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    *Victor Scott is backstage is a shadowy area of the arena, sporting a leather jacket and cargo pants, looking greasy and unkempt.*

    Victor Scott:
    It's trivial, isn't it? This whole concept of stipulations. At least, for a couple of guys like us it is, isn't it, Travis? We are just so different, and yet, when it comes to what motivates us, we're really two birds of the very same feather.

    *Victor kind of shrugs at this, smirking a bit as he does.*

    Victor Scott:
    You're obsessions and compulsions really lend you nothing to gain in all of this. Likewise, my plight in life leaves little for me to get excited about. I mean, for example, in your case, what is it that you live for? Changing this business? Gaining respect? Progress for the profession? Keeping that in mind, and thinking of the kind of guy who'd aspire to these things... do you even know what you'd do with Veronica Vasquez for a night? Or, I wonder, do you even know how you'd react if you had $10,000 just put into your hands, left to your own devices? How about that big World title shot, what would you do with it? How do you really think you'd fair when the pressure was on, and it was time to live that dream of yours?

    I know the answer to all three of these things, and, unfortunately, it's all the same:

    You would embarrass yourself.

    *Victor smiles wide now.*

    Victor Scott:
    Kind of makes me want to just lay down and watch your self destruction.

    But I'm not here to do that.

    You see, I don't need to have a night with some whore to make me feel like a man. I don't need $10,000 to go blow through and draw attention to myself with; that doesn't usually end well. And do you really think if I were to get a World title shot that they'd actually let that happen? Do you think they'd let me walk away with that championship on my person?

    Trent Eden hired me, but he damn sure doesn't want me to be the face of this company. One way or another, it wouldn't end well for me... not now, at least.

    *Victor seems contemplative for a moment.*

    Victor Scott:
    You though, you could be the face of this company. One day. Theoretically. That's why you're in this match, Travis. That's why you are facing me. You're supposed to pull something up out of yourself, draw on something deep down and you're supposed to overcome. They want a feel good moment here, and they want you to give it to them. These fans are supposed to rally behind you, they are supposed to chant your name, and I'm supposed to play the villain. I am supposed to be ousted by the hero, and I am supposed to become a footnote, a stepping stone, on the path of a future legend.

    *Victor turns very serious and cold now.*

    Victor Scott:
    I have never claimed to be a man above envy, though, Travis. If it's your face they want, then it is that face I am going to remove and wear as my own after I pick you apart and leave you lifeless in that ring. After I am done destroying you, Travis, there won't be a question as to who I really am... and what you really are. And what you are can be summoned up in three words:

    Faceless... worthless. Insignificant.

    Think about it.

    *Victor runs his hands down his face, closing his eyes as we cut to the next segment.*
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    "Think about it" was always a favorite catchphrase of mine. Solid work as always with the character. Can't wait to see him in a storyline/feud.