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    The nation's capital hosts a sports-entertainment spectacle that is the ultimate in fan InterAction! Thousands and thousands of wrestling fans have filled the Verizon Center in Washington, D.C. to capacity in anticipation of one of the most intriguing events of the year, and following the intro hoopla, pyrotechnics, and commentary from Scott and Rick, we soon discover the results of our first InterAction fan vote poll for the evening.

    Match One: Travis King vs. Victor Scott

    GPW newcomers Travis King and Victor Scott are set to wage war, but the stakes of battle have yet to be determined. The GlobalTron shows the results of the online fan voting, revealing that 58.3% of GPW fans believe the winner should receive a GPW World Heavyweight Title shot on the next edition of Octane! It's clear from the onset of the bout that these two are hungrier than ever with the world title shot on the line. There's an extra something special in their strikes as they exchange hard blows to determine who will take control of this bout in the beginning. King finds his mark with some kicks to the body and head, but Scott nearly turns him inside out after evading a spinning heel kick by knocking his head off his shoulders with a wicked lariat. Scott takes this youngster to the match and employs a variety of submission holds to stretch him out. When a grounded abdominal stretch with some elbows to the ribs fails to coax a tap out, Scott unleashes crossface forearms across the bridge of the nose that bust the youngster's face open. The tag team veteran uses a bow and arrow to rack King, but Travis slips out and lands in a pinning predicament that barely fails to net a victory. King mounts a comeback with some flashy offense, but a wild haymaker is avoided and countered into a Russian Legsweep that almost gets the win for the former tag champ. Scott almost scores with the double arm DDT, but King shoves him into the buckles out of desperation and then lifts him to the top turnbuckle. The Next Gen has something in store from the ropes, but we won't find out what that is as Victor knocks King off the buckles to the arena floor. Scott has no use for a flashy high risk move, choosing a more conservative approach as he descends the ropes and brawls with his opponent at ringside. After introducing Travis to some of the elements around the arena, including the steel stairs, the announcer's table, and the guardrails, he brings his foe back inside the squared circle where he plans to put him down with the kitchen sink/swinging neckbreaker combo. As plans often do, however, they go awry when the youngster kicks out before three. Undeterred by his opponent's resilience, Scott starts systematically dissecting him with pinpointed shots to the neck. A nerve hold seemingly puts his opponent into a deep slumber, but King finds a second – or perhaps third wind by this point. Despite Travis' efforts, Scott seems to have the match under control until an Irish whip and an attempt at a high knee misses when King either ducks underneath or merely collapses from exhaustion. Regardless, Victor's knee collides with the top turnbuckle, and before he knows it, he's crushed against those same buckles with the Kneel Before The King! Travis tops his opponent with a double knee strike to the face, but he fails to get the pin, as the durable veteran kicks out before the three count. Travis is feeding off the momentum now, unleashing a bevy of blows that he parlays into a triple suplex. King is really feeling it now, screaming at Victory to get up before running off the ropes with a punch to the jaw. He's going for the Hand of the King! Victor counters mid-move, grabbing his opponent's arms and spinning him into a sickening Double Arm DDT! Scott wastes no time in cradling his victim into a pinning position and scoring the hard-fought victory.

    Winner via Pinfall: Victor Scott

    With this victory, Victor Scott will get a title shot against the winner of the GPW World Heavyweight Championship bout at the next edition of GPW Octane.

    Match Two: Ruben Johnson vs. Kurt Cassidy

    In the latest bout during a rivalry that has spanned much of GPW's existence, the provocative “Shitkicker Supreme” locks horns with the Chicago native once again. Before the match begins, we see the results of the fan poll, and No Rope Breaks prevailed with over 58% of the votes, turning this pure wrestling match into essentially a whole new contest. That plays into Ruben Johnson's game, as the nefarious brawler has no desire to let go of any submissions, whereas Cassidy has been struggling to maintain an honor code despite being incited by his foe on many occasions. The match begins with a flurry of offense from each man, showing the kind of intensity and hatred they feel for one another with each crushing blow. Chicago's Favorite Son unleashes hard elbows and forearms to the jaw that would knock out a lesser man, but Johnson eats them like brownies before responding with a few hard forearms of his own. An Irish whip by Johnson sets up a flapjack hotshot style move that nearly guillotines Cassidy on the top rope. Ruben unloads some body punches and shoves his foe into the corner, throttling him in plain view of the referee. The official finally gets Johnson to relent long enough to check Cassidy's condition, but Kurt shoves past the referee and fires off a few more elbows to the face of his opponent. A few kicks follow up which back Ruben into a corner. Cassidy throws some more elbows to the face until Johnson fights back with hard punches to the body, making sure to avoid the head. A series of headbutts find their mark and allow Johnson to whip his foe into another corner. Ruben charges in like a runaway freight train, but Kurt lifts both legs and lets his rival's shoulder collide with solid steel. Cassidy wraps his legs around Johnson's arms before twisting through the ropes and pulling his arms around Ruben's neck in a crazy rope-assisted octopus stretch! Taking full advantage of the lack of rope breaks, the Chicago native is hoping to make the Shitkicker Supreme submit, but Ruben grits his teeth and refuses to quit. The big man manages to free himself enough to dump Cassidy to the arena floor and follow him outside. Johnson takes advantage of the arena elements, bouncing Kurt off the guardrails, the stairs, and even the ring apron, before rolling him back inside and bludgeoning him with elbows and forearms to the face. Johnson uses Pain 101 to try to get a submission, but now it's Chicago's Favorite Son who shows a lot of resolve by refusing to quit. He crawls toward the ropes and finally gets there, but it's meaningless... or so we think at first. While Cassidy can't get the conventional rope break, he uses the steel cables to lift himself, the ensuing leverage providing an exit as he bucks Johnson off and returns to his feet. Ruben charges in for a lariat, but Kurt pulls the top rope down and sends him flying to the floor this time! Cassidy seizes the advantage and the moment with a forearm suicida! The blow knocks both men down, but it leads to a scramble and some brawling on the floor. Johnson gets sent hard into the steel ring stairs, budging them from the turnbuckle post. Cassidy sets them up and walks to the other end of the aisle, letting the fans high five him as he goes. Kurt turns and runs, jumping off the stairs, but he gets caught mid-air by Johnson and powerbombed violently onto the ring stairs! Ruben rolls back into the ring as the referee continues counting Kurt out. He reaches nineteen... but Johnson grabs the referee by the arm and threatens him, telling him NOT to count! The King of Kickass doesn't want to win a match on a count-out; he wants to DESTROY Cassidy! And that's what he does, as he exits the ring and beats his opponent at ringside with hard elbows and by bouncing his skull off the steel steps. Johnson rolls Cassidy into the ring but leaves his neck dangling over the edge of the apron. The Auroch of Assholery has big plans, leaping up for a guillotine legdrop, but Cassidy rolls out of the way, and Ruben almost busts his ass off the apron and again on the floor. Cassidy seizes the moment with a springboard corkscrew plancha, taking both men down again.

    This time it's Kurt who rains down hard shots, using a variety of stomps and kicks to weaken his opponent before dragging his big carcass back to the ring. Johnson reaches his feet as Kurt slides in, and he almost takes his head off with a punt-like kick. Johnson lifts Cassidy into the air and plants him with the Skull Drop, but it isn't enough to get the three count. Johnson adds insult to injury by paintbrushing Cassidy while standing over him before latching on a camel clutch. Kurt somehow finds the inner strength to fight back to a vertical base while still trapped in a modified chinlock, but a swift headbutt to the back of the head brings him back to his knees. Johnson adds further insult by slapping Kurt repeatedly across the face. Cassidy snaps and punches Ruben right in the jaw, sending him back a couple paces. The referee's seen enough and goes to issue a disqualification, but Johnson steps in and again threatens the official, telling him NOT to DQ Cassidy. Kurt takes advantage with some hard leg kicks to the distracted Ruben before snapping off an enzuigiri that knocks his opponent to all fours. Cassidy delivers a few kicks to the ribs until Ruben sits up. He follows up with hard kicks to the chest of the big man until one is caught by the King of Kickass. Johnson prepares to deliver a dragon screw, but Cassidy delivers a boot to the jaw with his other leg. Kurt gets back to his feet and spots the stunned giant still kneeling and reeling. A modified Chin Checked puts him down, and Cassidy scores a near fall off the superkick. Cassidy is feeling it now, but he might overestimate his own strength by attempting a tiger bomb on his large adversary. Johnson counters with a back body drop before catching his rising opponent with a Control Shift! It's another near fall, and Ruben is surprised but undeterred. Johnson grabs Cassidy into an inverted facelock and prepares to finish him off, but some knees from Cassidy allows him to squirm out of the position and turn around with a t-bone suplex! Somehow, Cassidy got the big man off his feet and dropped him on his head! He can barely muster the strength to stand again, but he gets to his feet before Johnson, and he grabs the big man as he's stirring with the Code of Honor! Ruben struggles now, trying to escape. He grabs the ropes, which do nothing... but he uses a similar trick to Cassidy, using them more for leverage to stand. Kurt hangs off his much larger opponent's back, trying to choke him out with what has become a dragon sleeper. Ruben grabs his opponent around the neck and falls back, using a modified ace crusher that's not too dissimilar from his finishing move! Cassidy rolls out of the ring on instinct before he can get pinned, and it takes Johnson a moment to recover and get back to his feet before pursuing his opponent on the floor. Ruben has given up any attempts at hiding his strategy here, as he starts blatantly choking Cassidy as long as the referee permits. When he isn't throttling him, he's gouging his eyes or fish hooking him or raking his back. Johnson continuously rolls back into the ring to avoid the countout, wanting to prolong Cassidy's suffering as much as possible. That is until Johnson reaches through the ropes and grabs his foe by the air, and Kurt surprises him by swinging a chair and cracking Ruben in the head with it! The referee has no choice, and Ruben can't protest now anyway since he's virtually unconscious, calling for the disqualification!

    Winner via Disqualification: Ruben Johnson

    Cassidy has snapped as he gets into the ring with the chair. He's had enough of Ruben's cheating ways. As the Chicago native and fan favorite hoists the chair into the air, there are many fans cheering, though some boo and plead with him not to do it as well. The referee steps in, trying to reason with Cassidy, and Kurt suddenly realizes what he's doing. He looks at the chair before throwing it down with disgust, wiping his hands on himself and shuddering. Kurt shakes his head as he looks down at Johnson, who's now bleeding and holding his own skull in agony. Cassidy looks around in confusion and embarrassment before walking out of the ring.

    Match Three: Adam Hurst vs. Brett Conwell

    From the onset of the bout, The Hot Commodity seemed determined to prove that a blend of veteran savvy and shameless stooping to underhanded tactics could overcome the intimidating blend of strength and savage for which Blood and Bones has become infamous during his violent career. The fact that approximately half the fans voted that the loser will have to perform a song to the victor's honor on the next Octane seemed to spur the former world champion to fight more aggressively than usual while utilizing blatant cheap attacks. Conwell survives during an onslaught of eye gouges, low blows, and choking on the ropes to finally make Hurst pay by countering a tornado DDT that had a little bit too much posturing and taunting on the behalf of Hurst by dropping him groin-first on the top rope and then ejecting him from the squared circle with a vicious charging lariat. Conwell ignores the referee's warning and goes to ringside to assault his foe, using the surroundings to bust Adam up before sending him back into the ring by throwing him like a javelin through the ring ropes. Brett climbs onto the apron but finds himself throttled on the top rope again courtesy of a modified ace crusher from Hurst. Adam follows up with a step-up enzuigiri to the Detroit native that sends him stumbling back to the arena floor. Hurst picks up some speed, and the fans cheer in expectation of a big dive, but Adam instead uses a baseball slide dropkick to send Conwell into the steel guardrails. Hurst stays inside the ring, demanding the official to count his opponent out, which draws the ire of the D.C. crowd. Adam sarcastically takes a rest in one of the corners of the ring, using the ropes like a hammock as Conwell recovers. Brett jumps onto the apron behind Hurst, who mockingly has his eyes closed as he pretends to snore. Adam clearly didn't expect his opponent to recover that quickly, and after grabbing a handful of Hurst's long hair, Brett bashes him in the face and then delivers a flapjack variant onto the top turnbuckle while standing on the apron. Brett climbs to the top rope as Hurst writhes on the mat in pain. A diving elbow drop from Conwell puts a hurting on Hurst, but he kicks out just before the three count. Brett prepares to unload some heavy blows on Adam, but the Ruler of the Ring continuously tries to take the chicken's way out, crawling toward the ropes. Brett grabs Hurst and lifts him in the air, but Adam shows off his elite agility by landing on his feet. Hurst runs off the ropes and ducks underneath a discus lariat from Brett. A springboard crossbody attempt by the Master of the Mat was a poor decision, as Conwell catches him midair and executes a violent rib breaker. Brett throws Adam effortlessly into the air, catching him and preparing to deliver the Murder City Slam, but Hurst rolls all the way through with a handful of tights and gets a near fall. Adam takes a few steps back and goes for a running punt-like kick to the head, but Brett easily side steps it and grabs Hurst by the legs, lifting him onto his shoulders as he stands and trying to deliver the Murder City Slam again. Adam grabs the top rope and holds on for dear life until Brett turns around and spreads Hurst's legs before making a wish with a boot to the “lower midsection”. The referee was kind enough not to warn Conwell for that one after the plethora of cheap shots he suffered earlier in the bout. Conwell takes advantage of Hurst's weakened state with the Godsmack! Conwell thought he'd get the win, but Adam barely put his foot on the lowest rope before the three count to narrowly avoid defeat and embarrassment.

    Brett dominates Hurst and even humiliates him with some seemingly easy slams and suplexes, just trying to inflict as much punishment as he can to make Adam pay for his general douchiness. As if a high-angle spinebuster wasn't enough, Conwell opts to pull Hurst up instead of going for the cover and grabs him for a Blue Thunder Driver. Adam shocks his opponent by slipping out and countering with an impressive huracanrana that scores a two count. Hurst fires off a few chops and punches that only seem to agitate Blood and Bones. Adam runs off the ropes as he seeks the Spear, but Conwell counters with a one-shoulder back body drop and promptly curb stomps his foe several times face-first into the mat. Brett pulls back on Hurst's arms into a modified Mexican Surfboard. Adam screams and cries in pain, even trying to tell the ref the hold is illegal in 47 countries, but his pleas do no good. Conwell seems to enjoy making his opponent suffer, but Hurst somehow grits through and slips out of the hold, landing on top of Brett in a pin attempt, but it's easily avoided. Brett reaches his feet in time to eat a superkick that sends him stumbling back toward the ropes. Hurst runs in full speed for another Spear, but Conwell moves out of the way and lets Hurst fly through the ropes and crash on the arena floor. Brett laughs at Adam and then actually grabs the top rope, yelling at the fans, “I'LL GIVE YOU A DIVE!” before slingshotting up and over with a pretty rough-looking pescado, but for a 6'5, 270 pound brawler, Conwell gets the job done and crashes on top of Hurst, following it up with hard punches to the skull as the crowd roars with approval. Brett brings the Californian back inside the ring and unloads a few hard punches. Hurst counters with another eye rake before grabbing Conwell and making some circling gesture. He jumps up for a huracanrana, but Conwell catches him and charges forward, throwing Adam into the turnbuckles so hard that I can't believe they didn't break! LETTER BOMB! As if THAT wasn't enough pain and punishment, Brett spins around and cracks the Hot Commodity in the jaw with The Bonehammer! Adam goes down in a heap of hurt, and Conwell makes a cutthroat gesture, looking to put an end to Adam Hurst for the night. Brett drags his almost lifeless opponent back to his feet and hooks him in an inverted facelock. The fans are on their feet in anticipation as Blood and Bones hoists Hurst onto his shoulder for the Concussion Blast, but Adam slinks out of the hold and shoves Conwell into the referee! The official gets plowed over and rolls toward the ropes, clearly out of it as Hurst reaches into his trunks while Brett checks the official. Adam has a blatant pair of brass knuckles, which he puts on his hand and delivers a hard punch to the back of Conwell's skull! The blow drops Brett down to all fours. The tough son of a bitch isn't out, so Hurst stands over him and delivers another killing shot to the back of the head, and that one puts the big man down. The referee starts to stir, so Adam disposes of the evidence by throwing it out of the ring and rolling Conwell over for the cover. The official makes a slow and arduous count... one... two... thre-NO! Conwell SOMEHOW kicks out! Hurst can't believe it, but he's more pissed off than perplexed, heading to the top rope and posing for a moment as the fans jeer. Hurst sails off with a picture perfect “Perfect 10”, crashing on top of the barely conscious Blood and Bones to seal the deal and steal the match.

    Winner via Pinfall: Adam Hurst

    The Washington, D.C. fans are livid, booing and hissing as Hurst wears a shit-eating grin and celebrates his win with the referee raising his arm victoriously despite his ill-gotten pin.

    Match Four: Chris Linden vs. Damon Black

    Of all the matches on tonight's InterAction special event, perhaps none is as personal as the rivalry between The Arbiter of Awesome and The Blood of the Business. Most of the animosity and anger is in one direction, as Chris Linden has made it abundantly clear he thinks very little of Long Island's Finest, finding him equally reprehensible to the men Damon has rallied against as of late, such as Daniel Shine. Chris sees Black's time at the top as going on for far too long, and if Chris has his way, tonight will usher in a new era – the Linden era – and put Damon Black out of the World Title picture for good. Before the match can get underway, we discover the special guest referee selected by the fans, and with nearly two-thirds of the votes from the InterAction poll, Marcus Goldman, perhaps better known as Midas will be the official for the bout. The Verizon Center erupts in cheers (although they're probably canned) as the explosive entrance of the veteran, whose golden pyrotechnics and pulsating drum intro certainly set the stage for an epic battle. Goldman is so pumped that he nearly trips while throwing his fists and kicking the air in his routine, but he recovers and marches to the ring, wearing a black and white shirt that's two sizes too small. Yes, that was a Grinch reference. I'm writing this on Christmas after all. The theatrics are over for Goldman, who awaits the two men who will do battle. Damon Black is the next man to make his entrance, but he doesn't get very far before Chris Linden runs out in an effort to blindside him, clearly not wanting to wait until they get to the ring. The Hype Machine picks up that something is amiss from the crowd, and he turns around in the nick of time to block the punch and counter with a few of his own. Goldman barks from the ring, yelling at the two men to get inside. Chris and Damon brawl down the ramp, with Black delivering a snap suplex onto the steel before sliding into the squared circle. Marcus sighs with relief, thinking the match is going to get under control... until the former CWA World Champion leaps over the top rope with an incredible Fosbury Flop on his Chicago foe! Everyone in the arena cheers... besides Midas, of course, who looks on with discerning contempt and agitation. Goldman actually rolls out of the ring and grabs Linden, throwing him into the squared circle, before grabbing Damon by the wrist and scolding him. Black has to laugh, but he ultimately complies with the referee's request, taking the action into the squared circle, where he unloads a few kicks on the dazed Linden. Damon backs Chris into the corner and climbs up, delivering successive punches to the head as the crowd counts along. They only reach six, however, as Linden counters with a beautiful powerbomb into a backbreaker. The move puts Black down for a moment, long enough for Chris to deliver a standing shooting star press to his back as he attempts to crawl. Linden rolls Black over and doesn't bother going for a cover, choosing instead to try to lock on his signature submission, the Viper Vice, as promised in his pre-match promo. Damon scrambles to the ropes quickly to get the break, but Linden keeps the hold on anyway, even past the count of four. Rather than disqualify him, Midas simply uses his inhuman strength to pry Linden away... Okay, he actually fish hooks him with one finger and gouges his eye with the other. Midas ain't nobody's bitch! Ahem. Anyway, Linden goes back on the attack, stomping and kicking Damon before delivering a fisherman facebuster and applying the Muta Lock. Black somehow breaks Linden's grip around his head and delivers some sharp elbows to the face to force Chris to stand. Linden opts to change to a basic deathlock, but Damon reaches the ropes, though he's clearly struggling under the underrated technical game of the veteran. Linden makes the mistake of whipping Black to the ropes and attempting a front dropkick. Black instead hooks his arms on the ropes and then rolls Linden up with a jackknife pin for a two until Chris bridges up and changes to a backslide for two, which Damon kicks out of and rolls to his feet. Black rolls Linden into a small package for two, which gets reversed by Linden into one of his own for a near fall as well. The two men explode back to their feet, and a kick attempt from Linden is swiftly avoided and countered with a go behind schoolboy from Black for another near fall until Chris counters into an armbar attempt, but Damon blocks it and clasps his hands together, lifting Chris into the air and slamming him hard on the mat, following it up with a folding pin attempt for another two count until Linden counters with a modified sunset flip-style pin for a two. Damon rolls back to his feet and goes for a superkick, but Linden is a step ahead, avoiding it and landing a legsweep. He leaps into the air for a double knee drop to the face, but Black rolls out of the way and catches the kneeling Linden with that superkick!

    Damon immediately clasps his hands together around Linden's neck into the cravat and starts driving knees into his skull. Damon hoists Linden into the air and throws him with a cravat suplex, but for perhaps the first time in history, Chris is able to land on his feet out of the attempt and surprises Damon with a satellite headscissors! Both men are dizzied and down on the canvas, and Midas' head is about to explode from the athletic action. He counts the two men down, and the combatants reach their feet around the same time, exchanging punches that draw respective cheers and jeers. Linden backs Black up with a series of hard forearms that gets loud boos with each crack, but a whip across the ring proves to be a bad decision by the Alpha and the Omega, as Black springs off the middle rope and nails a special version of the Blacklash! A cover by the Icon almost gets the win, but Linden guts it out and kicks out before three. Black drags Linden to the corner and sets up his Showboatin' legdrop, but Chris reaches his feet and shoves Damon's arms so his head bounces off the turnbuckle! Black is in serious trouble as Linden grabs him with the Pride of Chi-Town! Linden appears that he's going for a cover, but instead he grabs Damon back into the Viper Vice! With his head and neck already going through serious trauma, Linden has everything going in his favor! Damon is on the brink of tapping out, but loud “Please don't tap!” and “Damon Black!” chants drive him and help him inch his way toward the ropes. Damon grits his teeth and manages to get his foot on the lowest rope much to Chris' chagrin. Linden doesn't seem to care at this point, keeping the submission on anyway. Midas counts the hold down, reaching five again. This time he has to wrap his freakishly muscular arms around Linden and drag him off the hold. Linden still kicks at Black as he's being pulled away by Goldman, who shoves Linden and points a finger at him, telling him that's his final warning. Linden disregards it, though, because he's got the money and the power. Chris goes back on the attack, softening Black up with a jumping inverted legdrop bulldog. Linden heads to the top rope and leaps off with a vicious double knee drop to the head. Black appears to be lapsing in and out of consciousness by this point, clearly suffering at the hands of a man who hates him. Linden delivers a few more closed fists to the head before remembering the warning of the referee, and not wanting to get disqualified, he switches to elbows and forearms. Chris drags Black back toward the middle of the ring and grabs him for the Viper Vice again, but somehow Damon digs down deep and blocks it, pulling Chris' head back and delivering a few knees and kicks to the back of his skull. Linden holds the back of his head and staggers up to his feet while still keeping an arm on Damon's neck, who also reaches a vertical base. Black delivers a few elbows to the jaw, but Chris wraps his arms around his arm and neck, trying to apply the Viper Vice while standing. Damon frees one of his arms and delivers some elbows to the side of Linden's head before ducking underneath another clinch attempt to catch Chris with the Ranhei out of nowhere! One, two, thre-NO! Linden BARELY kicks out, and now he's incensed, delivering more kicks and stomps to Damon's skull, followed by some violent elbow drops. Damon retreats somewhat to the ropes, but Linden is relentless, kicking, elbowing, punching, and even clawing as he tries to inflict some wicked punishment on his rival. Midas finally wraps his arms around Chris and throws him to the mat. Linden gets back up in a huff, yelling at the referee, but Goldman don't take no shit, son. The two get into a shouting match, with Damon pulling himself up on the ropes. Linden finally acquiesces for the sake of continuing his onslaught, moving in to attack Black, but Damon suddenly jumps up and grabs Chris with the Relapse! NO WAY! Black slumps over on top of his fallen opponent's body, barely mustering the strength for a cover as Goldman drops down for the count, and he gets the one, the two, and the thre-KICKOUT! HOLY SHIT! CHRIS LINDEN JUST KICKED OUT OF THE RELAPSE! NOBODY DOES THAT!

    Even Damon Black looks up at the referee with wide eyes, just utter disbelief in them as the entire arena falls silent in shock. The Hype Machine tries his best to shake it off, once again using the ropes to pull himself up to his feet. He wipes the sweat and a little blood from his brow, slapping his face and getting psyched up. Black stalks Linden now like prey, waiting on him to rise before he jumps up for another Relapse... but Chris shoves him into the corner! The Hype Machines smacks head and chest first into the buckles, stumbling around and getting pulled into a modified Relapse by Chris Linden! The Arbiter of Awesome struggles to crawl over to grab Damon, but he doesn't go for the cover, choosing instead to latch on the Viper Vice again! The fans can't believe it, as Linden once again secures his most devastating submission hold, and Damon Black is seemingly unconscious. Midas checks the situation, seeing that Black is out of it. Linden pleads with Goldman, yelling at the ref to “ASK HIM! ASK HIM, REF! ASK HIM! JUST ASK HIM!” Midas lifts Black's arm in the air and it falls limply. He raises Damon's wrist a second time, and once again it falls to the canvas. Black's arm is risen for a third time... and he barely keeps it in the air! A sigh of relief is heard from the crowd here in the Verizon Center, who don't want to see Linden defeat one of their favorites. Damon somehow, some way, reaches out with his arm and grabs the rope, forcing yet another break that agitates Linden. Chris actually listens to Midas this time, releasing the hold at the count of four, but he grabs Black and pulls him as far away from the ropes as possible. He's got Black right in the middle of the ring, and he's going to lock on the Viper Vice again, but the Hype Machine grabs his arm and drags him down, spinning around and latching in the Long Island Lockdown! The crowd goes from frantic and panicked to absolutely ballistic and ecstatic! The arena is deafening as Damon cinches in HIS signature hold now, the modified crossface! Linden is in clear agony, struggling not to submit, but he makes the long and arduous crawl toward the ropes, a predicament he's in because of his own strategy. Linden claws his way toward the edge of the ring and finally gets his hand on the rope, forcing a break. Damon gives Linden a little payback, waiting until the count of four to release the hold before rolling away. Black is slow to reach his feet, so slow in fact that Linden gets to his around the same time. Linden rushes in for a lariat to take Black's head off, but Damon swings around and catches him with a crucifix roll-up driver! Chris gets spiked right on his skull, and Damon wastes no time in pulling him up and going for another Relapse, but Linden somehow counters into a Fujiwara Armbar attempt, but Black rolls out of that and twists Linden's arm behind his back before swinging around with a lariat! The Twister! Damon is stumbling on his feet as he gets back up, but he reaches down and tries to lift Linden to finish him off, but Chris grabs Black around the arm and locks on the Viper Vice from his back! Linden uses every ounce of strength in his body to secure the hold and roll Damon over a bit, trying to choke him out cold. Black struggles to stay awake, clearly fading fast in the deadly grasp of his opponent, but with the fans behind him he hangs on and fights through it. Linden appears to be wearing down as well, trying so hard for so long to try to make Black tap that he's actually worn himself out and gassed out his arms. Beyond that, due to the sheer rage and emotion he's been fighting with, he may be suffering some kind of adrenaline dump. When Linden appears to be fading, Damon manages to roll him back over to his back and pin his shoulders on the canvas. Linden still has his arms locked around Damon, but he's got such tunnel vision that he doesn't realize his own shoulders are getting pinned on the canvas! Midas makes the count... one... two... three! BLACK HAS DONE IT!

    Winner via Pinfall: Damon Black

    The crowd can't believe it! The Hype Machine scores one of the biggest come from behind victories of all time! Linden still has the grip on, not realizing that he's lost the match. Midas has to break his hold, and Chris just collapses on the mat, exhausted from battle and unable to even comprehend what's happened. Damon himself gasps for air as he can barely muster the energy to crawl. Midas points to him and raises a hand, noting that he's the victor, but he did it by the skin of his teeth, and largely because of Linden's own overzealousness.

    Match Five: Double H vs. The JoZ

    Two of the most prolific legends you're going to find anywhere in the world collide for bragging rights tonight at InterAction, as the menacing force known as The JoZ meets the charismatic hall of famer “The Master of War” Hunter Hendricks. In the pre-match poll, the fans decided they wanted to see these two iconic superstars fight in a Last Man Standing match, as two-thirds of the crowd chimed in with that choice. The Virginian is the first man to the ring, receiving his fair share of boos from the nation's capital as he wields his trusty sledgehammer. The big man stalks inside the ring, taking a few practice swings with the sledgehammer that leaves the referee appearing uneasy. Double H didn't come unarmed, however, as the witty vet has brought with him a baseball bat. But it's not just an ordinary baseball bat... it's a Brooklyn Smasher, a cold steel baseball bat. HH is taking a few practice swings of his own, likely preparing to hit a home run with JoZ's skull. The Norfolk native gestures for the hall of famer to step inside the ring, menacingly tapping the head of his hammer on the canvas and motioning with his other hand. Hendricks starts up the stairs but then quickly descends back to ringside when JoZ starts to advance. Hendricks points out that since this is a Last Man Standing match it can be won anywhere in the arena, so he motions for JoZ to step outside with him. When that doesn't work, Hunter starts running his mouth as only he can, provoking JoZ to exit the ring. The big man isn't completely overcome by emotion, however, as he wisely exits on the opposite side of the ring to avoid any sneak attack. The two men are like two runaway trains destined to collide, moving toward one another with their weapons of choice as the fans on the side of the ring are cheering wildly with anticipation. Hunter starts to bolt toward JoZ, who swings high and mighty with his hammer, but the Xtreme Xzibit ducks underneath and -CRACK- smacks the big man right in the knee cap! JoZ holds his leg in pain and now uses the sledgehammer as a crutch, but a second shot by the bat, this time to the back of the same leg, causes him to hobble forward a few steps to try to fend off the shots. Hunter takes a few steps back and rushes in for another blow, but this time JoZ spins around with the sledgehammer, showing shocking resiliency, and buries it deep in the midsection of his opponent. Hunter doubles over with pain as JoZ shakes his leg a few times. The big man lifts the hammer into the air, preparing to smite Double H in a Thor-esque fashion, but HH surprises JoZ with a bat shot between the legs. Hendricks takes advantage immediately, jumping on JoZ's back and wrapping the bat around his throat to try to choke him out. JoZ wisely turns and backs Hunter into the steel turnbuckle post, forcing him to fall off and drop his weapon in the process. The JoZ picks up the bat and swings for Hendricks' head, but Hunter ducks underneath, causing a loud steel clang to ring throughout the Verizon Center. Hunter connects with a series of kicks to the bad leg of JoZ, trying to wear this monster down. He grabs JoZ by the leg and slams it into the steel guardrail, causing the veteran to writhe in pain. Hendricks places JoZ's leg over the top of the guardrail and wedges his foot between the guardrail bars before looking for his trusty bat again. Hunter finds his weapon and prepares to smash JoZ's knee cap again, but the big man reaches out and grips Hunter around the throat with one hand, goozling him in a choke hold. That's enough to get Hunter to drop the bat and grab at his throat in pain. JoZ manages to free his leg and grab Hunter's throat with his other hand as well, using his freakish strength to toss Hendricks over the announcer's table and into the lap of Slick Rick Avalio, who doesn't take very kindly to the act, screaming and fleeing the area. JoZ flips the top off the announcer's table and grabs one of the flat screen monitors from underneath. He mutters something about them not being as heavy as they used to be but that they'll have to do before busting it over the back of Hunter Hendricks. JoZ grabs Double H and lifts him onto his shoulders, looking for the Catastrophe onto the table, but HH slips out and grabs JoZ from behind with an inverted facelock, but he can't pull off the Slice of Life, as JoZ uses some awkward-angled punches to break free. The big man wraps another hand around Hunter's throat, turning him toward the table in preparation for the Disaster Slam, but at the apex of the move, HH delivers a swift kick to the testicles to free himself. Hunter rubs a hand on his throat but quickly goes back on the offensive with kicks to the bad leg and punches to the face of his foe. Hunter grabs a bottle of water off the table – unopened, mind you, as drinking after someone else is just nasty – and he takes a big swig before spraying it... right in a fan's face! JoZ ducked underneath the Fiji Mist! The big man promptly kicks HH in the face with a yakuza kick that leaves him lying sprawled out on the announcer's table. JoZ heads toward the ring and pulls himself up to the top rope as the crowd all stand in anxious anticipation. The big man grins evilly as he flips off the top rope with the Tsunami... but Double H rolls out of the way in the nick of time! JoZ crashes through the announcer's table with the front flip legdrop! Holy shit! Hunter uses the guardrails to get back to his feet as the referee counts JoZ down. Could it be over this early? The official reaches five and JoZ is barely stirring. He's up to seven and JoZ is still down. He's at nine... and JoZ somehow reaches his feet before the count of ten!

    The big man looks like he's been through hell already, and The Master of War plans on inflicting some more, grabbing a steel chair at ringside and using it to smash JoZ in the leg again. The big guy drops down to a knee from the shot, and HH makes him pay with a hard shot to the skull. It's a sound strategy from HH, who is looking to prevent JoZ from being able to stand and thus causing him to lose the match. Hunter drives the end of the chair into JoZ's stomach before climbing onto the apron and holding the chair up for the fans to see. Double H runs along the apron and leaps off for a flying chair shot to the downed JoZ, but this time it's the big man who avoids the shot, rolling out of the way and causing Hendricks to eat steel. JoZ can't even get to his feet to capitalize, though, as he has to crawl over toward the guardrails and use them to stand after the number Hunter's done on his knee and the failed Tsunami attempt. HH is back to his feet, wielding that chair again, and he runs in for a flying chair shot that smashes JoZ's head with the steel. Hendricks takes a few steps back and goes for another, but this time JoZ cracks him with a big boot that drives the steel into his opponent's face! The kick did damage to JoZ as well, however, as he grabs his leg, wincing as he drops down to the arena floor. The referee moves in position, counting both men down, but they each reach their feet at the count of seven, with HH leaning on the apron and JoZ going to the familiar guardrails. JoZ rushes in and nearly decapitates Hunter with a clothesline, causing him to get sandwiched against the ring edge. The big man rolls his opponent back inside the squared circle and then rolls inside himself, using the ropes to get back up to his feet. JoZ puts a few half-assed boots to HH, still hobbling a bit as he gestures for Hunter to get back to his feet, mocking him before punching and kicking him in the head. Hunter finally reaches a vertical stance again, swinging and hitting JoZ with a few punches, but they seemingly do little to hurt the big man, who fires back with much harder blows that send HH stumbling into the nearby corner. JoZ finally has Hendricks where he wants him and unloads vicious body blows, wearing down the hall of famer before blasting him with a back elbow to the jaw. JoZ tries to lift Hunter up for a stalling vertical suplex but his knee gives him some trouble. He winds up depositing HH on the top turnbuckle strut before uncorking a heavy haymaker. JoZ climbs up after Hunter, belting him with a couple more blows before grabbing the legend for a superplex. Hunter fights back with punches to the body, and when that doesn't work, he manages to punch him in his bad leg. The blows are enough to at least cause JoZ to stop and reach down, grabbing his leg in pain, and Hunter uses the opportunity to jump up and over with a sunset powerbomb off the top! The blow leaves both men on the canvas in pain and the referee counting their bodies down again. At the count of six, JoZ and HH get to their feet, and they begin to exchange punches again. The JoZ gets the advantage with the harder shots, and after he backs HH into the ropes, he sends him across the ring with a big Irish whip and attempts a clothesline, but HH ducks underneath and rebounds with a crossbody attempt. But even in JoZ's wounded state, he's able to catch HH mid-air and deliver a high impact powerslam. The move isn't enough to keep somebody down for a ten count, but he follows that up with some kneeling punches to the skull before returning to his feet. JoZ rolls out of the ring and reaches underneath, revealing a table. The big man has a harder than normal time getting it in the ring with the bum leg, but he manages to position it in the corner as HH stands in the opposite one still recuperating. JoZ charges in for a big splash, but Hunter evades and lets the former world champ collide with the turnbuckles. Hunter delivers rapid-fire kicks to the lower extremities of his rival before grabbing him by the arm and attempting to fling him into the table in the opposite corner. JoZ proves too strong, even at this stage, as he grabs the rope and pulls Hunter into a short-arm lariat that would've knocked him down if it weren't for JoZ grabbing him before he hit the mat. JoZ hoists Hunter into the air and plants him with the Disaster Slam! The big guy reaches his feet by the count of four, watching as his opponent lie in tremendous pain on the mat. Hunter is back to his feet by seven, and JoZ is agitated, grabbing Hunter around the throat again and going for the same move one more time. He lifts Hunter into the air... but Hendricks counters with a DDT and immediately locks on a guillotine choke with body scissors! JoZ is in serious trouble on the mat now, but he manages to reach his feet somehow and charge forward, driving Hunter through the table in the corner with a modified tackle! Both men lie in the wooden wreckage as the referee has to begin counting them down. The fans are on the edges of their seats, looking to see which man if either will reach his feet. The official reaches seven before The JoZ pushes the large chunks of the table off himself and uses the ropes to begin to stand. Shockingly enough, Double H lifts himself with the ropes by the count of nine, and this match is still on!

    The JoZ appears to be pretty worn down, but HH is clearly in bad shape himself. JoZ barely has to push HH to shove him into the corner. He pops him with a few half-hearted punches to the face before sandwiching him with a clothesline against the buckles. JoZ grabs Double H by the arm and manages to Irish whip him across the ring and into the opposite turnbuckle, but when he runs in for another clothesline he eats a boot to the jaw. JoZ backs up a few steps and charges in again, this time taking a kick from HH's other foot. Undeterred, the big Virginian runs in for a third attempt, but the third time isn't the charm, as he takes two boots to the face this time, which finally knocks him down. Hunter steps out onto the apron, perhaps looking to climb to the top rope, but JoZ is already reaching his feet, refusing to go down. Double H springboards off the top rope and nails a clothesline that knocks both men back down. The Xtreme Xzibit rolls out of the ring the rest of the way and grabs the dented steel chair, sliding the object into the ring. Hunter barely steps through the ropes before JoZ barrels ahead with a big kick to the side of the head. The shot hurts JoZ himself, but he seems to be shutting out the pain now, unloading a few clubbing forearms to the back and neck. JoZ grabs the hunched over Double H and hooks him for the Cataclysm, lifting HH up for it, but Hunter kicks and manages to shift his weight enough onto JoZ's bad leg that he gets set down. Double H wastes no time in grabbing The JoZ for the H Bomb, but a few back elbows put an end to that idea, and JoZ quickly follows up with a gourd buster face-first onto the steel chair! JoZ sits on the mat for a moment as the official counts both combatants down, with JoZ actually grabbing the referee and using him to stand. The ref reaches the count of eight before Hunter gets up to his feet, now wearing a crimson mask. Hunter wipes some of the blood from his face, and JoZ gives him no quarter, unleashing a hellish running DDT that spikes Hunter's head on the mat. JoZ doesn't stop there, pulling HH back up and body slamming him on the steel chair. Hendricks writhes in pain as JoZ heads to the top rope again, looking for the Tsunami. He hits it this time with the force of a tropical storm, smashing his big leg down across Hunter's neck. The referee is counting both men down again, with JoZ reaching his feet by the count of five, while Hunter lies lifelessly on the mat. The crowd doesn't want to give up, cheering and chanting his name. This seems to drive Double H on, as his fingers twitch, which leads to his arms pumping, and finally his legs moving, and he manages to roll and fight back to his feet JUST before the count of ten. JoZ runs in again, looking for another lariat, but Double H ducks under and hits the H-Bomb onto the steel chair! NO WAY! Hunter lies on top of JoZ, and in a normal match, perhaps he'd be able to pick up a pinfall here... but this is a Last Man Standing match, and so far, neither of these two legends are on their feet. The referee's count reaches seven before Hunter finally pulls himself up with some help from the ropes. JoZ sits up at the count of eight and starts to get to his feet, but Hunter cuts him off with a running boot to the head as he kneels on the mat. Hendricks pulls JoZ into a dragon sleeper and lifts him up enough to spin around, looking for the Slice of Life, but JoZ spins him around and hits a reverse DDT, causing both men to fall down again. JoZ digs down deep and pulls not only himself but Double H up as well, hoisting him onto his shoulders and setting up The Catastrophe, but HH once again slips out, this time grabbing JoZ from behind. He's lifting him for the Hellhammer! JoZ blocks it and uses his weight to land on his feet and pull Hunter into The Cataclysm! HE SPIKES HIM! The referee begins to count as JoZ crawls toward the ropes and drags himself off the mat just before the ten count, leaving only Double H on the canvas...

    Winner: The JoZ

    The fans are in awe at the durability of these two legendary warriors. The JoZ hobbles on his knee, almost falling down to a kneeling stance as the referee raises his hand. The big man outlasted a fellow legend tonight, showing the world that he's still worthy of being praised... and feared.

    Match Six: House Midnight vs. Chris Chambers & ??? (Elimination Chamber)

    The ominous structure known as the Elimination Chamber lowers from the ceiling, which causes the entire arena to go into an uproar, anticipating a violent bloodbath pitting the nefarious House Midnight against their prime target, Chris Chambers, and two men of their choosing. Voting between three teams – two of which have met House Midnight in combat before, and one of which is comprised of two new challenges – has taken place, and the winners are revealed as the Bishop Brothers! Nemesis and Bruce received almost 42% of the fans' votes for the Elimination Chamber match, and it's no wonder why with their victorious combat experience against the group known as House Midnight.
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