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    Enable Code (Must Be On)
    90259D98 0C09670E

    *MISC Codes

    Max/Inf Money
    2094D8F4 4CBEBC20

    No Random Battles
    2094DA48 40A00000

    Every Step Battle
    2094DA48 43878000

    *Salamon Info COdes (Everyone)

    Max Digi Eggs
    2094E728 447A0000

    Treasure Chests Opend
    2094DA5C 461C3C00

    Digimon Encounters
    2094DA84 461C3C00

    Toltal Number of Steps
    2094DA88 4B18967F

    Bits Used
    2094D8F0 4B18967F

    *Exp Gain codes
    Activator (Must be on)
    200C0000 C5E00000
    200C0004 24030034
    200C0008 14700005
    200C0018 4483A000
    200C0020 08049675
    200C0024 46140000
    201259D0 08030000
    201259D4 00000000

    Exp Gain Mod (Per Battle)
    200C0010 3C03????
    200C0014 34630000

    &Gain mode Digits
    461C = 9984
    47C3 = 99840
    4974 = 999424

    *Items Codes

    Activator For Item Codes
    #Press select to activate Use after u have loaded your game.. if u activate it in the items menu exit the menu and go back and the items will all be there ..
    E003FFFE 00304B82
    2030472C 000A0000
    10304730 00000131
    10304734 00000131

    All Of Items (Compleat)
    400A0000 00670001
    00630001 00000001
    400A019C 003B0001
    0063006A 00000001
    400A0288 003B0001
    006300A6 00000001
    400A0374 00050001
    006300E2 00000001
    400A0388 002F0001
    006300E8 00000001
    400A0444 000A0001
    0063011F 00000001
    400A046C 00050001
    0063012D 00000001
    400A0480 00050001
    006302C3 00000001
    200A0494 00080001
    006302C9 00000001