"Achilles heel" - Brad Barnes @ InterAction

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    *Brad Barnes is backstage standing in the locker room, wearing a grey sweater with a black Adidas logo on the breast with his wrists and fingers taped.*

    Brad Barnes:
    In all likelihood, you won't be seeing my face at InterAction; while I am slotted as a possible partner for Chris Chambers, and while ZERO is an honorable man and a worthy partner, I am the Achilles heel of this particular situation. I get that. I haven't done anything around here to garner any votes in my favor.

    However, let me make a case, short and sweet, as to why ZERO and I should be the ones to not only back up Chris Chambers, but put also put a hurtin' on these goons callin' themselves "House Midnight."

    You see, I've been a part of teams my whole life. I've seen some of my greatest achievements come as part of a team. Whether it was on the football field, or in competitive weight lifting... whether it was the birth and rearing of my children, or even my accomplishments in this sport: damn near all of them have been as part of a team.

    *Barnes slaps his hands together and then clinches his fists.*

    Brad Barnes:
    These teams all had strong, able, sound minded individuals at the helm, and it would be my honor and privilege to fight next to these two individuals in battle, two men who have all of those qualities. Chris Chambers, for years you've shown heart and fortitude few men can match; ZERO, you too are a man of great determination and grit, a man willing to do what it takes to get the job done and get it done the right way.

    A lot of people forget that last part... getting the job done the right way. Guys like House Midnight, they don't care how they do things, they don't care about the cost, they don't care about the truth. No matter what they say... they have one motive, and it is all self serving, in the end.

    No matter how you leave this business, no matter how you leave this life, when you step foot in front of your maker, you're gonna have to answer for yourself. I know I damn sure can answer for everything I've done... and that's not sayin' I'm perfect, but I do my best each and every day. How about you boys? How do you really think all of your means are justified when it all comes to an end? Whether you care or not, whether you believe or not, it makes no difference, because the Lord most certainly believes in you, and your day of judgment may come quicker than you think.

    *Barnes begins to rub his left wrist and narrows his gaze.*

    Brad Barnes:
    I came to GPW to make "Big Trouble" for guys with big egos. I came here to bring down those who are livin' high on the hog for all the wrong reasons, and to throw around those who think they can just throw their weight around and not have consequences.

    I also came here to put food on my family's table and a roof over their head. Put me in the match there, put me and ZERO in the fight, and I'll do all of that and more, I promise you that.

    *And that is that. Hopefully he'll make his debut at InterAction.*
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    This was a very fun read. I definitely get the old school Arn Anderson vibe you're going for. Just one thing - Whether Barnes wins the poll or not, he WILL be wrestling. The losers from the tag team poll are going to compete in a fatal four-way. But yeah, nice work here, and definitely an original character compared to the modern wrestler.