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Luigi's Mansion

In-game reset:
Hold B + X press Start for about two seconds during game play.
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Gallery mode:
Successfully complete the game to unlock everything in the gallery.

Hidden mansion:
Successfully complete the game, then save. Go to the lab. Professor E. Gadds will ask where you want to go. Select the hidden mansion to play the game again with various differences.
Yeriny and David Baird.

You can get a different sized mansion at the end of the game, depending on your rank:
Travis Bong.

Rank A Mansion: Over 100,000,000G
Rank B Mansion: Less than 100,000,000G
Rank C Mansion: Less than 70,000,000G
Rank D Mansion: Less than 60,000,000G
Rank E Mansion: Less than 50,000,000G
Rank F Mansion: Less Than 40,000,000G
Rank G Mansion: Less than 20,000,000G
Rank H Mansion: Less than 5,000,000G

After getting your rank, save the game. You will now have the option to restart the game two ways (in addition to going to the completed Gallery). The first option lets you go back to the regular Luigi's Mansion mode. The Ura-Yashiki (Hidden Mansion), lets you restart the game with some of the things in the mansion getting changed.

Hint: Move map:
Press A on the map screen to zoom in. Then, use the C-stick to scroll around the floor that you are on.
Zachary Parker.

Hint: "A" rank:
To obtain an "A" rank, get all the gold mice, catch all the blue ghosts, get both gold diamonds, and collect as much money as possible. You need $100,000,000 to get an "A".
Lyndall OBannon.

After you defeat all the ghosts not including King Boo, go back to all the rooms. Open drawers, cabinets, water the plants in certain rooms, spin ceiling lamps and vacuum vases, and open drawers outside the rooms. Make sure that you water the plant in the backyard with the dog after you get the water element. Water it then after you defeat the Boomgire. Go back to the backyard and water it. Then in the third area, water it again. It will now open and money will come out. Water all the plants on the balcony. In the gaveyard, there will be a gutter for the rain going down. Go to it and press A or vacuum it until it gives you a ruby. Then, go to the basement. Go to King Boo's room. Once you go in, do not go to talk to King Boo yet. First, vacuum the ceiling lamp in front of you. It should swing and a ruby will fall out. Then go to where the mirror is located. The candles also have to be vacuumed for coins, money, and one gold bar.

Hint: Treasure rooms:
Go to the southwest corner of the mansion's first floor. Vacuum the butler that carries a candle. Look at the room with the Game Boy Horror to find a mouse hole. Press A to examine the mouse hole and enter a hidden treasure room.

To access a hidden treasure room, first unlock the butler's room. Make sure you have a full fire meter; you can get more by going to the mirror room. Then, go to the butler's room and look for where the mice are appearing from. Go in that corner and open your Game Boy Horror. Look around to find a mouse hole. Search it with your Game Boy Horror. It will suck you in. If this does not happen, cancel out of your Game Boy Horror and you will see a big swirl of wind -- just walk into it. You will now be in a hidden room with some ghosts that you must catch with the Fire element, and lots of bills, coins, diamonds, and rubies.

Take the elevator in the toy chamber up to get on the chimney in the mansion's roof. Fall off to land in a hidden treasure room.

After you defeat the three clock soldiers, the Shyguys, and the Ice Element ghost, pick up the key that is in the top of the left ladder tower. Do not go back downstairs after you get i. Instead, go to the top right ladder tower with the hole at the top. Walk the plank that is above it and drop down. You will learn that it is really a chimney in the room where the door is boarded up. This is the only way to get into this location, which is a treasure room. The first treasure chest you open will contain a ghost. There are not that many, and you do not need a special element to defeat them. Defeat the ghost and open all the treasure chests. You will also get a key to another room. Exit through the mirror transport.

Hint: Finding Boos:
You can capture the fifty Boos that were let go at the start of the game to get a large diamond. To do this, use the Game Boy Horror in Boo sensor mode. Boos tend to hide in rooms with lights. Search all locations within such rooms. A blue Boo sensor light indicates that there is no Boo present. A yellow Boo sensor light indicates that a Boo, Booball, or Bomb is near. A red Boo sensor light indicates you are directly next to a Boo, Booball, or Bomb. Get the Boo sensor to be red, then turn on the vacuum or press A to examine the target object. If Booball appears, leave it alone to send it at a wall. Run away if a bomb appears.

You can only find Boos in rooms that you have lit up. This is because the Boos draw their power from the darkness. After you find a Boo (in a lit room), it may escape to an unlit room. If a Boo escapes into a dark room, it will be much more difficult to capture because its HP will drop much more slowly. This is because the Boos are stronger when they are in the dark.
Zachary Parker.

To start capturing the Boos, you will have to find them and release them. Go into the dancing room on the first floor. Then, go to the end of the room and take the door going north. You will be in a small room with a pile of boxes and chairs. Use the Game Boy Horror to go into first person mode and look on the south wall. You should see a button with a sign under it. Line up correctly and press this button. The wall will fall back and the room will be enlarged. You should now see a trap door on the floor and a poster on the wall. Vacuum up the poster and press the button that is under it. The trap door will open and a lot of Boos will appear. They will run away because they see the Poltergust 3000. You will then talk to Professor E. Gadd. He will tell you about them, and you can now start catching the Boos.

To successfully capture the 50th Boo (King Boo not included) you must enter a hidden room located on the first floor. After you defeat Shivers the butler, look by a pile of toilet paper and examine a mouse hole. A wind will suck you into a hidden room. Open all the treasure chests and element ghosts will appear. Destroy them and the room will be lit. The Boo radar will flash and you can capture it. Note: This Boo can be caught any time after you defeat Shivers. If you are stuck at 49 Boos and want the last one, you can receive it here along with treasure worthy visiting.

Hint: Boos types:
There are four types of Boos: white, blue, red, and black with a yellow outline.

Hint: Capturing Boos:
To capture a Boo easier, all you need is an Ice element. When you use an Ice element on a Boo, it will momentarily hesitate to move. This gives you a chance to use your Poltergust 3000 on them.
Yamato Ishida.

Hint: No Boos, no continue:
After capturing five Boos, do not capture any more. Once you get to Big Boo, when you try to open the door to the balcony a transparent Boo looking ghost will appear, called the Mysterious Power Of Boos. It will tell you that you must capture a certain amount of Boos to continue. It then sends you to the foyer. Note: This will not affect anything you already have done.

Hint: Gallery lacking ghosts:
When you get to Mr. Luggs (the fat pig in the dining room), completely ignore him. Also, when you get to Sue Pea (the sleeping little girl in the upside down guest room), also completely ignore her. Sparring them will make Professor E Gadd's gallery lack ghosts. You can make it to the end of the game without them, because all you get from them is treasure.

Hint: Defeating Biff Atlas:
Go up to one of the punching bags, making sure to face Biff Atlas, and press A. This will swing the bag and hit him. He will come after you. You have to hit him three times, then he will fall down. Proceed to vacuum him up.

Note: After defeating Biff Atlas, run on the treadmill to get a key.

Hint: Defeating Bogmire:
Vacuum all the goo monsters quickly, then vacuum a giant goo monster. Take aim and fire at Bogmire. No goo monsters will get in your way and he cannot shake you.

To get to Bogmire, you must defeat Spooky The Dog in the Boneyard by luring out Mr. Bones with the dog's barking. After defeating Mr. Bones and Spooky, there will be sparks coming from the doghouse. Press A to examine it Game Boy Horror mode, and a mini tornado will appear. Get sucked into it to be transported to the nearby graveyard. You cannot return. By shaking and vacuuming the tombstones, you will lure out a few Mr. Bones. These Mr. Bones disappear very quickly after being surprised with the flashlight; torching them with the nearby flame spirits could be easier. After you have defeated all the ghosts, knock around the other tombstones for some health. The big tombstone should glow. Approach it to be transported to Bogmire. Vacuum a shadow, while still holding R, then fire it at the purple Bogmire and vacuum him up.
Jin Yokimo.

Hint: Defeating Boolousus:
When you get a chance, try to locate one of the frozen unicorns at one of the end of the balcony. While he's chasing you, just run circles around the unicorn. He will eventually run into the spike and pop on his own. Be careful -- once the Boos are separated, you have to watch your back. They will run up behind you if you are not looking at them.

When you first start, turn on your Poultergust 3000. As long as you hold down the vacuum button, he will try to escape. You cannot suck him up, but you can restrain him and swing him around. Walk to the frozen statue and swing him into it. While you are swinging him into the statue, you should suck up an ice ghost. When he pops, freeze as many as you can because this is the only time they will just float around, not attacking or running. Try to get at least seven to ten of them. When you pop him again, wait slightly before freezing the Boos. They will stay in one spot for a moment. You can either wait until he tries to attack and dodge, then freeze them, or run closer to one and freeze him. Do not use an ice block. The last one is the trickiest. The view zooms in on you, making it so you cannot see him until he attacks you. However, you will have to wait until he attacks because you cannot see him very well. Note: After the first assault you pull on him, the Boos will run if you try to ice them. There are fifteen Boos in Boolousus.
Jacob Ryder.

After you poke him on the horse statue, grab the Ice power-up and turn your back to the Boos. They will form up and go for your back. Turn around and freeze them when they are about to strike.

Hint: Defeating Chauncey:
After you defeat the Neville and Lydia, you get to Chauncey (the baby). You have to defeat him two times. The first time, you have to pick up the ball with the Poultergust 3000, aim, and press L to fire. Hit him and he will blab about his owee. You become small and he will be very big. He will throw rocking horses and balls. When all the balls are done bouncing, one will be stationary. Pick it up, aim, and shoot it at him.

Hit him with the ball and when you vacuum him up, attempt to pull him into a corner.

When you enter the nursery, there is a crib. When you look away, there will be a baby in the crib. Vaccum the rocking horse. The baby will wake up and ask to play. Grab the ball and release it in front of the baby. It will get mad and shrink you. Dodge the rocking horses, and when the balls appear, one will land on the ground. Grab it before it disappears and hit the baby with it. You should see a heart shape on its chest. Start vacuuming it up, and it most likely will escape. Repeat those steps until you catch it.

Go over to the rocking horse on the right side of the room. Use your vacuum on it. A little baby will hover over the crib and say "Play play". Then, mini horses will fly off the shelf and try to hit you. You should see a ball on the floor. Go up to it and use your vacuum on it. It will get stuck in your vacuum's vent. Shoot the ball at Chauncy and he will start crying and yell that he hates grown ups. He will shrink you. You will now be in the crib and Chauncey will be huge. Dodge the horses, then some balls will bounce around the crib. One will stop. Vacuum it and hit Chuancey. His heart will appear. Vacuum him and repeat this until he is defeated.

Hint: Defeating The Clock Soldiers:
Go up to a clock on a small table. Shake it. If done corresly, you will hear "clicky" sounds. Go to the far left all the way down the room on the left. You will see a flower-looking object. Shake the shelf it is on. This will cause it to make a strange sound. Go to the far right side to the end of the room. You will see another object like the one you saw before. Do the same thing as was done to all the other objects. The Clock Soldiers will start freaking out. Vacuum their keys. You should be able to vacuum them up.

Hint: Defeating The Floating Whirlindas:
Get close to them, with your back turned to them. When you see them let each other loose, turn towards them and vacuum them.

Hint: Defeating Henry and Orville:
Make the airplane mobile on the ceiling spin and the twins will appear. They are going to want to play hide and seek. They will be in boxes. To find the boxes that they are in, vacuum them. If they shake, that means they are in the box. Once you have found them, one will ride an airplane and the other will ride a car. Vacuum out the car from under the twin, then vacuum the twin. Vacuum out the airplane form under the twin, then vacuum the twin.

In the twins room, if you do not vacuum the boxes but still find both of them losing, they will still say you cheated.
Dominic Manganiello.

Hint: Defeating King Boo:
Take Bowser's head off by shooting the spikeballs at him when he leans down to shoot fire. King Boo will appear. Press L and R and try to pull him back from the Bowser body. Practice on one of the higher number of heart power Boos that you find at the end of the game, since he has only 300 HP.

When you finally make it to King Boo, you will have to walk very close to start him talking. Instead, go directly to the right. You will see two vase-like objects with purple flames coming out of them. Hit them (to check inside) to find a gold bat in one and a lot of coins in the other.

Hint: Defeating Lydia:
Use the following trick to capture Lydia. After you defeat the Neville, he will give you a key. Go to the room at the end of the hall. Enter and a girl ghost will be there, setting her hair. Go to the window go in front of the curtain to the right. Stand facing to the right then vacuum with the Poultergust 3000. It will move to the right and the ghost will walk to the window saying "Oh what a draft". Use this chance to vacuum her up.

Hint: Defeating Madame Clairvoya:
You cannot defeat Madame Clairvoya unless you have retrieved all five of the items that Mario has dropped (Hat, Glove, Star, Letter, and Shoe), As you collect each of these items, bring them to Madame Clairvoya and listen to her speak. When you bring the last item, she will talk about Mario then ask you to vacuum her so she can go back to the peacefulness of her painting. Flash her with your light, then vacuum her up.

Hint: Defeating Melody Pianissima:
Go to the music room with the key that you got from Shivers. Press A on all instruments except the piano. She will talk to you and send papers. Defend yourself by vacuuming them up, then vacuum her when she gets upset.

Hint: Defeating Miss Petunia:
You need to spray the freeze on her, then vacuum her up.

Hint: Defeating Mr. Bones:
To defeat the two ghosts in the telephone room (they are Mr. Bones), open one chest facing the north of the room and the second one in the east. The Mr. Bones in the chest to the north is very easy while the one in the other chest takes its time. Even if you get your flashlight on it, if you do not react fast enough it will disappear. Also, in the telephone room, if you want to talk to E. Gadd and Toad as soon as lightning strikes the mansion, go through the door you just unlocked and go to the telephone room.

Hint: Defeating: Mr. Luggs:
Use our Fire element to light the two candles. Suck up his food with the vacuum. Ghosts will appear and serve him -- vacuum them up. When the food is gone, he will shoot fireballs at you. Dodge them and when he starts panting, vacuum him up.

Hint: Defeating Nana:
Hit the table with the three balls of yarn. When they fall on the floor, vacuum them up one at a time and shoot them at her.

When you are fighting Nana she sometimes disappears. There is a reason this happens. She will disappear when you vacuum a yarn ball and "throw" it to hit anything in the room besides nana. If this happens, exit the room, come back in, and try again.

Hint: Defeating Neville:
To capture Neville, go over to the bookcase and vacuum with the Poultergust 3000. Books will fly out and he will go over to fix them. Use this opportunity to flash the light and vacuum him in. You still have to vacuum in 100 heart power. If you fail the first time, he will still not regain health. Repeat this a few times to vacuum him in.

Go to his fireplace and start to vacuum his ship in a bottle. When he yawns, his heart will show and that is when you can get him.
Josh Delannoy.

Run to the back of the room he is in. Align yourself with his chair. Turn to face Neville. He should not disappear. Shine him with your light, then vacuum him up. You will be able to repeat this process as many times as needed to defeat him.

Hint: Defeating Shivers:
Get the Fire element, light all candles in Madame Clairvoya's room, and get the key. Then, go to the room for which the key is intended. Clear the room and find the "floating candle". Use the Fire element on it and follow Shivers. As soon as he sits, you can catch him.

HInt: Defeating Sir Weston:
Melt the ice cage that he is in with fire.

Hint: Defeating Slim Bankshot:
Once he starts shooting the pool balls, vacuum them up and shoot them at him. Once he has been hit three times, you can vacuum him up.

Hint: Defeating Spooky:
Use the Water element on the green thing (seed) in the sand. Make Spooky chase after you and run to the plant. A skeleton will appear. Catch him then catch Spooky when he runs to the bone.

Hint: Defeating Sue Pea:
Spray water on her bed. Once it is wet, you should be able to vacuum her up.

Hint: Defeating Uncle Grimmly:
Go to the wardrobe room (go through the double doors in the upstairs part of the foyer, then through to rooms; just avoid the ghosts). Uncle Grimmly will be standing in front of the mirror. To defeat him, wait until he puts his arms up and says "Rraaaaaaaarr". This is your chance. Note: You must be facing the same way that he is so he will be seen. Turn around and vacuum that ghost up. Then, scan the mirror with the GB Horror to go back to the foyer. Go to the basement and turn the power back on.
Nick Kaufmann.

Hint: Defeating Vincent Van Gore:
You have to defeat all the ghosts in the paintings first.

To get to the Artists Room, where he is located, you must get the key from Sir Weston in Cold Storage. The Artists Studio is the the next door up from the Safari Room. When you enter, Vincent will be raving about how you have ruined his precious creations, then vows to attack you with his creations once again. There will be many paintings of ghosts. First up are the orange (regular) ghosts. Note: As soon as each type of ghost comes out of the painting, they will be three in one place, together, If you want to defeat them in one shot, this is your chance. There is nothing to know about the orange ghosts. The only way they can hurt you is if they swipe you with their arm. The next are choking ghosts or blue ghosts. Either way you should know how to defeat them; if not, practice on another file first. Then, there are the banana ghosts, who will be stubborn. Next are the Shy Guy ghosts, which will not be distracted by dancing and will immediately attack. Suck off their masks and try to vacuum them at the same time. The last one are the hanging ghosts, who drop bombs. They are not tough, but are just stubborn. Then you will finally get to battle Vincent. He will try to paint something. Once his heart appears, shine your flashlight on him. He will fold his arms as you suck him up. You may need to repeat this step, but you will not have to battle the portraits again.

Hint: Defeating Elemental Ghosts:
Ghosts with a water droplet inside them need to be frozen with ice. A flame indicates that they must be extinguished by water. An ice crystal requires a good torching. Flame/water/freeze the ghost slightly, then you can use your vacuum to take off about 5 HP. Then, quickly hit them again with the correct element and vacuum them a little by little. You should be able to defeat a 20 HP elemental ghost with only one or two notches of elemental power on your meter.
Jin Yokimo.

Shoot one second of an element then shine your flashlight at it. You will not waste a lot of element.
stephen filippo.

Hint: Defeating the ghosts with the forks and masks:
Vacuum off their masks first, then vacuum them up.

Hint: Defeating blue ghosts:
Go down in the basement (the door that leads to the basement is on the far right of the hallway on the first floor). Go down the stairs and there will be a room that will be locked and one that is open. Go through the door that is open and there will be a bench. Vacuum the sheet on the bench then pound on the bench (by pressing A). A blue ghost will appear. Vacuum it up like all the other ghosts then coins and dollars will fill the room.
Dominic Manganiello.

There are at least two blue ghosts that have conditions in order for you to catch them. One of them is in the breaker room. Because you do not have to pay a visit there before you reach the end of level 3, you may miss this blue ghost. If you enter the breaker room after it has been locked (power goes off), the blue ghost is no longer in its original hiding spot (which is the table on the left, under the cloth). The other such ghost is the one in the treasure room adjacent to the butler's room. This ghost only appears during the blackout, and resides in a previously empty chest. The chest is the one that if opened prior to the blackout will seem as if it holds nothing. However, during the blackout a blue ghost will come out of it. This time you must vacuum some beefed-up elemental ghosts, but it should not be too difficult.
Ch@os Dr@gon.

Hint: Unlimited attempts at blue ghosts or gold mice:
Save the game just before you are try to catch a blue ghost or gold mouse. If you fail, quit then continue your game. Go to the room and catch it. Once you do, do not turn on the lights. Save the game, then check for more blue ghosts or gold mice (or cheese).
Mitch Allen.

Hint: Defeating the Clockwork Soldiers:
Vacuum off the keys on their backs, then vacuum them.

Hint: Finding Henry And Orville:
After the twins tell you to hide and you reenter, vacuum the boxes. If the box shakes, open it.
Legobulder and Offspring7120.

Hint: Money in Henry and Orville's room:
Go up to the end of the bunk bed (where you put your foot at), then press A. A blue fast ghost will appear. Shine the flashlight onto the ghost then vacuum it up. Money will come out.

Hint: Avoiding ghosts after Uncle Grimmly:
After you defeat Uncle Grimmly and get the Breaker Room key, instead of going through the Waiting Room and the Parlor, warp back to the Foyer pressing X, aiming at the mirror on the north wall, and pressing A. By doing this, you do not have to run through the rooms with the ghosts.

Hint: Vacuuming ghosts and Boos:
If you can barely catch a Ghost while vacuuming, or just want a faster way to do so, quickly rotate the C-stick. This is easier for those who do not have too great of a time holding the C-stick in the opposite direction of the Ghost, as each rotation will land at least one heart off the ghosts.
SSJ Vegeto and Mr. MJVO.

When you have one of those Ghosts in your reach, you have to go through the difficulty of rotating the C-stick, which can be troublesome. To avoid this, when you find and consume those scattering spirits, try staying in a corner of the room. , and stay in that corner. See, that gives them only so much room to escape. When you are in a corner, it minimizes their rotation to only 90 degrees, eliminating 75% of the struggle.

When vacuuming ghosts, instead of just holding the Analog-sticks in the opposite direction of the ghost(s), repeatedly tap them in the opposite direction. The ghost's hearts will drop a lot faster.
BoYiLLrOcK and Steve Jurich.

Use the Analog-stick and C-stick to aim at a Boo. Once its HP begins to drop, stop using the C-stick and use only the Analog-stick to follow the Boo around the room. Luigi will automatically change direction according to the Boo's movement. The closer you are to the Boo, the faster its HP will drop. However, if you touch the Boo, you will get hurt and the Boo will escape the vacuum. If the Boo escapes through a wall, check your map to see which room it has escaped to. Go to that room as quickly as possible.
Zachary Parker.

You can get ghosts in the beginning by using your vacuum with L to blow out the candles in the dark room. A ghost painting will say "Who turned out the lights?" and will send ghosts after you. You must defeat all of them to make the ghost painting leader give up with his minions.

Use the following trick to vacuum ghosts faster. When you are sucking in any ghost, their heart points will appear. Quickly tap the Analog-stick in the opposite direction of the ghost then let it center. Repeat this until the ghost is completely consumed.

Hint: Throwing Element balls:
First, get an Element. Start to shoot the Element, and when you see the Element to start to flow out of your Poltergust 3000, press L again. An Element ball should shoot out of it.
Corey and Ricky.

To see an Element ball approach you, go to the first floor corridor where the door on the left is the Dining Room and the door on the right is the Ballroom. Have Luigi face you and fire an Element ball. This works with all three balls.
Corey and Ricky.

Hint: Avoiding trapped doors:
To avoid losing coins and life from trap doors, just vacuum towards the door you want to enter. If it rattles and shakes around, it is safe to enter. If it does not move or rattle, it is a trap.
russell953, cm555, and Offspring7120.

To avoid being hit by the trapped doors, note that Luigi will look at them as he walks past. Luigis will also do this if he is near jars or anything else with money or a ghost in them.

To avoid being smashed by trapped doors, look to see if there is a doormat at the base of the door. If there is a mat, it is safe to open.

Trapped doors do not appear on the map (press Y).

In order to avoid trap doors, get a fire element and shoot it at the door. If the door sets on fire, it is a trap and will disappear. By doing this, you do not have try to open it to find out if it is a real door.
Chad Delegato.

Hint: Get rid of fake doors:
Use the Flamethrower element on the annoying fake doors and they will melt and disappear. Note: They will return after you enter another door.

Hint: Easy health:
When you are at a low HP or die, go to the training room. When practicing, try to grab a ghost. Hang on and do not vacuum it in. Lose all your HP. When practice is complete you will have 100 HP. Basically, your health is restored to perfect condition.

Hint: Warp mirrors:
Any mirror in the mansion (except for the large one that reflects the invisible ghosts) can be used to warp back to the entrance hall. Set the Game Boy Horror to first person mode and press A to examine the mirror. This allows you to save the game conveniently.
PartidaEd and JFreeman.

In the first room of the mansion there is a mirror under a cloth. Vacuum the cloth off, then go into first person mode with the Game Boy Horror. Search the mirror and the screen will go blue. Nothing really happens, yet the world twists upside down.

When you are in a room with a mirror and you have the Poltergust 3000, press X to look at the mirror then press A button when the circle is on the mirror. You will teleport to the very first room entered (the foyer).
David F.

Hint: Warp from the well to the main entrance:
Go to the well where you can see Mario In the picture. Look directly ahead with your Gameboy Horror, and press the A button. You will be teleported to the main entrance (the mansion door).
Abdulrazzak Al-Kazemi.

Hint: Warpless mirror:
If you check any mirror in the game, you will warp back to the entrance. However, the mirror in the Mirror Room (the room where you get the fire medal) does not; checking it is like checking a wall.

Hint: Courtyard shortcut:
After you defeat Biff Atlas, run on the running machine on Luigi's left. In a few seconds a normal key will appear. This key is for the door just outside of Biff Atlas' room on the left. By opening the door you are using a shortcut and do not have to go through the Courtyard.

Hint: Second chance with cheese:
If you turned on the lights in a room where there is a piece of cheese, and you did not spot it with the Game Boy Horror while it was dark, you will not be able to catch a gold mouse. When the lights go out on the balcony, take your time to go through the rooms where you missed the cheese. Since the lights went out, you can use your Game Boy Horror on the cheese again, and you will have a second shot at getting the gold mice. Note: You have to leave the lights out to catch the cheese mice.

Hint: Secret altar:
You can view the secret altar by going down in the bottom of the well and looking into it. Access all the rooms in the house to finally obtain the key to the secret altar. Once you have the key, the door with the thorns in the basement level will open. You will see the Boo King looking at the Mario painting. Before you get too close, vacuum up the candles to your right, in front of the mirror just as you walk in. A lot of coins will appear from the candle while you vacuum them out. Some bills will also appear. The candle next to it has a bar of gold that you can vacuum out. You can then go over to the King Boo and battle him on the roof top. Note: He will take the appearance of Bowser.

Hint: Treadmill Key:
In the weight room is a treadmill. Run on it to get the key to the hall door just to the left of the room. With the hall door unlocked, you will not have to run around the back side of the house to get to the stairs that lead to the second floor.

Hint: Tower Key:
After you vacuum up the three soldiers, go into the middle toy house and stand there. An elevator will lift you up to the roof. Defeat the ghosts and you will receive a treasure box that will be located at the tip of the tower. There is a key inside.

Hint: Bathroom access:
Collect five Boos and you will be able to access the bathroom.

Hint: Boo Poster in bathroom:
Go to the bathroom on the second floor. You will see a huge "Monsters" poster on the wall next to the sink. Vacuum it and pull it off. Note: This may hurt; do not do this with low health. You will see a poster with a Boo on it saying "Get out of here!" twice. Do not vacuum the boo poster or you will get hurt.
Jamie Pfeifer.

Hint: Treasures from plants:
Go to the outside section and find the seen to the right of the dog house, towards the graveyard. It can be found under Toad's balcony. Get the Water Element ability and water the seed. A plant will appear. Press A on the Game Boy Horror while examining the dog house to enter it.. Defeat the Boss that is inside, then water the plant again. Continue playing the game, then water the plant again after defeating the next Boss. The plant will flower and give you a diamond. If you do not water the plant after each Boss battle, it will die.

On Area 2, after you get the Water Elemental Medal and before you defeat Bogmire, go past the kitchen and go through the next door that has caught on fire. After you get the ghostly dog Spooky, go to the green thing with white polka-dots in the sand. Get a Water Elemental Ghost into your Poltergust 3000. Water that colorful thing. On Area 3, the plant will be larger. Water it again. On Area 4, the plant will be a big yellow thing. Water that again, and many coins and a golden diamond worth 20,000,000 g will appear.
Thomas Keith.

When you get the Water Element, water all the plants to find hidden treasures growing in them.

On Boolosus's Balcony, have the Water Element on then run northeast. Water the big plant and a diamond will appear.

After defeating Boo on the Balcony, fill yourself with water and walk around to the potted plants. Pour water onto them and they will start to shake and erupt with money, gems, gold and hearts.
Shelley Shell.

Hint: Change vacuum power:
There are three different medals you can collect to change the powers of the Poltergust 3000 vacuum cleaner. They are the Fire, Ice, and Water medals. When you collect the Fire Medal, you can suck up ghosts that have a ring of fire around the health hearts. Also, you can press L to spray fire from your vacuum to light candles and hit ghosts with a ice health meter. When you collect the Water Medal, you can extinguish flames that are too powerful for your vacuum to put out. Also, you can press L to spray water.

Hint: Extra hearts and money:
Use your vacuum to clean all lamps, chandeliers, and vases. Most of them will contain either hearts (life) and money.

Everything you see, such as vases and other shakeable objects, contain money. Shake them and you might get money.
Dylan Montgomery.

Hint: Bigger hearts:
Collect as much money and pearls as possible. The more you collect, the bigger the hearts will get. They can almost restore as much health as the large hearts do.

Hint: Unlimited hearts:
To get unlimited hearts after level 1, return to Chauncey's (the baby) room. Open the drawers near the door to get a big heart. Go across the hall and slightly to the side to the mother's room. Vacuum off the bed sheet and return to the baby's room. The heart will have respawned.

Hint: Rubies:
There are two large rubies in the game. One is the King Boo's Crown and the other is hidden in a plant on the Boolosus Balcony.
Zachary Parker.

On Area 2, after you defeat Spooky, walk near the entrance of the dog house and press X. Press A while aiming at the door to go to the graveyard. To your right will be a rain drain. Walk to it and press A to get a ruby.
Thomas Keith.

After you get the Fire Element and defeat Mr. Luggs, go to the kitchen. Light the room and use your Fire Element at the stove next to the freezer and a ruby will appear.
LBoypinoy626 and Adrian.

Hint: Blue coin:
Go into Mr. Lugg's room. Go to the left and there will be a door. Go through the door. Shake the refrigerator by pressing A(2). You will lose 4% life. A ghost will appear, and if it has a crystal ball in it, shoot out fire. The ball will soon disappear. Aim your light at it and vacuum it up. Vacuum the running sink and a blue coin will appear. Get the coin.
stephen filippo.

Hint: Red coin:
Go to the room next to Madame Claiyova. Vacuum all the ghosts. Then, vacuum the big fire and a red coin will appear. Get that coin.
stephen filippo.

Hint: Finding coins:
You can find coins in almost everywhere; in halls, bathrooms, and many more places. When you find coins try to vacuum them up before they disappear. Bills will sometimes also pop up. They do not disappear as easily.

Hint: Mario theme music:
When in the music room where you have to vacuum all the musical instruments, it will be playing the theme from all the Mario games. Note: This will also unlock the ghost for this room.
Ian Whitsel.

Successfully complete the game and you will eventually hear an upbeat version of music from Bowser's Castle from the original Super Mario Bros.
E. Heeley.

Hint: Theme song:
Go into an unlit room, press X, and scan something to stop Luigi from humming. If you listen to the growling of the monsters, you will notice that they are actually singing the Luigi's Mansion theme.
Edwin Ireson.

Hint: Pokemon painting:
On level two, when you catch five Boos go to the bathroom where you get key out of the toilet to find a painting of a Pokemon.

Hint: The Munsters poster:
Enter the twin's room. After you get the twins and the Boo inside their room, you can see a poster of the television show, "The Munsters" next to the bunk bed.

Hint: The mansion's windows:
On the corridors of the third floor, if get close to the camera you will see the mansion's window. Get closer and the camera will be outside the mansion, showing Luigi through the window.

Hint: Sarcastic comment:
Go to the observatory and use the GB Horror to search the moon once you have blown it in half with a meteor. Get close to the moon and press A while looking at it through the GB Horror. Luigi will say "looks ordinary, too ordinary."
Mitch Allen.

Hint: Mario calls:
When you press A, Luigi will call "Mario!". The more damage Luigi has taken, the more desperate his call for Mario will be.
Zachary Parker.

Press A while not touching anything such as doors, jars or buttons, Luigi will call for Mario. Depending on how much health you have, Luigi can call for him calmly, tensely, or desperately.

Hint: Mario calls for Luigi:
After finding Mario, get close to the well or go down the ladder into the well, but stay on the ladder. Eventually, you will hear Mario calling "Hey, Luigi! What's the hold up?"

Hint: Mario location:
Mario is located in the basement of the mansion. Once you have defeated the artist and have the key, go to the hallway next to it. Go to the door north of you. Open it and go inside. Walk through the small room, and open the other door. You will see King Boo, and Mario stuck in a painting. Walk up to King Boo and finish the conversation. When he turns around, he will enter his Bowser robot. You will be sucked up and teleport to the roof.
David Harris.

Hint: Game Boy Horror moves with Luigi:
Press A to call for Mario, then press X to look around with the Game Boy Horror. Because Luigi looks around while calling for Mario, the Game Boy Horror will move along with Luigi's head.

Hint: Hidden Boo picture:
Although you cannot pull off the projection room screen, you can make it change. Give it a tug with the Poltergust 3000. If you are persistent, you will reveal a huge picture of a Boo.

There is another hidden Boo picture in the first floor bathroom. Vacuum at the poster with the word "Monster" on it. A picture of a Boo will appear.
Steven Li.

Hint: Portrait list of ghosts:

1. Neville: The bookish father
2. Lydia: The mirror gazing mother
3. Chauncey: The spoiled baby
4. The Floating Whirlindas: The dancing couple
5. Shivers: The wandering butler
6. Melody Pianissima: The beautiful pianist
7. Madame Clairvoya: The freaky fortune teller
8. Mr. Luggs: The glutton
9. Spooky: The hungry guard dog
10. Bogmire: The cemetery shadow
11. Biff Atlas: The body builder
12. Miss Petunia: The bathing beauty
13. Nana: The scarf knitting granny
14. Slim Bankshot: The lonely pool shark
15. Henry And Orville: The twin brothers
16. Boolossus: Jumbo ghost
17. Uncle Grimmly: Hermit of the darkness
18. Clockwork Soldiers: The toy platoon
19. Sue Pea: The dozing girl
20. Jarvis: The jar collector
21. Sir Weston: The chilly climber
22. Vincent Van Gore: The starving artist
23. King Boo

Hint: Mario item locations:
Mark H..

Mario's Cap: Laundry Room
Mario's Letter: Courtyard
Mario's Glove: Projection Room
Mario's Shoe: The Twins' Room
Mario's Star: Observatory

Hint: Big heart locations:
PartidaEd and ZakemBoy13.

First floor graveyard: When you interact with the leftmost gravestone as well as others, you will collect a big heart.
Second floor nursery: The design of the heart-shaped dresser is a clue. Open the drawer to find a 50-point heart.
Third floor safari room: Your first destination on the third floor is a difficult room. Its big heart is in a chest on a corner table.
Basement cellar: The shelves in the center of the cellar hold a big heart. Pull it out with your vacuum.

Hint: Gold mice locations:
In the Study Room, Tea Room, and sealed room, there will be cheese. Find the cheese by using the Gameboy Horror then press A. Press B, then vacuum the mice up. Then money will come out, but you can only do this once per room.
jerzygurl131 and Lyndall OBannon.

With Cheese: Random
The Study : Main Hall on first floor
Madame Clairvoya: Main Hall on second Floor
Dining Room: Kitchen
Tea Room: Tea Room
Safari Room: Sealed Room

Hint: Blue Ghost locations:
Lyndall OBannon, Chris McDonald, jerzygurl131, and Mitch Allen.

Wardrobe room in chest on right.
Study in chair behind desk.
Breaker room under table at left.
Storage room in chair at right.
Dining room in closet at left.
Kitchen in oven at left.
Recreation room in machine at bottom right.
Nana's room under far right chair.
Billiards room under far right table.
Cellar in boxes at left of door.
Sealed room in chest at far right.
Twin's Room, in bunk bed (shake bed and aim high).
Conservatory, on the piano bench (during power outage).
Hidden room, in a treasure chest (during power outage).
Nursery, in crib (during power outage).

Hint: Blue stone locations:
Mitch Allen.

Second floor balcony (plant)
Breaker room (blue ghost)
Fortune Teller's room (cheese)
Butler's room (bucket)
Hidden room (green chest)
Kitchen (blue ghost)
Second floor hall (gold mouse)
Billiards room (blue ghost)
Guest room (plant)
Secret altar (chandelier)

Hint: Green stone locations:
Mitch Allen.

Study (cheese)
Master bedroom (plant)
Hidden room (green chest)
Dining room (blue ghost)
Kitchen (gold mouse)
Courtyard (plant)
Third floor balcony (plant)
Third floor balcony (plant)
Hidden room (blue ghost)
Sealed room (blue ghost)

Hint: Red stone locations:
Mitch Allen.

Study (blue ghost)
Hidden room (green chest)
Kitchen (torch kettle)
Graveyard (pipe)
Recreation room (blue ghost)
Tea room (drawer)
Tea room (cheese)
Tea room (gold mouse)
Conservatory (blue ghost)
Ceramics Studio (bottom middle jar)

Hint: Gold diamonds:
Lyndall OBannon.

First gold diamond: Given to you when you catch Boo number 50.
Second gold diamond: After you fight the dog outside the mansion, water the seed under the balcony. It will sprout. Return after going to the next area, water it again, and it will grow again. Return again after beating the Giant Boo on the balcony, and water it again. It will spit out a lot of bills, coins, and finally a gold diamond.

Hint: Blue diamond locations:
Mitch Allen.

Dining room (treasure chest)
Recreation room (treasure chest)
Billiards room (treasure chest)
Guest room (treasure chest)
Ceramics Studio (treasure chest)

Before you go to King Boo, when you enter the room point the Poltergust 3000 at the a chandelier. A blue diamond will appear.

Hint: Red diamond locations:
Mitch Allen.

Third Floor Balcony (upper right plant)
Secret Altar (defeat Boss)

Hint: Item values:
Zachary Parker.

Gold Coin: 5,000 G
Bill: 20,000 G
Gold Bar: 100,000 G
Sapphire (Blue Stone): 500,000 G
Emerald (Green Stone): 800,000 G
Small Ruby (Red Stone): 1,000,000 G
Diamond: 2,000,000 G
Large Ruby (King Boo's Crown): 5,000 G
Topaz (Gold Diamond): 20,000,000 G
Small Pearl: 50,000 G
Medium Pearl: 100,000 G
Big Pearl: 1,000,000 G

Hint: Super Mario All-Stars reference:
Whenever you get a gem, the Luigi sprite from the All-Stars version of Super Mario Brothers: The Lost Levels will appear on your Gameboy Horror screen.

Hint: Super Mario Sunshine reference:
There is a reference to Super Mario Sunshine in one of the gallery ghost's name. Melody's (the ghost in the conservatory) last name is Piantissima, which is very close to Piantissimo, the little guy who dressed up like a Pianta in Super Mario Sunshine.

Glitch: Strange music:
Start capturing a Ghost and pause game play while their health is about 10 or 500 (King Boo). You will hear a trumpet with a flute and other instruments.
Jack Story.

Glitch: See Luigi holding Poltergust during intermission sequence:
Before fighting Boolossus or Bowser, the Boss will always speak, do an animation, and then there will be a cinematic sequence. During the animation (the Boos scaring Luigi or Bowser swallowing you) , hold L. During the cinematic sequence, Luigi will hold his Poltergust 3000.
Edwin Ireson.

Glitch: Mario's hat and gloves:
When you find Mario's hat and glove, look through the well to see that Mario still is wearing his hat and glove.

Glitch: Mario's call disappears:
Press A to make Luigi call for Mario. As soon as Luigi starts to call, press Start to pause game play. Then, select "Continue". You will no longer be able to hear the call until you press A again.

Glitch: Flying ghost rat:
Find a ghost rat, then start your vacuum. While sucking it in, quickly point the vacuum up and turn it off. The rat will fly through the ceiling and come back down. This may require several attempts.

Glitch: Floating hat:
Go into the rec room where you find Biff Atlas. Look into the mirror. Take out your Gameboy Horror and look at the bottom of the mirror part with it, but do not press A or you will be transported to the Foyer. Notice that Luigi's hat has a backwards L on it, but not Luigi's face.
Jamie Pfeifer.

Glitch: Get transported to the same room:
Go to the Foyer where you first started your file. You can get there faster by looking at a mirror with your Gameboy Horror and pressing A. Get close to the thing with a blanket over it and vacuum off the blanket. It will then show a mirror. Take out your Gameboy Horror, look into the mirror, and press A. You will then be transported to the middle of the Foyer, which is the same room you are in.
Jamie Pfeifer.

Glitch: Chauncy's photo:
All around the mansion there are pictures of the ghosts. Most are in the rooms that you catch them in. Chauncy still has a photo, despite what it says about him being born a ghost.

Glitch: Misspelling:
When you first enter the bathroom and tell Toad to "Don't worry about it", he will make a few statements. One of these include the word "Hey" which is misspelled as "Heyy"

Glitch: Get hurt by nothing:
Vacuum up a Fire element ghost. Then, find a fake door. Burn it and just before it completely fades, press A in front of it. Luigi will fly through the air and become a pancake for almost no reason. Note: This may hurt.
Mitch Allen.

Strategy: Portrait ghosts: by Mitchell Stark
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