GPW Octane 5 [11.13.13]

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    Date: November 13, 2013
    Location: Pittsburgh, PA, USA
    Venue: Consol Energy Center

    Match One:
    Dragoneer vs. Adam Priest

    Two of Global Pro Wrestling's premier high flying talents faced off in the opening contest of Octane live from Pittsburgh. The man known as the Hand of Vengeance started things off by using more brawling-based tactics, a variety of strikes and roughneck moves, including bullying Dragoneer toward the ropes to try to overwhelm him. Eventually, the strategy works against Priest's favor, as the Ultimate Dragon Knight is able to counter an Irish whip into a quebrada moonsault to the standing Avatar of Wrath for a two count. This sets off a chain reaction, as the two men start exchanging faster-paced moves. Arm drags, headscissors takeovers, spinning wheel kicks, and huracanranas are traded back and forth to the fans' delight, until D plants the House Midnight member with a devastating Dragon Strike and quickly follows it with the Dragon Driver as the kneeling zealot attempted to rise to his feet. The move sequence comes just short of finishing off Priest, netting a two and a half count. Dragoneer attempts to take advantage of his opponent's groggy state by heading to the high rent district, but Adam delivers a perfectly timed dropkick to the leg of his foe that knocks Dragoneer from the turnbuckles and to the arena floor. From here, Priest is free to use his surroundings – steel ring stairs, steel guardrails, steel turnbuckle post – I guess it's a good thing we're in the Steel City, huh? The Avatar of Wrath returns his opponent and himself to the ring before a countout disqualification is issued by the official, and after connecting with the crushing force of the Broken Cross, things were clearly in his favor. Somehow, the rockstar kicks out of the maneuver, causing some frustration to sink into Priest, who yells at the official to make a faster count. That comes back to haunt Priest, as an attempt at his new signature move, Dante's Requiem, is countered into a roll-up and a very near fall off the referee's count. Adam catches his opponent's boot and avoids an enzuigiri kick but gets caught with a mule kick to the gut and a Dragon Bomb that almost gets the win again for the fan favorite. Dragoneer goes for the Dragon's Fang, but some well-placed strikes lead to a jawbreaker by Priest.

    Adam attempts the Borrowed Lies, but D successfully avoids not only the initial shining wizard but also the return roundhouse kick, obviously scouting Priest quite well from the hours of tape he undoubtedly watched on his opponent. After returning to his feet, Dragoneer's whipped into the ropes but springs off and attempts to execute his D-DDT, but once again Adam finds a counter. This time, the Hand of Vengeance delivers a few knees while being stuck in the reverse front chancery before spinning around and connecting with a hotshot, dropping D's throat on the top rope. Priest once again attempts Dante's Requiem, but Dragoneer manages to slip out and land on the apron, using a rope-assisted enzuigiri kick to stun Adam before grabbing him and delivering a huge suplex off the apron that sends both of them crashing onto the arena floor! D reaches his feet and slides into the ring as the referee counts, but he protests with the official to stop his count. The referee refuses to oblige, leaning through the ropes to count Priest while he lies on the floor in pain. Suddenly, Dragoneer starts looking toward both sides of the crowd as Vincent Caballero hops over one guardrail and Christopher Shoen jumps over the other! House Midnight stand on the two sides of the ring, eying Dragoneer and slowly slithering into the ring like snakes, but D runs and jumps over both the referee and the top rope, flipping and diving onto Adam Priest! The fans cheer as the Ultimate Dragon Knight reaches his feet and starts to retreat up the ramp. The other two members of House Midnight begin to chase after the fan favorite, until security arrive on the scene, clearly put on watch by Trent Eden during this bout. Luther Jones and his crew manage to hold off House Midnight and allow Dragoneer to make a hasty escape, and it appears this one is getting thrown out, but D can take solace in being able to outsmart House Midnight and avoid an ass kicking.

    Result: No Contest

    House Midnight are left to regroup as the fans boo and jeer. The group retreats to the rafters thanks to their rappelling devices.

    Match Two:
    Bruce Bishop vs. Prince Angelos

    The monstrous elder brother of the Bishop family stands confidently in the ring as Prince Angelos makes his grandiose entrance. The Master of Ceremonies stops short of the ring, however, beckoning his four bodyguards collectively known as The Line to go after Bruce. The four men begin to circle the ring and decide exactly how they're going to attack, but what they didn't expect was Helena leading her beloved Nemesis – Bruce's younger brother – out from the backstage area. Nemesis storms the scene and grabs one of the members of The Line at ringside, blocking a clothesline attempt with his bare hands and turning it into a Twister of Torment on the floor! A second member of The Line attempts to attack Nemesis with a double axe handle, but he instead gets throttled and obliterated with the Chokeslam. The other two members stand stricken with fear, which Bishop uses to his advantage by diving up and over the top rope with a sick suicide dive! Nemesis proceeds to grab the downed bodyguards, bashing their heads together and taking them backstage, presumably for further torture. Prince Angelos tries to run away, but Helena meets him on the stage. Angelos actually has the gall to try to hit Helena, but she blocks the punch and kicks him right in the testicles. Angelos doubles over in agony, and Helena shoves him and then kicks him down the ramp. Bruce grabs him when he's at the bottom, lifting him into a military press and throwing him through the ring ropes before climbing inside the squared circle himself to officially begin the bout. Angelos reaches his feet slowly and is met with a stiff boot to the face. The fans are cheering wildly for Bishop as he pulls the Prince up... and plants him back down with the Bishop Bomb! Big Bruce isn't through, however, as he walks to the corner and patiently (and ominously) crouches down, waiting on the Prince to get back up. It takes Angelos a moment, prompting the fans to chant and cheer, until finally Bishop runs with speed that no man his size should be capable of, ripping The Untouched in half with a wicked Massacre! Bishop could've ended it there, but he pulls Angelos back up and lifts him into another military press before dropping him straight into the Endless Agony! Bruce returns to his feet and puts a boot on his fallen foe's chest, getting the dominant victory and appeasing the crowd's blood lust.

    Winner via Pinfall @ 3:20: Bruce Bishop

    Bishop steps over the unconscious bodies of The Line at ringside and on the way up the ramp, just shaking his head at their stupidity as he heads backstage.

    Match Three:
    House Midnight (Christopher Shoen & Vincent Caballero) vs. Chris Chambers & Dave Cashman
    Tag Team

    The formidable duo of Caballero and Shoen don't descend from the rafters alone, as they are accompanied by their House Midnight stablemate Adam Priest. The Dark Horse and The Silent Assassin are clearly on the same page, but it remains to be seen if Chambers and Cashman can put their history behind them and succeed in tonight's tag team match. The fan favorites don't even make it to the ring before Shoen, Caballero, and Priest all try to gang up on them. Cashman uses his martial arts kicks to fight Shoen off, while Caballero and Priest double-team Chambers, all perfectly legal since the team hasn't entered the squared circle. Dave goes for a crescent kick, but Shoen avoids it and uses an Irish whip to send Dave toward Vincent Caballero, who attempts a wild lariat. The Lethal Weapon ducks under and takes down Adam Priest with a double leg, punching the Avatar of Wrath several times in the head. Chambers brawls with Caballero instead, and when Vincent tries to send him over the guardrails and into the crowd, the Paragon Flare somehow catches his balance and walks along it before jumping off the steel guardrail and executing a huracanrana on Shoen. Vincent cracks Chambers from behind with a wicked kick to the back before getting him into the ring and continuing the punishment. A plethora of strikes aimed at Chris' spine and neck keep the former World Champion down as Cashman contends with and overcomes Priest at ringside, taking his position on the edge of the apron in his corner so the match can officially begin. An irish whip into a roundhouse kick attempt ends poorly for Caballero, as Chambers ducks under the kick before springing off the middle rope and delivering a springboard spinning wheel kick that knocks the Harvester of Sin down. The Paragon Flare starts to crawl toward the corner to make a tag, but Christopher Shoen steps into the ring long enough to distract the referee and allow Adam Priest to pull Cashman off the apron. Chambers gets to his feet in time to narrowly avoid an Arsenic Kiss from Vincent Caballero. As the Scavenger of Sorrow rises to his feet, the Human Torch goes for a tiger suplex, but he instead gets a mule kick between the legs. Caballero plants Chambers with a straitjacket lungblower and almost gets the win when the referee gets back in position, but the legendary resilience of the Phoenix allows him to continue. Caballero uses a bodyscissors to roll Chambers back to House Midnight's corner and tag into Shoen, who puts the boots to Chris' midsection while he's trapped in the hold for as long as the official permits. Christopher connects with Black Sheep Syndrome, but Chambers again kicks out. The Dark Horse shoves his nemesis into the corner and unloads with a few kicks before backing off and distracting the referee so Caballero can get his shots in as well, raking the eyes of Chambers and delivering body punches from outside the ring. Chambers starts fighting back with elbows and punches until Adam Priest jumps on the apron for the distraction, allowing House Midnight to shamelessly double-team the Valiant Vulcan. Dave Cashman tries to get in the ring, but the referee stops him, and Adam Priest uses the momentary distraction to toss a kendo stick into the squared circle.

    Shoen grabs the stick and prepares to use it on Chambers, but Dragoneer jumps the guardrail and emerges from the crowd! The Ultimate Dragon Knight has seen enough, and he grabs the foreign object from outside, pulling it out of Shoen's hands and throwing it down. Christopher takes a swing at Dragoneer, but he misses and gets his throat pulled down on the top rope. Shoen stumbles back toward Chambers, who connects with a Twisted Heat! The fans are on their feet, cheering and clapping for the Paragon Flare, with Dragoneer slapping the canvas at ringside to lead the fans along. Chambers dives and makes the hot tag to Cashman, as Shoen tags Caballero back into the mix. Dave overwhelms Vincent with a series of kicks before sending him across the ring and attempting the CKO, but Vincent hooks the ropes and bails out of the ring to talk strategy with his teammates at ringside. The three men separate and start to circle the ring around Chambers and Cashman, but Dragoneer enters the squared circle and stands by them, so the members of House Midnight have second thoughts about their piranha-esque attack. The trio retrieve their signature Singapore canes, wielding them in an attempt at intimidation, until the sound of Quiet Riot's “Metal Health” interrupts the madness. GPW figurehead Trent Eden announces that the tag team match has just been changed to a six man tag, and that if House Midnight don't drop their weapons and begin the match immediately, they will be kicked out of the arena. Backed by the massive security force Eden and Luther Jones have amassed, House Midnight oblige with the boss' request, but not before cheaply dragging Cashman out of the ring and triple-teaming him. Dave fights them off as his partners engage in the brawl as well. Priest and Chambers wind up fighting into the crowd as Dragoneer and Shoen fight their way toward the announcer's table. Meanwhile, in the ring, it looks like Vincent Caballero and Dave Cashman will be starting off the new match!

    Match Three:
    House Midnight (Christopher Shoen, Vincent Caballero, & Adam Priest) vs. Chris Chambers, Dave Cashman, & Dragoneer
    Six-Man Tag Team

    The fans cheer as Cashman and Caballero exchange a variety of kicks, with the former MMA World Champion getting the edge over the House Midnight member. After Dave manages to back Vincent into the ropes with a few well-placed shoot kicks, he whips him across the ring for another CKO attempt, but once again Vincent finds a counter. This time it's in the form of ducking underneath and diving through the ropes, grabbing the head of Dragoneer on the way down with a Suicide DDT! That's fortunate for Christopher Shoen, as The Black Sheep had just been put on the announcer's table after a series of hard blows, likely set up for one of D's high risk moves through the broadcast booth. Caballero regains his wits as he jumps back on the apron. Cashman moves in, and the Harvester of Sin attempts a shoulder block through the ropes, but Dave sidesteps and uses a vicious kick to the head to stun his opponent. Cashman grabs the dangling Caballero, pulling him so only his feet are hooked over the middle rope, before planting him with an elevated single arm DDT. The big move gets a two count, but Cashman is undeterred, prepared to finish things off by submitting Caballero. The martial artist drags the Walking Pandemic away from the ropes and tries to lock on the Art of War, but a few back elbows and a dirty eye poke allow the man formerly known as Coma Black and WEAPON to escape. Vincent continues the offense with a high-angle dragon suplex. He grabs the stunned Cashman after the move causes him to land on his head, hooking him for the Shadowplay, but Dave expertly defends the choke, showing his mixed martial arts acumen. Dave blocks the choke and separates Caballero's hands before flipping him up and over with a throw. Vincent gets to his feet and finds himself on the wrong end of another barrage, but he ducks underneath the spinning backfist and lifts Dave into a back suplex before depositing him crotch-first on the top rope. With Dave already in pain, Caballero runs to the ropes on one side of the ring and delivers the Arsenic Kiss as Shoen springs off the opposite ropes with a springboard missile dropkick, effectively sandwiching Cashman between their blows. Caballero drags Cashman up to his feet and delivers the Suicide Note, covering him and hooking the leg... one... two... thre-Chris Chambers flies through the air and breaks it up out of nowhere!

    The Paragon Flare grabs Caballero off his partner, and as Shoen runs in to try to help his teammate, Chris shoves him into the Black Sheep, causing a collision between the House Midnight members. Vincent stumbles back and gets scooped up for the Magma Driver, but he slips out and shoves Chambers forward now, into the waiting arms of Shoen... whose attempt at the Downward Spiral is thwarted by Dragoneer, who pulls his legs out from under him from the outside. D jumps on the apron and makes the tag to Dave Cashman, immediately springing off the top rope after and delivering a Dragon's Fury to Vincent Caballero! Dragoneer goes for the cover, but Adam Priest leaps through the air and crashes down on top of his back with the Rain of Fire! Priest rolls D over and puts Caballero on top before sliding out of the ring, but as the ref makes the count, somehow Dragoneer kicks out JUST before three! Priest can't believe it! He gets back in the ring and pulls Dragoneer up, planning to take him out with Dante's Requiem, but Chambers is there to chop block Priest's leg and prevent the maneuver. The Paragon Flare latches on the Blazing Arc, causing The Avatar of Wrath to scream in excruciation, until Christopher Shoen takes Chambers down from behind with the Blind Eye Halo! The Dark Horse heads to the top rope, preparing to deliver a Shooting Shoen on his arch enemy, but Dragoneer delivers a stepladder shining wizard that rocks Shoen and plants his butt on the top turnbuckle. D climbs up after Shoen and grabs him around the neck for a super DDT, but Caballero cuts him off with a questionably low shot between the legs. Vincent grabs Dragoneer off the ropes, holding him on his shoulders as Shoen repositions himself on the top rope again, delivering a flying knee strike doomsday device! Caballero crawls over for the cover... but Dave Cashman connects with a charging kick to the Harvester of Sin's head to break it up!

    Vincent lifts up to a kneeling position and eats a superkick to the face. Cashman prepares to lock on a Kneecapitator, but Shoen delivers a leg lariat that stuns him. The Black Sheep pulls Cashman in for a Faith Breaker, but Dave blocks it and grabs his opponent's leg, rolling into the Kneecapitator! Shoen is in a world of hurt, but he's not the legal man, and Adam Priest takes advantage of this with a rolling thunder that breaks up the hold. The Devolution attempts a Broken Cross on Cashman, but instead Dave turns around and pushes Adam into the ropes. Priest rebounds and eats the CKO, knocking him through the ropes and to the arena floor. Shoen goes for the Blind Eye Halo on Dave from behind, but he gets bucked off and stumbles back toward the ropes. Cashman runs in for another CKO, but Christopher pulls the top rope down, causing Dave to get crotched once again. A follow-up dropkick by the Dark Horse knocks Cashman to the arena floor. Chambers is next in sight for Shoen, who stalks him in the corner for a stepladder Shoening Wizard, but the Paragon Flare reverses it and spins Shoen into the corner turnbuckles. Chambers stuns the Black Sheep with a jumping spinning heel kick before climbing up behind him and snapping off the Firesteiner! Chambers has no time to celebrate, however, as Caballero delivers a Boma Ye to the back of his head before he can even reach his feet! Vincent turns around and takes a D-Magic from Dragoneer, but he somehow avoids getting locked into the armbar, rolling forward and pulling his arm free before kicking D in the head. Caballero pulls the Ultimate Dragon Knight in for the Suicide Note, but D shoves him into the ropes and delivers a beautiful spinning roundhouse kick to the head to knock Caballero down. Dragoneer heads to the top rope and signals that it's time for the Dragon Splash, but Caballero is complaining to the referee about possibly being injured. During the momentary distraction, Shoen cracks D in the skull with the Singapore Cane! Dragoneer falls into the tree of woe, and Shoen delivers a tope con hilo on Chambers to stop him from interfering, while Adam Priest delivers a low blow to Cashman at ringside that was out of the referee's field of vision. The Walking Pandemic climbs to the top rope and connects with his Sip of Absinthe! Dragoneer appears to be out from the combination of wrestling two matches, taking a Singapore Cane to the skull, and getting hit with the Sip of Absinthe, but the Harvester of Sin still latches on a grounded Shadowplay, choking his opponent until the referee has no choice but to step in and call for the bell.

    Winners via Technical Submission @ 20:39 (Including Tag Team Match): House Midnight

    The vile House Midnight scrape by with another victory, as Cashman looks on with groggy disbelief at ringside, and Chris Chambers is still trying to recover as well. Dragoneer lies prone on the canvas as Caballero, Shoen, and Priest regroup inside the ring and retreat to the rafters following their “win” over three thorns in their sides.

    Match Four:
    The JoZ vs. Brady Cruise
    Steel City Street Fight

    Brady Cruise is out first, a grim look on his face as he seems prepared to do some real damage; unfortunately, JoZ ruins things with a sneak attack, ambushing the Murder City Machete from behind as he makes his way down the ramp, blasting him with a trusty crowbar before running him into a set of steel steps! With no other choice, the referee rings the damn bell, and this street fight has begun! JoZ keeps control over the early-going – despite disposing of his crowbar – by using his sheer size to throw Brady around the ringside area, sending him into ring posts, guard rails, and anything else he can think of. Cruise DOES eventually mount a comeback, though, as he catches himself in a whip into a guard rail and then narrowly evades a running big boot from the Master of Disaster, which catches JoZ up enough to allow a flurry of machine gun chops from the street fight savant! Cruise goes from zero to sixty instantly, unleashing one of the most furious offenses you'll ever see, unloading chops, kicks, knees and forearms, following them up with a few of his most devastating backbreakers, putting the wrestling veteran entirely on the defensive. Cruise manages to get JoZ into the ring after a particularly brutal uranage backbreaker, deciding to go fishing for some weapons after he does. Wielding a two-by-four, Cruise re-enters the ring and uses The JoZ as a pinata, striking him repeatedly in the torso before breaking it in two across the back of the former world champion's neck. As JoZ crumbles to the mat, Cruise seems to finally have a strong lead, but a pinfall attempt leads to nothing more than a two-count, which ends with a rebellious kick-out from the bigger man. Cruise pulls JoZ up and unloads some forearms to the face, but an Irish whip to the ropes gets turned against him, and JoZ buys himself a reprieve with a NASTY spinebuster, sending Cruise right onto a piece of his splintered 2x4!

    JoZ regains his bearings and goes back on the offensive, stomping viciously on his foe and then throwing him into the corner, charging in with a corner clothesline to nearly knock Brady's head off. As Cruise haphazardly stumbles out of the corner, JoZ hits him with a pendulum backbreaker and goes for his own cover, but Cruise quickly gets the shoulder up at two. The JoZ doesn't let up on his assault, though, and uses his muscle to keep Cruise subdued with vicious clubbing blows and a few high-impact maneuvers, but Cruise continues to kick out of pinfall attempts, leading the vet to escalate his game. With Cruise looking winded after a particular kick-out, JoZ goes to the top, looking to wash Brady away with the Tsunami; unfortunately for him, as JoZ sails from the top, Cruise gets the hell out of Dodge, rolling out of the way. JoZ, despite landing hard on his hip, manages to pull himself to his feet, but he takes a burning sword, getting knocked right back down. Brady picks JoZ up and tries the Brady Breaker, but the veteran rakes his eyes, getting himself off of the Detroitian's shoulders... and he nails the Disaster Slam! JoZ covers again, but somehow, Cruise kicks out right before three! The big man rolls from the ring and goes to the ringside area, grabbing a steel chair, heading back to the ring with it. He sizes his opponent up, waiting for him to climb to his feet, and then blasts him in the back with the weapon, hitting him a couple more times to drop him to his knees. JoZ unfolds the chair and sets it up in the center of the ring, then pulls Brady up... DDT onto the chair! As Cruise's skull bounces sickly off of the chair, which tumbles over from the impact, JoZ finally heads up top for the Tsunami, and this time he executes it! Cruise is fairly broken by that, so it seems academic as JoZ covers him... but Cruise SOMEHOW still evades the three-count! The crowd gets behind Cruise, but JoZ looks ready to finish things up. He pulls Brady up, but Cruise spits right in his face, stunning the veteran long enough with another burning sword to drop JoZ to the mat! Shaking his head, JoZ gets to a knee, but Cruise unloads kick after kick, finally reeling back and going for the Cruise Missile... but JoZ takes a step back and grabs his leg, dropping Cruise to the mat before slingshotting him into the turnbuckle. As Cruise stumbles back out, he's blasted in the skull with the same steel chair, and just as Brady seems ready to collapse from the sheer force, JoZ scoops him up... Catastrophe! This time, even the iron will of the Murder City Machete isn't enough, and JoZ gets the win!

    Winner via Pinfall @ 11:56: The JoZ

    JoZ may be the winner of this hard-fought brawl, but he doesn't seem very content, instead shoving the referee away and leaving the ring. Retrieving his crowbar from ringside – which had been laying around since the bell, and re-enters the ring with it. Just as Brady Cruise is recovering, pulling himself up to his feet, JoZ blindsides him with the crowbar from behind for the second time tonight, dropping Brady to his hands and knees, before sitting on his back and pulling the crowbar against Brady's windpipe, choking him! The referee tries to end the situation, but JoZ just gets more and more entrenched in this sadistic mindset, pulling back even further as Cruise gradually stops fighting... but the sea of boos that accompanied JoZ's assault is turned to an ocean of cheers, since both Double H and Brett Conwell are making their way down the ramp with a purpose! Sensing the odds getting away from him, JoZ quickly releases Cruise and flees the scene, getting out of the ring just in time. He makes his way around to the ramp, backpedaling the whole way, while Conwell checks on Cruise and Double H leans over the ropes, beckoning his old nemesis to come back to the ring. JoZ eventually finds himself at the curtain, grinning for some odd reason... but it's made painfully – to Hendricks, anyway – apparent as Adam Hurst emerges from the crowd and enters the ring behind HH and Brett, assaulting Double H as he turns around with a spear! Conwell immediately shoves Hurst as Hunter clutches his ribs, but apparently, the time is NOW for Hurst's bout against the Master of War, and the referee tells Conwell that he's been ejected! As the fans erupt into boos at this turn of event, Conwell shoots a final glare at Hurst before complying, leaving the ring and heading backstage, while the bell rings and the next match is already underway...

    Match Five:
    Double H vs. Adam Hurst

    Hurst isn't one to waste this opportunity, pouncing on HH with a flurry of stomps to keep the Hall of Famer down. He pulls Hunter up and works him into the corner, throwing some hard right hands before whipping him to the opposite side, but Hendricks buys himself a little breathing room with a boot to the face, sending Adam stumbling away. Double H runs after him with a clothesline, but Adam ducks it and hits the ropes, going for an Orange County Chopper but instead taking a crisp tilt-a-whirl powerslam for his troubles. Hurst pops up to his feet quickly, but Double H gets on a roll, unloading a series of right hands and backing Hurst up against the ropes before whipping him to the other side. Hunter doubles over for a back body drop, but Hurst rolls through into a sunset flip, though he barely scores a one-count. Hendricks hits the ropes quickly, but Hurst takes him down just as soon with an armdrag, following up with a standing dropkick that the Master of War evades. Hurst climbs to his feet, but he takes a big clothesline from the Xtreme Xzibit, followed by a second one and an inverted atomic drop, sending Hurst stumbling before taking ANOTHER final clothesline, finally putting Hurst down and forcing the Hot Commodity to roll from the ring to lick his wounds. Hendricks follows his opponent to the outside, but he eats a stiff superkick for his troubles, sending him against the guard rail just in time to take a sluggish-yet-potent roundhouse kick from the Prince of PPV, who immediately heads back into the ring to try to net himself a countout victory. Unfortunately for Adam Hurst, Double H pulls himself together just in the nick of time, re-entering the ring; as a result, Hurst pounces on him with stomps to the back, pulling him away from the apron and dropping down into an armbar. Hunter suffers for a good while in the hold, still a bit knocked around from that one-two-shot of kicks on the outside, but he ultimately maneuvers into a rollup of sorts, earning a quick two-count before Hurst kicks out and releases the armbar. Adam hits the ropes and goes for a standing huracanrana, but Double H grabs him and delivers a snap powerbomb, followed by a slingshot into the turnbuckle. Hurst jumps onto the top and delivers a moonsault, but Hunter leaps back to dodge it, grabbing Hurst and giving him The Slice of Life! He covers, but Hurst somehow kicks out at two!

    The match slows down a bit after that, with Hunter Hendricks in control of the proceedings for the most part, methodically working on Hurst's legs to neutralize his high-flying ability, earning a couple more near falls in the process. Double H soon finds himself stalking Hurst for an H Bomb, but as Hurst turns around, he ducks under Hunter's arm, avoiding the set-up, and hits his side Russian leg sweep, locking in the Hollywood & Vine! Hendricks struggles quite a bit, finally managing to reach the ropes with his nearest leg, but Hurst holds on as long as he can, finally relenting as the count from the referee reaches five. Hendricks climbs to his feet, but Hurst – not showing much sportsmanship – immediately rushes him with a Yakuza kick, sending Hendricks through the ropes and out of the ring, subsequently demanding the referee start a count-out. Again, however, Double H is able to stymy the Hot Commodity's plans, getting back into the ring right before the count of ten, forcing Adam Hurst to grow more desperate as he stomps away on Hendricks and drops a few knees onto his ribcage. Hurst pulls Double H to his feet and goes for a tornado DDT, but Hunter reverses it into an incredible spinebuster, a counter that has BOTH men laid out! Double H and Adam Hurst get to their feet at about the same time, trading a few right hands, but it's The Master of War who gets the better of the exchange, laying into his opponent and getting him up against the ropes. An Irish whip later, Hurst finds himself running right into Hunter's path, but this time he manages to complete an Orange County Chopper, sending Hendricks to the mat, following it up with a snap suplex and a cover. He gets a one... two... and HH kicks out, so Hurst hammers him with some forearms to the skull and pulls him to his knees, reeling back and swinging for a roundhouse kick. HH ducks the kick and spins Hurst around from the momentum, going for a hammerlock backdrop, but Hurst backflips out of it, hitting the ropes... spinning wheel kick! Hurst rolls HH up for the cover, putting his own feet on the ropes for leverage, and it's one, two... the referee catches it! Hurst's attempt to get a little “extra” into his win is foiled, but the Ninety-Minute Man isn't happy about it, arguing with the referee as a groggy Double H recovers. Hurst keeps yelling “three!” at the referee while holding up his fingers, apparently convinced that the official can't count, then finally turns around... INTO AN H BOMB! HH makes the cover, hooking both legs, and it's one, two, three!

    Winner via Pinfall @ 10:22: Double H

    Double H climbs to his feet, his arm raised in victory by the referee, and he's definitely cherishing this bout of poetic justice for Adam Hurst. However, the celebration is cut short as The JoZ sprints down the ramp, making his second appearance of the night, unbeknownst to HH. The Master of Disaster hits the ring and goes for an attack, but apparently it's a “fool me twice” situation for HH, who turns around at the last second and ducks a clothesline, greeting JoZ with one big right hand after another, with the crowd going ballistic! Double H backs JoZ into the corner and just unloads on him, but Hurst decides to muck things up for the Hall of Famer, crashing into him from behind with a clothesline. Double H turns around and goes after Hurst, but JoZ attacks him from behind now, and the two double-team Double H (how fitting) and quickly get the better of the Master of War, dropping him to the mat and putting the boots to him. Unfortunately for this alliance of opportunity, Brett Conwell sprints down the ramp now, steel chair in hand, and he slides into the ring, swinging at anything that moves! Given the frenzy of the hardcore specialist, both Adam Hurst and The JoZ clear the ring area, with the latter climbing on the apron after a few seconds – seemingly considering trying to take Brett out all the same – but jumps back down when he barely evades a chair shot to the skull. Both veterans back up the ramp, temporarily united in both their level of spite towards Hunter Hendricks and their self-preservation instincts, while Brett Conwell guards the vulnerable Double H like a pitbull, watching the two assailants as they make their way up the ramp...

    Match Six:
    Andre Porter vs. Travis King

    The number one contender, Andre Porter, goes up against a man not terribly unlike his InterAction opponent, Travis King. The Brit uses his traditional wrestling to its fullest in this match, going right after Porter before the bell's even sounded, but the veteran is able to shrug off his initial assault, laying into him with big right hands before sending him into the ropes. King counters a back body drop attempt into a shin kick to the jaw, then goes for a falling neckbreaker, but Porter spins around and goes for a dragon suplex. King works his way out of it and elbows Andre away, hitting the ropes for momentum as he goes for a running shoulder block, but Porter dodges it and drops him to the mat, going for an STF. Travis, as a much more grounded technical wrestler than his opponent, is easily able to escape the hold before it's locked in, but he doesn't waste any time overestimating his opponent, stomping and kicking at Porter before he gets back to his feet. King hits Porter with some clubbing blows and drags him to the corner, but he takes a shoulder to the sternum, sending The NextGen himself into the turnbuckle. Porter climbs onto the second turnbuckle and goes for some mounted punches, but King cuts him off after the third one, shoving him off. Porter charges in with a clothesline, but King hits him with a back elbow, followed by a running bulldog and a cover, barely scoring even a two-count. The younger athlete pulls Porter to a sit and applies a sleeper, but it only temporarily subdues the veteran, who wills himself to his feet and drives back some stiff elbows, sending King stumbling away before eating a nasty discus clothesline and a two-count from Porter. Andre gets to his feet, pulling King up by the hair, and hits him with a few boots to the gut, following the last one up with a double underhook backbreaker. Porter pulls King up again and sends him into the corner, this time succeeding in his corner clothesline, knocking Travis to a sit before stomping a mudhole in that sumbitch. Cough. At any rate, the Malicious One keeps up his brawler-oriented offense, stomping and punching his foe, managing to hit a full nelson facebuster and score another two-count. He pulls King up and goes for the cobra clutch backbreaker, but he takes a suspiciously placed mule kick from King, one that buys The NextGen some much needed time. Porter does recover from the kick, but he soon takes a dropkick from his opponent, who swiftly goes for an ill-fated pinfall attempt.

    Despite his failure to put Porter away with a mere dropkick, it doesn't stop Travis King from attempting many more pins, essentially after every half-decent maneuver he lands on the veteran, clearly desperate to score a HUGE win here. Travis manages to maintain control over Porter with his technical arsenal, repeatedly taking Porter down with suplexes and slams and working on him methodically. However, even as King gets arrogant and feels as though the end is in sight, Porter mounts what seems to many to be an inevitable comeback, reversing a snap DDT into a vicious spinebuster, finally getting a second to catch his breath. King gets back to his feet, but the Loose Cannon makes him eat a German suplex, followed by another, followed by a dragon and a bridge for a two-count! King kicks out, but he's on the defensive now, stumbling away from Porter, making his way back into the corner. Andre takes the bait, working on adrenaline now, but he takes a vicious elbow to the eye for his troubles, followed by the Kneel Before the King, dropping him to the mat. King, for once, decides not to go for the immediate pinfall attempt, instead waiting for Porter to get to his feet. Travis leaps in with the Hand of the King, but Porter manages to duck the wild blow, pulling Travis up for the Eradication. King manages to somehow wriggle free, hitting the ropes and going for a running shoulder block. Porter sidesteps it and works in the cobra clutch, this time snapping down to a backbreaker. With King stunned, Porter grabs him and yanks him to his feet... and hits the Eradication for good measure! He makes the cover... and it's done!

    Winner via Pinfall @ 11:20: Andre Porter

    Andre Porter celebrates his win, although not obnoxiously, knowing that it was merely a warm-up for his match against Daniel Shine. Nonetheless, Porter raises his arms to cheers from the fans, enjoying the moment before he leaves the ring, heading backstage.

    Match Seven:
    Damon Black & Kurt Cassidy vs. Chris Linden & Ruben Johnson

    Cassidy starts out this match against Linden, with the latter being in a sour mood over... essentially everything, it seems. Linden doesn't waste a single second, going after The Blackhawk with a furious stomping frenzy, but Cassidy manages to fight back, hitting some stiff kicks and whipping Linden into the corner. Chris manages to hoist himself up top and launch a flying double knee strike, though, taking Cassidy down, and the Asskicker Supreme quickly goes for a cover, only to get a one-count for his efforts. Chris Linden delivers some angry stomps after that, pulling Cassidy to his feet and slapping him in the face a few times out of pure agitation, but Cassidy answers him back with a spinning palm strike, following it up with a combo of stiff kicks and elbows, finally unleashing a tremendous roaring elbow that sends Linden staggering away! Both enraged and shocked by the occurrence, Chris Linden only becomes more frenzies, going right after the honorbound athlete, but Cassidy catches him with a northern lights suplex, bridging for a quick two-count before Linden kicks out. Kurt keeps his cool, though, and he's able to avoid a lot of his opponent's attacks, even dropping Linden into the Code of Honor, requiring Linden to elbow his way out of things and roll to the apron. Linden refuses to tag out, though, which simply amuses his similarly misanthropic teammate, and the Arbiter of Awesome goes back into things. Cassidy keeps control for a little while longer, but he finally gets taken down with a satellite headscissors from Linden, who counters a whip to the ropes. Linden stays on top of his opponent with a combination of relentless stomps and forearms and high-octane aerial attacks, not giving him a moment's rest, finally showing him The Pride of Chi-Town for a near fall. His ego seemingly sated, Chris Linden pokes his teammate in the chest for a bizarre tag, which has Johnson shocked and appalled for some retarded reason. Ruben enters and picks up where his partner left off, using his brute strength to beat Cassidy down with clubbing blows, essentially toying with his nemesis, even averting his own pinfall after a Man Down in order to inflict more punishment. Ruben drags Cassidy back to his team's corner for a tag, bringing in Linden, who hits a a springboard cutter off of Johnson's military press. As Cassidy lies on the mat face-down, Chris decides to lock in the Viper Vice, intent on making Kurt Cassidy tap out, but Chicago's Favorite Son (which is Kurt Cassidy, bitch) refuses to give in, showing his incredible tenacity as he struggles. The referee ultimately is forced to check on him for a technical submission while Damon Black stands stranded on the apron, but Cassidy SOMEHOW wakes up by the third arm-raise, fighting up to a sit and delivering some vicious elbows to the jaw. Finally, against all odds, Cassidy pulls himself up to his feet and breaks the hold, running off to the ropes... but Ruben grabs the ropes from the outside, catching Kurt up in them, buying Linden time to charge in and deliver a SICK step-up enzuigiri, knocking Cassidy to the outside!

    With the legal man on the outside, Ruben Johnson decides to intervene, “helping” Cassidy to his feet before whipping him into the steel steps. Damon finally shows up as well, taking Ruben down with a running front dropkick, but the referee seems to be mostly intent on screaming at him, which allows Linden to nail Kurt with a FIELD GOAL~! while the official's back is turned and then roll Cassidy into the ring. Chris climbs back in after him and goes for a cover, but by the time the referee gets in and counts, Cassidy's able to SOMEHOW stay alive, getting the shoulder up just in the nick of time! Frustrated, Linden gets to his feet and crouches down, thinking about how to put his opponent away. Cassidy gets up to his feet and Linden charges in with a Yakuza kick, but Kurt manages to get out of the way, causing Linden to hit the mat. The Arbiter of Awesome gets to his feet, but Cassidy grabs him... INTO THE BOARDS! Linden hits a neutral corner HARD, crashing against it and dropping to the mat! Cassidy's down too, though, his last bit of energy exhausted, and he crawls over to his corner. Chris Linden, nowhere near as drained as the Blackhawk, makes his way to his corner as well, making a tag to Ruben Johnson, who steps through the ropes and grabs Kurt's ankle... but Cassidy twists around and kicks him in the knee repeatedly, followed up by a kip-up enzuigiri! With Johnson stunned for a moment, Kurt finally gets that last bit of distance closed, making the hot tag! As Black hits the ring, Johnson goes for a wild clothesline, but Black ducks it and meets him with a Blacklash, sending Johnson to the mat. Linden steps in as well, furious as he charges the the Hype Machine, but Damon stuns him with a European uppercut and then hits a ranhei, forcing Linden to roll from the ring to lick his wounds. Johnson gets into the nearby corner, shaking out the cobwebs, but Black charges in with a front dropkick, blasting his skull against the turnbuckle. Black gets the crowd revved up now as Johnson tries to gain his bearings, pulling himself up, but Damon charges into the corner with a high knee to the face, and as the big man stumbles out of the corner, the Hype Machine takes him down with a springboard bulldog! Ruben rolls over and clutches his head, but Black simply crouches down, beckoning the big man to get to his feet. Johnson does just that, and Damon goes for a Relapse... no, Johnson tries his own finisher, the Osaka Street Cutter! But Damon flips out of that, jumps up onto his shoulders... poisonrana! Johnson flips back from the momentum of the move, pulling himself up to his hands and knees... but Black goes for the Long Island Lockdown! As Ruben tries to fight his away out of it, Chris Linden enters the ring and attacks from behind with a dropkick, earning a stiff rebuke from the ref, but ultimately buying Ruben a little time. Johnson makes sure not to waste a moment, pouncing on Black with some clubbing blows and running him face-first into the turnbuckle, following it up with one vicious stomp or punch after another. He sends Black into the opposite corner, but Damon gets out of the way before an avalanche comes his way, and as Johnson stumbles out of the turnbuckle, he takes the Pepsi twist! Black drops for the cover, but Linden breaks it up just in time, earning an annoyed glare from the Hype Machine. Damon tries to keep control over the situation, but not long after that broken-up pin, Ruben manages to hit an out-of-nowhere overhead belly-to-belly suplex, stopping Damon's offense short. But Ruben is worn down and makes the tag to Linden, who's all to happy to capitalize, trying to lock Damon in the Viper Vice, but Black's able to reach the ropes before it's completely cinched in. Bitterly, Linden holds onto the submission just about till five, nearly ending a disqualification in the process, before finally letting go. He pulls Damon up and goes for The Firing Line, but as he springboards off, Chris doesn't anticipate Damon freeing his arms, hitting a sloppy-but-effective buckle bomb! Linden smacks against the apron hard and drops to the mat, and it looks like he might be in trouble. Just then, though, Ruby walks along the apron, pointing at Cassidy... and then flips him the bird! Kurt shakes his head, trying to laugh it off, while Damon meanwhile pulls Linden to his feet inside the ring. Chris hits an elbow to stun Damon, then goes for a fisherman's facebuster, only for Damon to flip out of it, spinning around and shoving Linden into the corner. As Linden stumbles out, Damon hits him with a cravate suplex, then runs to the ropes... but Kurt Cassidy makes a blind tag off Damon's back, incensed by Johnson's repeated taunting! Cassidy hits the ring and goes right after Ruben as Black stands looking dumbfounded; Kurt knocks Ruben right off the ropes and shouts something at him, but as he turns around, he's rolled up into a la magistral cradle! Before anyone can notice what's happened, and before Black can get himelf back in the ring and prevent it, Chris Linden's stolen one from the two fan favorites, unwittingly abetted by Kurt Cassidy himself!

    Winners via Pinfall @ 18:36: Chris Linden & Ruben Johnson

    As Damon Black shakes his head, Chris Linden rolls from the ring, a satisfied smirk on his face as he backs up the ramp. Ruben stands near the guard rail, a finger pointed to his head as he tells the embarrassed Cassidy that he outsmarted him, while the Blackhawk also catches an earful from his own tag partner. Clearly, Johnson's mind games have gotten to Chicago's Favorite Son, and meanwhile, Chris Linden has a win over Damon Black, something he's not likely to let anyone forget...

    Main Event:
    Daniel Shine vs. ZERO

    The GPW World Heavyweight Champion's mouth may have written a check his ass can't cash, as his war of words with Trent Eden earlier in the evening has resulted in a non-title match against former CWA World Heavyweight Champion and perennial fan favorite ZERO! The match begins with a flurry, as one might expect, and it's the popular superstar from El Paso who gets the better of the Champion in the early moments of the contest. A series of hard-hitting forearms and elbows find their mark and do their job to back Shine into the ropes, as ZERO gives God's Finest Grappler no quarter. An Irish whip attempt almost leads to a spear by the hungry Texan, but the self-proclaimed P4P King bails from the ring to regroup, slapping the apron and scratching his head in frustration. ZERO almost takes Daniel out with a suicide dive, but it turns out to be a fake, as instead the fan fave bounces off the ropes and then mocks Shine by sitting on them and offering to help him inside. Shine sneers at the superstar and points at his title belt, reminding him that he is the World Champion. The referee gets ZERO back to his corner at the request of Shine, who takes his good time getting into the ring. The two men move toward the middle of the ring for a lock up, but Daniel retreats and stretches on the ropes some more. Again they move in for a collar and elbow tie-up, and again Dan backs off, agitating his opponent. They move in for a tie up the third time, and Shine backs off once more, backpedaling to the corner. ZERO has had enough, following Dan in as Shine drops to his knees, begging ZERO off... just to grab him by his pants and drive him head-first into the middle turnbuckle. Shine uses a lightning quick go-behind to transition into an amateur wrestling throw before shooting the half and getting a quick two count on ZERO. Dan maintains top control as he floats over and grabs ZERO into a side headlock while the younger superstar reaches his feet. A few elbows to the side soften Dan up as ZERO pushes him off toward the ropes, but Shine grabs a handful of his foe's hair and pulls ZERO right back into the headlock. ZERO tries another push off, and once again Shine uses the hair to keep the hold locked in, so ZERO grabs a handful of Shine's hair and throws him down to the mat to the fans' delight and Shine's chagrin. Dan whines to the official about the hair pull, to which the referee simply shrugs, noting that Shine employed the same tactics. ZERO doesn't take any lip from the World Champion, choosing to instead kick him back toward a corner, where he begins to stomp a mudhole, but Shine catches a mistimed boot and uses a modified dragon screw to send ZERO out of the ring!

    The Champion actually follows his opponent to the floor, where he throws ZERO shoulder-first into the steel ring steps before kicking him in the ribs. Shine rolls in and out of the ring to break the count and continue his onslaught. Dan uses a few knife-edge chops to back ZERO into the steel guardrails before taking a few steps back. God's Finest Grappler sarcastically and cartoonishly winds up before running in for a BIG chop, but ZERO simply moves out of the way and Shine's wrist cracks the steel! ZERO promptly unloads with hard punches to the head before bouncing Dan's face off the steel guardrail, the announcer's table, the steel ring stairs, and even the turnbuckle post, showing that he's much more akin to a brawl than the purist. ZERO finally throws Shine back in the ring and scales the turnbuckles, leaping off as quickly as he ascended them. The high crossbody connects for the Texan, but Shine kicks out before three, preventing the upset. ZERO drags Shine toward the corner and sets up the split-legged moonsault, but Daniel's able to get up and crotch his opponent on the top turnbuckle strut in mid-leap. Shine climbs up behind ZERO and uses a few forearms to the back and neck to wear him down before attempting a Super Back Shineplex, but ZERO returns fire with some back elbows that knocks Dan off the top turnbuckle. Shine quickly rebounds and pulls ZERO down by his hair, putting him in the tree of woe and choking him with his boot. Shine backs off and reminds the referee that HE HAS TILL FIVE before delivering a series of elbows to ZERO's knee joint. Shine pulls ZERO's leg through the turnbuckle strut and pries on it, trying to cause as much pain as possible. The referee finally interjects again, and Shine backs off long enough to deliver a standing dropkick to the exposed knee joint. The official tries to step in again, but Shine simply pushes him aside, not caring if he gets disqualified. Shine climbs up the ropes now while ZERO is still trapped in the tree of woe and starts kicking at his leg before grinding his own boot on the knee, but the El Paso native reaches up and delivers a modified German Suplex, driving Shine to the mat! ZERO has a hard time freeing himself from the turnbuckle post, but he pulls himself back up to the top turnbuckle and delivers the Failure to Launch on the rising GPW Champion! ZERO makes a slow cover, and Shine shoots a shoulder off the mat before three. ZERO struggles a bit to stand, but after he does, he hobbles to his feet and starts unloading more punches and elbows to a reeling Shine. Dan is visibly dazed as he eats several hard punches and backs up toward the ropes. ZERO attempts a reverse STO, but Shine blocks it by grabbing the top rope and manages to throw ZERO out to the floor again. This time, Shine's smart enough not to brawl with the brawler, opting to take a breather and hoping to get a count out instead. ZERO gets back on the apron at the count of six and starts to get in the ring, but Shine kicks his leg through the ropes and goes for a Vertical Shineplex back into the ring. ZERO instead slips out and lands on his feet behind Dan, grabbing him around the neck and arm with the cobra clutch! Shine tries to throw ZERO over and block the hold, but it backfires as the ex-CWA Champ wraps his legs around his foe's torso, tightening his choke. Shine turns and rams ZERO into the turnbuckles repeatedly and finally grabs the ropes, yelling at the official to get him off in between gasps for breath.

    ZERO sarcastically reminds Shine that HE HAS TILL FIVE before belting him with a few hard punches and going for an Irish whip. Shine manages to reverse and ducks down as ZERO rebounds, but instead of connecting with a back body drop or a flapjack, he winds up eating canvas courtesy of a big DDT. ZERO makes the cover, but Dan kicks out just in the nick of time. The fan favorite has momentum on his side, though, as he catches Shine with a series of clotheslines, knocking him down each time he tries to reach his feet. Shine tries to beat ZERO to the punch after the third one, but the Texan catches Dan's arm on the lariat attempt, swings around him, and delivers a second devastating DDT! ZERO once again goes for the cover, and the crowd is heartbroken when Shine kicks out again. ZERO isn't discouraged, though; in fact, he's going to try to put this match to bed with the ZERO Hour! The Texan pulls Shine up and locks him in position, hoisting Dan into the air, but Shine manages to slip out and deliver a few kicks to ZERO's weakened knee. Shine grabs him for a Shineplex on Steroids, but an armdrag counter sends Dan flipping across the ring. Shine rises to his feet quickly... and gets knocked back down via a spear! ZERO hooks the legs... but once again is denied! ZERO pulls Shine back up and peppers him with blows before trying to whip him into the ropes. Dan uses a reversal to pull ZERO in for a belly-to-belly Shineplex, but ZERO counters with a pair of headbutts and a snap suplex that he parlays into a float-over pin attempt. After Shine kicks out, ZERO tries to latch on an STF, but Shine manages to get back to his feet with the fan fave still holding his leg. Shine swings while his leg is being held, but ZERO spins him around, and Shine goes for a Roaring Elbow that is promptly ducked beneath. ZERO attempts a back suplex, but Shine delivers a mule kick to his bad leg before grabbing him into a shin breaker. Dan liked it so much he delivers two more before using another dragon screw to take ZERO down and lock on a spinning toe hold. ZERO refuses to submit, and the fans begin to loudly chant “PLEASE DON'T TAP!” which inspires him even more. Shine tries to step over for a figure four, but ZERO kicks him with his other boot, sending the GPW Champ into the ropes. Shine rebounds as ZERO rises to his feet and delivers a low dropkick to the bad knee. Shine grabs ZERO's leg and prepares to lock on a basic leglock, but an up kick stuns the champion and causes him to get wrapped right into the Pro Choke Artist! Shine is in serious trouble as ZERO tightens the triangle choke. God's Finest Grappler lives up to his moniker by getting his arm back on ZERO's other side to give himself some breathing room, before sitting back and pulling his head out of the submission. ZERO tries to switch to a jujigatame, but Shine forces his shoulders to the canvas, grabbing a handful of tights and almost getting the cheap pin.

    Shine stays on ZERO after they reach their feet, delivering a few kicks to his knee and then whipping him across the ring to force him to run on his bad leg. God's Finest Grappler delivers a diving tackle to the bad leg and focuses on it with some more stomps and kicks. Shine drags ZERO to the ropes and puts the leg on the lowest one, jumping on it several times before sliding out of the ring and pulling ZERO toward the turnbuckle post. The referee tries to admonish Shine, but he pays him no mind, slamming ZERO's bad leg against the steel turnbuckle post and then wrapping it around with a modified figure four leglock! The fans boo loudly as Shine uses the illegal hold to cause more damage to ZERO's knee. The proud Texan endures the agony as the referee finally gets Shine to let go after five seconds, but the damage has been done. Shine returns to the ring and locks on the Sickle Hold, pulling back on both ZERO's leg and his chin and neck. The El Paso native refuses to submit, and he digs down deep as he claws toward the ropes to look for a break. Shine pulls back as hard as he can, and once he realizes ZERO's a few inches from getting to the ropes, he releases the chin lock and drags ZERO back toward the middle of the ring to lock on a half crab. The fan fave screams in pain, but again he refuses to quit, using his free leg to kick Shine a few times. It becomes enough of a pain that Shine swings over into an amateur wrestling bow and arrow, pulling back on ZERO's leg and neck again. The Texan refuses to quit once more, and he manages to roll Shine onto his back to try to pin him, but the Champion releases the hold and gets to his feet, frustrated that ZERO didn't break. Shine grabs ZERO's legs and separates them before delivering what was likely a low blow stomp to the groin, but the referee doesn't call it. God's Finest Grappler applies the figure four leglock, putting ZERO in tremendous anguish again. The former CWA Champ writhes in agony, trying not to submit or pass out from the pain. Shine pulls back as hard as he can on the hold, but the fans' cheers and chants for ZERO help drive the superstar to turn the hold over! Shine is now the one in extreme pain, but he manages to grab the ropes and get a break. Shine stalks ZERO from behind again, looking for the Shineplex on Steroids, but as he lifts ZERO up for the move, but superstar slips out and rolls into a schoolboy attempt on Shine, almost getting the come from behind win. Dan kicks out and returns to his feet with a vengeance, using kicks, stomps, elbows, and forearms to knock ZERO back down. Shine motions for the end and tries to latch on his signature submission, La Mancuerda, but ZERO's arms are still working fine, and he's able to fend off the hold with some elbows and fight back to a kneeling position. Shine takes a few steps back and goes for a charging European Uppercut to the rising superstar, but ZERO counters with another spear. The fans cheer as the man reaches his feet and pulls himself up the ropes, looking perhaps for a moonsault, but Shine is able to regain his bearings and run up behind him, delivering a Super Shineplex on Steroids! Both men collapse to the canvas, but it's God's Finest Grappler who crawls on top and hooks the leg, gaining a very hard fought victory over a clearly game opponent.

    Winner via Pinfall @ 19:13: Daniel Shine

    The fans are jeering and booing as Shine slowly reaches his feet and demands the referee raise his hand and put the belt around his waist... at the same time. Even the official rolls his eyes as Dan parades over ZERO, even going as far as to mock limp. Shine shoves the official out of the way and puts a few stomps to ZERO's injured knee as the crowd continues to boo. The GPW Champion yells into the camera, “This is gonna be you at InterAction, Malice!” before delivering a few more kicks and stomps to the leg. That draws Andre Porter out from the back, which causes Shine to grab his title and run toward the Loose Cannon as he enters the ring. In a scene reminiscent of a few weeks ago on Octane, Shine attempts to deliver a belt shot to Malice, but this time instead of throwing him out of the ring, Porter tackles Shine and starts pummeling him with fists of fury! Security runs down to try to separate the two men as they try to beat the hell out of each other before we fade to a commercial for GPW's Special Event “InterAction!”

    OOC: Don't really know what I can say here. Obviously results were way later than I'd have liked. I've been suffering from weird cases of vertigo for most of the last two weeks. Even as I'm sitting here typing this I feel like my balance and equilibrium are thrown off, even after going to the doctor a week ago and getting some medication for it. I've also been admittedly distracted/dealing with some personal stuff, so yeah... I deserve all the blame. Zio had his matches done the other night and I never finished mine, so don't hold him responsible for how late these are. The next show is going to be InterAction. I hope to get a card up for it tomorrow if I'm feeling better. Sitting here typing these up was a chore as it is. Hopefully you guys enjoy it despite the egregious lateness.
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    Nice, well played, not over-contrived storylines are the bread and butter here, and I like it. The main event was really well done, and I think ZERO looked very good in defeat, as his "never say die" attitude shined through, no pun intended. Porter picked up as solid a win as a man can get, opening up a can of whoop ass on Travis King to cement his spot as the top contender to Shine's throne. While this suffered from delayed results, I think due diligence will hopefully prevail in correcting that for the upcoming PPV, and I'm sure all involved will be impressed with a timely delivery. I'm sure everybody appreciates the effort that you put in, given the fact you don't have to by any means.
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    Yep, don't get me wrong, Dean-o. I know you've got life to deal with and like everyone else, I appreciate that you take the time to do this whole e-fed running thing. It just amuses me when you set deadlines you only hope you can make, rather than know you can. Don't make promise you don't know if you can keep, or something like that.
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    Ask others for help if you need to.