Cashman at InterAction

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    The crowd is buzzing at GPW InterAction. We?re live in Pittsburgh, PA, and everybody?s excited to see the results of all the fan polls. Suddenly, we cut backstage, where Dave Cashman is making his way to the entrance ramp from his locker room. Apparently his match is next (or um, maybe next) because he?s fully dressed to compete sans his mouthpiece, of course. He?s also speaking, so let?s listen.

    ?I walk to this every week without even glancing at you. I don?t acknowledge your existence on Facebook or Twitter. I don?t endorse products for you buy, sign autographs for you cherish, write books for you to read or appear in movies or talk shows to entertain you. I even do terrible things to win matches on a daily basis without regard for whether you consider me a hero or a villain?but you cheer for me anyway.?

    You?re MY fans, but you?re unrecognizable when you?re not chanting my name.?

    A ?CASHMAN!? chant starts up, almost like Dave did that on purpose, but I?m sure that?s NOT it at all. No sir, no way.

    ?You can?t be recognized because there?s no bullshit ?nation? or ?universe? for you to represent. You don?t carry signs with my name written on them or wear t-shirts with giant pictures of my face because you?re MY fans. YOU are the people who watch this show for the same reason that the ancient Romans invested grand amounts of time and money to build the greatest fighting arena that the world has ever known! You turn on GPW every single week because you appreciate the gladiator lifestyle. For you, watching combat sports is the way you choose to satisfy the second-oldest primal instinct in each and every one of you: BLOODLUST!?

    The crowd lets out a huge pop for Dave before he continues.

    ?Eat, sleep, train, fight, and win. Those five words are the only things I care about. That?s why I?m so good at what I do and that?s why there ain?t gonna be a huge ?vote for me? campaign. Sure, I?d love nothing more than being able to help Chris Chambers with the demise of House Midnight, but I?ll enjoy kicking the shit out of people whether I?m in the six-man tag or the fatal four-way because fighting is the best job in the world.

    That being said, I?m fully preparing for House Midnight because I trust that you?ll do the right thing. I trust that you?re not gonna listen to all the liars. I trust that you?re not gonna buy it when the hype machines hopelessly competing against me for votes kick into high gear and start telling you all about how they can put on the best show or that they?re better than me, because all that talk is exactly what it is?all talk.

    I prefer to let my fists and feet do all the talking because they don?t lie. They tell the truth, the hard?fast?devastating truth. Tonight, they have a very important message for the members of House Midnight: IT?S OVER!?

    Dave takes a deep breath and calms himself a little bit before continuing.

    [color]?What?s over? It. Everything that you guys stand for. The false hero-hood, the claims of fighting for so-called ?justice,? the bitching and the excuse-making?it?s all over. Last week, you got over on us. You created a favorable circumstance for yourselves, just like I expected, and it worked. You won, but more importantly, you FINALLY created an opportunity for yourselves for once, so maybe you?ll finally shut the fuck up about being chronically snubbed like everyone.

    On second thought, you probably won?t, so I?ll have to do it for you. Tonight, you?re back on the losing end of the world where you belong, but that?s okay. You?re comfortable there. You?ve been there your whole lives, so you?re not gonna have one bit of trouble DEALING?WITH IT!?