Mass Effect: Andromeda - 3/21/17

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    So, this has been given a release date now, of March 21, 2017. I know it's been delayed and pushed back and had some staffing changes occur that scare off people, but the new gameplay video shown at the NVIDIA CES 2017 keynote has me REALLY excited for this game.

    There is no "official" release video of yet, that I'm aware of, but here's a capture of it from a source I trust for authenticity (the site anyway):

    It really looks good. The design, the movements the dynamic class changes... they took a lot of what was good in ME Trilogy combat and made it better. And then they improved on the areas that were bad (yay for no more shared cooldowns!). Now, I am still unsure of the story gameplay. I don't know if they are planning another trilogy where choices carry throughout the series, or even if they have decisions that affect the outcome of the game (though I'd assume so, since that's a core of not ME, but EA/Bioware in general).

    I've always been a big Mass Effect fan from the start. It's one of, if not, the most favorite series of mine, up there with Fallout, Assassin's Creed and Final Fantasy. So hopefully, this continues to compel me, because I am officially psyched about this game more than any other in recent memory. I was hyped about FF, but knew it was likely going to be a let down. This game is beyond hyped. I'm at psyched level. **Crosses fingers**