NHL Do you think Alexander Burmistrov should/will be suspended?

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Jon, Oct 9, 2015.

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    Bergeron isn't one to normally retaliate and with his history of concussions, and the fact these are the hits the NHL is specifically trying to root out, do you think he will/should be suspended?

    I say yes, 2 games, personally. he's no history of being a dirty player, but he leads with his elbow and makes the head the principle point of contact.

    I also think the refs need to have quicker triggers on this. Immediately after the hit Bergeron looks to the ref to see if there is a penalty. With no arm going up, he went right after Burmistrov is what, I believe, was a "fine you won't call it, I'll establish my own justice" response. I believe had the ref immediately called a penalty, Bergeron would have let it go. By not calling it (and the ref was looking RIGHT at it, you can see that is another angle not shown here), you have the potential for more people to get hurt.


    *EDIT* You actually can see the ref looking right at it in the play angle, not the replays. He skates backwards behind the net and is watching the whole thing happen and doesn't call it. It's actually the ref in the neutral zone that called the penalty. That's inexcusable in my opinion. The league is trying to root out hits like that (hello Raffi Torres?) and you just say, "meh, looks good to me!"?

    If you put it at quarter speed, yo see him watching the hit, then turning his head to the puck.
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