the final against Shine's friend and partner, Komodo, who was able to win and take home the gold. It looked as if The Winner's Circle's reign of terror on WPW would last for years to come, until Sean Walker returned to ally himself with Hurst, Chris Fallon and Blake Straker. At Ode to the Immortals, in a War Games match, the aforementioned team triumphed over The Winner's Circle, who had lost Malice by this time. This forced them to disband and it wasn't long before several of them left the company, including Daniel Shine, who was perhaps Hurst's most bitter foe, with the two engaging in a short but violent feud. It was left to Hurst to throw the final spanner in the works, defeating Komodo, Chris Chambers, Chris Fallon and Dave Cashman in a Hell in a Cell match at Cold War, to take home the WPW World Title.

    Career Highlights

    • [*]1x XGW Tag-Team Champion w/Aryan
      [*]1x XGW Television Champion
      [*]1x XGW European Champion
      [*]1x XGW Hardcore Champion
      [*]1x UCW Television Champion
      [*]1x UWF Tag-Team Champion w/Holocaust
      [*]Dangerous Alliances Winner 2005 w/Seth Frost
      [*]1x HCW Traditional Champion
      [*]Represented Team WPW in the War Games match that forced The Winner's Circle to disband
      [*]2x WPW World Heavyweight Champion
      [*]1x HCW Bushido Champion

    Entrance: This, but with orangered replacing the red.
    Ring: Black pants with the right leg boasting Skyline of Los Angeles at night. and the left leg having Adam Hurst written in graffiti-esque font

    Appearance (Optional)


    Fighting Style
    Old school lucha-libre with some American influence.

    Finishing Move
    The Perfect 10 (Double Corkscrew Frog Splash)

    Desperation Finisher
    The Aesthetic Anomaly (Diamond Dust)

    Trademark/Signature Moves
    Hollywood Walk of Shame (Sharpshooter)
    Hollywood & Vine (Side Russian Leg Sweep into Octopus Hold)

    Other Moves
    • Hurracanrana
    • Pendulum Elbow Drop (Aries-esque)
    • Step-Up Enzuigiri
    • Yakuza Kick
    • Suicide Dive
    • Tornado DDT (Sabin-esque)
    • European Uppercut
    • Spinning Wheel Kick
    • Quebrada
    • Orange County Chopper (Satellite Headscissors)
    • Lionsault
    • ARMBAR!
    • Roundhouse Kick
    • Snap Suplex
    • Armdrag
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  14. The JoZ

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    Dec 30, 2000

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    Welllllllp. I guess I might as well make this shit official.

    Ring Name
    (The) JoZ

    Real Name
    Ryan Johnson (Never referred to by this, however)


    Norfolk, Virginia



    315 lbs

    **Ed Note: I spent over an hour searching images on the Internet for an image of Test that actually best lined up with JoZ's look better...however most of the pictures I found of him were shitty, or 'roided up or whatever and take this as a base, and apply changes to get a mental image of JoZ**

    A silver-colored leather vest
    Black, loose fitting jeans
    Black half-gloves
    Dark blue wristbands
    Black boots

    Entrance Attire
    JoZ always wears, but never fights in, a pair of sunglasses

    Backstage Attire
    Usually, JoZ will be seen in a pair of jeans and a random T-shirt, typically with the arms cut off. Not unlike how Faarooq and Bradshaw were often seen in their APA days.

    On rare occasions, you may see JoZ in an Oxford shirt, sport jacket, and khaki pants. But this would be for 'special occasions' only.

    Entrance Theme
    "Soul Decision" by Mercenary

    Entrance Routine
    Blistering guitar riffs hit from the song, and the lights flash in tempo. The video screen goes to static and then the letters "J-O-Z" flash up. At the 0:11 second mark, when the song really kicks into gear, a short burst of pyro goes off. The video screen shows various images of highlights of JoZ's past matches, etc.

    JoZ does not appear until approximately 30 seconds into the song. He takes his time staring into the crowd for a moment, before thrusting his arms out, first his left, then his right, and stands in pose for a moment. Right as the song crescendos into the verse, at 0:54, JoZ slams his arms across his chest, right over left, more pyro explodes, and then JoZ shouts into the crowd before making his way towards the ring.

    JoZ enters the ring by typically stepping over the top rope, and then he stands facing the camera/crowd for a moment. He takes his sunglasses off, and throws them into a random direction, often into the crowd, before he stares down either his opponent if in the ring, or the stage if awaiting them.


    One of the original combatants in the old GWF, JoZ has had a career that has seen highs and lows on and off throughout the decade-plus he's been in the ring. When a powerful faction began to take shape in the GWF, JoZ organized a counter-faction, drawing at one time, 15 followers to his cause, to lead rebellion against the establishment. Dubbed the "Masters of Disaster", the group sowed confusion, chaos, and disorder during their existence.

    JoZ would briefly hold the GWF World Championship on two occasions, but his lasting legacy was his ability to maintain an iron grip around its Intercontinental Title, having won it a record 12 times, and having been the longest running champion to hold the title. JoZ was also a dominating half of a tag team formed with long-time friend Big Jay, having won the GWF Tag Team Titles 8 times. JoZ also improbably won the championships as part of a team with constant rival Shockwave, surprising insiders and outsiders alike.

    JoZ has always been known for a few key traits; Impressive strength, a high tolerance of physical punishment, and an arrogant, yet calculating mindset to every match.

    JoZ has always eschewed comedic or ultra-gimmicky performances, but is always quick with wit and willing to do what it takes to win. His assertive, yet steely personality has often allowed him to form useful, if unusual, alliances with others to strengthen his overall hand.

    It can't be said with a straight face that JoZ has "seen it all, and done it all", however with a career arc spanning over a decade, numerous championship titles held, and victories over a veritable "Who's Who" of pro wrestling over that time...JoZ's experience around the ring and the industry at this point in time can be matched or rivaled by fewer contemporaries than ever before.

    Extended Biography
    JoZ and his good friend Big Jay shared many interests growing up, including video games, professional football, and professional wrestling. As they got older, they often trained together and tried out for school sports teams. Unfortunately, Big Jay's own natural athleticism often lead him to make the cut for teams and JoZ's lessened abilities often left him out in the proverbial cold.

    JoZ dedicated himself to strength training and studying the veterans of mainstream professional wrestling for years. Having been burned too many times by other athletic endeavors, JoZ ignored his prior passions for other sports to focus on studying match psychologies and personalities in order to hone his own talents.

    JoZ spent a year touring the independent and underground circuits to observe the more extreme and unusual sides of the pro wrestling world. Occasionally, he would enter the ring himself, however he would lose in rather painful fashion as a method of toughening himself up. Although his presence on the circuit was rather uneventful, if asked about it, JoZ would credit this time with allowing him to gain the knowledge and pain threshold he would later come to enjoy in his career, later.

    JoZ spent two years after his independent circuit tour in minor-league style federations. Often, he'd change his moniker and even try out modifications of his in-ring style for each ring he stepped in, trying to solidify an identity. It was in a match in Hyper Southeast Wrestling in which JoZ outlasted an opponent that had seemed superior to him in a match that ultimately lasted 25 minutes. Just when JoZ looked out of it, a second wind burst of power lead him to gain the upper hand, countering his opponent's finishing move with an early version of the 'Disaster Slam' that inadvertently ended up giving his opponent a concussion.

    In the crowd that night, an industry insider at the pro level pulled JoZ aside and told him that he could make him a star if he could fight like that every time he stepped in the ring. JoZ knew he had found a winning formula, and it wasn't long before he was debuting in the GWF, kicking off his career on the big stage.

    Gimmick/Character Info:
    JoZ has always relied on sheer power and attrition to physically exhaust his opponents into submission. JoZ has the strength and size to be considered closer to a 'super heavyweight', however he has the personality, mindset, and agility to engage in more interesting than a match based solely on a size advantage. He doesn't explicitly cheat in matches, however, he's always operated on the pragmatic principle of taking advantage of situations presented to him. He thinks that "pure" and overly technical wrestling is a waste of time and is not very interesting. He's in his element in any match without rules or limitations, however is not explicitly any type of hardcore sadist.

    Match Strategy:
    JoZ's strategy for winning always follows a path involving one of these three techniques, usually but not always in this order;
    1) Overwhelm - With high power moves designed to earn a quick victory
    2) Outlast - Reserving strength in a bid to let the opponent wear themselves down
    3) Outwit - If it's clear strength and stamina aren't on his side, JoZ will attempt to let the opponent 'beat himself' by making an error that can be capitalized on for an unexpected, even occasionally 'cheap' victory

    Specialty Match
    First Blood

    Primary Finishing Move
    Catastrophe (High Impact TKO)

    Desperation Finisher
    The Cataclysm (Sitout Elevated Cradle Neckbreaker)**
    **Note: Not usually done from a turnbuckle, usually done from standing grapple, however he'll take them to the top rope if warranted / opportunity arises, etc.

    Trademark/Signature Moves
    Disaster Slam (Sitout Chokeslam)
    Tsunami (Houston Hangover)
    Grip of Anarchy (Seated Surfboard Stretch w/ Body Scissors)

    Other Moves
    Yakuza Kick/Big Boot
    Pendulum Backbreaker
    High Angle Back Slam
    Hard Scoop Slam
    Stalling Suplex
    Powerbomb (and variants thereof)
    Atomic Drop (regular or inverted)
    Boston Crab
    DDT (and most variants thereof)
    Clothesline (running or standing)
  15. Operative #19

    Operative #19 Kept ya waiting, huh? Premium Member

    Aug 3, 2005

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    Born Name
    Alexander Prince

    Ring Name:
    Prince Angelos

    "The Untouched."
    "The Standard Bearer"
    "Master of Ceremonies."


    Los Angeles, CA




    [​IMG] without the collar

    Wears tights and kickpads, similar to CM Punk. Design is similar to Punk's except with Eyes instead of the Stars. Colors are typically tan-on-white or white-on-tan

    Entrance attire:
    Wears a T-Shirt appropriate to current allegiance or feud. Example - Gentleman's Club, PW+, or just a Prince Angelos shirt.

    Outside of the ring he wears light colors, flowing expensive clothes. Sometimes suits, sometimes just a light shirt and a pair of khaki slacks.

    Entrance Theme:*
    "Kashmir" by Escala & Slash

    Entrance Routine:
    Smug, slow walk to the ring, occasionally taunting fans but mostly ignoring them. Lays non chalantly in the corner across the ropes until opponent arrives.


    Born into a wealthy family, Angelos has ever only gotten what he's ever wanted. He's spent his years educating himself, he has taken many classes in psychology and sociology learning about the patterns of people he considers below him. He's spent his adult years gathering an entourage of people he considers his friends, but still not on his level. He spends his time trying to educate people about their roles as sheep and going to various events such as funerals,weddings and high-profile church services with his entourage to spread his own good word. He uses his own positive appearance to spread a dark message.

    Gimmick/Character Information:
    Very self-absorbed, believes himself to be above others because of his upper class lifestyle and upbringing. Flaunts his wealth and power wherever able. Also manipulative, prefers using mindgames over physical ability to win matches.

    Match Strategy:
    Dirty style, uses his entourage at every opportunity to get the W. Throughout the match he is taunting the wrestler and crowd in some way, in many ways being extremely offensive. Uses a combination of striking, technical and high flying styles. Constantly is trying to frustrate and humiliate his opponent by outwrestling, puting them in embarrassing moves and holds, slapping then in the face, etc.

    When on offense focuses attack on legs to set up for submission.

    "Superstar" Frog Splash - Five Star Frog Splash
    Touched - Rolling Cutter/Last Rites

    Submission Finisher
    Inverted Figure Four Leglock

    Trademark/Signature Moves:*
    Indian Deathlock
    Top rope Blockbuster
    Corner Figure Four with ring post

    Other Moves:
    Butterfly Suplex sometimes into
    Butterfly Submission
    Northern Lights Suplex
    Front Facelock on the mat with knees into head
    Drives knee into mat
    Slingshot Body Splash
    Leg Lariat
    Running Neckbreaker
    Repeated corner facewashes ending with big running kick
    Running Big Boot in the corner
    Paintbrushes to hair/head like Scott Hall
    Slap to face
    Chop Block
  16. Cannibal3rd

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    Apr 30, 2001

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    Ring Name: Travis King
    Nickname(s): The NextGen, Self-proclaimed King of the New Age of Wrestling
    Birth Date: 20/05/1991 - 22
    Hometown: Southend, England
    Ethnicity: White Cauccasian.
    Height: 6'3
    Weight: 236lbs
    A well built chap, but less defined to most due to a layer of ''fat''. Think early Triple H.
    Paint be awesome yo!
    Basically that design, the top 2 being the front and back of his trunks, with wrist tape in the same colour as the knee pads. He varies the first 3 colours for the shows (blue/orange being his main) and will more often than not wear the silver/gold version for title matches or ppv's.
    Other: Suit. Always dressed up and looking proper. Shirts, ties and suit colours/styles may vary per show.
    Entrance Theme: ''Young'' by Hollywood Undead
    Entrance Routine: For now Travis just has a very generic entrance. Music plays, lights, he comes out on the ''WE ARE YOUNG'' line and just does his thing. Nothing fancy. Other than his tendancy to use his iPhone5s to take selfies with fans and send them to screens around the arenas.
    Alignment: He thinks face, people will probably think heel. Will see how I write it.
    Biography: Brought up in the British wrestling scene. After a few years of watching and trying to get over into the American wrestling scene he finally got his wish with GPW. Other than coming from a fairly well off family and getting most things he wanted and seeming quite prim and proper at times, he is generally very relaxed about everything. No skeletons in his closet. No bad memories or destroyed childhood. Just a drive to improve the world of wrestling with his belief. Wrestling with many of his old idols as he watched GWF, XGW, HCW, GWF and such over the years.
    Gimmick/Character Information: Not really a gimmick as such, but Travis is very driven to improve the ageing wrestling business with what he calls ''the next gen''. Showing the world that old idols and heros can no longer support the changing business and new stars must lift the world of wrestling into the stars.
    Match Strategy: He's very... traditional shall we say, in using holds and throws/suplex's in his assault. He can defend as well as he can attack and is very calculated in his assaults. However, he is not above doing the dirty work needed to get a result and can even lose his temper when he loses as his spoilt side surfaces.

    That said, Travis tries to keep the assualt quick so he himself stays out of the opponents way and wears them down.
    Specialty Match: Anything with ladders. Can't think of any one match due to GW having so many, but ladders = Travis.
    1) Heir Breaker (Gutbuster - the firemans carry to the double shin one/with travis landing on his back)
    2) Hand of the King (Running Punch to twisting Neckbreaker - Travis will either run off the ropes or go to the top rope, he will then jump, draws his right arm back and slams a fist into the opponents cheek. As they spin and hunch over in recoil Travis will land and quickly hit a swinging neckbreaker where he spins under his opponents head)
    1) Kneel Before the King (Running double knee to the face - usually done to opponent in the corner, but can be adapted for running and aeirial assults.)
    2) Defragment (Half Nelson Sleeper Hold - only used for submission matches or anything for countouts)
    3) Triple Suplex
    Other Moves:
    side slam
    firemans carry
    running shoulderblock
    missile dropkick
    belly to back slam
    chops/punches combo
    you know, standard wrestling moves.
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    Dec 29, 2000

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    Ring Name: Andre Porter

    Nickname(s): "Malice", "The Loose Cannon"

    Birth Date: 4/14/1978

    Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

    Ethnicity: Black

    Height: 6'3?

    Weight: 248 lbs.

    Appearance: Black hair, cut short. Thinly cropped beard or goatee. Solid body type. Muscular, but nothing over the top.

    Red bandana
    Cut-off white T-shirt
    Baggy black shorts
    Black kneepads
    Black boots

    Backstage or Street Attire:
    Same as normal ring attire, if close to a match. Otherwise, generally a pair of blue jeans and a hoody of some kind. Also wears sunglasses frequently backstage.

    Entrance Theme: "In the City" by Kevin Rudolf

    Entrance Routine: The regular lights are replaced, with dark red lights filling the arena as Andre Porter's music hits. The artist formerly known as Malice walks out from the back slowly, stopping at the top of the aisle/ramp. He looks out to each side, seemingly surveying his surroundings. He occasionally soaks in the crowd's reaction (whether positive or negative) and gestures to have the crowd make more noise. He raises both arms out the side for a couple seconds before lowering them and continuing on down to the ring. He slides beneath the bottom rope, and stands in one of the closest corners, looking toward his opponent/the crowd with pure disgust.

    Alignment: Neutral for now, though more toward heel

    Biography: Andre Porter is a serious, no-nonsense kind of guy. He's been one of the most reclusive wrestlers in the industry throughout his career, often choosing to remain in solitude to deliver his messages. He doesn't care about anyone or anything besides himself, which he'll gladly let you know. Years of being slighted, both in and out of wrestling, have helped push him. He speaks frequently about not being controlled, locked down, etc. He frequently stays in dark areas in/around the arena to stay cornered off from the rest of the world. He talks a lot about living "free", and refusing to conform to what society wants him to be. Because of this, he feels like he's been held back by the powers that be, and he's very anti-authority. He doesn't care at all about the rules, doing whatever he feels is necessary to win. His aggressive style has gained him a reputation as a badass, and helped craft his status as a legend. After making his debut in XGW, he's had stints in GWA, HCW, PWW, CWA, GCW, WPW, and now he's made his way to PW+.

    Gimmick/Character Information: Bad motherfucker

    Match Strategy: Andre Porter is a skilled wrestler, but being as uncaring as he is about rules, he tends to be a dirty fighter. He's sort of a brawler, but he'll also add in some submissions and a high flying move every now and then. As far as psychology, he prefers to work over certain body parts (specifically the head, neck, and back) to set up his finisher, the Eradication. He'll typically use his alternate finisher (The Death Note) in bigger matches, such as PPVs.

    Specialty Match: Street Fight

    Finishers: The Eradication - (Vertebreaker)

    Optional: Alternate Finisher: The Death Note - (Super Dragon Suplex)

    Trademark/Signature Moves:
    The Black Star Press - (Picture Perfect Shooting Star Press)
    The Silent Scream - (Straitjacket Romero Special)

    Other Moves:
    Cobra Clutch Backbreaker
    Reverse DDT
    German Suplex
    Standing Moonsault
    Double Underhook Backbreaker
    Springboard Dropkick
    Full Nelson Facebuster
    Dragon Suplex
  18. J. Kneestrikes

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    Characters Ring Name: ZERO
    Age: 28 (3/23/1985)
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Height: 6' 3"
    Weight: 237 lbs
    Hometown: El Paso, TX
    Physical Appearance:
    *while I search for a new picbase, just visualize a slightly slimmer Edge from late 2008 (right after his return from Survivor Series that year)*

    Ring Attire:
    black jeans w/white ornate Z on the right leg, extending the length of the pant leg
    white sneakers
    taped up hands/wrists

    Entrance Theme: "Nothing Remains"-Chimaira

    Entrance (order of events):
    ZERO doesn't need no fancy entrance with pyro or ridiculous gestures. No, ZERO is a rebel, doing his own thing, which applies to his entrance as well. Short, sweet, to the point. Enter head down as if in thought for your upcoming match. Don't acknowledge anyone at all. Walk to the ring a bit slow-like, still not acnowledging anyone. Continue to ringside, where he finally looks up, enters the ring, goes to a random corner of the ring, and sits in wait of his opponent.

    Gimmick/Character Description:
    For the longest time, ZERO was a self-styled vigilante-esque person, who harbored a fairly deep-seated obsession over relentlessly fighting those who wronged him, even if that drive led him to make some questionable career decisions. Because of this, ZERO feels like he's sacrificed his career and innate potential to have a highly successful in-ring career in the name of revenge, even though oftentimes he hasn't found the payback he wanted.

    Realizing that he's not getting any younger, he's scaling back his lust for revenge in favor of focusing on doing what he needs to do to once more become a World Champion.
    Fighting Styles:

    Zero Hour (Ki Crusher)

    Desperation Finisher: (To be primarily used in a feud-ending match)
    Final Hour (Psycho Driver)

    Failure to Launch (Whisper In The Wind)
    Pro Choke Artist (Triangle Choke)

    Other Moves:
    Swinging DDT
    Split-Legged Moonsault
    Diving Elbow drop
    Cobra Clutch
    reverse STO
    snap suplex w/float over pin
    top-rope superplex
    Alignment: Face

    Match Strategy: Regardless of who you are, ZERO tends to be rather rough with his opponents, forgoing fancy moves for the most part and instead using a combination of his fists and his rage to drive himself to victory. Depending on the circumstances at hand and if he hates his opponent's guts, he will break whatever rules he doesn't like. Other than that, he wrestles a fairly clean (but violent) style. If weapons can be legally used in a match, you can bet he'll use them. Very very minimal taunting is used.

    Specialty Match: Street Fight

    CWA World Heavyweight Champion
    1. (9/27/2009-10/25/2009)

    CWA Extreme Champion
    1. (8/29/2010-9/22/2010)
    2. (10/13/2010-10/20/2010)
    3. (7/8/2012-7/29/2012)

    CWA TV Champion
    1. (1/25/2009-2/22/2009)

    2009 CWA Lord of the Ring (def. Devon McAdams to win)
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  19. Leper

    Leper dusty...

    Sep 29, 2008

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    Victor Scott


    270 lbs.

    Baltimore, MD

    Physical Appearance:

    Theme Music:
    "Dark Was the Night, Cold Was the Ground" by Blind Willie Johnson

    Fighting Style:


    1x CWA Tag Team Champion
    1x PWW Tag Team Champion
    1x PWI Tag Team Champion

    All of which were held with his Unforgiven partner, Bryan Murkin.

    He is a terrible, wayward man, who has done unspeakable things. With Bryan Murkin doing a stretch in prison after some nefarious deeds, he has resurfaced as a singles entity. Made his debut in PWW in 2007, and other than that, has been known to be a very troubling individual. His preferred mode of transportation is his chopper, which is one of his few Earthly possessions.

    Specialty Match:
    Coal Miner's Glove

    Double Arm DDT
    Sleeper Hold

    Cornered Knee Lift/Bulldog
    Russian Legsweep
    Kitchen Sink/Swinging Neckbreaker

    Other Moves:
    Crossface Forearms
    Abdominal Stretch
    Snap Suplex
    Nerve Hold
    Surfboard Stretch
    Bow and Arrow
    Hangman's Noose


    Brad Barnes

    "Big Trouble"


    285 lbs.

    Sarasota, FL

    Physical Appearance:

    Theme Music:
    "Old Enough to Know Better" by Wade Hayes

    Fighting Style:


    Long time football player and weight lifter who decided to enter the world of wrestling later in his life at the age of 31. After spending years working the indies of the Southeast, primarily Florida and Gerogia, the former nose guard from Georgia Southern, CFL star, and long time member of the New York Giants practice squad has finally made it to the big stage in pro wrestling and is ready to rumble.

    Specialty Match:
    Indian Strap Match

    Running Powerslam
    Big (Elevated) Boston Crab

    Leaping Shoulder Tackle
    Tilt-to-Whirl Backbreaker
    Inverted Shoulderbreaker

    Other Moves:
    Samoan Drop
    Sidewalk Slam
    Rear Chinlock
    Double Axe Handle
    Stalling Suplex
    Running Clothesline
    Chop Block
    Big Kneedrop



    Real Name:
    Jayson Rowe

    "The Crimson Rider"
    "The Exiled Horseman"


    290 lbs.

    Hailing From:
    The Battlefields of History

    Physical Appearance:

    Theme Music:
    "Disposable Heroes" by Metallica

    Fighting Style:


    His kayfabe back story is that he was one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, as described in the Book of Revelations, but after centuries of war and conflict in the world, he questioned God's judgment and challenged him, not understanding why he continues to abide the atrocities of war and suffering in the world. God would exile him, replacing him at his post, and sent him down to Earth to be with those who he cared for so dearly. After years on this Earth, living side by side with man and learning their ways, he realized the arrogance of his ways, and now understands that man cannot exist without these atrocities, for it is something that binds them and ultimately brings out the good in them. Now he fights, delivering pain and punishment, trying to do what he believes to be right, but also hoping to one day win back the favor of the Lord so that he may reclaim his charge in the end times.

    Specialty Match:
    Explosives Deathmatch

    The Last Judgment: Top Rope Splash
    The Chaosbringer: Cut Throat Torture Rack Neckbreaker

    Over the Top Rope Suicide Dive
    Reverse Thrown Death Valley Driver
    Running Over the Shoulder Powerbomb

    Other Moves:
    Pumphandle Slam
    Sidewalk Slam
    Running Boot
    Cornered Jumping Splash
    Corner Slingshot Splash
    Big Legdrop
    Full Nelson Slam
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  20. AngelicX

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    Ring Name: Angel

    Birth Date: 12-30-1978.

    Ethnicity: Filipino

    Height: 6?4?

    Weight: 205 lbs.

    Appearance: Angel has aged quite a bit since his GWF days. The spiky blond hair has been replaced by a buzz cut that reveals a nasty scar on his skull. His formerly lithe body has bulked up considerably, and has post-surgery scars all over his back and arms. He suggests a body in tremendous physical shape, but one that has been battered and bruised for years.

    Attire: When not in the ring, Angel dresses in a pretty boring fashion, preferring long sleeved polos and slacks. If he?s in training or whatever, he?s in your basic athletic gear.

    When Angel enters the ring, he?s wearing a muscle shirt with stylized blue wings on the back, and ?Angel? in front (this shirt most likely is thrown into the crowd for the fans). His pants are normally black or white, with blue flame patterns coming up the sides. His hands can be wrapped, or he might be wearing MMA gloves. He wears basic black boots.

    Entrance Theme: Rock version of Coldplay?s ?Paradise.?

    Entrance Routine: The opening strains of piano start playing softly as blue strobe lights dance around the arena. This goes on for a few measures before the lights stop all together, and the music pauses for just a beat before the drums and guitar kick in. Pyro and fireworks race up both sides of the ramp, culminating in a huge explosion of light at the top of the runway. Masato emerges slowly from the smoke, and walks slowly down the ramp towards the ring. He slides under the ropes as the music swells, and takes a bow in the center of the ring as a final burst of pyro goes up from the turnbuckles.

    Alignment: Face

    Biography: Angel is a veteran wrestler, who was around in the golden age of the GWF, and was present when it died. Back then a cocky, highflying kid by way of the Philippines, he had a degree of success. He?s a former Deathmatch Champion and a former World Champion. He was also the winner of Survival of the Fittest (the Rumble event in those days), eliminating such names as Shawn Walsh. He also teamed with Dmitri, then known as Scorpius, to form a formidable tag team known as Collapse of Heaven. He wrestled in the last match of GWF history, where he was a member of the GWF Team in the Wargames. In that match, he stood toe-to-toe with Gothic before suffering elimination at the hands of the legend.

    Angel has come into contact with many of the big names in wrestling history. He?s had several bloody battles with Sean ?Thunder? Walker, then known as Shockwave. He beat Phreak, Misfit, and Roberto Morelli to win the Deathmatch Championship. While he?s been gone for the better part of a decade, hardcore fans might be able to recognize his name.

    His return to pro wrestling comes as a surprise to many, as majority of fans had written him off as a has-been whose body had given up on him. Their last image of Angel was a hollowed-out shell of his former self, trying to compete with and eventually being decimated by a no-name at a HCW house show. Will this go-around be any different?

    Gimmick/Character Information: Angel is a veteran of the sport, trying to reclaim lost glory. He?s been sitting around for years trying to convince himself that the heights he?s reached are enough for him, but the ring remains too tempting for him to resist. He sees rookies and thinks to himself that they?re too raw and unskilled to beat him. He sees the veterans and sees men he?s stood against and beaten before. He?s seen it all, and wants to see it all again. And not even Father Time can stop him.

    Match Strategy: Angel has always been a clean competitor. He?s determined to win by his skill alone, and not be resulting to any extracurricular shenanigans. He also possesses one of the biggest hearts in the business, coming back from extreme punishment and incredible odds.

    His fighting style has changed a lot since his younger days. No longer able to consistently take flight, Angel now focuses more on efficiency of execution. He wants to beat you using the least effort possible to do the most damage possible. In line with this, he?s developed a technical striking-based gameplan, focusing on evading and defending until he can unleash his fists. This is not to say that he is unable to hold his own in a wrestling match. When it becomes necessary, Angel wants to hit his opponent with a quick grappling move like a suplex or snapmare, in order to maintain distance and continue breaking the opponent down with his hands. His grappling skill shines through on defense, where he?s well-versed in reversals and escapes.

    Sometimes Angel wants to prove that he?s not just a slow old man, and will go for some high-risk maneuver. He?s susceptible to being baited in order to show that his skills haven?t deteriorated since his youth. This means that he sometimes abandons his gameplan and starts flinging himself all over the place, trying to dazzle the crowd.

    Specialty Match: TLC match, except he mostly ignores the ladders this time.

    Finisher(s): 1) Revelation ? a HARD spinning back elbow that he pulls out of nowhere.
    2) Final Judgment ? Swanton Bomb ? Desperation finisher.

    1) Longinus? Lance -- Spear
    2) Penance ? MMA-Style Armbar, gets it from a variety of different positions (like Benoit would with the Crossface)
    3) Moonsault (when he?s feeling risky)
    4) Purification -- Dragon Sleeper with Body Lock
    5) More of a signature/trademark sequence, where he drops his hands and bobs and weaves around an opponent?s strikes, Roy Jones/Anderson Silva style. Most often concluded with a superkick or a stiff clothesline.

    Other Moves:
    1) Northern Lights Suplex
    2) Shining Wizard
    3) Spinebuster
    4) German Suplex
    5) Russian Leg Sweep
    6) DDT
    7) Belly to Belly Suplex
    8) Reverse DDT
    9) Kimura