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  1. Velocity

    Velocity dr/dt

    Apr 1, 2003

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    1. Incorrect Cheat Thread List [Read first to avoid posting duplicate incorrect cheats]
    2. Threads will contain the following --
      • name of game
      • the game's system
      • link to the game's cheat section
      • the exact cheat
      • and the exact way the cheat needs to be fixed.
    3. Discussion is allowed - and encouraged - within the thread itself. Feel free to dispute whether the cheat works, especially by actually trying the cheat.
    4. Feel free to bump any topic(s) within this forum as long as it ADDS to the discussion. It will help establish credibility if the "cheat" is correct/incorrect.
    5. There has been numerous cases where new members aren't allowed to post links to the cheat section on the main site because you need at least 15 posts. Simply PM the link to the cheat section on the main site to one of the moderators and we will be happy to assist you.
    6. When a cheat is declared "correct or incorrect", the thread will be moved to the archive.

    Other mods, feel free to add anything.

    You're strongly encouraged to campaign around Forums to gather voters. A good way to do this is by advertising your thread in your sig, and posting a topic linked to your thread in the game's forum (with the moderator's approval, and if the game has a forum). You can also send PMs to frequent posters and moderators in a game's forum.

    i just made it look a little better, i don't think there is much more to add ~shortkut
    I added the bit about advertising and the link. ~S Murder
    I added rule #1/5/6/7~Haze
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  2. shortkut

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    May 7, 2002

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    just posting my agreement for all the world to know

    made this into an announcement too
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Thread Status:
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