Flashpoint red river ps3

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    O need some help hope someone will help me... Im on the mission where you have to destroy the convoy, there are two places to ambush the trucks im on number 1 where theres a fixed machine gun, ive waited for the convoy machine gunned it but i just get killed by enemy, i dont know how to get grenades , ive got C4.

    Do i shoot the first jeep that comes or wait for the lorries that come after the jeep.
    And is it best to ambush from number 1 or 2 ambush places.

    If anyone has a link to a walkthrough for this level that would be great.
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    I've never played the game, but from my experience doing other 'destroy the convoy' missions in other games they usually play the same. Clear the machine gun next, put the C4 in the road at position 1 with the machine gun, get on the machine gun, when the very first car drives over the C4 blow it up. That way all the cars behind the lead vehicle get stuck. From there possibly take out the rear vehicle next. Then use the fixed machine gun to shoot up the remaining cars and infantry in the middle.

    Again I have no idea if this will work in Flashpoint Red River, but that tactic generally works in all other games with convoys.