Mobile Suit Gundam Seed: Never Ending Tomorrow (NTSC) Action Replay codes

Discussion in 'Past Generations' started by Virtue36, Nov 24, 2012.

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    Jul 10, 2009

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    Hi It's been a while since I've been on here and I was wondering if you would convert these cheats from Codebreaker to action Replay

    Enable Code:
    B4336FA9 4DFEFB79
    E952D7FC 6815F51F
    11664CC6 9EC58919
    237B4403 215EB533
    Infinite HP:
    301FBE79 27A5424D
    56EF75AC CE526419
    89095434 D5E226BF
    04F0F65A E62F21FC
    Infinite Ammo:
    A19364E4 0F2713E0
    Infinite Thruster Gauge:
    59773490 37B38BE0
    07C38C7D 080034B0
    Always Low Time:
    35514923 8325977F
    Gain 25000 Score Per Kill:
    E33772CF 2098B5E2
    Gain 20000 Score Per Kill:
    5C7431E1 A2936E73
    Gain 15000 Score Per Kill:
    1BF0169D F3C31165
    Gain 10000 Score Per Kill:
    AD36785A 6659CC00
    Gain 5000 Score Per Kill:
    A31B4563 3700B470
    Gain 1000 Score Per Kill:
    F570C66D 213592CB
    Quick Max Score:
    CCC7934E DC9E3F8C
    190E54C7 D2974906
    Defeats Worth 50 Per Kill:
    7F144857 786CEC00
    Defeats Worth 20 Per Kill:
    BB664091 074723CA
    Defeats Worth 10 Per Kill:
    E4B27DBE 92840720
    Defeats Worth 5 Per Kill :
    A7858D88 408DDB5E
    Defeats Worth 2 Per Kill:
    9019F2FF 52C44ED1
    Quick Max Defeated:
    8E2DE7AC E0B47449
    Quick Max Combo:
    A116F205 2D5FCD53
    A9A065FB E60993FD
    C9424E8D 1410A007
    Infinite Tension Gauge P1:
    0AC04EAD 09A3323B
    Infinite PS Armor P1:
    46A141CF C0E3ACEC

    I would really appreciate it and thank you for taking the time to at least read my request.
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    Jan 16, 2013

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    I'd like to see a Gameshark version.