Men and Women in Sports

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Fool's Requiem, Aug 2, 2015.

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    Time for a debate...

    In this day and age, people are striving for men and women to be considered equal, even if we're not (because no one is completely equal). Sports specifically remains one of the last areas in which segregation is still acceptable. The long standing notion is that men are built to be stronger physically, while women rely on more finesse and smarts. One can argue this til the cows come home, some women are capable of meeting the strength abilities of a man, and some men can rely on finesse, but not everyone is capable of accomplishing that.

    Anyways, this isn't really meant to be discussion on who is better or more capable at sports. I was curious to know what sports could easily allow both men and women to compete together/against each other.
    Apparently, archery, badminton, and tennis doubles already allow for this, but surely there's more.

    My first thoughts came to Golf and Tennis Singles. In golf, a golfer doesn't really need to be able to drive 300 yards to achieve success in golf, so I can't see why men and women can't compete together in the Masters and whatnot. As for tennis, I feel like Serena Williams in her prime could take on any of the male competitors in a tennis match and hold her own, and I'm sure she's not the only one.

    I also feel that soccer is a sport that could easily allow for both men and women to play together, as long as the athletes and fans could accept that (unlikely at this point).

    Then there's bowling, cycling, marathon running, swimming, etc.

    What do you guys/girls think?
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    I couldn't see women getting close to men in most of the sports you listed. Anything that involves pure power or endurance in any significant way would be won my men, simple as. There's no real debate on this - no women can match the strength of the strongest men, because biologically that's just the way it is.

    Golf would probably be the closest of your first two but power is still a huge aspect of the game, and assuming everybody is teeing off from the same tees then the top women would struggle. Maybe if the women used their shorter tees, but then you might have complaints over fairness etc., and for this hypothetical I'm assuming equal conditions.

    Serena Williams would be absolutely crushed by the top men's players. In 1998 she and her sister played a set against Karsten Braasch, who was then ranked just outside of the top 200, and he beat them without trying. Although relatively speaking Serena is a better player than she was then I still think someone like Djokovic, Federer or Murray would not have to try too hard, and she actually said that herself when someone offered her a match against Murray.

    For soccer, judging by the quality of the top men's and women's competitions again the men would have zero difficulty. Some of the gap is definitely due to less money in the game, access to facilities, coaching etc., but again I can't see the simple biological physical gap being overcome.

    Cycling, marathons and swimming would again be no contest. I mean, in all three of these events you can directly compare the results and in each case the men would win comfortably.

    Any sport where men and women can compete together would either be gender balanced (e.g. mixed doubles with one man and one woman on each team, or women using shorter tees in golf), or something that doesn't revolve greatly around the physical aspect. Bowling is probably one example, darts is another. Maybe stuff like shooting, archery, or other stuff like chess or even professional video gaming.
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    Unfortunately, as much as I am all for equal opportunities and the like, sports are the one place I don't want to see a combination. By nature, most of the men in the upper echelon of sports simply dominate over women because they are bigger, faster and stronger. They've tried integration in some sports like NASCAR (not a sport by my definition, but whatever) and Golf. Danika Patrick and I think it was Annika Sorrenstam (?) maybe have integrated. But those are not really sports that use physicality. You want women in the NFL? NHL? NBA? MLB?

    However, if you tell me we should have female referees and the like, I'm open to that. But there needs to be a zero tolerance in effect first so players don't verbally abuse them.

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    The Japanese baseball team Ishikawa Million Stars who have Julio Franco playing also has a woman on the team.