Not so expendable - Chambers@GPW InterAction (11-27-13)

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    It's a special occasion for GPW, a holiday of sorts, but it's not Thanksgiving. No, it's the event where the fans get to choose anything from match stipulations to humiliations! It's GPW InterAction and the event is broadcasting live from the Verizon Center in the nation's capitol of Washington, D.C.! Of course, this is all on free television as opposed to Pay-Per-View, so watching it should be an even better incentive for folks that can't afford the monthly buys. The show has already kicked off with a few exhilarating matches with the last match just wrapping up between Adam Hurst and Brett Conwell. Down at ringside, Scott the Scoop and 'Slick' Rick Avalio are gushing over the action just witnessed inside of the ring. The camera focuses on the broadcast table to allow the crew to get the ring ready for the next match.

    Scott the Scoop:
    What a match! These two definitely did not want to lose and they left everything in the ring.

    'Slick' Rick Avalio:
    But there could only be one winner tonight, and the loser will have to suffer a humiliation of the fan's choosing, which to me is unfair.

    What? How is it unfair? This is the night where fans get to make the choice. It's a sign of good faith from Trent Eden to show his appreciation to the fans for their support of GPW. How can you not like that?

    Hey! I never said I didn't like the aspect of the show, I just think that for a match where the loser gets humiliated, it's only fair for the winner to choose what it should be. They can pick partners, referees, and stipulations all day long, except for a championship match or a humiliation match. It takes the fun away from the torment the winner gets to put onto the loser.

    Hold on, back up just one second Rick. I like how you kind of added that second to last line in almost nonchalantly about the fans not being able to pick the stipulation for a championship match as well.

    It's a fact that this gives an unfair advantage to the challenger, in this case Andre 'Malice' Porter, over the champion. The World Champion should be allowed to prepare for his title defense to the best of his ability, and that's knowing the stipulation of a match before it takes place. This is boiling down to Daniel Shine playing by his own rules, so Trent Eden decided to punish him for it.

    Do you even realize how ridiculous you sound right now? InterAction was an event set up long before Daniel Shine became World Champion, and to throw in like this is some sort of conspiracy against him. So absurd you would say that.

    Avalio throws his hands up in the air, continuing his tantrum.

    This isn't a conspiracy theory. It's the truth, and these people know it! I hope they do the right thing and pick the match that's suited for the Champion. I'd love to see him make Malice tap out. Wouldn't that be a site.

    Well, whatever match the fans choose, it is definitely going to be one for the history books. Now let's keep the show moving because we still have some huge matches coming up for the rest of the evening. We have Alex Kennedy backstage standing by, Alex?

    To no one's surprise, it looks like Alex is actually standing by in the well-designed interview area for GPW. He's holding a microphone in his hand, waiting for the go ahead to get the ball rolling.

    Alex Kennedy:
    Hey guys, we've been taking votes all week and there is time to still cast in last minute votes for a few matches, such as our main event. As you can see on the screen behind me, your choices for tonight's main event match between Daniel Shine and Andre 'Malice' Porter for the World Heavyweight Championship are Submission, Hardcore, or Ladder. Again, every vote counts and this is for the World Heavyweight Championship, so get your votes in because the polls will be closing soon.

    Let's keep this night moving because my guest for tonight leaves his two partners up to the fans. That's right ladies and gentlemen, I am here with 'The Human Torch' Chris Chambers and he is relying on you to pick his partners so that he can face the hive-minded House Midnight. This is not just any match, though, this is going to take place inside of the Elimination Chamber. It's like the Thunderdome on steroids, a very dangerous match to be in.

    Chris, your thoughts regarding the match setting and your possible tag team partners.

    Chris Chambers:
    You took the words right out of my mouth about how to describe the Elimination Chamber, it's like the Thunderdome on steroids. From the chain links that create the cage to the glass cells which hold all challengers, it's an unforgiving setting to be inside of. It's also the perfect place for me to once again take House Midnight down another rung from their pedestal that they love to preach from. Right now, they're about here, but we want them to be here.

    Chambers demonstrates with both of his hands, using them as a fluctuating scale with one hand held high and the other held extremely low.

    In order to do that, my fate is put into the hands of the people. These are the same people that I fight for every single night of my life. These are the same people who keep me going when I'm at my lowest. Basically, I trust who the people in Washington, D.C. and the fans at home will choose because they have my back. I've already found myself teaming with the Sinister duo of Bruce Bishop and Nemesis. I just know that they're dying to get a piece of House Midnight again, and not only that, but you put them in inside of the Elimination Chamber? You got yourself a deadly cocktail of destruction right there. I wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of that ass kicking.

    Chris turns around to look at the television display behind him. Chris turns back to face the camera.

    Last Octane, we had an impromptu six-man tag because House Midnight likes to meddle in each others business. So I teamed with Dave Cashman and Dragoneer.

    Chambers pauses as the fans blow the roof off of the arena in simultaneous Cashman and Dragoneer chants. Chris cups his ear to encourage them to get even louder.

    You hear that, Alex? That's the sounds of what the people want to see. It's kind of what I want to see happen tonight too. We didn't the win that night, but you know a low blow and a Singapore cane will tend to turn the tides you know. Either way, I know that people want to see Cashman just kick one of those three through the glass or to witness Dragoneer leap off the top of the cells. Both guys just don't give in and they're like me in that they're willing to push themselves over the limit in order to get the job done. I think we can do it if the fans give us another shot at House Midnight.

    The last two picks are the Wild Card, probably two guys who anybody would dismiss as being a team that can gel well together. Just to make it clear here, I barely know what I'm getting into if I am paired with them, but House Midnight sure as hell won't know what they're getting into and I'm sure they want this pairing to happen so that they can make it ?easy? for them. That's where House Midnight is wrong. You see from what I know about them, both guys like to fight and there's no better place to fight than inside of the Elimination Chamber! Brad Barnes has a ton to prove and this is one of the biggest chances to do just that. This guy is hungry because he's been waiting for an opportunity like this. House Midnight is out for themselves and no one else, Brad. I would like nothing more than to take them down, but I can't do it alone.

    And then there's ZERO, he's a guy that has showed tenacity through and through. I know that ZERO is in for a fight because he's gone through exactly what I have, and a lot worse like with his experience with Johnny Reed. Home invasion...the whole nine yards. These three have yet to reach those levels ZERO, but they're just like Reed. I have your back man.

    Chris focuses on the camera.

    Shoen, House Midnight...the fans get to choose your fate.

    Chambers walks off-screen and that's that.

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    I have to commend you for always making your promos seem like a part of the show by mentioning other stuff going on and thinking of the context of the RP within the event. I also have to commend you on recycling thread titles for conservation. GO GREEN! :D

    But on a serious note, good shit here. I liked how he talked up each of the choices and how the fans always have his back, so he's glad they're choosing. I did feel like the promo ended sort of abruptly toward the end there, but other than that, I really enjoyed it.
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    Lol...this was meant to be as a continuation or part two to the previous promo. I didn't even realize I left it as is.
    Thanks for the feedback (I need to do that more as I read them, but never respond).

    I did originally have more of the interview going with Chambers on House Midnight, but I felt it dragged, so I cut it and left the end. It wasn't