Jan 21, 2003
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August 23
East Coast

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The Spinner, Female, from East Coast

In love with life.. and wondering how the heck trump got into the White House. May 13, 2017

    1. Clotho
      In love with life.. and wondering how the heck trump got into the White House.
    2. Milo Rambaldi
      Milo Rambaldi
      Remember the days of Zelda hangman and all the other games? Good times, good times.
    3. Clotho
      Howdy, ltns for anyone in this place, it's deader than a graveyard. Very little activity. These days I'm mostly in "Game Oldies" or "80s Arcade" site devoted to up Gameboys. Espcially Game Oldies. If they don't have the game they'll get it. Oh but you've probably heard of it and no doubt registered there. So find me there as Messinger_2 . . . Hey, take care of yourself. :)
    4. MaskCollector
      Hey, long time no see! Hope things are going well for you!
    5. Clotho
      Hi, Nice to see a msg from you. Good to hear all's well beyond the big pond. I don't do apps but that one looks like for for kids. Give me your twitter or tweet me the twitter name of the company @maxie2g0 and I'll pimp it for you. :)

      It's really good to know you're doing ok. Wish Kashla would get in touch. Anyway, stay well, tweet me now and then...
    6. Legend
      How are things? Things on this side are good! Im working for a small games company and its fun stuff! We were working on Facebook and now we're working on Mobile! So its all great :D

      I have been working on with a small team for the last few months which I really think will do well. Its for iOS devices (so iPhones, iPads, iTouch devices) and is called "Do You Know Me?".
      Its all about how well you and your friends know each other. You have to answer questions, and your friend will try guess what you picked, then make a guess of their own!

      I am very proud of it. I hope you get a few minutes to even just take a look at the app and let me know what you think :) I would hugely appreciate it!

      It can be found here:
      Paid (no ads!):

      Heres a screenshot too of a random example question. There really are so many in here, literally thousands!:

    7. Klowny
      You replied to me in your own profile messages. Heh. I do the same thing pretty often myself. :)

      I now get why you were asking about the editing/doubleposting. Yeah, there's no way for members to tell that the last post in a topic has been edited. Not sure if there's any way around that.

      I'll bring it up in the Smod forum and maybe Apollo can throw a Frankenstein Switch or twiddle a few knobs.
    8. Clotho
      Thanks for the info. As host of a couple of games, I noticed from the forum list page the players wouldn't know that I have added messages for them as they were added via "Edit". It would really help if the site could develop some sort of icon to indicate there has been an edit of the last or the Host's last post. Anyway, thanks again...
    9. Klowny
      Actually, it's impossible to double post unless 24 hours has passed (with the exception of the Testing Grounds forum). Normally, double-posts are merged if they're made in under a day (the edit field in the post will say "double-post has been merged").

      After a day passes since the last post was made it becomes physically possible to double post. I don't think anyone is going to be upset by it like they might have been in the past when the forums were busier.

      If anyone does give you a hard time about it send them to me. :)
    10. Clotho
      Do you think Erik would mind? I don't want to usurp his game.
    11. Zero 24
      Zero 24
      As you wish, if you want to run it I would gladly play :)
    12. Zero 24
      Zero 24
      Hey Cloey, I actually don't have Twitter, I have Facebook only, so if you are there, then you will find me.
    13. Zero 24
      Zero 24
      Hey Cloey, I haven't seen you in ages. And I have seen Kashla on MSN but haven't talked to him. Also, I haven't seen him around here at all.
      I hope you are doing good
    14. Clotho
      Wow! I wonder if you see any lies in this message today.
    15. KeybladeMaster718
      Hey Clotho! I'm back after what, 4 months? lol
    16. Air Head
      Air Head
      Clo, I haven't been lying at all, I have been extremely busy because of school, I am now on break and my computer does not run AIM, I probably should have emailed you, but I was waiting till today to wish you a happy Holidays and a Merry Christmas. I understand your reasoning for hating me I haven't really given you a good reason not to. You and Your family are still in my wishes.

      Have a Happy Holidays Clo.

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