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    Oct 7, 2011

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    I am running the Full Retail Anrchy virson.I been reading on othere sites where to input the cheat codes for thew game at.Bu they all say on the main menu of the game and there is no place on the main menu to put them in.Is there something under launch options you can put in to get the console to come up?Or somebody please post a picture of where to put the cheat codes in for the game.I really would love to play but it sucks not being able to use the cheat codes on it.For God and Ulimited Ammo.The codes I have seen on other cheat sights are they for the Demo virson of the game cause they don't say if there for the Demo or the Full Retail Virson of the game.Somebody please help because I would love to play the game.Thank you.Yeoldhippy
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    Jan 9, 2016

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    I had the same issue. After the second or 3rd patch id removed the ability to use the console to enter cheat,. BUT you can use trainers. Just google Rage trainer.

    The higher the + number next to the name the more cheats it has. Just make sure the trainer matches the your version of the game. Usually it's not an issue but some companies try to block trainers.

    Lastly a lot of them trigger virus warnings. They are not viruses. They get flagged because they edit the memory (ram) while the game is running to allow cheats. Game copy world is the place you want to get them. They are the only reliable site but make sure you use adblock lol.
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